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Easy Keto Diet: Get into Ketosis with Your Keto Meal Plan (Meal Prep included)

teacher avatar French Teacher Chris Ternay, Graduated French Teacher - Freelancer

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

28 Lessons (1h 27m)
    • 1. The Ketogenic Diet

    • 2. About this Course

    • 3. Keto Diet… Introduction

    • 4. Understanding Ketosis

    • 5. Keto Fats - Protein - Carbs Ratio

    • 6. How to know If I am in Ketosis?

    • 7. Big Health Benefits

    • 8. Wheight loss

    • 9. Improve your Heart Health

    • 10. Get full Energy And improve your Sleep

    • 11. Reduce your Appetite

    • 12. Reverse of the Type II Diabetes Effects

    • 13. Improve your Good-to-Bad Cholesterol Ratio

    • 14. Lower the Risks of Cancer

    • 15. Female Fertility + Hormonal Balance Boost

    • 16. You should be Careful with the Keto Diet in some Cases

    • 17. Are you Breastfeeding?

    • 18. Are you on Diabetes Medications?

    • 19. Keto Flu? What is it? How Can I Avoid it?

    • 20. Ease your transition

    • 21. Other Risks?

    • 22. Keto Diet Plan: Approved Foods

    • 23. Avoid this Food

    • 24. Keto Friendly Apps

    • 25. Keto Snacking Tips

    • 26. 21-Day Keto Meal Plan

    • 27. Tips & Swaps

    • 28. Boost Your Keto Diet Results

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About This Class

In this Comprehensive Course called "Easy Keto Diet: Get into Ketosis with Your Keto Meal Plan (Meal Prep included)" taught by Christophe Ternay, you will learn how to enjoy Keto Food and deeply feel an improved sensation of well-being, health and energy.

This Ketogenic course will answer all your questions, straight to the point, about Keto Diet, Ketosis, including a Complete Keto Meal Plan and Meal Prep with 31 easy, delicious and safe Ketogenic food recipes.

Ketogenic diet isn’t just about healing your body and eating in a healthy way.

This All-in-one Ketogenic Diet Course will explain with simple words how to get your body in ketosis and stick to it.

The course includes:

  • Exclusive 21 day Keto Meal Plan

  • Exclusive 31 easy and delicious Keto Recipes Cookbook (meal prep)

  • A Step by Step Complete Guide to lose weight with the keto diet plan

  • Comprehensive grocery lists

  • Secret tips and tricks for getting started with the Ketogenic Diet

  • Meal Prep the Keto way.

  • And Much Much more!

This course will cover everything you need to know to start a Keto Diet, including:

  1. How to stay motivated in the Ketogenic Diet

  2. How to start a Keto Diet the easy way

  3. How to lose weight with the Keto Diet

  4. Is Ketogenic Diet good for me

  5. What is a good Keto Meal Plan

  6. How does the Ketogenic Diet work

  7. What are the Benefits of Keto Diet

  8. How to follow the Keto Diet + meal prep

  9. Does Keto Diet work on everyone

  10. Is it safe to be in Ketosis

  11. What is Ketosis

  12. How to track my Nutrition

  13. What food can be eaten while on the Ketogenic Diet

  14. What are the advantages and disadvantages of to Diet

  15. When should one do a Ketogenic Diet

  16. What are the Side Effects of the Keto Diet

  17. What are the Long Term Effects of the Ketogenic diet

  18. How to get more Energy with the Keto Diet

  19. How to get into Ketosis and stay in Ketosis

Ready to get started?

Let's get started on your way to the Ketogenic World. 

See you on the inside (hurry, class is waiting!)



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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

French Teacher Chris Ternay

Graduated French Teacher - Freelancer


About the Author: (Spanish / French version at the bottom)

He is fluent in French, English, German and Spanish.

Graduated from The French Alliance in Arequipa, Peru in Teaching French for foreigners (2016)

Graduated from AFPA in Marseille, France in Marketing - Accounting and Human Resource Management (2005)

Graduated from Lycée Périer in Marseille, France in International Business. (2009)

He is teaching French since 2015 to students from all over the world thanks to offline and online French Courses in Peru.


That's why he knows how important it is to know exactly how to pronounce French words.

How important French vocabulary is to be able to make you understand.

