Easy-Guide to Podcasting - Without a Big Investment | Madelaine DeRose | Skillshare

Easy-Guide to Podcasting - Without a Big Investment

Madelaine DeRose, Creative Director, Holistic Health Guide

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7 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Define the Base for Your Podcast

    • 3. Define the Outlines for your Podcast

    • 4. Equipment You'll Need

    • 5. Programs You'll Need to Produce and Publish

    • 6. My Tips & Tricks

    • 7. Class Project and Pep-talk

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About This Class

Hi! I'm Madelaine DeRose - just "M" for short. I am a Content Creator and Stylist based in New York. To share the stories of all the inspiring people I meet, I started my podcast Ladies on Ludlow, in September 2018.

This class is for anyone who is thinking about podcasting, but does not know where to start. I will go over all the basics you need to define, for your own podcast. I will suggest equipment and programs that will make producing and getting your podcast on Spotify, the iPhone App, or even your very own podcast homepage, super easy!

I want to make sure to show your that it is not only way easier than you might think, but also that you don't even have to make a big investment. I finish off the class with sharing my own tips and tricks for a successful podcast, that can even make you money!

After this class, stating your own podcast will be really easy and it will eliminate the daunting feelings when it comes to the technical side, as well as the horror of hearing your own voice. 

Come and join me in the exciting and growing word of podcasting!

- M

P.S.: If I could do it, so can you!