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Easy Entertaining on a Dime, in No Time...It's Tea Time

teacher avatar Lindsay Browne And Lissa Young, The Tea Ladies

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Intro & Overview

    • 2. Impromptu Tea Party $5

    • 3. How to Brew Tea

    • 4. Young at Heart $10 & Flowers

    • 5. Sweet Treats & Tea Stand

    • 6. Savory Sandwiches

    • 7. Shortcuts to Tea Dainties

    • 8. Closing Inspiration

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About This Class

The Tea Ladies, Lindsay & Lissa, will teach you to hostess a fabulous tea party with easy and beautiful tea treats on a budget in 30 minutes.  No cooking required!  Impress your friends and family.  

So you want to serve beautiful and delicious tea and treats, but you don't want to do any heavy cooking or spend a lot of time or money?  Let us make it easy for you with these handy shortcuts.  

We share easy ways to transform affordable store-bought items into beautiful tea treats that will win your friends' admiration.  We will walk you through serving tea on any budget.  

Perfect for tea and cooking beginners.  Also great for experts that want to learn some shortcuts for a busy day.  

After this short class, you will know

1- What to buy (or find in your cupboard) for your tea party that fits your budget
2- How to transform treats from ordinary to extraordinary
3- How to attractively serve your tea and treats

See what inspires us on our Pinterest Tea Boards at https://www.pinterest.com/teadainties/



If you enjoy the class, please give us a positive review and comment.  If you have suggestions for how to make our next class even better, we'd love to hear from you too!  

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Lindsay Browne And Lissa Young

The Tea Ladies


Mother & Daughter Tea Team, Lissa & Lindsay, ensure your tea party is a success your friends will never forget.

Tea Party Testimonials

"Lissa makes tea parties come alive with every little detail, from the intricate handmade treats to the variety of tea flavors sure to please everyone's pallet." -Danielle, Kansas

"Lissa takes tea parties out of the realm of English nobility and childhood whimsy and gives it a delightfully modern twist."
-Deborah, Colorado

"Lissa has an uncanny way of making you feel more at home in your own home. Her presence is warm and welcoming and she can brew a pot of tea to perfection. You would swear she stepped right out of the Victorian era to present you the perfect tea service." -Jaclyn, California