And how important it is to quic... See full profile

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1. The Ketogenic Diet: ketogenic diet isn't just about healing your body and eating in a healthy way. You have to enjoy food and deeply feel an improved sensation off well being house and energy. This course will answer all your questions straight to the point about kiddo. Diets Ketosis, including a complete meal plan and milk prep with 31 easy, delicious and safe ketogenic food, receives this pollen. One ketogenic diet, of course, will explain with simple words how to get your body in ketosis and stick to it. The course includes an exclusive 21 day meal. Plan 31 Exclusive. Easy and Delicious KITA receives a step by step complete guide to lose weight with the key to diet pants, comprehensive growth of lists and the youthful tips n tricks for getting started with the ketogenic diet. Let's begin the course and change your life now 2. About this Course: Let's begin the course just before beginning the course. I want to tell you some little short sings I am French so please apologise. If you listen to some English mistakes, I am really trying to do my best. One more thing. I want this course to be interactive. So when you have a question posed it and I will really be glad to answer you. I am really passionate about what I do every day. I am not going to tell you that this diet is the best ever. I am going to tell you hear the truth with the key to diet with pros and cons, some people should do it. Some people should not. And there are some points that are really, really important. One more thing. If you don't quite understand what I say, throw the video down. And if you don't agree with something I said tell it in a post or a message and I will be glad to explain my point off you. One more thing really, really important. Many militants take some notes. I am always taking some notes personally and it really helps me a lot in my daily life. You should do the same with of course I see you in there 3. Keto Diet… Introduction: people often think off the ketogenic diet as a way to lose weight. It is true that when you stay in Cato's is, you will lose excess body weight. That is just the fact of nature. And to be honest, there are a lot of people who only want to use the key to diet to lose fat and excess body weight They have never been able to lose before. If that's your goal, you came to the right place. But ah, but but but really as a happy side effect, you're going to realize a lot off other health benefits. Let's check that out. Well, the key to diet is becoming increasingly popular. It is certainly not new. Check out debts. The get away off eating has been around for centuries as an informal way to treat epilepsy . Yeah, it can be traced a Sfar back as a 500 BC as a form off fasting for multiple health benefits . Let's check out that ancient Greek philosopher. You know him already, and he was also a physician. He is called HEPA creates No the men after medicine. Ah, he told that ability was a biological and not a spiritual problem now something from the body, not from thing from the spirit. So he recommended fasting to treat and prevent the epilepsy and the fasting. It's like a form off low carb eating. In the 19 twenties, Akita approach to eating was developed as a way to effectively treat the Sager's that black epileptics controlled fasting for two or three days. Reduced, Say's is for at the elliptic patients. We could see it, and it also improved mental function. Thes same benefits were present when carbohydrates carbs where strictly limited now like we do in the cattle diet. Dr. Rolling would've yet discovered also that as it on and B h A. It's a bit hard to pronounce its Betta. He'd roxy duty, Rick ace it, but that prefer say, be each. You know, um, as it on and be a J where found in high levels in patients that fasted and limited their captain tick those compounds BJ and A system our so called Kittles, and they are at the root off the ketogenic diets. This way off eating can lead to a quick and substantial weight loss. Healthier heart. Also a reversal off type two diabetes Not exactly a reversal off tighty diverts, but a reversal off the problems that appears linked to the Type two diabetes and other benefits besides treating epilepsy? No thanks to the next lecture, we're going to understand what is exactly key toeses. Let's go. 4. Understanding Ketosis: So let's try to understand. Potosi's keytones are created when your body reaches some singled key doses. Okay, this is a metabolic process. It means a change in your body, the metabolic process that gets your body burning, the fat you eat and the store too fat, instead, off the carbs for energy. Normally, we know that carps. That's what we learned at school. Carbs are for energy here. We're using the fat for energy. That's that's the heart. Um, that's the core off the key to understanding yet a Z. You eat fewer carbohydrates. Your body has to has to use something else for energy and that something is fat. Yep, this kitten producing producing a state is what makes the key to tie it so good at burning excess body fat. Doctors with the Mayo Clinic found that limiting daily conceptions off carbs to 15 grams was very, very effective for treating childhood epilepsy. The rest off daily supplies of calories Waas taken, in fact, and our modern day ketogenic diet was born. That's that. Was it low carb diets see stakes are considering considered Ah, either there are three groups now. The strict Keto, less than 20 grams off daily carps medium 21 to 50 and liberal 51 200 grams off camps To stay in ketosis, most people have to consume less than 20 or 25 grams off carbs each day. It means medium yeah. Additionally, protein consumption should be moderate. Many people forget. That's point now that really pay attention to that. The parting conception, um, should should be, should be moderate and fat making up to 62 80% off your diet. Now, in the next lecture, let's check out something really important. The fat protein and cab ratio, the proportion so really, really important. 5. Keto Fats - Protein - Carbs Ratio: Now let's do a bit off mathematics. No, we're going to see the taquito fats protein and carbs ratio here. The most important thing is ratio. Now, kiddo, meals that keep you in in fat burning states off ketosis will be 5% to 10% off carps, 60% to 80% off healthy fat. I did not say fat. I said healthy fats and around 20 do 25% protein. And I should say healthy protein would be best now on the simple off 2000 colors diet. Those ratio would look something like this. 70% fat, 25 person protein and five person carps, which corresponds to in calories, respectively. 1400 calories, 500 calories for the protein and 100 calories. Follow caps. Yeah, Kita Genesis Skeeto Genesis continues when you restrict carp intake to less than 20 or 25 grams per day. Um, it depends. No, it depends on the person on your body, but more or less, it should be so 20 to 25 grams. Buddy. This forces your liver to create Tito's because your insulin levels have dropped here. The important words what are their deliver? You should know how we're not going to make a course on deliver. But you should know what it is for now. And the insulin levels. If you begin eating more carbs and protein, this process does not stop. It slows. Okay, it slows. Staying in ketosis means sticking through this low carb. How you fought, moderates, Protein Rachel, This is the vehicle for the many health benefits to the that the key to diet can deliver. You might be thinking How do you know if you are in a key to Jannik state? How can you tell if you are in ketosis? That is the question. Everyone is different. That would be my answer. Everyone is different and some can reach. This helps estate by eating more caps than others. Know some some for someone. It's gonna be 20 grams, 25 grounds or there may be certain crimes. Now, Onda. Fortunately, it is easy to measure. Get on production. That's what we're going to see in in the next election. 