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Easy Floral Typography Design in Adobe Photoshop

teacher avatar Jestoni Esteban, Graphic Designer • Online Instructor

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (34m)
    • 1. Overview of the class

    • 2. Introduction

    • 3. Tools

    • 4. Demo

    • 5. Adding Shadows

    • 6. Final

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Jestoni Esteban

Graphic Designer • Online Instructor


Hi. My name is Jestoni. I'm a graphic designer and online instructor. I've been in the designing industry for seven years.

I make a living by doing graphic designs on the internet and love to communicate with different clients around the globe. I also love to teach and share my knowledge and experience to everybody. Here in Skillshare, I make project-based design classes, meaning you will learn a lot in a single class and able to create your own design after taking it.

With great knowledge and a wide range of experience, I am now equipped with talent and unique style in design that I love to share with my students and aspiring designers.

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1. Overview of the class: Hello and thank you for checking on this glass. Many stone and freelance graphic designer published tutorials here on skin shirt, so be sure to follow me by leaving this button to receive Austin, Texas distress. You are going to learn how to design a floral design foot ship show you step by step using the basic tools to create this awesome class project. If you want to create your own floral type design, this is a perfect last for you. So if you want to improve your designing skills, see you in the next video. 2. Introduction: Hey, guys, Welcome. My name's guess, Tony. And in this class we are going to design or you are going to learn how to create a thoroughly typography design and that we know it's spring season now in United States, Canada, Russia and the other countries located in the Northern Hemisphere. All right, so you'll probably see more I g or, you know, at me, uh, posts about flowers or spring. So I thought it would be cool if I show you how toe do these rural type design. OK, eso you expect to see more of these on your new speeds because off, you know, season of this spring season. And I'm sure your i g with me on fire if you pose sometimes off this design, you know, this is super easy to do so simple. And even the newbies off Adobe Fort shop can do this. All right. And that's it for this introduction video. So in the next one, and show you some tools you need to know for this type of project. So I see you 3. Tools: Hello. And welcome back in this video, I'm going to show you the tools that you need to know to achieve this project, All right? And basically, the tools that you need toe know for these are our plane. Me simple. And I'm gonna show you first thing in a layer mask and a brush, and that's it. You know, you're gonna give these by you think these two tools in Adobe Fort Shop. Okay, so I'm gonna show you what I mean. Okay, so I am a, um, new at I'm right here with a with an image. And then if you open my layers panel, you would see that there are two ah, layers in the image in the background. Background is just ah, use a drop shadow shadow at the drop shadow. But I drop a tool. Okay, So when you over your, uh, mouse are coarser and to ensure you the, uh, how to use these tools. All right. So I guess however, your mouse, if you don't know how to sit, okay. And then in the preview, you would see how it it works. Okay. All right. Now, um, let's talk about first knee layer mask. Okay, you will find layer mass. My clicking this. Okay. Right here. Like I square. And then there's a spherical inside. It's like a ah, you know, Japanese plug or something. All right. Now, um, it's got to decide the foreground. Now, all you need the right here is the foreground. Okay, the foreground. When you click on the layer mask first, what happens? Like you would have a black and white, the foreground with the block, and then the background will be white. All right, Now, black means when you use your paintbrush, paintbrush, paintbrush tool. When used any black color, it will hide all the, ah, part of the image or subject. Okay, Any part of the image or the subject or the item that you're trying you're working on. Okay. And then the white I mean, you usually ah, white color to paint. I will show you later. It will reveal all, uh or, um it will show the part of the mission that Ah, you hidden right. So I'm gonna show you right now, So I'm gonna click on this layer mask. Yes. Thank not left. Click, and then you would see it right here. All right, There's a another square, so make sure you select that. All right? Make sure you selected you wouldn't You wouldn't know if it selected There's a ah, for lanes on the corners. Right. It's like that. Click on that. All right. And then let's try toe hide some part of these image. Maybe I'm gonna hide these birds right there. All right, Make sure I'm ah, this layer Matthew selected now the four grounds duck. All right. And if you remember what I talked about a while ago, it means I'm going to hide those part of the image. Okay? I'm gonna get my brush tool, and then I That's a mother. I'm just the So I didn't brush and the hardness of 100. Okay. And then, ah, flow is 100 capacities. 