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Easy French in 10 days # day 2

Teacher Beli, Instructor

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11 Videos (1h 13m)
    • Introduction

    • Bienvenue - Welcome

    • Qui est-ce - Who is this ?

    • Ca va bien - how is it going ?

    • Correspondance

    • Trouvez l'object - Find the Object

    • Portrait-Robot - Describe someone in French Language

    • Evaluation

    • Connaitre un acteur ou actrice Francais

    • Trouvez un appartement a louer en France

    • Apprenez les directions


About This Class

Textbook: Méthode de français Le nouveau Taxi 1, Ed. Hachette, Français Langue étrangère.

Language of Instruction: French / English 

This course aims to further enhance students’ communication skills in the four language domains listening, speaking, reading and writing. 

During 3 Units, that we are going to cover in this course : 

Students are expected to communicate confidently in a wider range of social interactions including more formal situations and simple professional contexts as well as reporting some present events. At the end of this course, students will have completed a proficiency level comparable to level A1-2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

After taking this course, the student is expected to be able to :
 1.Talk about his/her holidays, activities during days off and leisure time.
 2.Talk about the advantages and disadvantages of different life styles
 3.Tell/ understand a present event/ story.
 4.Tell about his/her clothes.
 5. Make a forecast, express certitude & eventuality.

Grammar exercises taken during the centralized examination.* 

Attendance :
Students are required to attend at least 75% of the class. 

Duration around 2h.





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Teacher Beli


Bonjour ! , my name is Ylber, I was born in Novosello, a small village in the south east of Kosovo, now I live in Montpellier which is a city in south of France, exciting and much more dynamic. I studied French Literature at the university of Montpellier but also English as a foreign language. I have been teaching for 5 years now in many schools and associations. I really enjoy teaching. It gives me the opportunity to learn about the different cultures around the world.

I have become a...

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