"The... See full profile

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1. Intro & Overview: Hello. I'm Lindsay. And we are the tea ladies, This is my mother Lysa. No. And this is entertaining on the dime. In no time, no, I've been entertaining with T since our daughter was a popular. This is Lindsey. So what we're going to show you today is how to host us. An amazing tea party on a budget with a short time period So we'll show you how to do sweet treats Savories for the tea. And it will all be on a great budget. At the end of this class, you will have a class project which will be to host us your own tea. This tea party can be of any scale. It could be just a snack for yourself. A little break from your day. It could be for you and a friend. Or it could be a child's tea party for a little one in your life. Or it could be a larger scale tea party when you wouldn't want to invite a group of women over and have a good time. So at the end, you will put together your own tray of sweet treats. You might also have savory treats and then your tea to drink with it. They will be displayed attractively and you will be able to enjoy tea time in no time. 2. Impromptu Tea Party $5: right now. Sometimes you might want to have tea on the spur of the moment. May be your new neighbor is dropping by or you've just come back from shopping with your girlfriends and you need a little break. So this is our instant tea party. You can see what you have in your cupboards. In this case, we have some pre packaged cookies. We have some little sugar wafer cookies that, um, are individually wrapped and unwrapped. Those pop those out on a plate. We have these great butterfly cookies. These are delicious and not as terribly bad for you as you might think. So we've just arranged these tastefully on a plate. Put that plate on a tray with our other tea accessories. We need, of course, tea cups. You might want a plate for your tea treats. If your saucer isn't big enough, we have our teapot. This is the neatest little teapot. It actually has a built in teacup. Under it, we have cream or milk. Milk is actually the traditional drink that you would add to your tea. But cream would work as well, or even almond milk, whatever you have on hand and then we have sugar. This is some beautiful, colorful sh t sugar crystals that comes in a little canister, Kind of like Sprinkles. Then we have napkins with spoons for stirring rt. And then we've added some violets from the yard. You bring those in washroom off a little and use them toe fancy up your tray, And that way you can have a beautiful tee right away. Then you've got, of course, your T This is English breakfast, which I love, especially with, um, a little milk and sugar in it. 3. How to Brew Tea: at boiling hot water and a teapot that has been rinsed in hot water as well. Just hot tap water. Now we have tea bags this time, so that's very simple. We have to happen to be raspberry tea bags this time. Put that on that insolent later. And another way, if you have tea bags, we have them in a beautiful silver full time cigarette box. You pick that up anywhere we have to do a little hunting and then the loose leaf tea. This is a fabulous one from one of our fine stores in our town here. And I put that in a silicone tea bag top comes off so you can fillets, and then you might not be familiar with, uh, t rounds. This is a tea canister kind of fun. And when you're in London and on the train, you can get t on the train and it comes in little bags like that, and you put it in your teacup when they bring the hot water. So regardless off what your teapot looks like, you can have a tee time anywhere. Now you can heat your water on a tea kettle on the stove or an electric teakettle. But if you don't have one of those, you can heat it in the microwave or your coffee maker. We have even heated water in a big pot on the stove. We did that very successfully for a large tea party in London. Now, if you don't have a teapot to make your tea in, you can also make your tea right in the tea cup with a tea bag in each cup. I think the tea is ready now. Raspberry Key, one of our favorites. Especially great young people with some sugar cubes. Yes, one lump or two? One, please. Now you can get cube sugar, or you can get different colored Granules, or you can have packets of sugar substitute. 4. Young at Heart $10 & Flowers: This would be a perfect tea set up for a young child and her friend and anyone young at heart, grandma and granddaughter. Time for a savory. We get really sin bread, and you don't have to do too much to it. And instead of cutting the Chris off, we can put to together. And with these heart cutters or a juice glass, you can get a shape that you want to save the crust. We're going to make some bread pudding later or oven French toast. Hey, we have two hearts Now. This is this sandwich. We're working on American cheese. We're gonna use the same heart shaped for the cheese because then they will fit perfectly. And this is chill. That really is quite easy to work, all right. And then I have a smaller little heart. You collect these over your lifetime on and there's so many fun little ones you can Yeah, there's aspect. Cutters come in a package. Little metal, tin. Their tiny, tiny great for cutting thin slices of vegetables. Problem in a salad. People are just amazed to see that extra effort. Him kind of fancy this and one all butterflies. Those are fun about your basic simple heart is where I'd start. And you can pick him up at any sale or any food job. Think grocery store has him now, too. Alright, that makes hollow that you can have just like that. And the center I adhered with some salad dressing. Onda, uh, I wanted to be kid friendly. So way have I was a picky child. So no mayo, no mustard, all butter and ranch dressing Indeed she waas and still today. This other one here Wednesday is peanut butter. These are things you probably have in your covered so you don't have to go out and spend any money on bread or peanut butter and jelly. And yet you're making it look like it's very special to me. This is strawberry preserves. Who made by cousin Sylvia? Wonderful. Said extra special. Then the red shows through and you can I don't have mayo, Andy. I'm going to use this Sweet probably used a sweet, but anyway, for video and yeah, yeah, and I was gonna tell you about the flowers on the plate. It's violet time on, and I process thes maybe a week ago. They keep on a damp paper towel in the bottom of the fridge. And they're better than they were out in the yard. And so to process those, you wash, wash. Um, I put him in a bowl very well. And paper towel here. Like this. I do individual ones also and then punches. And we had two colors. And I've used the purple ones here mainly so. But they're fun to put anything. Yes, even make him knows gay. If you're having little Children and one of them has a birthday or something, Violets are food safe. These are woodland violence, not African by that, she don't need African violence, but the wood violets are wonderful. 