100% as well. Make sure you select the layer mask, and then I'm gonna brush over. It's like that, you know, it's like magic. You know, I deleted. No, I didn't delete that part. And just ah, and this just might decide. You know, I, um it's like, you know, you're tryingto over some portion of the image. Ah, you He didn't You have in those portion also in this area. I mean there. Okay. You know, you didn't delete that just to hide them. Now, let's try the white color. I'm gonna click on this icon in this arrow to switch the caller off black and white. It's like that. Now we have a white foreground Goler using my brush tool and still on the, uh, layer mask. I'm gonna bring back those birds. All right? I'm gonna guess I'm gonna brush over, All right. It's like that. It's basically that's the layer mask. You know, it's a really good when you have something, you know, this kind of project. You know, it's like overlapping of the elements on the artwork. It's actually using only the alarm us. You can achieve that, you know. So this is basically that you need to know about this project. You know, I spent a simple and I'm gonna show you that later in the day. My section after this video. Okay? So again, you can try that. Make sure that you're on the layer mask, right? Not on the image, their mask, the white part. You went toe hide Some person of this. Let's say the inside Destexhe her that will, you know? What does it mean? That I Let's switch the foreground to block get your Weston. Maybe she's still being from Ghana. Make it the smother. It's like that. And then I'm gonna brush over hopes. The reason for that you can see because of name background. It's Ah, Sky blue. All right, my deal cooler till All right. I want to make it white so I can create a new layer in a position it between of this tool there's and then I'm gonna colliery in white. All right, I'm gonna press my control. And then bass bass, It's like that. All right, toe. Feel that background. Golar off right now. I'm ready to go back to this layer. Click my, uh there musk and then make sure it's black foreground color. I'm gonna brush over just like not you know, that's important, isn't it? You think that and ah, of course, the the color. It's kind. It's kind of different, you know? But it's a different subject right now. We'll go there in a couple of glasses, right? But this time we're focusing on the layer mask again. That's reaching the foreground in the background so you can place your X to switch the white and the foreground and background color. Right now, let's reveal the stakes by using the, uh, for granddaughter of white. Get your brush tool and then yes, much over. You think that? All right, so that's it. That's very simple. Alarm us. I know some of you already know this, but that's the only trick for this, you know, and probably see some of this. And in the other videos, I'm gonna show you where you can also use this, right? This simple layer mask. And they're using the brush in some, you know, shadows in oil. So the song for this video and see you in the Denver section. 4. Demo: Hello. And welcome back in this video in this demonstration video, I'm gonna show you how I designed this floral typography design. All right? And before we start, let me give you some tips. You know, in doing this first, it is very important Is that Don't overdo this if it is. Ah, I'm sorry. If it's your first time toe design, these don't overdo this, right? What I mean about that is that don't try toe cover the letters or tryingto hide the letters in your text because you need abilities. Very important. This one, especially on this kind of ad sign or artwork. You know, we tried toe show or in the, uh, as much as possible, you know, to do it. You know, it's ah playing the same point. I don't try to hide almost every letters. Yes, something like this. Unless this this one is letter. Really know it's already a letter. L right. So, you know, um, even by far, we can read it. You know, it's a flower, right? But if I overdo this tryingto hide again some part of the letter l or you know, maybe f you know it's going to be harder toe read the text. So that's it. And I forgot to mention the last video about the another tool that I use. It's the selection tool. I used the magnetic magnetic lasso tool, the polygonal lasso tool in the last tour. All right. And later I'm gonna show you how I use them to achieve this and make my worker a little faster, you know, because I don't use the panto tryingto get on with every part of the, you know, shape. So later I'm gonna show you that I usually a magnetic lasso tool. So I asked an exam portion, okay. And then for the projects for the sample image you can goto picks a baby, which my, uh, favorite website in getting some pretty business. It's like this one. This is the one that I use. It's a bouquet of flowers. Um, you know, flowers are these, but yeah. Yes, there's There are roses, Some lover. Yeah, just click on free download, and you will have this. Okay, you got it from picks. Obey that dome. One of my favorite free. Uh, for him, just download. Okay, Now let's go back to ah, this window. Adobe pot shop and let me get it simply means I e think I use this one Just click and drag to adore 40 shop. It's like that all right? And you would notice that the image is actually, um, there's no white color. So, correspondent, only the flowers, and that's what you are going toe. Ah, get from here today only. Yeah, transparent. But of course, you condone that. Some images with the white background or black except you. But this one is quite that easy to work on. You don't have to worry about, you know, um, the leading some portion of the flowers that it's not needed. Okay, so again, let's go back idea and, uh, gonna open my layers panel. I'm gonna create a new layer you can follow along with me. This post the video if you think that I'm going too fast. But I believe I'm quite I slow engaging you since I'm also talking. But anyway, this post the media all right. And I want to see some of your and science. What? You whatever need signs that you created Disposing the discussion on this class. You know, I want to see what you came up in this float on design graphic design. All right, so that's skating your layer. And then it's against he in my foreground and background. I have, ah, black and white. I want to feel this new layer with luck. So since my four grand back already, I will press my health and then backspace to find that layer with the color. And of course, that's bringing down under the flower air, right? Except if you