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Easy Magic Tricks: Amazing Magic Tricks for The Complete Beginner

teacher avatar Magic Tricks, Magic tricks that Everyone can do!

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Balancing Dollar Bill

    • 3. The Cut And Restored Rope

    • 4. Moving a Straw with your Mind

    • 5. Bonus :)

    • 6. Three in the Hand one in the Pocket

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About This Class

In this course you learn super easy magic tricks that the complete beginner can do!

You will learn how to 

  • Move a straw with your mind 
  • Cut and restore a rope in your spectators hand
  • Perform amazing illusions 
  • Make a coin Jump from your pocket to your hand 
  • And so much more!

Also Make sure to check out my other 2 magic courses, Street Magic, and Magic Tricks 101!



Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Magic Tricks

Magic tricks that Everyone can do!


Hello, I'm Josh and I love Magic tricks! I think doing magic tricks is a super fun skill that everyone can learn and enjoy! (I will try to post a new class every week!) See full profile

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1. Intro: Hi. My name is Josh. And welcome to my course on easy magic tricks, magic tricks that anyone can do within a short period of time. Now, you don't have to be a professional magician or even have any knowledge of magic at all to do this course. This courses for the complete beginner. And I promise it's gonna be so much fun. So why don't you join me, Josh, in this course on easy magic tricks? 2. Balancing Dollar Bill: this next trick uses a dollar bill and you do something really cool with it. Gonna take the dollar bill you put on your hands just like this. Make it look like it can do. Amazing balancing. Watch very carefully. Suddenly just like that. Take my hands away. The dollar bill. He's perfectly suspended on my finger just like that. Now and try toe, put it back. Just like that, your spectator will be completely amazed. Now they're gonna want to try it. Really value. So what they're gonna dio is they're gonna take it. They're not gonna be able to do it at all. They can unfold it, they examine it. And that is the balancing dollar Bill. This is the secret to the balancing dollar bill trick. Where you're gonna need is a dollar bill. I think you need 1/4. Yes, that's the secret here. Now, to start the trick, we're gonna take the quarter, place it inside the center of the dollar Bill could be having any denomination. Now, you got a full the dollar bill around the quarter, just like that. And then you take the quarter. I'm gonna slide it to the end here on the open side to the end. Just like that, you'll notice that if you take this end of the dollar bill, put it on. Your finger was in practice. You could make it look really convincing. That's balancing midair. Can I just had to trick in my show that are Well, you're gonna hold it from the course corner. Did you tell your audience you could make it balance your place, your hands Just like that? We'll start making a big Of course, that's impressive, but not nearly as impressive as the one finger Sure start like that. You say I could make it better. Your pull your finger to the end. And just like that, you could make it bounce Now, this tiny practice just to make the loser convincing. But once you have, like here, what you have here, the trick is already amazing. So now, to get out of the trip to hand it to your spectator, where your any to do is your need to tilt your hand backward just like this till the dollar backwards and the coins fall right into your hands. So you think this you could take this and handed the spectator and the coin you can eat a drop Like I it we can just place it in your pocket very discreetly. So to recap, to start the trick, you're gonna take the quarter, place it in the dollar bill and fold up the dollar bill. Take the quarter, get to one side just like that. Then you start the trick. You tell your speculated you make it bounce. Well, let your hand just like that. I'm gonna wait. Hinder me to give the illusion and just to play it off more just like that. And now to end the trick and take it on the bill, slide it back to the quarter falls and then drop it down or drop it in your pocket that hand this out. Now they're gonna be trying to do it just and they're not gonna be able to do it all 3. The Cut And Restored Rope: This is one of my favourite magic tricks that will wow your spectator. They don't think it's amazing. We're gonna need your need a piece of yarn, then. Here, take some scissors. Tiny scissors in, my kid gonna cut the yard completely in half. See that up there? You can see the ours completely cut in half. Now you're taking Spectators hand asking to hold it out. You place the two pieces in their hand. All you do is snap, and the yarn magically restores itself. Here's the secret to that amazing trick you need Ciller's. Now these scissors are extremely small, but that's okay. And you need a piece of yarn. Yarn is the only string that would work for this because this yarn is made up of four little tiny pieces of young. Okay, start the trick and take the yard fold in half. You reach words middle and my already set up, but you're gonna grab the yarn that it's made up of. Just like that. You get a little bit like that. Twist these ends. So in reality, this is what's happening. Just like that, you're twisting ends, and that's exactly the whole thing you having your making it the illusion that there were 27 pieces here, so this would be after I sniffed it. Now, in order to set them up before you do that, you need to twist them together. Twist the top two ends together. Well, you can use a little bit of glue or you can use bees. Wax or sticky cat would also work. So we twist them together and it really doesn't matter. They should be together a little bit. Just like that would work even because you respect your doctor knows how, obviously cause you've seen you know, this what this would look like. I take it you snip, and that just gives you the illusion that's cut in half. Now, in the Spectators hand, place it. You tell him to grab before you lift up like that because you want them to close it, turn it over, and then you're gonna pull on. You want to stretch Really tightened. When you stretch it really tight, you're not gonna notice that the middle has been afraid a little bit. Stretch it really tight and just like that trick is done. So the start over you take it. Make the two little loops just like that now give you illusion that the boobs are together . It is always the hardest part, but it's OK. Just like that. Even that would work. Take the scissors, snip the snippet. Tell your Spectators, Show it to the spectator. Do not open your hand and place it inside their hand. You even tell them toe pull one in and you polio. And just like that, you restore the rope like imagine. 