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Easy Magic Tricks - Learn How To Do Magic Tricks for Beginners

teacher avatar Matt McGurk, Magician | Illusionist | Instructor

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

27 Lessons (1h 6m)
    • 1. Introduction to the Course

    • 2. The Jumping Hairbands Tricks - Performance

    • 3. The Jumping Hairbands Trick - Explanation

    • 4. The Linking Paperclips Trick - Performance

    • 5. The Linking Paperclips Trick - Explanation

    • 6. Linking Hairbands Tricks - Performance

    • 7. Linking Hairbands Trick - Explanation

    • 8. Pro Tip - Don't Rush Ahead

    • 9. The Reversed Card Trick - Performance

    • 10. Reversed Card Trick - Explanation

    • 11. Spoon Bending - Performance

    • 12. Spoon Bending - Explanation

    • 13. Chalk Trick - Performance

    • 14. Chalk Trick - Explanation

    • 15. Introduction to Coin Magic

    • 16. The Coin Roll Flourish

    • 17. Using the Sleeves - But Not Like You Expect!

    • 18. The Finger Palm

    • 19. Coin in Pen - Performance

    • 20. Coin in Pen - Explanation

    • 21. Coins Through the Table - Performance

    • 22. Coins Through the Table - Explanation

    • 23. Pencil Through Note - Performance

    • 24. Pencil Through Note - Explanation

    • 25. Cut & Restored Rope - Performance

    • 26. Cut & Restored Rope - Explanation

    • 27. Whats Next?

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About This Class

What Will You Learn in The Magic Course for Beginners 

Have you ever wanted to learn magic tricks like you've seen David Blaine or Dynamo do on Television? Then this is where you start. Welcome to the Ultimate Magic Masterclass for beginners. 

In this course, I'll be your personal magic coach. I'll be teaching you some easy magic tricks to get you started. Some of these tricks you'll be able to do within minutes of learning them, so you can start impressing your friends and family straight away. 

Who is Matt McGurk?

Hi There, My name is  Matt McGurk. I'm a professional Magician, Illusionist and British Magical Champion. For the past 15 years I've made a great living performing all over the world as a professional magician. I've worked for Television, 6 star cruise-lines, and performed at thousands of weddings and corporate events worldwide.

You can find out more about me here: https://www.matthewmcgurk.com

or visit my Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_1mrs0pBzQdPqUSmbJEeNg?view_as=subscriber

You Can Start Learning Straight Away

The good news is that you don't need any special props or tricky stuff to get started, all of these tricks use things you can find easily around the house. You learn magic tricks with cards, coins, elastic bands, paperclips, spoons, pens and more. 

Some of the Magic Tricks You'll Learn in the Course 

Here are some of the cool magic tricks you'll learn:

  • Make Rubber bands Jump Impossibly from Finger to Finger
  • Make Two Hairbands Link Together
  • Find Someones Chosen Card with Your Hands Behind Your Back
  • Make a Coin Completely Vanish and Appear Inside a Pen
  • And much more! 

I'll be There to Guide You Every Step of the Way 

As well the tricks, I'll be giving you some pro advice about the best ways to practice and improve your performances. I'll be with you every step of the way to give you advice and help with anything your having difficulty with. 

End of Course Project

At the end of the course, there is even a project where you get to perform one of the effects for an audience. Don't worry, this can even be me! You can record this via Webcam and I can give youi some feedback and help you improve. 

Next steps

So if you love magic, you've always wanted to learn and you want to take your first steps in to blowing peoples minds, then let's do it, I can't wait to teach you. 

My Other Classes

If you like tricks, you should definitely check out my other course:

Learn how to do Magic with Cards - Card Tricks for Beginners  

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Matt McGurk

Magician | Illusionist | Instructor


Hi There, My name is  Matt McGurk. I'm a professional Magician, Illusionist and British Magical Champion.

For the past 15 years I've made a great living performing all over the world as a professional magician. I've worked for Television, 6 star cruise-lines, and performed at thousands of weddings and corporate events worldwide.

I’ve been blessed to win over 10 international awards for Excellence in Magic, including the title of British Magician Champion.  


I started out performing at corporate events and weddings, but soon progressed to developing an illusion show and performing in theatres and onboard cruise ships. My wife and spent the past ten years together sharing our magic in over 100 countries. Since then I’ve... See full profile