6. How to know If I am in Ketosis?: how to know if I am in you toes? Is the production off key toes can be measured. You can have your doctor do it's or handle the job yourself. So let's say you're asking yourself If you are in ketosis, there's an informal way to spot. Ketosis is to do a sniff test. So called sniff test. Yeah, you're just smell your brace or you may be asked someone to to smell your race. And the fact is that the creation off Asset on and other Keaton's can can create a slightly less than pleasant smelling breasts. That's no. So one more thing at your urine may smell differently as well. Yeah, you just have to pay attention all. You may notice something like a metallic or fruity taste. That's Ah, that's the case If you are in ketosis. Yeah, this change in your taste and the smell off your press usually disappears naturally in just a few weeks. That's the goat sing. Yeah, of of course, there is a more accurate way to see if you are in ketosis. It is to to to test at home with the key toe strips. Yeah, there are some Kato strips that you can buy. You know, you can purchase a pack of 50 or 100 for just around 10 bucks. Yeah, um, in the pharmacy. Or you can buy it online. Yeah. There are urine testing strips that instantly tells you the key tone level in your urine. It just in a matter off seconds. Yeah. You just have to follow their direction on the Cato Street package. And and But there is something important. You have to check it after a few hours after waking in the morning, I would say at maybe 11 a.m. also. Yeah. And there's off course, something more accurate. Ah, test that involves checking your blood. You can have your doctor do it. No, he does blood test, and and there is also the home alternative. You you can purchase blue Keating meter. It's kind of 40. Berg's 50 bucks. Yeah, and you have to buy Also, testing strips that are used with this meter and the testing strips are $5 each. Something like that? No, this provides off course. Something very, very accurate. No, it gives do the exact level off key tones in your blood and how to read it. now a reading off Seaworld 0.5 or 5 to 5 millimeters reveals that you are in ketosis now from zero comma 5 to 5 millimeters. Yeah, The good news is you don't have to test forever. You will not soon make its your whole nice. No. After you get used to eating the key it away. And you know what? Eating habits puts you in ketosis. What does is you? Can you have to You have to take those is in protein does is in and the and the sugar and the carps You can stay there without ah continuing to to test that's the good thing. 7. Big Health Benefits : now the big house benefits. We mentioned that the ketogenic diet is a great way to lose weight. If you are overweight, it triggers your body's natural fat burning ability. If you have had difficulty losing weight and you know you will be healthier without those extra pounds, you're in luck. Eating accordingly to the key toe plan can result in significant weight loss, especially over the first weeks for beginner, as you begin to develop a healthier fat to body weight ratio. Remember the racial we saw it before him. You will have less fat to lose its logical. This is beautiful. It means that you are becoming healthier by reducing the risk off multiple off house problems that comes with being overweight or obese. Once you reach or get close to your ideal body weight, you will be taking on fewer carbs that can be stored as fat. Since you are eating a lot off health defense on this plan, your body will burn that for energy instead of cops. When you do slip up and fall out of ketosis, Um, everyone does know nobody's perfect. Um, when you followed off, Kato's is all you need to do is start eating this way again. Just that your body will once again begin to burn any excess fat you have retained. And you can once again return toe healthy body weight. Yeah, by the way, this happens for men, women and even Children who are obese or overweight. The key toe diet works for everyone. Okay. It just makes sense that when your body does not have carbohydrates for fuel, it looks elsewhere. It uses your body fat and the fat you consume as fuel you are taking on fuel carbohydrates that can be stored as fat. So weight loss is nearly instant. Tan Use its image it now when you begin the ghetto diet plan, by the way, don't be worried about losing weight. If you are already at a naturally healthy body weight, the kid diet does not lower. You wait continuously, Not forever. Now it only lowers your body weight by burning excess fat. If you don't have excess fat, it won't burn it. Now, the excess fact that you already have on you once you hit the healthy weight, the good weight, the kilo diet can help you stay at a good weight. Um, so you may ask me, What if I don't need to lose any weight? Now let's say you are one off those lucky individuals who already enjoys a healthy body weight. There are still plenty off reason to embrace the get away off eating. Get excited, Really, because the following significant health benefits can be part off your life. When you adopt the key to date, that's the benefits I'm going to mention. 8. Wheight loss: first, let's go back shortly to the weight loss. Your earliest ancestors and mine. Also, we're not fat and obese. They didn't have all the high carb, low nutrition and eating choices also that surround us today. They existed basically on lots of vegetables, some fruits and animal meat. Yeah. Is this really not exactly like the key to diet? But it can be similar. Eating a fuel carbohydrates means that paralytic men and the other paralytic folks in your family tree in my family tree didn't retain much fat? No, not very much. They burnt it quickly, Um, as an energy source, since their bodies didn't have many carps to use as the fuel. We have too much too, too, too too much carbs around us now. But they didn't. They didn't. There were not always there. So's carps. We talked earlier about the exact process which leads to weight loss through cat houses. So we will not repeat. Repeat that here, being even just a few pounds overweight increases your risk off developing a high blood sugar level. This can lead to diabetes and kidney disease problems affecting your vision. Nerve damage. The nerves. Yeah, that comes from from the from your brain. The nerves that that that go in the column. High blood pressure pressure also, and heart disease and stroke. Yeah, which is the worst that can happen at that, the most common also. Yes, you can use the diet, so you look better in your swim to it. But the comments you get from how great you look pale in comparison to the overall health benefits off reaching and maintaining, maintaining a healthy body weight. Let's check out the heart. Harrell's in the next lecture. 9. Improve your Heart Health : improve your heart health. You really only need to know. One statistic here. Hot kisses and stroke are the world's biggest killers, accounting for modern 15 million states. That comes to us from the World Health Organization, W H O, which claims that heart disease has been the leading cause off desk globally for the past 15 or 20 years, at least. Okay, so your heart is the most important thing you have. Okay, So please pay attention to what is called the dirty Kato where you're eating. Yeah. Not all fats are healthy. The ghetto diet has you eating. Hence effort. Choosing abogados instead. Off book rinse. For example. If you eat a lot off, earn healthy fats rather than health effects on the key to diet, you may still lose some weight. Yeah, it may be. Okay. You you're gonna lose some weight. However, you are just moving your house. Risk someone else. Okay? You are moving the house risk off the deliver, for example. You are moving it that a heart. That's not what we want. Stick to a smart key toe, Eadington. And there is a significant evidence that your heart health gets a boost. The Nation AL Institute of House in the United States cites studies that show unhealthy cholesterol level drops significantly on a key to diet. This is one of the ways your heart benefits from making this dietary change. Enjoying a low carb, high fat diet also lowers triglyceride levels. Maybe you already heard about triglyceride levels. Yeah, you enjoy a better cholesterol profile. And if you have high blood pressure, your blood pressure starts to return to normal. So your heart benefits a lot from every key toe Side effects. Please, please be aware off that and keep your your your heart in the the best house possible. 