4. Moving a Straw with your Mind: this trick is an amazing easy trick that will make it seem like you could move a straw using all in your mind. Here's the performance for Take the straw, Put it on and I'm not gonna touch it. There's no no strings, no nothing but watch can move the straw with just my fingers. Just like that. You have the spectator as well. Take your hand put and they'll be able to move the straw with their fingers Any direction that they want. Just like that, even until falls right off, do it one more time. You get just like that attracted towards finger just like magic. And this is super easy to do. Now, this trick is so easy and it's so amazing the way it works because you're gonna need a straw and then you're in need of a straw wrapper and that's it. But you have to do a little bit of set up for trick right before you're about to form the trick and first thing in the wire out you take a straw and you're gonna rub it like this inside the straw Rapper, you're gonna create some static electricity. Did you keep rubbing and this could be done before it. Now you have to perform the trick with the next 30 seconds. Otherwise it won't work for your rabbit. They can just leave it here. This will be ready for about 30 seconds and all of 30 seconds. When you write and perform, yank it out just like that. Place it on. You want to place it on with these two fingers? This is more science than it is magic, because the straw is literally just attracted. So cool that it can just match will be able to be attracted like that. So basic. But you really want to play it off? What I mean is, you want to pretend, like using your mind. Magic is all about acting. So this is what this will be all about acting the way you do that you don't want to blow. I was made that mistake. So you don't want to keep your mouth closed the entire time because you don't respect him. To think that you're able you're blowing. You play around then. Oh, this is so cool. You off so much fun doing this. He's desirable hand as well. And just by here it stopped working with. It's going to stop working, being a lasting less and less and then, you know, one end the trick. So to recap this so simple, take a straw. Put it back in the rapper Sometimes that's hard to do. Foot in the rapid Vega put in their apurate and you want to rub it in here really fast, just like that. Then you're gonna take it. You're placing on the straw using place on the bottle using your two fingers, then just performed the trick. Reach your not blow you. Can you turn your head. You have a spectator. Do it just like magic. You can even take your finger, make all the way around until father it up. That's a good way to have the trick. Now, if you don't have this, you can also use. You don't want about what you can also use a salt shaker talk. Those also worked really well 5. Bonus :): This is a nice little bonus thing. It's not really a trick that you can do when preparing for the other. So you gotta do this and then it's really cool. I think it's kind of cool. When you take it, you pull it out, the rapid will stick to it. It's kind of a cycle science thing. 6. Three in the Hand one in the Pocket: This next trick is a classic in magic. I'm gonna use 3/2 dollars, but you can eat quarters or pennies or whatever. And I'm gonna please one inside my hand Them a taste. The others inside my hand You can even hear the Clinton and the last one is gonna go in my pocket. I'm gonna ask the audience how money is in my hand. They're gonna say to Of course, the answer is going to be three because the hand is quicker than the up due to get one in the hand to in the hand, one inside the pocket and all like you snap instantly. All three go to the hand. We do it again, one in the hand to in the hand. This last one is gonna go in my pocket. All excuse snap underneath the table in the three pop right back with a new one more time. Take one in the hand and there's no place to in the box. How many's in hand Now? This time they're gonna take three. But the correct answer isn't done. Here's the secret to that trick. Well, we're gonna need is 3/4 for 3/2 dollars then you're gonna need an extra. So your acts using For now, this trick is based on sleight of hand. It does take a little bit of practice, but it's not that hard. So where do is you? Take this one. The hidden one you didn't place inside your hand like this. Replace it between your thumb on your point there. That's what I'm doing. What I did the entire time, even when I showed you that. Now this looks This will take a lot of practice. But if you make it look natural, no one will ever guess. Now we're gonna dio for the trick. Doesn't leave one in the hand. You're still palming this one. Then when you place a second in your hand your dump, both of them just like that I got into a great that time belonging only redo it one in the hand to in the hand and close it. Now they hear the click. But there's three in the hand just like that in practice, practicing 11 palm hands out like this. Put one in the hand two in the hand as you put it in. Didn't want close it and drop like that. Now that is a very exaggerated. It should really look like this. Just like that. That's all there is to things that ever take the one your hand. Think that put one in the hand? Two in the hand. They're in. Really? Three. This one goes in the pot. No, I didn't put in my pocket. I put on the table. But if you're doing this, you can I sleep in your pocket. Engineers, hold on to this. You're capable of there. You go in a place like that in your pocket when it's in their senator. No bathroom, but they're gonna be amazed. What you're now doing is you're just redoing that exact same thing. One the hands to in the hand, one of the pocket. And then there's three. He's going to do that over and over. One can I wonder three times, Max. Then in the last time when I made them disappear, is I'm doing a coin vanish. Like this course is just like that. Now you can learn that you're one of my other courses for the street Magic course there will be a Lincoln description of this course is well for that but it's really not that hard . You're basically just dumping that in your hand and then you're palming it like that. So you go learn that I highly recommend it. It is an awesome or tricks in that. So that's basically the last one. All I did was this. Then I grabbed the to complete my pumpkin. So to recap, you need to practice a little bit. So place this in your hand, say of three coins, one in the hand to hand as you place it. You wanna drop both into your hand just like that in places in your pocket and about three . And I find it helpful to do this to place them down. You know, 12 and tell me you can hear the click and three just like that. The trick will be ready to go again one to the 3rd 1 inside the pocket or under the table. And then you have three just like that and then the end to vanish. Take 31 in your hand. I used to go in the pocket. In reality, there is none