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1. Introduction to the Course: Hey, guys. Welcome to the Ultimate Magic Masterclass. I'm Matt McGurk. For the past 15 years, I've lived my dream performing as a professional magician. I performed onboard the world's largest cruise ships. I've performed in 1,000-seater theaters, I've taught all over the world, I've done hundreds of weddings, corporate events, private parties. I've won the title of the British Magical Champion, and I've also lectured at the world-famous Magic Circle here in London. But that's enough about me. What's in this for you? First of all, I'm going to be teaching you some magic that you can do straight away. Easy tricks that you're going to be able to do within minutes of learning them so you can start having fun from the get-go. As well as the tricks, I'm also going to be teaching you some slight of hand. But this does mean that the tricks are going to get more and more impressive the better you get. Now, everything's filmed from multiple camera angles, which means it's going to be really easy for you to learn and follow along. You're going to learn magic with cards, coins, elastic bands, paperclips, bend spoons, and all of that stuff. If this all sounds good to you, and you've always wanted to learn magic, you want to take your first steps into blowing people's minds, then let's get started. 2. The Jumping Hairbands Tricks - Performance: All right guys. So you are super excited, ready to learn your first trick. You only need a couple of things for this. This is going to be super easy. You just need these. You need some hair hair or some elastic bands and that is it. Let me show you the trick. The elastic or the hair band that you want to watch is this hair band, right? Keep your eyes on this hair band. I'm going to put it onto the little finger and the third finger like that. It's important to know this is where it starts, that's important or otherwise the rest of the trick isn't going to mean anything. The elastic band or the hair band is on the little finger and the third finger, like that. I'm going to lock it into position by placing or making this like cage across my fingers, now like that. You can see now that there is absolutely no way that that hair band can come off. That is super on that. The idea is to make it go from these two fingers to these two fingers. It's going to happen in the blink of an eye. Check this out. One, two and it jumps all the way across just like that. I can hear you begging with me, going man, you got to show us that again. That is super awesome, so that look, it really is. It's on the first three fingers, right? The first finger, the second finger, that is where it starts. Now, watch really carefully, watch back again. One, two. All the way back. That is what we are about to learn. I hope you guys are super excited. Let's get into that. 3. The Jumping Hairbands Trick - Explanation: The jumping elastic band explanation. Take one, actually. All right, jumping elastic band. This is a wicked trick. Honestly, this is one of my favorite things to perform. When you first see this, you're like, Matt, that is incredible, that's amazing, that's one of the best things I've seen all day. Fantastic. But when I tell you how it's done, you are going to be so disappointed. Seriously, because this is actually one of the easiest tricks in the whole course. Hence, why I put it early on, because literally if you can do that, if you can open and close your hand, you can do the trick, that's how easy this is. Literally if you can't do that, then you're going to struggle with the rest of the course. This is going to be super easy. For this, you can do with elastic bands or hair bands, but you literally just need like two hair bands that is it. I'm just going to show you with the first hair band because it just makes it a lot easier and I'm going to get back to the super advanced ninja black belt version in just a second. This is what it looks like. It looks like, you take the hair band and you put it on your little finger and your third finger like that, and you say, look, it's really is on the there. If you snap your fingers, it jumps across. I know you're amazed. I know, calm down, it's going to be fun. I'm going to teach you exactly how it's done. It looks like I'm literally putting it there and I'm stretching it and say, look, it's still there. But actually behind the hand while I'm stretching it, that's when I'm cheating. That's when I'm doing the secret move. Behind the hand, what I'm doing is I'm stretching the elastic band, but then I put all of my four fingers inside. So from the front it literally just looks like I've got the elastic band going around these two fingers. But actually behind, I've got all of my fingers inside, which is when I open the hand, that's what causes it to jump across. It's super, super easy. One more time, you've got the elastic band on your little finger and your third that finger like that, and you're stretching it. This is behind the scenes. They don't see this, but you're actually putting all of your four things inside just like this. Then that way when you open your hand, so you'd be here when you open your hand, that's when it jumps across. Now, a lot of time when I'm teaching this live and I do workshops on the cruise ships and things like that, people come to me at the end and they're going over the trick, and people have a habit of doing this, what people are trying to do is then they try to like when they open the hand, they're trying to like, take their fingers out of that loop and that completely undoes. That was the whole reason why you put your fingers in, is to actually make the trick work. So if you then take them out of the loop, it's not going to work. Just to be totally clear, when you're putting your fingers inside like that, when you actually open your hand, you're using the backs of your fingers here to push on the elastic band, and that's what causes it to flip to the other two fingers. That's exactly what your doing. From the front, now you know exactly what's going on, it looks like this. You've got the elastic band here or the hair band here and you pull on it. I'm doing the secret move, I'm putting all my fingers inside and literally when I open my hand, it jumps across. It is that easy. But you're all going to hang on me on that. What about the super advanced ninja black belt version? Do I want to teach this? I don't know. Do you want me to teach this? This is a good one. The good news for you is that this actually has nothing to do with the trick, so you don't have to do any other secret moves, anything special or anything like that. This is literally window-dressing. This just makes the trick look so much more impossible. Here's what I'm going to do, we're going to do the same thing again, so I'm going to put hair band on the little finger and third finger like this. Then we're going to just introduce this one. You're going to say, I'm going to make a cage. All I'm doing here is just giving it a little half twist in-between each finger, so you just end up with like this cage, and literally it's just like this cage of elastic going over the fingers like that. It literally looks like now that cannot get off. But here's the secret. You're going to do the exact same thing. You don't have to do anything different. Literally, all you have to do is pull this elastic band. You put all your things inside like this, just like before, and if you open your hand, it still jumps across. If that is literally making your mind blow, here's what's really happening, it's the elastic band isn't actually going like through the fingers. It's actually just swinging across the fingers like this, and sometimes I've actually forgot to explain this in workshops and people come up to me and literally going, "I still don't get it." That is why it works and that is honestly such a wicked trick. I know you will run off and show people straight away, but spend a bit of time just getting familiar with that, practice it, and I promise you, you have got superb first trick, ready to show and impress your friends and family. All right, have fun. 4. The Linking Paperclips Trick - Performance: Hey guys, this is one of my favorite tricks to do. If you're in a stationary shop, or an office, or literally someone's house, you need a couple of things for this. So you need a piece like this, piece of paper, [inaudible] , paper, an elastic band, two paper clips. That is literally all you need. What I find is if you just sit on your couch or you sofa and you wrestled down at the back of it and then you come out, you've probably got everything you need right there. I'm going to show you the trick, this is a great trick. This is actually one of the tricks that got me interested in magic, it's one of the first tricks I ever saw. My grand dad showed me this and it is a phenomenal, phenomenal trick. it had me just guessing for ages, I was like, "Teach me how it's done," and he was like, "No, you've got to go upstairs and clean the whole of it upstairs, then you got to do the dishes." I had been doing all this stuff for him, absolutely teach me how it's done. But