10. Get full Energy And improve your Sleep: What will also chance is that you will get full energy and you will also improve your sleep . Your 1st 1st few days on the key to diet might annoyed beer the most comfortable. Now, that is why we re comment. Preparing your body for this and nutritional chance in advance. No, maybe 30 day in that. This I will show you exactly how to do that in the later section of this report. Even without preparing your body before the Brocato, don't be surprised if you realize increased natural energy levels. Really, you're gonna be full of energy. Usually at the end off the first week it begins, you begin to feel it. Another wonderful side effect is fewer cravings for simple carbs that cause many house problems. Because your insulin level are returning to a safe wrench and you are consuming healthy fuel for good fats. You will always have plenty off readily a viable energy. So, um, so it will give some some few work credits during the day if you are overweight or obese. This extra energy also comes from the fact that you are not carrying around bench off excess fat as you as you lose weight on the key to diet. It will also help. Researcher still aren't really sure why this smart approach to eating improves sleeps patters. But it does. It really does. Study after study shows that when people adopted care ketogenic diet, they fall asleep more quickly. Yeah, and they stay asleep to say they stay asleep during the night and they wake up more fresh in the morning. Yeah, in a fresh away. 11. Reduce your Appetite: the key to diet can reduce your appetite. This way off eating reduces your appetite. Naturally, that's to the point. It does it naturally when you eat a lot of vegetables, most off all the SAS ity sensors. You know the satiety censors. It's It's the sensors in your body that tells you, if you if you need to eat more or not, the most off old assassin sensor in your stomach and that tell you how full you are, become fully engaged. And this doesn't happen When you eat a lot off simple carbohydrates, your body recognize that you have received little nutrition. Even so, you may have consumed taunts and tons of calories and carbohydrates. No, you consumed a lot, but your body doesn't consider you consumed the loss. Your brain sense signal through your never system that tells you you to eat again and get some nutrition into your body. Since simple carbs are highly addictive, that is what you reach for, and you continue to feel hungry. Even so, you are eating a lot off those bad junk foods. Yeah, this is the opposite off. What happens in the key to diet you experience in the ghetto diet. You experience a reduced habit. It because your body realize you are eating a lot off the nutrients. That's to keep on the nutrients and the minerals it needs when this happened, that tells you that you are full and you don't need to it animal. No, remember, the sensors say they tell you that you are full. Yeah. This is also this also happens because this eating plan delivers a lot off healthy dietary fevers and prodding those two things that make you feel full, longer a longer time. Yet this leads in too few were on her sniffles. Cravings also ends less hunger in a general way. 12. Reverse of the Type II Diabetes Effects: one other good. Sing rivers off the Type two diabetes. Type two diabetes can be reversed as many as 90 to 95 out of every 100 diabetes cases in the Type two virus. Yeah, um, this is the type of diabetes which is called lifestyle disease. Yep, by exercising very little and eating a lot of unhealthy food, dia beets can develop when you adopt difference. Lifestyle choses like is taking physically active, doing some sports? Ah, running our or going to the work Ah, by food and not not with the best over the car By changing SOS Esos lifestyle choices now and following the key to tired plan, you can reverse Type two diabetes. Oh, this happens all the time to men and women are off different ages. That Diab it doesn't is wrong to say it disappears. No, it doesn't disappears, but it goes dominant. It goes dormant. Often. This means your experience. None off the diabetes symptoms know the bad symptoms. You don't experience them anymore. Few Warner. It has been reduced. Many people that have reversed diabetes with the Kilo diet are also able, I said. Many people, not everyone, know that are also able to leave the diabetes medication entirely. That's also very, very good point 13. Improve your Good-to-Bad Cholesterol Ratio: titlist or level can harm your heart. We know it already re mentioned how the key to diet plan is so good for heart health earlier. One way is by management. You're good. Too bad cholesterol level. You are eating healthy fats and a few houses, carbohydrates and steering clear off unhealthy fats and simple carbohydrates. This leads to a healthy cholesterol level. Do you have high blood pressure? If you do the kid, a diet plan can quickly. How? It depends on how to you how you do it. No, but it can quickly drop your blood pressure to a safer wrench. This goes back to the positive heart Hell's influence offered by this smart approach to eating it can also reduce the risks off brain disorders and epilepsy. Dr. Adam Hartmann and Christine Banana Bubble published a report in 2000 and eight showing how the key to diet effectively treated a number off rain based house problems from as a murder , Parkinson's disease, autism, depression, traumatic brain injury, narcolepsy and other brain based disorders. The key to diet provided relief from symptoms. It helped these people and other research shows that adopting Akita diet leads to a reduction off the risks of developing neurological problems here. We're not speaking off. People who have something have a problem and we are solving a bit off that problem. No, it has, ah, reduction off the risk off developing neurological problem and even a epilepsy. By the way, the Mallya clinic tells us that you can expect better memory, better cognition, clarity and focus really important. The futures. For me it's ready, the most important and even fewer my greens and headaches. When you start eating this way, less sugar, less headaches. 14. Lower the Risks of Cancer: lower the risks off cancer. This is one of the best for so now no one wants to have cancer. But many people in the world are dying from cancer. Now, the number off ways that consuming too many simple carbohydrates can harm you is virtually endless. It can it can. It can have you in so many, many, many Moyes. But one way, um, that high carb diet can renew your day is when it leads to your doctor telling you that you have developed cancer. Yep. So there are plenty of doctors and a health care professional who re comments the ketogenic diet as a complementary treatment to Kenya. Therapy for treating cancer because you're not feeding the cancer, Just something like that. No Other research shows that this approach to nutrition reduces your chances off developing cancer here. Will not talking about treating we're treating, um, off developing cancer. Yeah, it really reduces. It. Allots. Yeah. Some experts also believe this is because the key to diet reduces high blood sugar levels and an insulin complication. So these two condition that are linked to some concerts low carb intake also reduces inflammation. So and it has multiple benefits now because less inflammation leads to better a skin, for example, and hair health. Also now, inflammation is a leading cause off acne, for example, know when you have a lot of points on our on your skin and other skin problems. Now, sometimes it is when it's too dry. Also know our, um, when when different parts off your body becomes inflamed, several health problem develops now one off the way. The key to diet helps epilepsy. For example, patients was discovered by the early ketogenic diet researcher in the 19 twenties. It causes less inflammation throughout the body, and this helps reduce the severity and the frequency off epileptic seizures. This, additionally, means a lowered change off the flopping, absorb a asses and examine also irritable bowel syndrome. IE I. B S and our treaties treaties. Because those are inflammations and also other conditions are related to inflammation. Less information also means less pain, less pain. If you do suffer an injury or develop ah disease. No. Most chronic diseases have some linked to inflammation, so reduce your information leads to a better overall health and well being. It can also improve your digestion. Many house problem can be traced to your got heavier grades new this as far back as 500 years BC, He said. All diseases begins in the gut. While it's not every human illness starts with the bad digestive system. Now most off them actually do many digestive problem howling to the high carb, low nutrition loaf art high sugar diet that many modern people embrace. If you take it out around you, you will see also in your normal means. You'll see that. And thanks to the healthy fats ah, high amounts off dietary fever, fever, fever, fever. Don't forget it. And the moderate levels off protein and high nutrition this diet plan delivers your digestion is going to improve points. Yep, this means you're less likely to develop one of the many house problem related to prove digestion. 