5. Sweet Treats & Tea Stand: if you don't have a raise stand, guess what Now you do. Right now, we're gonna talk about some of the T treats and these air so great and easy. The 1st 1 here are these butterfly cookies and we started out with this pack of cookies that you can get at a great price. We got these from Dollar Tree on Ben. We took Cool Whip and we put a couple drops of almond extract in it. We spread that on top of the cookies, and it makes it fancier and hard to tell what it is. And then we also took and made our own colored sugar. You can buy the sugar color, but you can also just get Granules of sugar crystals. Put a couple tablespoons in a jar. Put a drop of food coloring of your choice. Shake it around until it's colored, and then you can Sprinkle that on top of any of your T treats. We did the same thing here with these Napoleon's This is just a little, uh, cookie sugar wafer. Could be that you might get in your kid's lunch, but look how much fancy it looks when you spread some of that same cool whip with almond between it and we cut up some strawberries just from the salad bar and put those right on top. Or if you have a whole package of strawberries, you, of course, can use that as well. 6. Savory Sandwiches: for this tea. I'd like to have some savories. Here are some quick and easy ones that I will show you how we assembled. It is an assembly job. You don't have to cook for this. All right, let's see. It's asparagus season. We have asparagus in the yard. But I did buy this at Farmer's Market. So that took a little baby bit of our budget. And I also have ham. You can get Canadian bacon now to put on pizzas like pepperoni. I love it because I'm not a real pepperoni fan, and I, uh, the ham is wonderful for these things. All right, so I, uh, have cucumber sandwiches to their over there. I'll show you that in a minute. And ham and cheese with a little pickle and dreamin and the asparagus rolls So we'll see how we do that. The round breads. You don't have to take the crust off because they're already very thin crust. So what I do is take a brat bun. That's knock not, uh, sliced. And I cut it into 10 or 12 pieces. Uh, and I get a nice little sandwich. Put some salad dressing on the you always want to keep the bread, uh, from getting soggy. Okay, we're gonna put I am. And I've sliced with my heart slicer some American. Jeez. So that's already in a nice tiny slice for me. And then I've gathered some herbs. I have some herbs in the garden already. I recommend a kitchen garden. I have rosemary, some chives, um, sage and, um ah. Later. So let's say we put a sparkle of marjoram on there, and I went instead of buying a whole box of strawberries in the hole bottle of pickles and the I did buy the whole bottle of the ham, but I went through the salad bar for my trimmings, so that is a good secret. I got a few gherkins from there, and you can slice them from the bottom 3/4 of the way up, and that makes a beautiful garnish right there. And then they know what that is like saying. Oh, that's pickling stuff. Okay, I'm gonna put that our little round there. We have it takes no time. You can make a zillion of these right away. Quickly. OK, so that's the ham and cheese one. I used a little of the French dressing, too. Ah, it's nice if it piques out of the side a little bit, adds interest, and then, you know you have a deeper flavor in that. Okay, lets see. These were the, uh, de crusted Pepperidge Firm the extra thin sliced with the ranch dressing and then just to, uh, asparagus tippy tops. Those are the most tender on that. So that's it. That's done very, very simple. Again, we've got our violets in the ah center and pansy zehr edible. So when you're growing them in your garden, you don't want, um, from the store, anything it should be from your garden. Uh, but anywhere around on your tea trays, they do make a very nice impression. Dianthus is a clove, the flavor that is edible, the member of the Carnation family. So that just makes everything look a little more special. No, I found an especially pretty cutting surface, and I'm going to use that to serve the cucumber sandwiches. Very British tea, kind of a taste to it. I have some garlic chives on top there, the flat ones, uh, versus the round ones. And then I put marjoram for a little decoration. I got just a few cucumbers from the salad bar so you don't have to buy a whole cucumber if you're not going to use it. I usually cut smaller slices, but this will give a nice flavor. So you do that. I've quartered one slice, and then we put a little bit of our marjoram on that one in. That's a bigger leaf, so it shows off. And so the deal. I think the deal. It's just pretty, and it's a little bit of a modern look to its geometric. So some of that on both you could do sage on there to sage. I especially like if I'm making chicken salad or egg salad. One of those the flavors enhanced by that those on our tree that was very easily done. Well, a cucumber sandwiches. 