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Easy, Digital iPad and Cute Planner Designed By You For You in Adobe InDesign

Learn with N, Everything graphic design.

Easy, Digital iPad and Cute Planner Designed By You For You in Adobe InDesign

Learn with N, Everything graphic design.

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9 Lessons (1h 4m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Brainstorming

    • 3. Intro to InDesign

    • 4. Starting with a Planner

    • 5. Creating Rings

    • 6. Monthly Spread

    • 7. Weekly Spread

    • 8. Creating Buttons

    • 9. Exporting

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About This Class

This class is for absolute beginners in both Adobe InDesign and Planner Design. In this class, there will be presented some basics of InDesign, how to choose a layout, use primary tools, shortcuts, etc. 

We will start by creating a simple outline of a planner spreads.

We will be working on three planner spreads:
Front page
Calendar page/Important Dates
Weekly spread

In this class, I used decorations that I draw. Here you can download the finished class project alongside decorations.
You can see the final product on Etsy here.

This planner is not for reselling.

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Learn with N

Everything graphic design.


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1. Intro: Hey, everyone. My name is Naida and I'm a graphic designer in this class. I'm going to teach you how to make iPad plan or using. Don't be in design. I don't being Design is an app used for making flyers, books or e books. In this case, we are going to make our plan or for iPad just like you can see them on Etc. And Pinterest and other sites. I'm going to teach you how to make covers. Paper rings at buttons for your planner so you can use this planet for making passive income or even for your personally, was. If you are interested, keep watching this class. 2. Brainstorming: I begin every planner with the researching ideas and getting inspired. I usually do it on Etsy and Pinterest because they're the most people for Disney's is here and you can see some of the best work, and it just inspires me to see beautiful planners and it gets me going. So the next thing that I do is I use a piece of paper and or my iPad and apple pencil. But, um, most cases, it's my paper. I am just here showing you on my iPad, since it is easier for me to show guys into film. So I I think about what do I want to have on my planner? So after I get some ideas, I usually right the name of the planner and I write What is the design off a planner on? And this one is stars. So then I write down what's praised. Would I like to have? So it is First page it is. It's his first page, important dates, date and, uh, daily, maybe and weekly. So then I When I got my spreads here, I make a little like rectangle that I want. Like I want my, um, planner to look like. So this one is in landscape mode and it is made out of two pages, which means it will be the iPad size or maybe, ah, one page two pages off a 45 day six or like there whatever you like. So first page is the planner itself and the covers important dates. We are doing little rectangles. I usually don't get these ideas right away. I would usually go, uh, draw down to the tree, maybe even spreads. And then I decide which one I like best, um, daily and we click will. So we made here weekly. But in my at sea shop, you have the version with the daily bladder. If you want to check that out, I think you can see it in the photos and link will be down below so weakly, we will do maybe like to do list and days off the week, which will probably not fit. Okay. And it doesn't have to be pretty. As you can see, it's really isn't, and it does not the pretty on the paper. Even so, the point is to just bring storm every idea that you have and pick out the best that fits you and your audience. Maybe so that is it for this one. Let's get started. 3. Intro to InDesign: Okay, everyone. So here we are. Um, I already open adobe in designed, So you should do. This is the icon for Adobe in design. It's pink with I d on it. And we will start with our introduction to this. Uh, now, uh, it's this same in every single one off Dhabi APS. You opened the the air in your document in the same way that you're doing every other. So you will go file you, or you can click here open or create new. Now I want to create new and as you can see, I hear have ipad pro, which we will be using. What if you want something else? You can go create new. And here it is. You can put a five custom or something like that. So this is our iPad. And when you want it and landscape we want let's say six pages and it starts from the 1st 1 Now we'll go create and we have our document created here. No. Let me introduce you to the interface. No, To your left side you have that same tool box like in every other out of the applicant photo shop illustrator, anything every adobe APS is pretty much the same. So you have your tools here on the left side and under outside, you have your pals. Now, if you're panels don't look like mine here. You don't have C C libraries, pages or properties. So the two tabs that we will be using and this class are properties and pages. So that is the most important to you. Um, if it doesn't look like this, you will go up here and click. As you can see, mine is essentials. But if you could click something else if there is like any other, um, any other interface presented to you It may be interactive. Pdf, which changes the look like drastically you can use it. It's really, um it is a really good interface. But for this on, I'll show just with the essential since it is going to be very short class and not too complicated. Okay, so you'll go essentials. And if it's something messes up, you can also go up again every set special and said and said she'll send everything will be by. Okay, now just