here you go. A piece of paper like this. Now, make sure I don't cheat. I'm going to [inaudible] the elastic band and I'm going to put it on the paper like that, and then I'm going to take one paper clip and I'm going to put it on one side, well away from the elastic band, I'm going to put it all the way over here like this. So right there, just like that. Then I'm going to take the other paper clip, I'm going to put it all the way over to the other side of this little arrangement. So we've got a paperclip on one side, we've got a paperclip on the other side, just like that, and we've got the elastic band running all the way through the middle. Can you see that? So all three things are separate at this point. Now, check this out. If you really believe in magic, this is going to happen. Watch, 1, 2, 3, and all three linked together. Isn't that amazing? Literally, they are all genuinely linked. I'm not even joking right now, that is actually linked. Boom, real magic. This is a really fun trick to do, let's get into it. 5. The Linking Paperclips Trick - Explanation: Linking paperclips. Do you know the hardest thing about this trick? Is actually getting everything undone when you've actually performed the trick. If I just undo all this real quick, I'm going to teach you this one. The great thing about this trick is you don't actually need to know any side hand or anything like that, and you don't actually cheat. You don't actually do anything secret. So there's nothing to hide. You can focus all your efforts on presentation and making it really great for the audience. You need a piece of paper. Now, this works with anything that'll fold. Literally you can do it with bank notes, or you can do it with a receipt, you can do with a bit of paper. The longer it is, the easier it's going to be for you. You're just going to fold this into a little z fold like that. I just open this up so you can see. You're going to fold this into a letter z. That's it. Now if I just label these sections just to make it a bit easier for you guys to follow. This is section 1, section 2, section 3. It just makes it a little bit easier for you guys to keep track of. You're going to put the elastic band on number 1. Your elastic band is going to go there. Your elastic band is on that section right there. Then I'm going to fold in one and two. Where they touch there, I'm going to put a paperclip. You just get your paperclip, you just slip it on, doesn't matter which way. I'm going to put it on from the top-down. Then literally you've just put a paperclip on that. That's all you've done. Now with that, you've created a loop. If you have a look inside, you've created a loop. All you need to do now is, if I just pop this open just a little bit so you can see, see that section where this and this section, so the other side of the elastic band where they meet, that's where you're going to put the other paperclip. You're just going to put your other paperclip on that section. Just on those two, not over the whole thing. Just over that bit like that. If I do this, you'll have a better idea of what's going on. You've got a paperclip on one side, like that, going all the way through, then a paperclip on the other side. Then you've got your elastic band all the way in the middle. I have no idea why this works. I can literally have no idea why this works. But if you take the two ends like this and you grab them very tight and you pull them, just give it a good sharp pull, all three will link together, for reasons I have no idea why this works. It just works. All three linked together in a genuine chain like that. I've got to say, this is one of the best tricks you can do for grand kids because literally you set it up, and you have them holding it like this, and you say, "If you really believe in magic, you really are a believer, if you truly believe in magic, you're going to do this, you are going to create magic, you're going to make this happen," and you can stand right back and you say, "On the count of three, just give it a good sharp pull," and they pull, and they link together. Seriously, their face will light up. There will be a big smile on their face, and it's just one of the most powerful tricks you can do. If you have kids or grand kids, definitely give this one a shot because it is a brilliant trick. Have fun with it. 6. Linking Hairbands Tricks - Performance: Let's just alter that. Another trick with hairbands. I thought seeing as you've made all that effort to go out and find some hairbands for the jumping hairband trick we might as well do another one with this. You're like, "Matt, why are you doing so many tricks with hairbands? It's like, I don't know. I always wanted a top-knot, I can't grow a top-knot so maybe one day. But anyway, in the meantime, check out the hairbands, the pink one and the green one. Now, normally I'd have someone pinch these together but check this out, should be able to get this to happen. They actually link and that's literally like joined inside the green one just like that, you can see that but hopefully we can get them to come all the way apart. That's the linking hair bands. Boom. Let's get into it. 7. Linking Hairbands Trick - Explanation: Linking hairbands. Yes, I know you love this trick. You can also do it with elastic bands as well, so you don't have to do it with hairbands. I just think these look great, they're very colorful, they're a bit more interested than elastic bands. So grab some hairband, super cheap on Amazon or eBay, just have a look. This is a really, really easy trick to do. You just got to set it up. Actually, we're going to bring it under the camera so I can show you exactly what's going on. So this camera is using basically a shot from your point of view, and the set up is really easy so follow along. All you're going to be doing is take your right thumb and you're going to pull down on the pink elastic band and you're going to put your thumb through this bottom loop here like that. Then you're going to pull that green band up, See you're pulling that through that top band like that, and then you're just going to fold it over. Now, this little bit here, this little Bermuda Triangle, that's where you're now going to put your left second and third fingers. So my second and third fingers are just going to sneak through there like that and you can let go with your right thumb, and then simply your right second and third fingers are going to go through that hole as well, and you end up in a position like that. Effectively, you've just folded this band. You've gone up around and back down and now you're there like that. So from behind, you should be seeing a situation like that. Needless to say, with a little bit of practice, this can be done very quick. So you can do as you're casually speaking to someone. "Look over there, there's a big giant squid," and all you can do with the start of the trick. But in real time, it takes literally seconds to set up. Now from the back, it looks like this, but from the front, you're normal. So this is what you look like. Behind, it's a nightmare, but they don't see that. When you want to make the bands link, all you need to do is to remove your second finger and your third finger of your right hand. So I'm going to take these out, and from the front now, that looks like it linked. Of course, it doesn't because you've still got this here. But then to make them unlink, what you need to do is to remove the second and third finger of your left hand and the bands unlink. You're going to do that very quickly. In real time, it would look like this. You do the move like this. Not like that, that's terrible. Don't do it like that. You're going to do it like this. So literally when I do that, they link that, they unlink. I'm going to show you how to cover that from the front. Now, to disguise that, I'd only twist my hands like this as if you're trying to get something to happen. So you say, "Watch this, [inaudible] ," like that, and I do the move. So literally, as I twist my hands, I'm just tucking my fingers out as I twist. So in one motion, it looks like that, and it looks like it linked, and you can show it is linked. Then to get them to unlink, you just do the same thing and then you can show the hair very, very cleanly like that. Another tip with this, you can actually get them to pinch these two bands together. So if you ask them to say, "Just take your fingers like this, and I just want you to pinch those two bands." What will happen is they'll pinch these two together and then you do the move while they're holding onto these two, the thumb and fingers, you do that, and then you ask them to let go. As soon as they let go, it literally looks like they've caused the bands to link together. Now, anytime you can get the magic to happen in the spectator's hand, that is the most powerful kind of magic because they'll literally believe like they've done the trick. So it's a very, very strong moment there. Then to get them to unlink, we just do that, and then you can show the hairbands, you can pass these out for examination. But it is a very, very visual trick, happens super quick, and then it's gone. It's almost like this moment, you go, [inaudible]. So have fun with that one linking hairbands. Great trick. 