Easy Graphic Design: Creating Social Media Images with Canva | Joanna Mitchell | Skillshare

Easy Graphic Design: Creating Social Media Images with Canva

Joanna Mitchell, Marketing & Operations Consultant

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5 Videos (21m)
    • Introduction

    • Quick Overview of Image Templates

    • Creating an Instagram Image

    • Creating a Facebook Image

    • Creating a Facebook Cover for your Business Page or Profile


About This Class

This training is perfect for non-graphic designers and novice creatives.

Canva is an online graphic design tool for creating simple, yet beautiful images, presentations & posters.

It's extremely easy to use and ideal for creating social media quotes, promotional images and PDF documents such as ebooks, handouts and information sheets.

This training video takes you step-by-step through:

  1. An overview of Canva
  2. Simple and effective branding tips for non-graphic designers
  3. Creating an image for Instagram
  4. Creating an image for a Facebook post
  5. Creating a Facebook Page Cover image

NOTE:  I often use my own business, The Healthy VA, as examples.





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Joanna Mitchell

Marketing & Operations Consultant

Hi there!

I provide step-by-step tutorials on the essential tools for managing a small business. I often use health & wellness businesses as examples, however much of the content is relevant for other industries too.

As a Marketing & Operations Consultant, I draw from my experience supporting hundreds of startups and SME as a Virtual Assistant, as well as setting up my own business, The Healthy VA.

Have fun!

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