them out. I'm using just two of my fingers or you can go down here and zoom in, zoom out whatever you like on our left side. As I said, you have your tools and this class we will be using not most of them very little, since you are just the beginner. But don't worry, I think you won't even need more than this. So we will be using type tool The did the direct selection tool. Our selection tool, Um, rectangle tool, rectangle framed tool, Which is very important here because you cannot write anything on and, uh, out of the in design without previously making a space for it. So you cannot do it like in photo shop. Just take the type to length, click anywhere with your type and it will start writing there. Know that that's not the case here. So you first need to make a rectangle like this, and then you take your type tool, and then you can write inside. Okay, Now, if if you use your type two like this, as you can see, you cannot right here, it's impossible. And let me introduce you here to the properties panel here. We will add it. Any, um, an erect angle. I think that you pretty much have in your in design document here, So let's get started with, um, actually making our planner 4. Starting with a Planner: Okay, everybody, Are you excited as I am? So let's start first thing that we will dio is goto our pages panel here and then click a master So master is in in design is a place where you'll design just just wants. So you don't have to, like, copy and paste on every single page the same thing. So every single page that you want to be same to you Evil design here. So it is a master, and later on you apply those masters to your pages so you can have a b c The as many masters as you like. So for here will just need one. Um, a Mestre you click on the a master, and here is is you can see it is alone and we will now add it. Our master pH, which is a which will be our table back ground. And, uh, our notebook are actually our planner Now. I have some marble background here for this. So what? The first thing that we need to do is make direct angle for our background and we'll drag it all across like this. And we have it here. Nice and drag. It's blue and it will go pink or agree. And when it's it is around all of your edges. No, let's find our marble bag background for the table so we can. But it there. Okay, everyone. So here I found our background and we will drag this one to our rectangle like that. And here it is. Now what's again but our window away around the screen. Now, when you put photos in design, you have this yellow line around and you have the blue line around. So in this case, we'll just need the yellow. And later I will explain it a little bit more. So let's resize this to like the bit to fit all around our edges like that. And it's fine. I just pinched it. You could also You can also take these little yellow this little yellow frame and drag it all wrong to undo the stuff. Do him do your actions. You will just use Command Z like in every other app, and to copy the players or objects, you will just need command V and command a command. See, Anchorman Veto based. Okay. Now, as you can see, a master applied toe all far pages here, Toe all off our six pages. No, we will make. Also, our notebook are platter. But the first, the next thing that you want to do is lock the Slayer so it doesn't move around, so we'll use command l toe lock the layer. And as you can see, we cannot move it anymore. Okay, Now we need are again our rectangle tool to do the notebook and much I hear like Good. Let's go up here to the properties annual use, Phil, And let's say we want the black Phil and er Tous and we want a little bit off around edge off our notebook here. So you will go here to the corner, see and click on this drop down menu, click rounded and put corners to 20 pixels. And it is round with a little bit. I do not want it too much, but you conduce you, um even turkey or more. If you like. The more rounded edge put. This is what I am doing for this one. Now, the next day is putting our paper here again. We'll do the same thing. Tick our rectangle toe here on the left side and drag it, uh, over our notebook, Click Phil, Click Pay Persons we wanted why you could do any other color that if you prefer and I recited a little bit again. You can see these lines like in photo shop in every other wannabe. When it says that your objects is in the center, that's what we want. And I might want size like that. And now let's walk our planner like this commend l so it doesn't move around. And here we are, doing like the best planner where you have just the rings on one side, we will do written on the left side. That's why I left this space here. 5. Creating Rings: now, everyone, You wanna listen carefully for this part? We will do the rings. Now take the circle here or the ellipse stew and drag little lips anywhere you like by holding shift. So it is a perfect circle. Go to the properties panel, go to stroke, drug stroke on and go to Brad. Ian. So we wanted to be Graddy. And so it reflects. Also, it looks like that silver caller okay? And when you want the thickness off it to be maybe 15 points, let's Yeah, deads Good. I think now the next thing that you want to do is take the line to and draw a little plus on the over the circle like that, And let's color those winds to you can see them better with any color. It really doesn't matter playing that And let's put, um, think they're not in the pill. No, they're kind of our It really doesn't matter does much. But now let's use our direct selection toe and click on the circle like that. Click on the little are like that little white docked we believed, and with living half of circle, but we need just 1/2 off the hair. Now, quick, somewhere on the screen again click on this little white thought Here. Can you see it? Yeah. Here is quick on it, believe. And we got left with this one which we need and Matt with. Believe wise, since there are necessary