8. Pro Tip - Don't Rush Ahead: At this point in the course, you've got a few tricks under your belt. You're probably eager to race through the course and learn as many tricks as possible. The problem with this is that you never really take the time to master a trick before you're then moving on to the next one. My advice here you is calm down. Pick two or three tricks that you like and practice them thoroughly so you can do them without even thinking about it. Only when you've mastered these three tricks, do you then go on and progress to the rest of the course. Now this is a great discipline to follow and it will pay off dividends later in your magical journey. Seriously, take the time to master these before you move on to the rest of the course. That way, when you perform the tricks, you're going to be a lot more confident, you're going to be able to perform them better, you're going to get better reactions, and you're going to enjoy it a whole lot more. Keep calm, practice, and then carry on. 9. The Reversed Card Trick - Performance: All right so you should have mastered some basic skills by now the overhand shuffle, the riffle shuffle, and the Hindu shuffle, as well as how to ribbon spread the cards. Now we hit the trick section here my beautiful wife Cat. Hi. I'm going to show you your first trick. Cat just reach in and take any card. Take it out. Have a look at it I don't want to see it. Got it won't look try not to look. Okay turn the face down otherwise it's really easy, and slide it somewhere in the middle of the deck. So it's literally anywhere you want. Got it push it all the way in. All right that's fair isn't it? Yeah. All right. Now try and find your card Cat with my hands behind my back without even looking at the deck just by the sense of the fingertips alone. So it looks like this I'm going to take one card out of the deck I'm going to turn it face up I'm going to put it back right in the middle. Just illustrate on camera I took one card out with a sense of the fingertips alone I turn it face up I put it back in the middle. Now there's only one card face up. What was your card? Seven of diamonds. Seven of diamonds. Ladies and gents the seven of diamonds. All right so now I'm going to show you how it's done. Let's do it. 10. Reversed Card Trick - Explanation: Let me show you how this one works. It's super-easy, you've only got to do one secret thing before you start the trick. You're going to secretly take the deck of cards, you're going to turn the bottom card face up, and you're going to put that back on the bottom of the deck. Nobody knows that you've done this. This happens before you've even started. Then you're going to find someone, grabs someone, and you're going to do the trick. You spread the cards out. Now, what I'm doing here is, before Cat goes to take a card, I'm just spreading the cards out so that I'm obviously not going to keep spreading and reveal this, you want to hide that as best you can. Just start to have the cards in mechanic's grip and spread the cards very, very slowly like this. Cat take any card, and they should take a card somewhere like that. Then here's what I do. I say I don't want to see, and as I do that, my hand is going to drop to my side like this, and what that is actually going to do is, I'm going to turn the cards over. It looks like this. I say Cat, have a look at the card, I don't want to see it. Now, at my side here, I've actually turned the deck of cards over. When I come back here, I just re-grip, and I come back like this. Now, what they don't realize is that you've now turned all of the cards over like this, and all of these cards are now face up. Here's what not to do. Cat take your card and put it somewhere in the deck. Don't do that because that's going to be pretty obvious. The way you do this is, you hold the cards nice and tight, because you don't want them to lift up on this card, you want to keep a Vulcan death grip on this deck of cards. Obviously, you don't turn your hand over as well. You're going to keep the cards like that, and all you do is you say, slide the card in somewhere. Slide it in the deck so there's no chance that I can see it. You have them slide it all the way inside. Now, they've actually just done the trick for you, because all the cards are face up under this one. They've actually reversed their own card and they've got no idea that they've just done it, perfect. Now, I say I'm going to put the cards behind my back, and without even looking, just by the sense of the fingertips alone, I'm going to take one card out. I'm going to turn it face up, and I'm going to put it back inside the deck. Now, here's what you do behind you back. You put your hands behind your back, and here's what I did behind the back. Very, very easy, all you have to do is set that top card behind your back and flip it face up. That is it. I'll do it. Now you know what's going on. That's all I'm doing. When I put the cards behind my back, that's all I did. I feel that top card and I just flip it face up. When you come back round, you make sure that the cards are face down, so you just turn your wrist as you come out and all the cards are now face down and everything looks as it should and you say, I took one card out of the deck, I turned it face up, I put it back in the middle. Now, there's only one card facing up, and that should be. The seven of spades. Sevens, you like sevens today, don't you? The seven of spades, and it will always be that card. I think it's a pretty good trick to start with. There's no sleight of hand involved, so go away, practice that and have fun with it. 11. Spoon Bending - Performance: All right. I just wanted to throw this one in because it's just a cool thing you can do if you are at friend's house or if you're having dinner at a dinner party, or if you go out to a coffee shop or a restaurant, then this is a very cool trick to do. It is spoon bending. It looks a little bit like this. Now this is a solid spoon. It is really solid. In fact, if I place it on the mat like this and get a good grip of it, hopefully, I've had my Weet-Bix this morning and we can actually get it to bend all the way over. Just like that. That's pretty good. I'm just joking. It's perfectly fine. It's just that optical illusion, but it's a fun thing. It's a really nice icebreaker if you're at a dinner party or you're out to dinner there. It is a cool little trick, let me show you exactly how this is done. 12. Spoon Bending - Explanation: This is just a bit of fun, it's not a massive trick. It's not something that you're going to close your share with, but it is a bit of fun and it means that anytime you're out to dinner, you can do it. It will get a laugh, it will break the ice, it's cool. I'm going to show you exactly what's going on here. It's very simple. You can use any spoon, any knife, any cutlery. What you're going to do is, so it looks like you're going to get the spoon like this, and it looks like you're pushing down on it to really bend it and put force on it. That's rubbish. What you're doing is, you're going to grip the spoon like this. You're going to put the spoon in between your little finger and the third finger of your right hand. That's because this is going to act like a fulcrum. Check me out with the lingo. Is going to act like a fulcrum. So it's going to basically acts like a pivot, which is going to allow the spoon to do this, which is what exactly what you're going to do. You're going to grab the spoon in between your little finger and your third finger like this. Then you're going to coke it up like that, and you're going to look like you've got your thumb on the back of it as if you're going to press on it. It looks like you are genuinely going to bend it. Then your other hand comes over the top like that. Now, your other hand is coming over the top to literally shield this top bit. Then you move this. From the front, now, if people were looking from the front that the top of that spoon is now completely out of you. All you're going to do, is going to act like you put your two thumbs together, and you're going to act like you are going to push down and bend that spoon. Really, what's going to happen is, if I expose this, it's actually just coming down all the way down like that. Your thumbs are here as if they're still hold in the top of it. But in reality, you're just letting that spoon slip down the back of your thumbs and it's just pivoting like that. But because you start with your thumbs like this, and that's what really sells it, so it looks like you're literally pushing on the spoon like that, but you just going to allow it to slide all the way down at the back, and just like that. But you can see the illusion from the front was like super, super convincing. It's all just making sure that when you set it up, you really make it look like your thumbs are on and you're going to be pushing, and then the secret is, you just letting it slide over, but you've really got to pretend to act like you're bending that spoon line mad. Then you get to this part, and literally you just display the spoon. No,no, no, I'm only joking , I wouldn't do that. That is the fake spoon bend. Hope you like it. 13. Chalk Trick - Performance: This is a great little trick that you can do if you're out and about. Kat, do you play pool? Sometimes. Sometimes. I'm going to something cool. Hold your hands up. We're going to raise them up so you can see in the camera like that and make two fists like this. Perfect. We need to choose a hand to eliminate so raise one hand. Eliminate it. So we're going to use this hand. I'm going to use some trusty chalk. I'm going to show you a cool trick shot here. First of all, we chalk up and we're going to line the shot up like this. Now, I'm going to come nowhere near this so I'm just going to move your hand ever so slightly further away from me. We're going to line the shot up like this. We're going to take the shot. It's a trick shot, it goes off the ceiling around the room, off the photo frame, off the light, straight into your hand. Think I did it? No. Love your confidence in me. Turn your hand over, lower your hand, open up your hand like this. Boom. That is a cool trick with a bit of chalk. 