Easy French in 10 days # day 1

Online Education, Instructor

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18 Videos (1h 3m)
    • LE VERBE Être et avoir - VERB to be and to have

    • Prépositions devant les villes/pays - Prepositions before cities/countries

    • Les questions en Français - French questions

    • Conjugaison des verbes en ER - conjugating french verbs ending in er

    • Le verbe (Aller) - the verb (to go) - Examples

    • Les articles - le, la, l', les - un, une, des - (The) (a) and (some) in French

    • Apprendre mon, ton, son - notre, votre, leur - Les adjectifs possessifs

    • La negation en Francais - make negative sentence in French

    • Apprendre plus des verbes en ER - List of Regular ER French Verbs conjugated

    • Une liste des prépositions pour vous faciliter- link the words with prepositions

    • Les adjectifs sont très imp - adjectives are very important, let's learn some

    • Les couleurs vous aide à faire le bon choix - learn colors and make choice

    • Les jours/mois/saisons - days/months and seasons in French with Ex..

    • Mots français les plus courants - Some useful french words & phrases

    • Les adjectifs demonstratifs - CE, CET, CETTE AND CES demonstrative adjectives

    • Pouvez-vous épeler votre nom ? French alphabet/ How to spell a word in French

    • Apprendre les animaux en Francais - Learn the Animals

    • Apprendre les fruits en Francais - Learn fruits in French


About This Class

What are the requirements?

  • f91d698aA pen and a paper could be useful to take notes

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 20 lectures and 1 hour of content!
  • learn to ask and make different questions
  • learn verbs - sterms and endings
  • learn pronouns & adjectives
  • Language learning strategies
  • Negation
  • Gender and number of nouns
  • Descriptive adjectives and agreement
  • etc.

What is the target audience?

  • Everyone is free to take this course





Online Education


Bonjour ! , my name is Ylber, I was born in Novosello, a small village in the south east of Kosovo, now I live in Montpellier which is a city in south of France, exciting and much more dynamic. I studied French Literature at the university of Montpellier but also English as a foreign language. I have been teaching for 5 years now in many schools and associations. I really enjoy teaching. It gives me the opportunity to learn about the different cultures around the world.

I have become a self taught, Depending on the complexity of a topic, learning something new can take a long time. And it’s bound to be frustrating as you grapple with new terminologies, new models, and apparently irrelevant information. When you are learning something by yourself, there is nobody to control the flow of information, to make sure you move from basic knowledge to intermediate and finally advanced concepts.

Keep in mind these three things :

1. Believe in God

2. be patient and

3. never give up !

Patience with your topic, and more importantly with yourself is crucial — there’s no field of knowledge that someone in the world hasn’t managed to learn, starting from exactly where you are.
I'm constantly trying to improve my teaching skills in order to satisfy the needs of my students. Internet is a very useful tool to experience new methods

I truly believe that learning new things opens the mind and allows you to be more tolerant. I’m quite open minded and flexible and always promote a positive way of learning - I like to tailor my lessons to my students’ needs so that I really can help them progress at their own place in a fun and caring environment!

My job is a passion and I look forward to share my expertise with you ! A bientôt !

I hope you enjoy learning as much as I enjoy teaching !