due to a stroke. Here. Go again. Radiant Gradin. Sure. Now irritated by clicking on it and just they're dating around. And let's use our ellipse stool once more and make this like, little circle, which will be the whole for Quaida, where the punches So color is black And take the mouths take more to and put it like that. Is that good? Think it now take on our have circle again And let's your color it once more The Gradin. Okay, I wanted, like when my when it looks nice to you, That means it's right. So do it as you like. Um, and I will just put off the thickness off this right? Just a little bit more to 20 points that this whole needs to be bigger syllable shift and make it a little great girl. No, is good, but so make it a little smaller here. Now. That is good I will just now click on boat off these and hold command G to group them. So command C command, be copy and paste the items. Since we I want that like notebook. Look again. Click on both you select them Clear command. See then command me to pace then and place them as you like. I would go up a little bit more like that. And now let's old command cold shifts to select all of them again. Command Z command be. And now we have our notebook getting I will just repeat this process down so it's not repetitive, but you get it. We are just copying and pasting it Now I will select all of them and move them like to the middle by holding shift. Tom, that is our like metal. Now that we have our pages finished here you see, all of them are the same, which is awesome. So we don't have to do every single want different way. One more thing that I want show you is how to make the first page different than the others . So it does not are a master. It will be different. We will go to our first page that we want at it. Um, go to apply Master Two pages. None to page one click. OK, and now it's empty. But I want the background and the rings and also the black thing around our notebook to be visible on this page. I just did not want the papers. Now I will go to our A master and go, um object and look all spreads. I will just lock the pay prayer and I will select all of the other and then by dragging the mouse overt. And then I will hold command See Goto our first page hold command be based everything that we have there so and let's just move it a little bit. So it is like nice and even and you have your first page here. Now let's walk everything on that bridge so doesn't move around. Command l for locking and let's make little circle on there or you can decorate it any well you like. You can put anything on their go to properties. Phil, make it paper wife and let's use our type toe. So by going on our type tool, you will just click on the circle and bright, my planner or whatever you like and change the font, maybe to clicker script commend eight. So, like the whole text go to quicker script uh, middle and make it baker. So it is visible. Now I will go appear Click enter life like that and have your like the first page. I do not like how this looks, so I won't. I had And here it is. You can edit your first page and make it some patterns. Some photo You can insert anything to be the Doak of your held book so you can do whatever you like just being created with it. I'm here showing you the basics since I do not want this class to be too long or intimidating for beginners. Now let's go and make our spreads in the legs one 6. Monthly Spread: everyone. So we are starting here with some real stuff. We will be creating our first spread, which is or on a monthly spread. And I made our monthly spread in the brain storing on the first video in this class after doing trove cords. Um, because I like to plan my spreads in advance, so I know, like how they are supposed to look, it is easier, much easier for me. And it will make your job all so much easier if you prepare yourself for it. Now, um, we will use our correct angle tool and make, like, level rack that rectangles go stroke, make it black here and make that stroke thick to two points. Um, I forgot to lock our layers. So go here. Toe are a master and command else. So their aural locked in a moving around. And we will do six months in vitro. So let's see how many we can fit here. So that this to so, like both of them, Clancy command, we paste them, and this is like or can again command d base. Two more. Make it six. Okay, Now select all six of them. Hold shift and resize them to the size that they can think that is the small extra and go command Z and just recite them like that. I think this looks better. Let's again select all of them. But you drag the miles overdone and polling for Manti command be. And now we have it here. Make it a line. Okay, so I also want the title to be above them. So I will make another rectangle here by using our rectangle tool from the left toolbox. And we will we'll go to our mouse and hold command Z command me and copy these to copy these above every single one of the months. I'm sure you know how to copy and face till now. So I will just do it without you guys. Okay, everyone. Now that I have this all of them the spaces for our months here I will show you how to put the text in them. Um, go to textile on your rectangle for two months. Break January. Go to properties, Go to here to the paragraph center. Make this maybe 20 pixels. Actually, First you have to go command a vessel like everything in there and make us 20 pixels, if that's all right and click Enter. So I wanted to be like I just looked enter in front off our January, so because I wanted to be on the top off our I'm a rectangle for the month and we have our January, which is kind of invisible, and I wanted bigger. So now do not go again to the pipe tool. You can just click on your on your January like rectangle, go here to the size and make it sturdy. And that is too much for no, Let's make its 30 now. Okay, that's back. And I wanted to sit on top of the like. I also want to change the font. I