14. Chalk Trick - Explanation: This is the chalk trick. This is literally if you're out and about, if you're in a pub or a bar, or if you have your own pool table in the entertaining room, that's what you need. Little bit of chalk. It's very, very simple. Before you start the trick, all you're going to do is you're going to secretly pop a load of chalk on your first finger. That's it. Then you keep your hand in a relaxed position like this and you're ready to start the trick. You'll say to someone, "Do you play pool?" Yes, sometimes. Yeah, sometimes. We're going to do a pool-themed trick. All you're going to do is you're going to raise your hands, out like that, raise both hands. Now you're going to reposition their hands. You're going to reach over and remember you've got the secret chalk here. You don't let them see this. But what you're going to do, Kat, if we just bring you in a little bit closer, is you're going to take their hands and raise them up. Now, as you do that, what I'm doing is I'm actually putting my finger onto Kat's hand like that. I'm actually pushing the chalk onto their hand as I just raise her hands up like this. So now I've secretly transferred the chalk onto her hand and I say, "Make two fists." Again, you're keeping your hand in a fist now because you don't want them to see that you've already got chalk here so you keep your hand in a fist and just relaxed. You say, "We need to choose a hand to eliminate. So just raise a hand." Now, what you're going to use here is a magician's force. So in other words, you say, "Raise a hand." Now, if they raise this hand, you say, "Great. Eliminate it." If they raise this hand, you go, "Great, we'll use that hand, let's eliminate this one Either way, they're left with the hand that you put the chalk on. So magician's force, magician's choice. It's very, very simple. Do it with a relaxed attitude. They're not even going to question it. Then you say, "I'm going to show you a trick shot." Need some chalk and you chalk up your finger. Now, this hides the fact that you already had chalk on your finger. Now it's disguised because now you've openly put chalk on your finger. This is the first time they're aware of this. You say, "We're going to line up the shot." So you imagine lining up a shot like this and you go, "Boom," and you go, "It goes off the wall, off the ceiling off the painting, and bang into your hand." Do you think I got it? No. No. Because literally you've been nowhere near there and you say, "I've been nowhere near your hand." But check it out, if you turn your hand over like this, open your hand up, and they're going to have that mark of chalk on their hand. Anytime you can make magic happen in a spectator's hand it is the strongest kind of magic, which makes this trick a really great trick to do if you're out and about. 15. Introduction to Coin Magic: Hi guys, welcome to the money section of the course. This is using something that everybody loves, which of course is money. I'm going to show you some really cool tricks that you can do with coins and notes and a lot of stuff. But to start things off, I'm going to show you a very cool flourish that you can do while watching the rest of this module. 16. The Coin Roll Flourish: All right guys. So this is the coin roll. This is a really nice way to enhance the magic you're doing with coins, and it's a pretty little flourish, it's eye-catching, and you should definitely learn this, it's super cool. It's actually a lot easier than it looks. Firstly, let's just say the coins go and cross just this part of the hand here, so just these knuckles. A lot of people have tried this, I've seen them trying to practice this with like the fingers open, and it just ends up looking a little bit gangly and a little bit messy and everything is just flying about like crazy. You just going to go across the knuckle here, so let me break this down very simple. The coin starts off on the first finger, just like that, and all that's going to happen is that your second finger is just going to lift up a little bit, clip the edge of that coin and flip it over onto the second finger. Then you're going to do the same thing with your third finger. So you just got to use your third finger to clip the edge of that coin and let it flip over onto the top of the third finger, and then finally your little finger is just going to reach over and it's actually you're going to drink the coin underneath. Your thumb is going to get it, slide it all the way back to where it started, right on top of the first finger, and then you're going to do the same thing again. So clip and flip. It's not easy to say clip and flip, clip and flip all the way over and underneath, and then all you're going to do is practice that. Just do it while you're watching the rest of this course, just have the coin flipping over, and eventually it's going to get more smooth, and you're going to practice this forwards and backwards as well. So you can do it forwards and backwards, backwards and forwards. When you can do it both directions in one hand, guess what? You're going to learn it both, so you're going to go across the fingertips of both hands and have it running from hand to hand, and it really is a pretty little flourish and enhance your coin magic. Practice that, have fun with it, it's a really nice little move, its eye-catching and it definitely make you look like a [inaudible] hand master. So practice that, have fun with it, and let's get down to the next trick. 17. Using the Sleeves - But Not Like You Expect!: You wondered at the start of this module how I did this where I showed both hands unto you like this, and then made something appear. This is a really great way, I'm using my sleeves but not in the way that you think. I think most magicians use the sleeves where they have something fall down the sleeve. This is like the opposite to be honest, so with this you got to actually be using the outside of your sleeve and this is a really, really nice way to make something appear. Your secret setup is that you're going to place the object on the bow of your elbows, where your arm bends you're going to place the object and then you're just going to fold the sleeve over it like that, and then you're bend your arm and the object is now hidden. So in the act of pulling up your sleeves, so first you're going to go with your right sleeve and you're showing this hand and see that all the attention is here, then you come over to your left sleeve to pull it up and show this hand empty. What I'm really doing is, I'm really pulling that object out of my sleeve and into finger palm. Now you can do this using most small objects, coins, notes, notes is a really good one as well. We'll do it with a note. So you want to make significant money appear like 100, then you can fold this up into eight. Once again hide it in the neck of your sleeve like this, fold your arm, same thing again so I'm going to come over, show my. Don't make a big thing about this, by the way, it's a casual thing, it's like a one, two thing. All you're doing to pull up your sleeves, come forward and make the note appear and it's a really, really nice way of making something appear by using your sleeves, crafty. 