Easy Guided Mindfulness/Restorative Breathing Practice | Heidi McGall | Skillshare

Easy Guided Mindfulness/Restorative Breathing Practice

Heidi McGall, Yoga Therapy and Meditation Instructor

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7 Videos (23m)
    • Introduction

    • What is mindfulness?

    • Expectations and needs

    • Demo of seated position

    • Demo of lying down position

    • Guided practice

    • Closing and project


About This Class

Do you notice you're frazzled at the end of a long day, unable to handle the stress that life throws at you? Do you find yourself reaching for coffee or soda in that afternoon slump when your focus and concentration begin to lag? Have you been hearing the mindfulness "buzzword" and want to know what it's all about?

In this short video we'll talk about what mindfulness really is and discover the benefits that a mindfulness and restorative breathing practice can bring you. I'll show you in detail how to get comfortable - because nobody would practice if they hated doing it! We'll then work through a simple 5-minute guided exercise that you can do anywhere! It's perfect for a beginner, but also something you can return to time and again when you need a burst of relaxation and focus.

Just five minutes a day will have you feeling better with more productivity so you can be the amazing person you already are!

Supplies Needed

Two to three blankets or beach towels will be perfect. We'll use these to support our body and keep us comfortable during our practice. A small towel or washcloth to cover the eyes is nice to have as well, if you plan to practice lying down.

If you practice yoga and already have yoga blocks or a bolster, these can definitely be put to use as well!





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Heidi McGall

Yoga Therapy and Meditation Instructor


I'm Heidi - Texas native and lover of the outdoors and a mean cook/baker. I dabbled in yoga, mostly more vigorous types, until I became pregnant with my first son. That's when I had to start modifying my practice and seeking out other types of yoga because I simply felt too ill to do my normal practice.

After I had my son and experienced a lot of stress and anxiety about being a first time mom, I started seeking out non-physical types of yoga and delved into meditation an...

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