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Easy Korean Vegan Kimchi

Faith Su Han, DIY is a lifestyle.

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8 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. What's Cooking?

    • 2. The Eseence

    • 3. Peeling Hack

    • 4. What You Need?

    • 5. Dice Up

    • 6. Soak In

    • 7. The Making

    • 8. Tips and Tricks


About This Class


Kimchi is spicy, fermented cabbage and is the national side dish of Korea. My vegan version is made without the fish sauce that you'll find in typical Korean recipes. The recipe that I’m sharing is no expert recipe, however, it’s so easy that I’m sure anyone can make it too. 

Even though you are not vegan, you will love this kimchi too! It has more refreshing taste than regular kimchi, less stink smell… so it might be the perfect one you to try if you were scare of the stinky smell of regular kimchi.

Kimchi maybe time consuming, but definitely easy to make. Give this vegan kimchi recipe a try you might fall in love with it.





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Faith Su Han

DIY is a lifestyle.

I enjoy life and enjoy sharing with people. Life is too boring to waste away. I like to explore new recipe, try new food, new cuisine, and most important good things are meant to share with others.

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