Easy Necklace Craft with Staples! | Xiathoras | Skillshare

Easy Necklace Craft with Staples!

Xiathoras, Artist, Animator and Entrepreneur

Easy Necklace Craft with Staples!

Xiathoras, Artist, Animator and Entrepreneur

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7 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. Assembly

    • 4. Decoration

    • 5. Chain

    • 6. Group Project

    • 7. Thank you

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About This Class

In this class I will help you create your own hand-made necklaces from staples and some glue. The class project allows you to showcase your own creation and help get ideas from other classmates! This class is for total beginners so don’t worry about any previous experience. You will however need staples, glue, a necklace chain and a small jewel.

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Artist, Animator and Entrepreneur


Hiya! I'm Xiathoras. I'm an artist, animator, entrepreneur and writer. I have a BA degree in Motion Picture Medium and Film, specializing in Animation and Screenwriting. A passion for all things art related is what drives me in all activities and I hope to inspire anyone else to give creating something a try. Whatever age you are, a creative spirit lives on inside you, and I am super excited to help you cultivate and nurture it into something that brings you joy!

Pick any class below that interests you and let's get started! 

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1. Introduction: Hi, I'm doctors. And in this class I will show you how to make a simple, elegant necklace from some staples and blue. This is the necklace I will show you to make. This class is for anyone wanting to make handcrafted gift with easy to find supplies available, This class is difficult at all and is welcome to begins. Now let's craft. 2. Supplies: supplies. For this craft, you will need 12 groups of staples that are four staples thick. If there are fewer than four staples in a group, then the structure becomes unstable. Also, kindly note that you can only use staples from a normal size stapler and not a mini stapler , as those are too short. Next is a Santa Peas. This will help the necklace hold together. You can use a Jewell or any other small object with a flat bottom for the Santa Pease. I'm using a small mosaic tile. We will also need clue, preferably wood glue and a chain for the necklace. 3. Assembly: Now we're going to assemble the Staples. First, you're going to put the one stable into the corner of the other. Place your finger down onto these two staples so that they don't move and group them with 1/3 staple. You want the long side of the bottom staple to be parallel like this, where the third staple ends on the left side, we're going to place our next staple and then once again, group with the next table, making sure toe hold down so that it stays in place. Now we continue in this pattern until we reach our last staple. - Now that we are at our last stable, you hook it at the top of the previous stable and pushed the other end into the necklace. Now just go around your necklace and make sure it is all even try to not move this part around too much as it isn't properly secured yet and could come loose 4. Decoration: the decoration helps to keep the staples in place. I'm using a small mosaic tile. First. I'm going into the center of my staples in the orientation that I wanted More Blue is better than less Yeah, - turning it over. But I'm going to pull the same tooth glue so that the Staples become more stabilized. I'm also going to add some glue to the staples that don't touch the center to give the necklace a stronger foundation. Now we wait for it to dry. This can take up to a day for the Sanders to fully solidify. 5. Chain: time to attach a change. Your necklace. Now, although the chain I have chosen does put in the gap, I find it doesn't move to smooth me. So I'm going to take a single staple and bend it into a loop that can link my necklace to the chain. And there we are. Ah, home made necklace. Perfect as a gift, even to yourself. 6. Group Project: welder completing this lesson for the class project. Please post a picture of the necklace you made into the project gallery. I look forward to seeing what you created. 7. Thank you: Thank you for joining. I hope you have a cool new skill, though, right? Enough. Your life or least jewelry. If you know someone else that might enjoy school simply shared a great day.