want to name them. But, I mean, if you will have only a few layers, so you don't have to worry about that. If you have, like, more than 10 20 then you really need to rename some of the layers. But I have only less. That's why I think you don't have to worry about that right now before I do something before I start, you know, um, doing the design, the typographical design. I'm gonna edit first image because I always did the image. The 11 stickers I want toe pop up the You know the image. The caller's especially This one's ready. Renea. Ah, vibrant cold rain went toe Make it more pop soon. See right here. All right. And then I'm gonna I used to go back, my dear, like need flour image. Click on this one. The adjustment layer. Click on the levels. It's like that. And then you can play. I mean, the ah, shadows in the mid tones I'm gonna use dissenting right here on more whiteness retail. It's going to see, you know, we have a nice, um I mean, don't get there. And then when I just smarter, okay? And then if we click on this one day before an after this need before this is the after, you can see the Golders on no more vibrant. All right, But again, don't overdo this again. You know, just play be the size up to you, but the living just like this one. All right? It's like that. I think I'm fine with that. Okay. Make sure you are. Clip this on the number there by pressing your, uh, key on your keyboard is like that right now. All the, uh, the adjustment layer. Well, only apply on slayer. Okay, Now we're ready to start creating our thank design on this one. Let's start with the rectangle. You know, I'm gonna get made a rectangle tool And then let's get the, uh, there should be no feel. And for the stroke, I think I use, like, more than 20. But let's see, I'm gonna first draw a rectangle somewhere right here. Hopes do it again about right here. You think that and yes, I'm gonna make it down its mother So you can see right here really want to, you know, show that later. All right? It's like that. Now we have a first rectangle right there. Now, you can I start that typing your text or you can work on this one? What I'm going to do is I'm gonna first work on disentangle. I'm gonna get my let's try. Toe takes less. Dodi takes first. All right? Can I get my type tools? And then let's try having no the same in this one flower. You can use any Ah di p one or ah. Um I'm using ah, membrane front. It's ah, framing one that i But before, So I think they used me. Great medium. Then I'm gonna flower Yes, letter f only, And then make it the bigger And then I'm gonna position it right here and see it looks good you can use any one as long as they are sensitive. So, yes, I'm fine with this one. All right, Today. So when you're finding this one, you can get that duplicate. This gets on with me, add more. Wait. That this one seems quite small, right? It's like that minus quite big 419.71 points squared being. But anyway, you can duplicate that when you're out and then drug and then tension. The letter. Do the same again when you're out and then a position. Position them nicely. And then you can said, I call this three all you're out and then drug and just take your time doing this. I don't have door her. Hurry, this one. You know, the more you Harry, things going toe make look bad. All right, so I guess I'm gonna set up with this one. So let's group D letters in the rectangle. Right on the machine. FKI It's like that control g to grope them. And no, um, let me just add more wait to district angle, so make it 28 pixels. All right, 28 pieces. Seems fine with me, and then I'm gonna click on layer mask. Make sure you select the group this takes in the jungle. Click on layer mask. It's like that, and then you will have these. All right, so let's start with the rectangle. So I'm gonna do mean I'm gonna, um, remove this. Ah, part of this rectangle. Gonna lower down the opacity until I see the flower. You think that? All right. All right. And then we can get our brushed away. Just like that. You can use me. Uh, I usually use the hardness of 100 not solving brush, and then all we have to do, Just brush. All right. Make sure you're your foreground colors so you can hide this portion of this rectangle. Yes, and brush over. I don't have to worry right now. On the, uh, thanks expired. You can bring that leader. Yes, I'm showing you all right? No. Ah, you have that gang of excess, right? And you know what to do. You switch this foreground color to block at the white. I mean, and then yes, brush over again. Yes, I got symbol. Okay. And then also this one speech and then just brush over on this flower and Then when you're done, make sure that you bring up the opacity toe 100 see the outcome. And since there's a black person, which is I don't want So I need to, uh, click the switch again. And then, uh, that museum in the needle just like that, get to rest a little and then maker, but smaller so you can hide those white low slap. Okay, it's up to how much you want toe show on this one. It doesn't mean all right. In the normal view, it I don't think you can still see those blood areas on. Later, we're going to add some shadows, so, you know, it's not really important. Do we spend so much time on this one? All right. Just me, skinny. How we can do that? No. Also, we have something that niece, um, you know, number down your capacity again. Now what I'm going to do in this area, I'm going to use a magnetic lasso tool. And sure, you cynic, the image of the flower. And then what I like about this one is that it's like you can he and do this really fast. You know, it's like that Yes. Go over on the age of this, uh, flower and then close to that one. You have the selection. Go back to the lower mass again. Make sure it's block. It's like that. And then, uh, press the shortcut. Command off the ah, feeling the black color on your out, and then backspace, it's like that. All right, control the toe, the select, the selection. And then you see