Easy Editing for VLOGS with Sony Vegas | Andrew Tan | Skillshare

Easy Editing for VLOGS with Sony Vegas

Andrew Tan, 3D Animator

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9 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Triming / Slicing

    • 3. Framing / Cropping

    • 4. Crossfade

    • 5. Timelapse Effect

    • 6. Adding Text

    • 7. Adding FX

    • 8. Adding Transitions

    • 9. Rendering


About This Class


About this class:

For the people who are looking for a good video editing software, that is easy to learn, user friendly, and you don't need a powerful computer to run. For editing casual videos, like VLOGS or just simple stuff (like Skillshare classes) that also looks good. After watching this course, you are ready to begin editing your videos! using this video editing software - Sony Vegas Pro.


  • How to add text on your video
  • How to Easily and Quickly trim your videos
  • Creating a timelapse effect (made famous by Casey Neistat)
  • Easy cross fading (fade in / fade out) your videos
  • Render out your video to the best quality for Youtube

What you will need:

CREDITS (songs appearance in order):

GYVUS - This Time
A Sol Mechanic - Emotion Terrace - 04 boardwalk
Mo Anando. - In Bloom
Joseph Jacobs - Tune In
L'Indécis - Happy Hours
Bonus Points - Pizza and Video Games
CMA - It Is What It Is
CMA - You're Alive (Original Mix)
CMA - Without You
LYKO x Josh Lascar- Story (feat. Andy Bromley)





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Andrew Tan

3D Animator

Andrew Tan - an animator with 7 years experience in the animation industry.

- Currently working on Ori and The Will of the Wisp.

My past credits includes:

Snow white and the Huntsman (vfx),

The Seventh Son (vfx),

The 7th Dwarf (animated feature),

DMC Devil May Cry (motion capture cinematic trailer),

Angry Birds: Stella (series),

Lego Star Wars (short/ special series),

Lego Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures (series)

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