want to font to be. Hold it. And here this. Now let's do rest off them. I will just peed it through citizens. I think it is unnecessary to, um, to repeat all of it again. Okay, Now, I think some of these rectangles are a little bit more separated more from each other than they should be. So I will just select both the name of the month and box for the month and old Mandy to group them and do that for every single month. So select them. Command G. So like them command g when you see this little green, um, lines in between off your rectangles. That means that your separation is the same as as the one for it again, which we want in this case. And we will now just centered. Um, well done. I think this one is. There's Mads Good and all Its just arranged thes, um, make them a line with the top ones. Okay, again, the green line school show when everything is aligned, right, And there it does. I also want to move this a little bit down like that, and I want to make a title up here again. Go to a rectangle, make it like that. Center it. Thank and, um, good. Your selection tool. It's like that rectangle. Make that well, way to go make it 30 points. Well, okay. Make that center. Or let's make that 40 points. Yeah, center dead. Also. Let's make another rectangle around it. Yeah, and now we are going to decorate a little bit so I can just show you the stuff with the photos that you can do here. I already have something pre made which I made on my bed. It was just a little something. So this is the strip that I want and I will drag. It's to our in design document, and it can see it is saved on the mouse here, and we'll go to direct angle that we wanted to fit in and go and click there. So it's there and now we have direct angle selected, but we actually want the photo so well. Keep that of law rectangle selected and goto our mouse. Click on the photo click twice and you have your yellow rectangle frame selected. So I want us to be above the important dates like that. Well, you can also resize it as you like. I wanted to fit. That's like like it is made with a marker, and I will just go anywhere, place clean on the spread and click So he selected. And I will against select our our little decoration and click with the right click and go here to arrange send backward and it is sent back word. I also want to change the color off her phone so I would just go here and click twice command a. So our fund is selected. Go to fill, make it paper. So it's visible here. Click on there again and let Jag are fond next like that. So it fits everything. Now it looks much prettier, and I will also show you how to do one more spread so we can repeat everything that we have learned in this story for this glass. So let's go to our weekly spread, which will be a little bit different. But we will learn something new and we will practice something that we have mentioned here . 7. Weekly Spread: probably most. A few use your to do list. At least I do. Um that is the best thing for me. I just write out one by one to do, and I arrange it, um, throughout the days of the week. So I will show you how usually my planners look because that is my favorite spread off the mall. It is best for me, but of course, you can do anything you like. I am just showing you this so I can teach you how to do something different. Now, this is a rectangle tool, as usual in this app. And let's make it like this. We'll go to stroke, make it black. Um, thickness. Two points. Just so it was visible to me. Now let's go, uh, and use our wine. We'll shift and drag the line where you wanted to be placed. Like that again. Both stroke. Make it black. Make thickness Two points or dicker if you'd like. Let's see how trailer I think that's a good thing. Do is good. Goto our rectangle toe klik Dr Click and use a lip stool. And here it is. Also make the stroke black and the thickness to points here. Okay, I will put the line a little. A bit below are circle like that. I will select the both of them old command G to group them and then go command C command be basted, and I will makes enough space. So there is, um, place for you to write. Even if you have, like, the bigger, uh, size off your letters when you're right and I will guess like the both of them commands command be. I will arrange them. When the little green lines says it's OK, I will just release it. And that is it. Now I will select all four of them again commands he command me and continue as continue to make as many as I want. So I will make this a pretty much long list, so we will just speed through it. - Okay , Now, let's add now that we have arranged off our lines for to do list, we will just go and use our by two and right to do also put it in the middle and command. Okay. Just select all the and go to do with the size off the fought to 20 points. Go with your mouths in front often to do and click. Enter. Now you have your to do list. We should make this font a little bit bigger now, don't we? What? It is 30. Yeah, much better. And I would do two days off a week again. We are using our rectangle tomb. So this is are Monday. I want to fit here, Um, five days in a row and to which our Sunday Alessandra dance. And it will be blow there. So I will just make it's like that and command c command be again the same thing as that We did, uh, for two months. We are just copying of basting five, these rectangles, so we can later fifth them to the canvas case. We have four and we will need just one more 20 command. Be here and think That's good. Now let's liked all five of them and resized them without holding shift like that. It's like them all again. And make the stroke two points thick. And let's copy just one of them. One of direct angles. Hold commands, command be and let's you're in it around like dad and just make it a little bit longer. so by dragging it without holding the shift. So it's fully transform Mobile. Yeah, and let's just make them a little bit long. That's good. We