Easy Infographic Basics: Visual Communication for Non-Designers | Learn with Piktochart | Jacqueline Jensen | Skillshare

Easy Infographic Basics: Visual Communication for Non-Designers | Learn with Piktochart

Jacqueline Jensen, Community Evangelist at Piktochart

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10 Videos (21m)
    • Introduction

    • Why Visual Communication?

    • Type 1: Persuasion

    • Type 2: Reporting

    • Type 3: Storytelling

    • Basic Design Principles

    • Demonstration

    • Sharing Infographics

    • Closing

    • What's Next?

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About This Class

Creating an effective infographic is the #1 way to seize attention, connect with audiences, and transform your message into meaningful action!

This class shows you how. Join Piktochart Community Evangelist Jacqueline Jensen to explore visual communication and create an infographic that will help you reach your business goals — no previous design experience required.

Key lessons include:

  • Why visual communication is key to today's workplace
  • Examples of 3 popular types: persuasion, reporting, and storytelling
  • Basic design rules for final polish
  • Tips for sharing infographics online

Plus, a demo of Piktochart's easy-to-use tools will help you get started right away. (Ready now? Learn more about Piktochart here.)

Whether you’re a marketer, small business owner, copywriter, blogger, educator, or student, use this class to add a new skill to your toolkit: creating easy, powerful infographics!


Piktochart is an easy-to-use infographic maker that will help you take your visual communication to the next level, without hiring a professional designer.

Use code Skillshare to get a free 30-day trial to Piktochart Pro, unlocking all 600+ templates and special features! Instructions:

  • Sign in or create an account at piktochart.com
  • Go to magic.piktochart.com/plans
  • Enter the code: Skillshare
  • Code is valid until June 15, 2019


Sample infographic images courtesy Piktochart





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Jacqueline Jensen

Community Evangelist at Piktochart

Hello, I'm Jacqueline. I am the Community Evangelist at Piktochart, a former venture-backed startup founder, recognized storyteller, and relationship builder. As Community Evangelist, I share Piktochart innovation with various groups at conferences, and enjoy meeting users around the globe. My interests include travel, yoga, entrepreneurism, startups, and learning to code.

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