15. Female Fertility + Hormonal Balance Boost: Let's check out the female fertility and the hormonal balance boost. An article published in 2013 by Science Director Come explored a possible link between the key to diet and increased fertility and woman. That's great. No, what the researchers found that it was that the local greeting does improve fertility while also reducing or eliminating sometimes mostly females, symptoms such as a prolonged menstrual period, weight gain and acne. The problems that you can have it was just kin. Now, um, the diet has also bring a being appraised by a woman who say they find their moods and emotions. How they feel are better balanced, stablizing blood, sugars. It's logical, and a lowering insulin are proven ways to regulate healthy hormones. Everything he has to do with Homans levels in in women in particular. And this is exactly was the key to diet. Does it regulates everything and the hormones in particular kiddo. Diet also improves your visual house. Many offers Um, I do. I wear glasses. Normally 100 videos not, but I wear glasses now, Um, I have two problems at my eyes, and many of us take for granted are were visible health. No and if we wind up getting blesses with, just assume it was inevitable. That's actually not the case. People with diabetes will tell you that Ah, high blood sugar levels are They have a negative impact on their eyesight. So this condition also increase your risk for developing cataracts. Keeping blood sugar levels stable. Admitted it doesn't grow or doesn't go too low with the key to diet leads to better, better, better vision. Yeah, it improves your vision. And overall, on the day I house, um, this was reported by many, many Kato dieters. Free your axity stretch and depression. Stress, anxiety and depression are linked to hormones. I was so with so it before Noah and the chemical. Some chemicals in your body. When your body properly regulates everything, though her mom's and the chemicals you don't feel stressed, it's out anymore. You don't feel anxious. You don't feel depressed as often as when these chemicals were out of balance. It's completely logical. One more thing. By promoting the healthy heart, driving the loss off excess body weight and regulating insulin level, the key to tie it leads to less stress and depression, and you may also find yourself experiencing more positive emotion as you as you see significant and maintained a weight loss that helps improve your self image. That old that's makes you feel better. 16. You should be Careful with the Keto Diet in some Cases: you should be careful with the key to diet. In some cases, there are some situations where you show the void going, kid, or at least add some few more carbs to your diet. The low carb nature off this house eating plan influences some physical states. The following conditions means you have to make some changes to be sure you get the healthiest Kato diet experience. Managing your body weight can help you keep high blood pressure. It mean, means his hypertension away completely aware, Yeah, high blood pressure. You won't have any more. That's good, because the first sign off high blood pressure is often this. It's really, really a big senior. This is why everyone should get the blue pressure checked at least a couple off times each year, minimum one time a year. But the best would be to times here. On the plus side, the key to tie its low carb approach can lower your blue pressure. Naturally, completely natural. Some key toe eaters have reported that they were able to stop taking their hypertension medicine completely, thanks to the key to diet and other lifestyle lifestyle changes. No, like sports now on the down side of the equation. There are a couple off situation where zoos with high blood pressure would ah, should should should take care with with the Cato eating plan. Yeah, if you take, for example, high blood pressure medicine going Cato can lead to low route pressure. And that's not what we exactly want. This low carb diet means changing look, pressure medicine does its for a lot of people. So when when you change blue pressure, medicine does it. So you have to see your doctor. Yeah, I remember. Always, see was your doctor. If you have adopt, the souls can raise your blood pressure if you consume too much. If you're taking blood pressure medication and still show the high blood pressure level, do not increase how much salt or are too young. You eat. Really? You have to be really careful with dance. Was the blood pressure Yeah. 17. Are you Breastfeeding?: If you are breastfeeding, mumps can eat healthy foods that are good for them and their babies on the ghetto diet. It's OK going. Kato turns on processes in the human body that offers a lot of house benefits, including for months now for months to be. Yep, but what breastfeeding moms shouldn't do is go strict. Keto, you remember. We've seen that before. Strict Kato take it out. Breastfeeding removes upto 30 grams off sugar on other cards from the mom each day. This means dropping to less than 50 grams off carbs each day is not recommended. If you are breast feeding a strict kiddo, approach aims. Four. Not more than Remember 20 Trump's off carbs each day. Breastfeeding moms needs to enjoy 50 grams off carps. In rare cases, not getting enough carbs can lead to a condition called Kato. Asi does is for women who are breastfeeding. This this is this is really a toxics state. Now it means your body does not regulate kingdom production properly. The risk is very low that very real also sometimes ending in death. Yeah, so stay above the 50 grams per day. Ah, off carps. If you are breast feeding, and it should be everything fine to get more cops into your diet. Just, for example, eat a tree, large fruit each day and then a stick toe stick for the rest. For everything else, stick to the key to diet, um, normal regimen and the rest of the day, and and you should stay above the 50 grams of carbs. 18. Are you on Diabetes Medications?: Now, if you are on diabetes medication, low carb, high fat day diets like the Kato eating plan can lead to low blood sugar levels. Yeah, we have seen it already. This sometimes have sometimes happened if insulin the doses are not regulated karmically to recognize what is often a drastic change in the diets. Now, if you are taking insulin or s G lt dust inhibitors, talk to your doctor about your desire to adopt the GTO diet. He will tell you if it can fit for you or not. Yeah, if you're on diabetes medication, lowering your carb intakes means you will automatically be avoiding high doses off those carbs that raise your blood sugar. If you continue to take your normal amount of insulin at the same time, this can lower your blood sugar to n unhealthy level. Pay attention, but dont really there is good news also for diabetics as well. Now you know we we've bean speaking about no for many people with the Type two diabetes, the condition that can be reversed with the help of the key to diet and other lifestyle lifestyle changes know, for example, sports. This approach to nutrition also helps many folks with the type one diabetes realized better blood sugar control. Always talk with your doctor. Yeah, that's the rule. Before changing your diet in any way, if you have diabetes, um, diabetics should also be more diligent regarding checking their pollute the blood sugar level. Daughter. The blood sugar level? Yeah, especially at the start of the key to diet. When you begin, that can be some big changes. You have to test and test and test again. Yeah, this can help you avoid blood sugar problems. Additionally, type one diabetics shouldn't dip below 50 grams off dady carps or, um, it is probably with, ah, ketoacidosis. You will have probably ketoacidosis. Yeah, so be really careful if you have some diabetes. But the good thing is that it can really help you a lot. Also on another, on another plan 19. Keto Flu? What is it? How Can I Avoid it?: Tito flew. What is its? How can I avoid it? Perhaps you have hurt off the field. Kato Floop. The first thing you should understand is that not everyone experiences this off. The many that develop cold and flu symptoms shortly after starting the kilo diet. Many of those experiences could have bean avoid it. Here are some few off the symptoms you may develop as your body becomes used to this new and healthy way off eating. Let's check it up. We have, for example, now, sir, ends constipation. We have stomach cramps, brain fog and headaches, cravings for sure, Um, forbade carbohydrates and also dizziness, irritability. And in some, you believe it or not, there is a lot of good news here. First off, I understand that this condition almost never lasts more than two weeks, and some people report that it