Easy Landing Page #1: LandingPage Monkey

Fadwa Soliman, Solineurs … #EmpowerYourBeginning

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8 Videos (30m)
    • LandingPage Monkey Promo

    • Easy Landing Page Series Introduction

    • Landing Page Monkey Dashboard

    • Create Page Step 1

    • Page Content Step 2

    • Autoresponder Integration Step 3

    • Script Integration Step 4

    • Final Notes


About This Class

Heads up: if you’re looking to grow your mailing lists, then you’re going to want to get your hands on this.

It’s a powerful software from Simon and Jeremy called “Landing Page Monkey,” and it makes creating opt-in pages super easy.

You can create beautiful, high-converting landing pages in just minutes without touching a single line of code.

You’ll even get full analytics so you can track your landing page impressions and conversions to optimize your campaigns.

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Thank you so much. i love this classThat a simplified explanation and orderly.





Fadwa Soliman

Solineurs … #EmpowerYourBeginning

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Solineurs … #EmpowerYourBeginning