Easy Entertaining on a Dime, in No Time...It's Tea Time | Lindsay Browne And Lissa Young | Skillshare

Easy Entertaining on a Dime, in No Time...It's Tea Time

Lindsay Browne And Lissa Young, The Tea Ladies

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8 Videos (29m)
    • Intro & Overview

    • Impromptu Tea Party $5

    • How to Brew Tea

    • Young at Heart $10 & Flowers

    • Sweet Treats & Tea Stand

    • Savory Sandwiches

    • Shortcuts to Tea Dainties

    • Closing Inspiration


About This Class

The Tea Ladies, Lindsay & Lissa, will teach you to hostess a fabulous tea party with easy and beautiful tea treats on a budget in 30 minutes.  No cooking required!  Impress your friends and family.  

So you want to serve beautiful and delicious tea and treats, but you don't want to do any heavy cooking or spend a lot of time or money?  Let us make it easy for you with these handy shortcuts.  

We share easy ways to transform affordable store-bought items into beautiful tea treats that will win your friends' admiration.  We will walk you through serving tea on any budget.  

Perfect for tea and cooking beginners.  Also great for experts that want to learn some shortcuts for a busy day.  

After this short class, you will know

1- What to buy (or find in your cupboard) for your tea party that fits your budget
2- How to transform treats from ordinary to extraordinary
3- How to attractively serve your tea and treats

See what inspires us on our Pinterest Tea Boards at https://www.pinterest.com/teadainties/



If you enjoy the class, please give us a positive review and comment.  If you have suggestions for how to make our next class even better, we'd love to hear from you too!  





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Mother & Daughter Tea Team, Lissa & Lindsay, ensure your tea party is a success your friends will never forget.

Tea Party Testimonials

"Lissa makes tea parties come alive with every little detail, from the intricate handmade treats to the variety of tea flavors sure to please everyone's pallet." -Danielle, Kansas

"Lissa takes tea parties out of the realm of English nobility and childhood whimsy and gives it a delightfully modern twist."
-Deborah, Colorado

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