Easy Motion Graphics in After Effects: 4 Basic Projects To Get The Fundamentals

Nick Henry, Creative Professional: Video Maker/Purpose Seeker

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5 Videos (21m)
    • Easy Motion Graphics - Intro

    • Lesson 1 Appearing Text Effect

    • Lesson 2 Dynamic Shape

    • Lesson 3 Sliding Text

    • Lesson 4 Revealing Text


About This Class


Looking to learn motion graphics in After Effects?

This is a simple class to help get the basics and make some fun animations. You will learn how to animate text, create dynamic shapes, and other simple animations.

If you have existing knowledge in After Effects, great! Otherwise, it won't be too hard to follow along with no experience.

See you in the class!







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Nick Henry

Creative Professional: Video Maker/Purpose Seeker

A Little About Me

My name's Nick and I'm just an average guy from Indiana trying to make a difference. I'm an entrepreneur that uses my family as fuel for creating media. Being creative helps me have less stress and a more fulfilling lifestyle.

I'm passionate about filming video, using awesomeness like motion graphics, and using software to take ideas from my head into reality. It's one of coolest things to do -- especially when you love what you do.

Professional Experience (and education)
For some of my expertise, I'm simply self-taught, but I've learned the correct way to do things once I found out that DIY is not always the best so to speak.

I work with clients to help their business grow using my design skills and creative knowledge. This has been a venture in itself.

From an educational standpoint, I have a degree in Computer Information Systems, but have used limited skills from what I learned attending college. Most of what I teach/use today is from my pursuit of purpose in life.

My Technical Knowledge

I'm a quick learner for just about any subject, but I've focused the most in technical areas including HTML, CSS, Adobe Creative Cloud, and Wordpress.

If you want to learn efficiency, that's what I teach! This is coming from someone who watches tutorials and listens to podcasts at twice the speed.

Don't stop being awesome,