disappears in a few days. Second, intimate and fasting and exercise have proven effect for treating symptoms. So if you exercise, if you do some exercises, it's gonna really help your lot. By the way, I am reading just right now a book called The Brawn Letters. It has nothing to do with the key to diet. It's about a father who wants to transmit the clues off a way to live in in in in an incredible life. And exercises and fasting are the two first chapters. The two first letters off the off the book really quite interesting. Now, um, the flu like symptoms appear because your body is going through a massive change, really a big change, especially when you have been eating improperly for years, even more than years, even decades. Now this sudden change is going to trigger several responses in its logical Now, if you experience this situation, exercise and stay Phyllis physically active. Now, do do some sports. Yeah, drink a lot of water during Thursday's at the day and increase your fever intake. Remember the fever really, really important? And the diet? Many people don't take enough fever. Yeah, and that's a real problem. Get plenty off rest. Okay, eat more healthy fats and experiment with your daily carbohydrate intake if you feel bad. If you If you If you have the kid off loot, just you just can increase increase, um, the percent age, the ratio or the total intake off carbohydrates or proteins. Yeah, everybody is different. Yeah, those are some a simple ways to treat this condition that will go away on its own in one or two weeks. 20. Ease your transition: Is your transition. You can perform a ketone results before you start the kid agentic diet plan. This returns your body to how it previously function. At its most naturally healthy level. You are preparing your body for what it is about to go through. Here is what to do. First. Clean out your pantry and refrigerator. If you have in front of your eyes something that you should not eat every day, it's going to be harder than if you get rid of alsos high carb, bad car temptation. And so you will also reduce your cravings. This means you have to get rid of sugar, bread, pasta, and every other foods that you showed the void, which are listed for you later in the lectures in this course. You have also to begin eliminating carbohydrates gradually instead of overnight. If you do it, overnight is going to be too hard for, for, for your, for your body. Your body is living like a pant is like an animal. Yeah, your body is living. So if, if you do it too, too rapidly, it's going to be readability to heart. So take two weeks or maybe 30 days to slowly cut back on your carbohydrates. Trying to remove all processed carp from your diet at once is really is, really, is really too hard for your body. Yeah. One more thing. Many nutritionist belief that key to flu symptoms are all about electrolyte imbalance. I repeat electrolyte imbalance. This means you should increase your electronic intake by adding a little more salt to your meats during two or 42 to four weeks? Yeah. Remember only if you have not high blood pressure? No. Because the salt is really not good if you have high blood pressure? Pressure. Yeah. One more thing. You have to choose, Himalayan pink salt. It's really, really better. It's the healthiest salt that you that you can find here. You can also start adding bone brought to your meals. Yeah. You have to take come also magnesium and potassium supplements. It will also help you. You should also increasingly eat more and more Avogardo's, Salomon nets, mesh wounds, and leafy green. Vegas, Yeah. You don't have to eat each of them. But those that you like most, you can increase increase it. Yeah. So you have also to drink more and more water and just don't drink just right now. Where's your just one segment? Because, Because if you drink more and more water, you are going to feel really better. Yeah, it is believed that at least six or seven out of every ten people don't drink enough water. Yeah. So I have an application on my on my phone and it tells me when I have to drink, yeah, hydration is important for optimal health and well-being. And staying hydrated help you avoid, avoid the, the Quito flu also, when nesting. But not least, is a get seven or eight hours of rest each and every night. Yeah. Yeah. I don't do it always because of work a lot which I showed in I'm trying. These are proven ways to ease your transition into the keto diets. Yeah, at the beginning, start a few weeks before you plan on going a 100% Quito. And you could avoid C02 flu symptoms entirely. 21. Other Risks?: Diarrhea and poor physical performance are a couple of negative side effects linked to the key to diet plan. So giardia is almost always caused by a lack of fever. Diets. This means you are eating a lot of meat and healthy fats. It's OK. But not enough fever rich vegetables. And that's the problem. Let's check it out. So here a shortlist of healthy dietary fever. Why fever? To stop the jarrod, Yes. So brocolli and artichokes, blackberries, Brussels broads, wraps berries, Peckham, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, Avogardo's, all moan. And chia seeds. Please. Sorry for my accent. I don't say it's very well, but please solely from friends. I cannot sometimes say it in the correct way. So I'm eating more of these foods can eliminate the diarrhea that sometimes occurs at the beginning of the keto diet? Yeah. Fevers. Don't forget that. Fevers. Fevers stops the diarrhoea. Ok. Now, other some other risks. Yes. You can have a poor physical performance that could be related to watch to extremely low carb intake and not eating enough protein. Protein is required by every cell in your body there shouting broadly, Yeah. And if you go with an extreme carbohydrate reduction for long period of time. These two conditions, it needs low carb or extremely low carb intake. And not getting enough protein sees two effects, these two conditions. They could affect your physical and athletic performance. Yeah, if you're an athlete, also, this doesn't mean you should go crazy and start eating a lot of carbs. You know, the keto diet isn't about that. No. However, if you are only getting five or ten grams of carbohydrates each day. You need to push that up to around 20 or 25 grams and see how it affects your physical abilities. The same is true with protein, which should be making up to 20 or 25% of your daily keto calories. But if you feel, if you see that it doesn't fit with your body, with your mind, with your body. So you can increase that. Oh, yeah. We mentioned also the danger of qi dot c doses earlier. You remember we also noted that people with diabetes should avoid going on keto diet or at least talk to their doctor about changing their insulin dosage? Yeah, ketoacidosis is very rare, but it does work for some people that buildup to many ketones overtime. You remember, we are building ketones that if it's too many, it can make Quito acidosis. Ok. So we will say it again. Before you adopt any significant change to your diet, you should consult your doctor or healthcare professional and let him know what you are planning? Planning on doing? Yeah. Remember that. Don't don't be shy. Once again, don't be shy. And speak, speak, speak to someone now when you make some big changes. Now, next, we are going to see the keto diet plan. 22. Keto Diet Plan: Approved Foods: This is the heart and soul of the keto diet plan. The following foods. You can stay in ketosis. That's what we want to do. If you have a doped and if the food is not represented here. Takeaway. We have also listed foods to avoid when you are shopping or eating out. Alright? You can print out this list of what foods you can and cannot eat and use it when you go shopping for groceries and planning meals also now, you can put it on your fridge. Also. It's up to you. We will now quickly go through the different lists of Quito approved foods. Here, the low carbs and the no carbs, vegetables. I will not read the whole list. It makes no sense. I let you check the list, pause the video, and make a print screen if you want, or print it out as it is written in white and black colors, you can print it out. Now, the next list. Here it is. Next list is with a low sugar, fruits, like tomatoes, strawberries, et cetera. Yeah, some fruits, some proofs are really high in sugar and some are not. Here the list of local fruits that you can consume without going out of ketosis. Okay, let's check out the next slide. Here, the list of a seafoods. But they really please have to be wild code if possible. Because otherwise, you know, maybe you don't know, but there are full of