Easy Intro to Surface Pattern Design in Illustrator | Inez Jestine | Skillshare

Easy Intro to Surface Pattern Design in Illustrator

Inez Jestine

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6 Videos (33m)
    • 1 Introduction and Trailer

    • 2 Different Pattern Categories

    • 3 Image Trace and Blob Brush Tools

    • 4 Assembling the Pattern

    • 5 Background and Clipping Mask 3

    • 6 Final Notes


About This Class


Welcome to my class where I plan to teach you to create seamless patterns in one sitting. We will be working in Adobe Illustrator using the blob brush tool (along with a few others) to build motifs and group them into patterns. There is no prior experience necessary. The class is geared toward anyone who is interested in creating their own wallpaper, gift wrap, or fabric, etc. or for anyone who might be interested in how patterns work.

Here is a guide on what you will learn:

  • The definition of motifs and how they play the starring role in patterns
  • The different kinds of patterns you can make
  • How to use the shape builder and the blob brush tool to create motifs
  • How to turn these motifs into a pattern and add a background color
  • To make a swatch out of your pattern that you can use in anything
  • Editing the pattern so that it’s symmetrical and perfectly what you’re seeking to create
  • The different uses for patterns

And just a couple things you will need:

  • Pencil and paper
  • Computer
  • Adobe Illustrator (free download here)
  • A Wacom drawing pad is optional, but it can make things so much easier if you invest in one 





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Hello! I'm Inez, a surface pattern designer from Austin, TX. I'm so excited to be teaching an intro to surface pattern design class this fall. Follow me on Instagram to have a look at my latest patterns or on Pinterest to see where I gather my inspiration.

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