18. The Finger Palm: Hi, guys. Let's talk about palming. Palming is a slight of hand used by magicians. It's a way to secretly hold an object in the hand without drawing suspicion. If we look at the table right now, right now I am palming. It looks like my hands are just naturally on the table, but actually, I'm palming two coins in my hands. This is a basic coin palm. This is called the finger palm. We're going to take a look at this in a little bit more detail. Since it is a finger palm, it's very, very simple. All you're going to do is you're going to place the coin in this section here, just before your fingers bend, that's where the coin is going to go, and that's how you palm it, by simply curling the fingers into a loose fist over the coin, and now, the coin will pull out. It's held very naturally. The key to this is to have a relaxed look to the hand. If you'll notice this now, both of my hands are on the table. They both look very relaxed and very natural. The only difference is that one has a coin palm. If I did this, it gives it away. Now, this isn't a fist, it isn't the fist palm, it is the finger palm, it's a natural palm. The best way to practice this is to have a coin palmed in your hand and have nothing on the other hand. Then just have your hands on the table, look at them, and just see if they look alike, they look natural. That's good. You can practice picking something up, putting something down. Now, practice this just walking around the house and doing your every day to day stuff. I have a cup of tea here. So you've got a cup of tea, I've got the coin palmed in my hand. I can even make the tea as well. Do everyday stuff with the coin palmed in your hand. Master it with both hands. Go about your day to day lives, your day to day activities, keep the coins palmed, sooner or later, this is going to begin to feel very, very natural, very relaxed, very loose, and very unsuspicious, and that's what you want to get. After you've mastered the finger palm, I'm going to show you a really cool way to make a coin disappear. 19. Coin in Pen - Performance: All right guys, tonight, to master the finger palm, this is a nice little trick that you can do. This is using a coin. This is going to be very cool, because we take the coin, wave the pen over like this, and the coin completely disappears. It's almost like magic. It's not gone far, it's actually inside the pen. The pen and the coin, magic. 20. Coin in Pen - Explanation: Not only is this a great trick, but I think it's also a really nice way for you to practice your finger palm. I'm going to teach you a vanish and there's going to be a lot going on with this, which is going to benefit you, and give you a lot of stuff to practice, and a lot of cool principles involved. The start of this is that we're going to vanish the coin, and it's a very, very cool vanish. It's just a toss vanish. Very, very simple, but very deceptive. Looks very, very nice. Now, you've obviously learnt the finger palm already, so you probably know that that's where we're going with this. So the coin ends up in finger palm. The vanish itself is very, very simple. All you're doing is you're palming the coin, and you're closing this hand. When we do that, doesn't look so good. But if we put it into a nice action like this, where the coin is just being tossed from hand to hand, and we get the timing right, it looks pretty effective. The best way to do this is to just get used to doing this, and actually really tossing the coin from hand to hand. Do that a couple of times where you actually are tossing the coin into that hand. You're going to keep doing that. Really tossing the coin into the hand, and then you're going to do the same thing again. But this time, you're going to do the fake move, or the fake transfer. The key is is to get that looking the same, to get the real action like this looking the same as the fake action, looking like this. When you can get those two things identical, then you know you've got it. The rest of the routine is very, very simple. From that point on, we're going to have the pen, though, which is convenient because as soon as we've done this vanish, we're going to reach forward and pick up the pen, which is really, really natural and motivated because you're going to wave the pen over the hand like this. Any time you're holding something in your hand, it automatically takes away suspicion. So people don't really realize that you could hold two things in your hand at the same time. You're secretly palming the coin like that, and then you've got the pen in your hand, and it all looks very, very natural. You wave the pen over the hand and then very, very slowly open your fingers one finger at a time and it looks like that coin just disappears. Really, we know it's just in finger palm over here in the hand. To reveal the coin, all you're going to do is place the pen into your left hand. With your right hand, you're going to take off the cap like this and it looks like you just dump it out. Really, you're just dropping the coin from finger palm. The illusion is that when you dump in out, it looks like you're dumping it out of the pen cap. Pop the cap back on and you've got a brilliant trick. The hard part of this routine is getting that vanish looking natural and getting the toss vanish looking natural. After that, it's actually a really brilliant practice drill. It's a good way for you to practice a basic vanish, a basic palm, and you've also got a solid routine. 21. Coins Through the Table - Performance: When I first started doing magic, this was one of my favorite tricks to do and I used to do it all the time. Let me tell you what's going on here. We've got a couple of things. You've got four coins and a ring. In my left hand, I'm going to take two of the coins like this. In my right hand, I'm going to take the two coins and the ring. In the left hand, we have the two coins. In my right hand, we have the two coins and the ring. Now, the idea here is to pass solid through solid. If we just find a good spot, I think it's around about here. We can actually get those coins to go all the way through the table and right back to the other side, the coins through the table. 22. Coins Through the Table - Explanation: This is coins through the table. It's a classic trick of magic. In this trick, we're going to learn another palm. Let's get rid of most of this stuff for now, put it over here. The key to this trick is another palm, is called the thumb palm. Thumb palm looks a little bit like the finger palm, but allow you to extend your hands out like this, and all I'm doing is hiding the coin in the crotch of my thumb, and that's all it is. You're going to put the coin, literally it's just there, and the thumb is going to rest on top, and that's essentially is your thumb palm. Again, the key to this is not to overdo it. I see a lot of people like this, which is like dead starfish hand. If you're palming a coin like this, it's pretty suss. You're going to get busted straight away. What you want to do is, with all palming, is just to be natural. Even though I can extend my hand like this, what you're going to do in the trick, you just want to get it to look natural. Again, the key to this is just palm that coin. Palm that coin, walk about the house, pick things up, do your day-to-day stuff, and you're going to be fine. That is the thumb palm. Now we're going to use the thumb palm to make this trick happen, the coins through the table. You're going to need a couple of things for this. You are going to need some coins. You're going to need four coins. These can be any coins. The bigger, the better, really. If you're in the UK, 50 piece are good. Before we get into the trick, I'm going to teach you the sleight that's used. Now, this is called han pein chein. Let me show you what this looks like. The illusion is that you take the coins in your left hand, and you take the ring and the coins in your right hand. Now, the idea of han pein chein is to apparently show the coins in the left hand and show the coins in the right hand. But really what you've secretly done is you've shown these coins, these are actually the coins from the left hand, and you have the coins palmed over here in thumb palm, which is why I taught you the thumb palm before. In order to do this, and this is the secret of the whole trick, you're going to take two coins in the left hand and I just keep these in finger palms, because I think it's easier, and there are the coins in your left hand. Then you're going to pick up the ring, and then as I collect the coins here with the right hand, I'm simply going to push them into my thumb palm. I'm ready to thumb palm those coins now. Here's what's going to happen. This will allow you just to throw the ring, so in a second it's going to look like you throw the coins and the ring, but this will allow you to very easily just release the ring and keep those two coins in palm. To put it all together, when you're in this position, now, remember I've got these coins ready and they are already palmed in the right hand, so the action is like this. You're going to go like this and like this. The idea is that your left hand is going to throw the coins, and your right hand is going to move out of the way. That's going to be important with what you're about to do next. The left hand throws the coins out of the way, and then when I pick these up now, I don't actually take them into the fist as we did before, but as I pick them up, I'm actually just keeping them at the back of the fingers like that, so they're not really in the fist. That means that in a second I can just leave them on the table as I open my hand up. I can just leave them there and there's no movement of the left hand, which is going to be really important to make this deceptive. All you're going to do is combine that with what I showed you before, where your right hand is going to apparently throw everything, but really it's just throwing the ring. If you put those two actions together, it