antibiotics and hormones and we don't like that. The next one with the seeds and Dennett's, beware of the number of nuts and seeds that you can eat per day. For that, you can check chronometer, chronometer on internet or on your phone. And it is really something that was incredibly B's be useful for you. Yeah. Then next one is about meat and poultry. Here, I really want to tell you something that is very important to me. A friend of mine called Fred, that French guy. He has worked in a French chicken farm. Before coming in the shed. He always had to tress to dress up with something like a cosmonauts, sweet. He had to inject everyday hormones, vitamins, antibiotics, also to the chicken, otherwise, they died. It is not the same when you see it on television and when a friend of you describes it, I was horrified. So if you can find some organic meat and poultry, please. The next one with the diary products. Here you have the list of the diary products that are Tito approved, check that out and the oils, MCT oil, the last one, maybe you don't know it. It's in special oil that contains, listen carefully, medium chain tree Glee say read M, C, T. It means medium length chain of fats cold. So fats are called Threadless everyday. And it is most commonly extracted from the coconut oil. Yeah, the NCDs are easily digested and many health benefits are linked to the way your body processes these pets, okay, here, the herbs and spices, condiments, beverages. Don't hesitate to make a print screen and, or printed out and stick it on your fridge. It's going to be really helpful. And here we can see tea and coffee and ketchup. All the three are unsweetened, really important, and Sweden. Next one here, you can check out the Stevia. I use it every day for my coffee. And at the beginning, maybe it's not going to be the best taste you, you can have, but you will get used to it really quickly. Stevia. Let's check out the next lecture. What food should be avoided. 23. Avoid this Food: Let's check out the next slide what food should be avoided. Here we have also a list that you can print out or that you can make a print screen on. Yeah. So high carbohydrates and sugar. Yeah, note that most of the fruit juices in general are really high in carbs. Once again, pause the video and you can make a big screen. Let's take the list of vegetables you should avoid. Now. Here you can see sweet potatoes and regular potatoes are in the list. Ends are part of the root vegetables which are not appropriate for the keto diets. The next one here, all the processed meats and a pre-packed sausage. For sure. They cannot be in the keto diet because of the addict additive and the sugar that are hidden there. Here that diary products that you should avoid. The next one, the oils that you should avoid. The next one here, the condiments that you should avoid, also the many condiments that you should avoid. Um, please check out. Also chooses how much sugar it contains. Yeah, when it's written on the bubble. Please check it out. And the next one, the grain and grain based foods. Yeah. You you may ask why granola here, you know that granola has some great drain. Now, what was it? Why is it here in the list? Because on average, it has more than 60% carbohydrates. It really looks like something healthy, but it isn't at all healthy because of the sugar and it isn't good for the keto diets neither. Let's theories. In the next lecture. 24. Keto Friendly Apps: Quito, friendly apps. Sometimes technology is your friend. That's the case with the following apps that can help every aspect of your Quito journey. So first, we have Karp manager. Like it's written, you can blend and calculate the carbohydrates that you are eating. Yeah, really, really good application for 0.7. stars on Android. Yeah. Then you have sends up step by step guide. I really love it. When it's step-by-step in that one is really going to be really helpful for you. Like it. Also, calorie counter and cup manager, he have to two important thing, the calories, we already spoke about it and the carp manager kept manager. The most important that you have to manage is the carbs. Yeah. Then fit men cook really healthy and really a lot of healthy receives 4.6 with really high on the, on the, on the Android. Yeah. Then my macros plus, yeah, it's not really, you just really have to write. It's like I wrote it. Because if you are in the Android app searching for it and you don't write exactly what I wrote the title I wrote. You may find some others that have nearly the same titles now, but not exactly the same. Yeah. So that one is for food weight and calorie measurement. All about measurements. Then you have Quito dot up to track, to track if you are doing the keto diets colleague Chloe. And the best one to do though I really loved it. It's chronometer. Chronometer. You just have to put what you eat and it calculates everything. It calculates how much minerals you have eaten, how much calories you have in a percentage. And it's with colors. It's really colorful. So you know exactly what you have eaten. Just you have to be able to measure how much pounds, how much kilos, and how much grams you are eating of everything. So you have to buy something to measure all that. But reads chronometer, it's really my preferred one. It can be so exact what you eat. It's really, really great. Let's check out now the ketone snacking tips in the next lecture. 25. Keto Snacking Tips: Cato snacking tips. Remember, you can always slice and dice your favorite Cato friendly beggars and keep some quick snack in the refrigerator. The following vegetables are definitely cutoff approved and won't knock you out of ketosis. Here, some ghetto snacking tips with some Quito approved. A quick snack. That should be always here near my So at the beginning, yeah. More more at the beginning. Because if if you if it's hard at the beginning, is going to be really easier to make the keto diet if you have some pleasures, Yeah. And these are some real pleasures. So for example, kale, bell peppers, zucchini, cauliflower is Pam King. Spin OK, I love it. It sounds bad. Know when your kids, but spin OK is really great. You can prepare it in different ways. Arugula brocolli, salary, cabbage, and asparagus as power Oreos. I don't like it. Yeah. And really make the effort to have them here, go to the market and you will be really happy when you have a little craving. Hard boiled eggs, make a nutritious snack, and last up to six or seven days in the fridge. You just add salt and touch of Mio and you can eat it. Yeah, low carbs, nuts and seeds, also like Bacon's, macadamia nuts, brazil, brazil nuts. I love it. I could, I could eat a ton of them. But, but, but you don't have to eat a ton of them now. For example, the Brazil nuts, you can only eat two days. Yeah, so just a few. Or you may overcome. Then the Avogadro's hourglass are super healthy and super tasty. Now, there are different kinds of regardless, you maybe you can try known different kind. The shortest one are the best. Normally. One single level Gatto delivers between 20, 42% of the eight essential nutrients and vitamins. That's really great, you know? And yeah, heart full fat cheeses such as ta-da, Gooda, Greer, Gertner comes from my country, from friends. They deliver protein and healthy fats. The same is true for software. Jesus, like go Gs and brea breed. Also coming from friends. Hey, hey. 26. 21-Day Keto Meal Plan: The 21-day Cato meal pair. You can save time in the kitchen by making enough snacks to enjoy it for a couple of days in a row. I met a guy who owned in Airbnb in Aquadro, who always spent two hours every Sunday preparing the whole means of the week. But the best is two times per week so as not to lose the presence vitamins. You will also see breakfast receives repeated several times each week. This gets you into the habit of making those receipts so you can prepare the pressures, for example, quickly. Yep. On Fridays in your meal plan, dinner out is suggested. Always. Yeah. You deserve a meal away from your home from time to time. Naep US the Quito approved and Quito no-go food list to shape your eating, eating out planes. Okay. In a couple of spots, you will see leftovers from dinner eaten the next day of lunch. It will also be really helpful. And because sometimes, yeah, cooking is really time consuming, you know. Yeah, it's important to save time also. So, so as to, to to, to feel more free days. You will also see a couple of lunch receives scheduled for dinner and dinner for lunch switched out. Yeah. You can eat any of those meals or snacks whenever you like and stay still in ketosis. So make any changes you like please. It has to be fun. It can be fun. Also em, use these mil plan as a way to customize your Quito eating experience. This is just a helpful plan, not a complete meal plan that must be followed to the letter. Yeah. You have to enjoy, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. Here, the meal plan for the breakfast of the first week. And I'm just quickly going to go through the different slides. No need, of course, to read it out loud. And you can once again take a print screen of our print it out, okay? And of course, you can find all the receipts and crashed in the course. 