what's what happened? All right. Same school, right? Although there's some portion right there that we can tweak if anything this. Ah, and some portion of the flower that we missed right there. So there we can get our brush tool. And then, you know, I guess brush Quite simple, isn't it? And you see, there's another one attending toe. Bring back day. I call on the rectangle. All right. It's Ah, Zoom. Uh, let me bring back the opacity. All right, since good. So the city basically the ah, the dictatorial. And then I'm gonna go over on some portion of this rectangle. All right? So you will see me doing the time lapse, Right? So when I start with this one and just watch me how you do this. - All right, So that's all for this video. As Agenzia, eh? I didn't overdo the overdo, the some letters. I didn't hide almost everything that's quite different from that. What I did from here, you know, just trying to make this very simple and letters should be readable. You know, the words are the checks and yeah, the soul. I hope you learned something from this video. And in this video, we're going toe start to add a shadow on our ah, some part of the letters. Right? So save your design in the EU in another one. 5. Adding Shadows: Hello. And welcome back in this video, we're going toe finish our design by adding a shadow on our elements or our text. All right. And what? It doesn't actually, it gives a depth to our design that the letters actually underneath are on top of it. Like the option is like, you know, adding some shadows underneath the letters. All right, but the main idea is actually adding some shadow under this. Ah, you know, flowers. All right, so let's do it. You know, first, create a new layer. You think that and then make sure that you clip this on this letters right on the design that we created so on your own, and then click in between these two layers. It's like that now, everything that you do, everything that you paint, it will only apply on the letters. All right, now, let's, um it starts from the letter f Get your brush tool now with the black color. Um, we can actually select the the sultan brush. All right, So, brush and then the flow. Let's make it at least 75 pass city. About about 80. All right? And then we're gonna add a like a shadow in this area. You know it just like that. I don't have to make it like a really strong shadow, you know? But we can adjust that leader Sung Ah Nieto. And then also in some areas, you know, don't know. Don't be afraid. Toe me a parade toe at the strong shadow because, you know, you can add them. You can edit them neither. So in this area, all right. Yeah, It gives ah, lips the word saying Now, if you want to add more depth your letters, you can actually add a adoption shadow on this area. Like you can create a new layer underneath off this letters. All right, so let's say on top of desire levels. So I'm gonna take this layer and then create a new layer. It's like that now it's under on the letters. Right now you see me brush tool again, I'm gonna throw a, uh, and some shadow sa needle. I don't have to be to a strong shadow hopes. And you think that So it gives the illusion that the letters actually end up. On top of these are flowers. It's actually part of the self lovers, right? So that's the idea By adding this simple shadows. All right, so now we can adjust the shadow by going toe opacity, then over down the opacity. So it's not really strong, you know? And also on the this one on top of the layers never done your capacity upto, you know, 70 toe, at least 80. All right, so I guess I think I forgot this one. So let me on. They need a shadow right here. All right, so that's all nice. And the sauce for this video in the in the coming video, I'm gonna show you where you can also use this. I style in other design. All right, So I hope you learned something and see you in another video. 6. Final: hello and welcome back. And in this final video, I'm gonna show you some example in the town where you can use a layer mask in the layer math. It's actually very fun tool that you can use in any project that you have enough, for example. And the magazine human always seen these in the magazine cover something like this one. You know, using the layer must to hide some letters. Cento tryingto overlap some objects or items, all right. And the school back on the fourth shop and this Lee design and the design This one, This is the another design in the spring letters and help you follow along with me a while ago and I want to see some of your projects. You can post that in the discussions on this class, and I will try my best toe Look at your decide and give you some feedback on some of your designs. All right? And I can't wait to see some of your projects or artwork or any any science where you're used. The layer mask, you know, later in mass is a very, very simple told, very fun told using it almost sounds and tragic, like on every project, Like I said. And yeah, this is one of the example by using the design topography, Florent typography. I mean, where you can use me, you know, there must And of course, there are other tools start you can use, but I believe that this one is very simple. And, um, you can use, uh, whichever are level in vote shop you have. You are whichever level of skin that you have in the report shop. You can use me a layer mask and achieve a simple project, you know, without being expending. If you are wondering, um, what level you are and you can achieve, you can create any graphic design because you are only being there. No, you ca Nduwayo. Any graphic design that simple to is this matter off? You know how you explore that design, are you? How meaning ur door learn and experiment. There's no right and right or wrong in great anxiety supper. It's up. It's up to you how you interpret that design, All right. And, uh, again let me see some of your projects or example for the floral typography design. So the soul and see you in another class