looks like everything comes out of right hand, but really you've still got these in palm, and now you've got nothing here. That's the han pein chein sleight, and to do it in real time as you've seen it before, so I pick up the ring first and then the two coins which I'm then putting into thumb palm like this, then I'll show the left hand, and then I'm throwing just the ring and leaving these coins. That'll allow us now to reach over, I'm going to take these coins and the ring. Now my hand goes straight under the table. Even though this is a lot more full than the left hand, remember here we've got nothing, here we've got everything. To disguise that, your right hand is going to go straight under the table, so they aren't going to be able to compare the two side-by-side. Now, with the left hand, you're just going to knock like this, you say, "I just got find a soft spot." As you hit down with the left hand, just tap up on the table with the right hand and you get the two things together. It really does create a nice illusion that the coin is going all the way through the table. You bring out your hand, and you can pull everything out just like this. Solid coins through the table. This is a classic of magics, it's a really surprising effect. There's a little bit of sleight hand there to get your teeth into. 23. Pencil Through Note - Performance: [MUSIC] You'll are going to absolutely love this trick. I was actually researching different tricks that I could do on this, and I came across this trick, and just fell in love with it straightaway. Let me show you the trick. It's very cool. It's going to use the dollar bill. I'm going to fold the dollar bill up like this, so it's got a nice sharp crease down this end. Then also, we're going to use a couple of other things, so we've got a pencil, then I just poke the pencil inside the notes like that. Then also [inaudible] note here, and this is just to protect the dollar bill. We're going to fold this around just like that. That is pretty fair. You can see the pencil going all the way through the note. Perhaps through the paper around the bottom. This is the scary part, Check this out. Now that looks incredible, doesn't it? It's going all the way through the notes, it's going all the way through [inaudible]. We can actually take this pencil and pull it all the way through like this, comes all the way through, and there's no doubts about it now that this paper has a hole right in the middle. The note is completely [NOISE] unharmed and that's magic baby, honestly, don't you just love that? Let me show you how this one is done. 24. Pencil Through Note - Explanation: After watching that performance, you're going to love this trick. The great news is you don't need anything to do it really. You need a pencil, a post-it note, and a note, and that's it, and you've got a trick that you can literally do anywhere if you're in an office, if you're in school. Most places you can find a pencil, a little bit of paper, and a note, and you've got the trick that's good to go straight away. The secret to this is very simple indeed. Now, the note is actually ripped here. You're going to rip the note. This is very easy how to do this. If you've got a $1 bill, you want to rip the note around about this section here. So just after this colorful border here, you want to put a little rip. Now I'll show you exactly how big that rip is. The easiest way to do this by the way, is just to tear it in a half, and give it a little tear, a little tiny tear like this. That is all you need, just big enough for a pencil to be able to pass through it. A pencil or a pen, just big enough for that to be able to pass through. That's all you need to happen. Once you've put your rip in the paper, that's your secret preparation, your secret one time preparation, and then you're good to go. You're just going to fold the note in half. You need to fold it off-center. The important thing is where this rip is, you just need to cover that. I just fold it so that there's a clear offset here, so they can see this fold here against this edge, but this fold is actually covering the rip. What this will allow you to do is it will allow you to look like the pencil is going into the middle of the note, but in reality, what's actually happening is the pencil is going behind it. From the front, everything looks as it should, and this is a really beautiful illusion. Here is how you perform the trick, very simple. So you start with your note and your fingers are just covering that rip. It's not a big rip to hide. Can literally do it with one finger. But naturally, if I'm going to hold a note like this, I'll probably use two. You show the note, don't pay attention to it, and you just fold it along the fold that you made earlier, so that then you get that little offset. This allows people to see that the pencil is going inside the note. Take the note like this, and it's going to look like you're going to place the pencil inside the note. But from behind, what's really happened is as you're placing the pencil in, you just feeding it through that hole, and it's actually just going down the bottom of it. That's what you're going to do. From the front it looks fantastic. It looks like you're going in like this, and it looks like it's going into the middle. The only thing you've got to watch out for is don't push it too far down, because that ruins the illusion. You don't want that yet, so when you push it in, all I'm doing is my thumb at the back, I'm just stopping that note. I stop the pencil around about there so that it doesn't poke through and people realize that something's not quite right. You are up to there, and you've taken a pencil and you've poked it in up to that point. Now what you do is you take your post-it note and I just fold it in half on the bottom edge. I'll put it around about there like this, and I'll fold it up like that, and you're set. Literally, that is it. Now, you've got this setup here where it looks like the pencil is going all the way through to the middle of the note. Really in reality, we've got the situation at the back, so we know it's going behind the note. All you need to do now is you need to take the pencil, hold nice and tight here with your two fingers, and give it a good sharp push down, and you hear. That's the great thing about this illusion, actually hear the note apparently rip. Now, it's really the pencil ripping through the post-it note. But a really nice touch here as well is you could actually take this and fold it down like that, and show that the pencil is currently going all the way through the note. Just give it a little flash like this, and then we can take the pencil, move it around, and actually have it melt all the way through, and you pull it all the way out. It really is, it's a beautiful illusion. Then you can take the post-it note off. You can show that there's a rip and a hole inside the post-it note. I'll just emphasize that so people can see it. But then you come to the note and all you're doing here is when you open the note, your right fingers are just covering that hole that we made earlier, and you can show now people looking at the center here. They can see it's completely unharmed, and there you've got an absolutely beautiful illusion you can do anytime and anywhere. 25. Cut & Restored Rope - Performance: [inaudible] now time for a classic of magic. A lot of the magic I have shared with you so far has been close-up and sleight of hand stuff, but this is actually a stage trick and it's just to give you a general overview of all magic so you can decide what you like. The idea is to take the rope like this, and to find the center of it and to cut it roughly in half. Careful when using scissors. Safety disclaimer here. Now you can see that, that is roughly in half, roughly two pieces. Looks pretty good. So we'll take these like this. We will tie it in a knot and we'll just snip off the ends, just to tidy that up a little bit. There we go. Nothing too magical yet. But if we wrap this around the hand, like this, you've got to use your imagination with this. You've got to imagine that this never happened, and if we wave the scissors over the rope like this, incredibly, the rope now comes all the way back to one piece and we're left as we started, with just a single piece of rope. So Cut And Restored Rope, this is a really, really nice trick. Let me show you how to do it. 26. Cut & Restored Rope - Explanation: Cut and restored rope, classic trick in magic. It's in all the beginners bungee books, and for good reason. It is a brilliant trick. This is the foundation for a lot of more advanced stuff later on. It's great to get this under your belt early on. You're going to be saying, "Matt, I don't have a bit of rope. I don't have a rope that looks like yours." You don't have to have a soft rope like this. Ideally, that's what you want, it's magician's rope. If you do a quick Google search, you're going to find a magic shop near you that has this but if you don't have a rope, for now, you can use a bit of string, you can use a shoelace, you can use your mom's washing line. As long as you got something that looks like this, you're