27. Tips & Swaps: Cabs, swaps, and Quito tips. The meal plan we have included here does not need to be followed perfectly. It was created to make life easy for you. Providing receives that can keep you in ketosis while minimizing how much time you cook and clean indication, feel free to change it up. As you like. In this course, you will find a handful of receipts that you will love. Now, let's check out the car swaps and the Quito tips. Okay? Eat breakfast for dinner and denote for breakfast. That's a good sweat. You can eat any kid friendly receive at anytime. Yeah. Leftovers from dinner can make also quick and easy breakfast. So you may want to make extra when you are whipping up your nighttime moves. Yep. You, you do a bit more and it helps to helps to make the eating off the next day. For example. Simple morning breakfast or a snack is a couple of boiled and fried eggs with minus. That's really something simple that you can make a nearly every day. You can add cucumber, leafy greens, and Bell papers also from any kind of color to any meal to fill up your plate without cranking up the carbohydrates. I said asset a bell papers from every color because it's also really important. What you, what you're eating looks, looks like, yeah, if it has a lot of colors, not only is it good benefit for for for, for you for what? For what you eat, No. But it's also a good benefit for for your brain. Yeah. When it sees oh, colorful. And it looks like colorful, it's reintegrated better for your brain. Also. Since pasta is out new, remember, we don't eat pasta in the keto diets. You may think that you can never eat spaghetti again, but that's far from correct because you can make spaghetti squash and zucchini. Because say produce kept friendly. They are kept friendly. Spaghetti, noodle swaps, Yeah. You know that bread is often one of the hardest thing for newbies to the keto diet to get accustomed to avoiding Roman iceberg. Berger and other letters make excellent bread swaps for wraps ends rose, Portobello, mushroom caps can also be baked to make bread alternatives for sandwiches. Also remember, Stevia and monk fruit sweetener are excellent Quito replacements for sugar. They don't have nearly any carbs, yeah. So you use it. Get your hands on almond flour, coconut flour to substitute. In place of traditional baking flour, you get just three to five gram of net carbs per serving, as opposed to the 12 or 14 grams of carbs. Typical wet flower delivers. Cauliflower. Cauliflower makes an amazing rice and potato Cato swap. You can whip together healthy alternatives to mash potatoes, hash browns, and rise for a number of meals. Thanks to call the flower. One more sings, bake it. Kale, chips sprinkled with could of friendly oil and some salt can replace your potatoes ships. When you have a craving in, to be honest, I have, I have some cravings also. And it helps me a lot. Now what to do when you're eating out? Unless you fix your own meals, you never really know what is going into the foods you eat and the beverage you drink, really. Also when you go eating at your neighbors, for example, this makes eating out risky on the keto diets. This isn't to say you should never enjoy meals at a party with your friends. It also doesn't mean you shouldn't eat restaurant food. We're just saying that you should follow some simple rules when eating away from home. For example, eat light Quito proved snack before you head out. Just before heading out. Just eat something. Now. Also check the restaurant's menu online before leaving home. No, it's just gonna take you a few minutes. And if you love burritos, order them in a burrito bowl or salad bowl and ditch the high carbs ramp removed the bread from burgers and sandwiches. Go grilled instead of fright, that's really important. Steer clear of condiments and sauces, even in very small quantities, because it has a lot of carbs. Skip deserts. You know it already. And finally, ask question. Don't, don't be shy. No, ask question. Speak with the waiter or manager at the restaurant and let them know you're going Quito. This healthy eating plan has become so popular that a lot of restaurants are ready and willing to handle your Quito requests. Yeah. So don't be shy. 28. Boost Your Keto Diet Results: Boost your Quito diet results through lifestyle practices. Leaving Quito lifestyle isn't just about dieting the smart way. Sure. We know that 60 to 65% of your health in mind and body is determined by what you eat and drink. But there are a lot of other things you need to be doing as well. So you can give yourself the best possible changes of staying in ketosis. And here, a few things you can do to keep your Cato journey as successful as possible. Exercise regularly, getting just 150 minutes of moderately intense to intense physical activity each week. It means 20 minutes a day is a recommendation made by the WHO, the World Health Organization, The American Heart Association also say stat and the Mayo Clinic, four hertz and wellbeing. Also drink a lot of water every day. Two liters minimum three or four letters if you are unhealthy. My personal aim is three liters. As I have back pain, I have to put a lot of water into my body so that it stops my back pain. Drinking beverage, which also are key to approved through the day, is the smartest health practice that you can have. Hydration is important for the human body. You already know that. So keep water bottle near, near you at every minute of your day. Also, try an intermittent fast. Every now and then or every day if you can. This means if it's everyday, it means you from 40 to 60 hours in a row every day without eating. This may sound hot, but after you start eating the healthy food on the keto diet, you might find this either than you can imagine now, also test your ketone levels regularly. How do you know you're in ketosis if you don't check your ketone levels and you remember at the beginning of the keto diet, you have to do it and do it again. Yes. So as to be sure it fits for you? Yeah. State also below the 20 grams of carbs per day. For the first few weeks of this healthy eating plan, you may be able to bring this up to 25 to 30 grams daily and still stay in ketosis after a few weeks or a couple of months? Yeah. But not at the beginning. Stop smoking and cut back on your intake of alcohol. It may sound a bit hard, but really you have to do it because drinking too much alcohol is unhealthy. You know, it's already in a number of ways. And I did have to have to say I did. I have been smoking kinda suit in cigarettes a day during more than ten years. Now. Maybe in one year, smoking ten cigarettes. Now, I am really feeling better, not covering anymore and really proud of me and feeling really better. Also, add coconut to your meal and even in your coffee. One of the best ways to increase ketone levels is by consuming Medium Chain three, glycerin, that's the CT, you know, it's like those that you can find in the coconut or something else. Don't go overboard on the protein. Remember that just 20 to 25% of your daily calories should come from protein. Sometimes it's a bit hard to do that trotting ratio, but you really have to make it well. Also eliminate stress from your life when ever end, wherever you can. For example, you can make the same as me. You can go to Peru. Peru is city a country where you can be really, really stress, stressless, the whole Europe. Now the people are really so kind here. So you have to know that stress is linked to five of the top six causes of deaths. And stress can lead to unhealthy eating habits that throw you out of ketosis. So no stress. One more thing, give yourself a break. Step out of line. No one is perfect. Okay. I am not. No one is. And that includes you. We all slip and fall from time to time. And all that matters is that you get up and try again. I hope that by finishing discourse, you can begin a new lifestyle with that keto diets. I hope also it will help you physically and mentally and I hope you achieve all of your goal. And also, I hope to hear from you soon.