7. Shortcuts to Tea Dainties: Now we'll show how to make our t dein tees, and this is the most simple but impressive outcome. So what we have here is some double tiered trays. We have the savories on the bottom. Then we have the sweets on the top. We call these T Dane teeth. If you had scones, they might be in a middle row on a three tiered trey. Now, if you are prepping all the other work, it's perfectly acceptable to ask your guests to bring scones. They could make them themselves. You can make them in mix. They have, um, in a box that are really easy to make, or you can just pick them up at your local bakery. So what we have here is a top player of tea cookies, or sometimes they might call them biscuits. We have a little centerpiece of violence. We have some more cut flowers around the edge, and again, those are from the garden and they've been cleaned. You just want to make sure that you have an edible flower and that it doesn't have any pesticides on it. Then over on this other trade, we have some petty fours and we have some little chocolate tea. Dein tees. We have some almond cookie, please. And over here we have some Ah, sugar wafers, sugar cookie wafers and that has some chocolate and vanilla sugar. Free putting that is a dip. And the sugar free cookie says Well, so if you have somebody that is watching their figure or perhaps needs less sugar than this Now let me show you how we make these, All right, So here is how you make these treats from basics things you can buy at your grocery store. Let's start with these prepackaged snacks. These are chocolate rolls. They have a white frosting inside them. You've probably had these before, So what you do is you completely transform them. You cut them into small slices and then you're going to turn them on their side and they will have a completely different look. So then you will take those going to end up things like this. You're going to spread a little bit of cool whip, and this cool whip has a couple drops of almond extract in it. Spread that on top to help your strawberry stick. You can get a little strawberry from the salad bar, or you can buy scrubbers and then take those slices just septum right on top of your little snack case. You could also use whatever you had around would use Nutella. You could use icing frosting. Whatever you have, that would stick. Next. We have She's a vanilla snack cakes. They can be made into petty force. So what you're going to do here is cut them into quarters. They will make them into smaller squares that most people will not recognize men. In this case, we have these little pre made candy flowers or if it's a different time of year, they could be snowflakes. We're going to stick those on with another little bit of our frosting or in this case, cool whip Right on like that. There you have a nice little pity. For then we have thes all Monette cookies. Thes air delicious. You could get a whole tube of them for a dollar, and they are great just on their own. Or if you want to fancy them up a little, you could put a drop of jelly on it. That's what we've done with these. Or you could put a little bit of food color into your frosting or your weapon. Put that on there. Um or you could put another dollop and put fruit on it. We have seasonally right now these butterfly shaped snack cakes and those we actually put out just as they are. But when you mix them in with the others on, and then you can put a little extra Sprinkles of something if you want these actually came with those on them. And then over here we have our pudding. This pudding is just sugar free, fat free instant pudding that you make up from a box. You could also buy it in a cup. If that was easier for you. We just put it in a different container, so it looks more attractive. We took the sugar wafers and you don't even have to decorate all of them. Just a few of them here. We've put another little dollop of something frosting like to stick it on, and then we've stuck little violets to a few of them, arrange them around the dipping sauce, and so then you can dip that inside, even stick one in there so people know what they're supposed to do. There that is off the preparation you need to dio. You can also buy these beautiful tea cookies. They come in a package already like this They come in a little box thes I believe we get from all these, but you can use any little t treat cookie and just take him out of the package and arrange them on your tray like we had on our top layer right there. Now I'm going to show how you can apply your frosting or, in this case, cool Whip. What we do is we take a snack size zip top bag. We put our cool whip and a couple drops of almond extract and a couple drops of your preferred color of food dye. Mix that up in the bag, cut faced little snip off of one side, and then you're going to gather it up in your hands and then squeeze that frosting out for more precise application. Just like that more. You could put it here on the petty fours, depending on how big that hole is will be how much frosting is going to come out. You can leave it just like it is, or you can add one of thes sugar decorations these you can get at the grocery store. And they are, um, pre made on a little sheet. They're usually in the icing section by the Sprinkles. Um, they are a little more pricey, though, so you might want to look for those on sale. You can just press those right up on top and get a little more decoration there. Or you could use your fruit again. Or just leave them as little thrusting dogs. This is a tiered stand that I'm particularly fond of. Our daughter made this when she was 34 and five years old. It's their holiday plates, you know, the kids get to scribble on it. And, uh, zan we stacked him up with Yes. What napkins You Beginners take heed. You congrats. Your tee up really easily Have little coasters to keep. Keep it a little more stable and napkins and you're set. This is an antique treasure of ours, too. It's a strainer for the t. You hold it over your cup wild. If you pour your tea. That perhaps has loose leaf teas and it you and you catch all the deli's in there and then you set it down into the holder. This one is a little more modern. Lindsey and I both have one of these. Tip it over sideways poor catch all your tea leaves and then set it down and it's automatically attached a lot of fun. T things you confined, so enjoy the hunt. 8. Closing Inspiration: way, way, - way .