going to be all right. Safety disclaimer here, we are going to be using scissors with this, so if you're not an adult or if you're not a responsible adult, then please do this under the supervision of one. Just make sure that you're not going to injure yourself while you do this and that you'll handle these in the right way. Let's get on to the explanation. Now, it's going to look like you take the rope and the idea is that you bring up the center like this, and you cut the rope in half. That's the start of the trick. It's not exactly what's happening here. What I'm going to do now is switch the angle of the camera so you can see exactly what's going on behind the scenes. I'm now giving you my view of how you cut the rope. Now, the idea is, of course, this is what they think. They think you literally bring the center up like this, and then you cut the center. That's the whole idea, really. But you're not going to be doing that. You're going to have about just over half an inch over your fingertips like that. You're going to have that there like that. Now, here's the move. You're going to put this loop on the back of your hand like that, and you're going to reach over and as you reach over, you're going to take this and you're going to form a little loop and bring it up like that. Now, this is the piece that we're going to cut. I'm going to cut this piece of rope. I'm going to just cut right through those two pieces. Scissors go back into the back right-hand pocket. Now, all you'd need to do now is, if you see you've got the ends like this, this piece right here needs to be brought over there, and all you're going to do is you're going to take these two pieces in your right hand, and the other two pieces in your left hand, and you're just going to pull the rope like that. When you come back like this now, from the front, it looks like you have two separate pieces of rope,but actually, behind your hand, you've got a little tiny piece, which is being hid by the fingers. But from the front now, that looks like two completely different pieces of rope. That's the cutting part, what we're going to do now is jump straight back to the other view and take a look at what we do next. You're in this situation now, you've secretly cut the rope. They think it's two equal pieces, but we know it's not. We know it's got this going on. You have the rope like this, so I'm going to tie the two ropes together. If we take this like this, all you going to do now is this small piece that you've got, you're just going to tie in a knot. You tie just a single knot like that. What's going to make the next move really easy is just to snip the ends of the rope. Again, you're just going to go back into your back pocket like this. Very carefully, you're just going to cut the ends off. That's going to make hiding this in a minute a little bit easier. Just tidy them up like this. Put these back into your back pocket. Again, I'm having the handles pointing up so it's not going to stab me in the hand when I go for it. It looks like you've tied the two ropes together. Now, here's the really cool part. You begin to wind the rope around your palm. You're going to take one end like this, and you're going to have your hand in a fist here, and you're going to start to wrap the rope around your hand. Now, the thing about this knot is, because it's not really a knot, well, it is a knot, but the two ends aren't tied together, it's a fake knot. This is going to slide. Here's what you're going to do. It's going to look like, you take the rope and wrap it around your hand. That's what it's going to look like. What you are going to do is you are going to be holding one end, and as you begin to wrap it around your hand, you're going to notice that this hand now, the knot's going to go in. As I'm wrapping like this, it's just going to automatically, I can feel it now. I've got this knot here. As I begin to wrap it, all I'm going to be doing is I'm going to be sliding that knot off the rope as I wrap the hand like this. You've secretly now got this in your hand. No one knows about this. This is being palmed in your hand right now. Just to rewind and show you what that looks like in full time. It looks like, you take this and just wrap it around in your hand, and now you're going to go straight for your scissors. Now, what's going to happen behind you, is if I turn around, behind me is my scissors. I'm going to go into my pocket. I'm going to dump that fake knot and I'm going to come back out with the scissors. It literally looks like you just went to get the scissors. You wave this around, or you wave the scissors around the rope like this, put them back into your pocket, and you're clean. All I do now is I take those loops and I just push them into the hand, little blow and you can just let this fall, and you have a perfectly restored piece of rope. This is a classic of magic. It's probably one of the trickier things in the course so far. There's a little bit of moves and a few sleights in there. A little bit to keep track of and prop management and stuff like that. Watch the performance a couple of times just so you can get the gist of what's going on and what it is supposed to look like from the front. Then practice it over and over again. Do it nice and slow. Don't rush through it. Doing it in front of a mirror, just check that when you're sliding that knot off, that you can't see it in your hand. It's just to be natural as well. As soon as that knot comes off, don't race to your pocket. You just go for the scissors. That's your intention. You dump the knot, come out with the scissors and make it all look nice and smooth and natural. I promise you, you're going to have an absolutely phenomenal trick there, that you can put in any family show, or stage show, or anything like that. But enjoy that, have fun with it, and I'll see you for the next trick. 27. Whats Next? : Congratulations guys, you made it. You made it to the end of the course. I hope you've had a good time. I just want to thank you for taking the course. I hope you've learned some magic. I hope you've definitely got a few part of pieces that you can entertain you friends and family with. What's next? Well, all of these tricks that you've learned, you're going to practice. You're going to practice, and practice, and practice so much that you can do them in your sleep without even thinking about it. That way, when you perform them, you're not thinking about what comes next, you're going to perform them better and you're going to get back reactions. People will have a better experience and it's just going to be better for everyone. Make sure you set the time to practice them and then when you're ready, go out and blow people's minds. It's going to be amazing. People be running away from you like a David Blaine TV special. It's going to be awesome and that's the fun thing about magic. If you had fun learning the tricks, trust me, you going to have an even better time when you go out and perform because you're going to get these amazing reactions. Trust me, I've had some unbelievable reactions. People have laughed, hugged me, cried, sometimes all three at the same time. Also, don't forget the class project. If you want to pick a trick, one of your favorite tricks, you can perform it for the camera, or you can perform it for an audience, you can perform it for your pet, whoever you want. But if you want to sort yourself doing the trick, upload it to the platform here on Skillshare, I can take a look at it, give you some feedback and help you improve. That offer is always there. Now, if you haven't already follow me on Skillshare, because I've got a load of content plan. I've got all these courses that I really want to release. I'm working on them as we speak, it's going to be awesome. If you follow me as soon as I release a course, you're going to get an update and it will tell you that I've released a course and you can jump in and start learning straightaway. If you've enjoyed this course, you might want to check out my other courses. I've just done one on card magic for beginners. If you want to learn some awesome card tricks, I teach you step-by-step. Pretty much everything you need to know in terms of blowing people's minds with the deck of cards. You're going to learn some awesome tricks and wicked flourishes as each other, fun the cards, and spring them from hand to hand, and stuff like that. If you're interested in that, I'll drop a link in the class description of this course and there'll also be a link to that course in my profile here on Skillshare. Now, most importantly, and this is most importantly, if you've enjoyed the course, please leave me a review. If you haven't, don't. No, but seriously, if you've had a good time guys and you've learn some magic, you've had a brilliant time. Please leave me a review because it just means that I get bumped up the rankings, my course gets more exposure, it's easier for other people to find the course, and overall, it just really helps me out. It really would be appreciated. Well guys, that's it. Practice skillful to blow some minds. I hope you have a brilliant time, and I'll see you in the next course.