will also right Monday. Tuesday's by Commit by. I had hitting the and go Monday here Wednesday. They Friday and later we will add it, this one. Now let's select all vibe before in days click on the middle, make the font size 20 points and make its Helvetica That. And let's, uh, arranged them separately by putting your mouse in front of the name of the day and hitting Enter. So it is separated from the top a little bit now for the Saturday and Sunday we Whoa, um, make this direct angle you have by using our line tool and little zoom in click on our mouths and resize it by holding shift Death with the right size. Wow, Why does a woman Yeah, yeah, here it is. Now issues a rectangle pool or the middle off the name, Make it a little bit longer. Used that for both off our days and click on that little rectangles. It's d on your keyboard and right out such a day. Well, there, huh? here. Okay, We are encountering problems here, so we will walk district on gold by clicking command l and let's get. And now he think t and right sector day. And here Sunday now select bolts of them middle 20 points and just put your mouse. And from off the name of a day in now you have your little weekly spread. I also wanted to decorate this one for your guides. So I will go to my decorations. Firstly, let's for the rectangle here. One more like this. So I had the courage sigh. So I have the place booth decoration. I would do this frag and hear this. You based it already. Now I will use selection tool and again clicking twice. Uh, double clicking on your photo will bring up the yellow rectangle, which we want so we can resize our decoration, which is our little hold shift through size the photo. So it's a proportional years. Full photo. I wanted to go bigger. Yeah, I like that. Uh, also you can see that we cannot see are now our Saturday and Sunday Very well. So it's covered a little bit. We will use our arrange option again by clicking on the decoration and going range and send backward. As you can see, this Saturday isn't from now. Gorgon were a arrange send backward, and as you can see, our rectangle is still not the front. So go again. Range some backward, arrange. It's on backward and outs off the front and still are. Saturday and Sunday are not quite is a ball, so we will just unlock this layer that we walked previously. Direct angle off are such a dance Sunday and we will select it, make Phil paper and turn the past down to 80%. Or maybe even less might be ready. Seven. Yep, 70. It's nice and we have are weekly Spread the OK, so now let's do some final stuff for our play. 8. Creating Buttons: Okay, everyone. So here we are with our West's that which is adding buttons. Okay, So buttons are used for getting around in a digital planner when you use it on your iPad or any other talent for it is easier for you to get around when you have some buttons. No, we won't make those buttons which are links. Actually, first thing we will use our shape off the lips to make the button. Now I will put buttons here on the left side, since it will not get in the way when you are when you are the wing under stuff like right thing. Because most of the people, right with the right hand. But you can, of course, put it on on inside that you like above below, right, left anything. So I'm using all look off our button here as like ellipse circle. So we'll go to properties. Make the Phil Black and command C command V to copy the circle. So we have our weekly our daily and that is what am I going to make here for now? So this is not the final planner which I will be selling on Etsy. It is just for you to practice. Um, final planner usually has more bottoms because it has more pages. It has more spreads. Mine will probably have around the tree to four different spreads. So that means I will have to make street for different buttons. So it is easier for user to get around. No one we have are two circles which are made on our master page, so they are pasted on every single under page. Okay, um, I am going to make another circle. So this is our another circle, and inside of it, we are going to write. All right, let's say weekly, take that circle and put it around one of the buttons. Go to properties. Um, click twice on the writing command. A feel made the type typing right, make the size 20 points. Also it enter enter like that. Put it in a mood with that invisible, um, Circo inside ours and let's commands you command me and put that copied circle Obama on the other button and right out the month they it's actually or monthly, whatever it is. So we have our bottoms there. No, to make these buttons actually work. We are going to click on our invisible circle the circle where, um there is a writing. So we will go click on it with All right, click and go Hyperlinks, you hyperlink link to page And they is on our second page. I believe so. Make that put here to page two. Everything else here is fine. Go OK and you have your first button created. Now let's do that. Same here repeated. I will repeat it once more. Teoh, go click on your weekly which is the typo, not the circled the black circle. So we will click on the typing care Get go right Click hyperlinks you hyper link weekly is on page three, I believe so click Wreck your page three. Make sure the link through is page, not hyperlink or email or something else. Go OK and you have your buttons. Now all of those buttons are on every single page. But we did not have anything on our first rage. So usually when people make bladders for selling, they make they make some button on the first page. So it is like an enter button and our enter button is going to be this one here So we'll go again, toe our circle and do the circle like that empty circle without any properties without color or anything. Same as before. Go right click hyperlinks. You hyperlink Go to page and page two. Okay. Or you could put any page that you like. Okay. And now we have our buttons create the let's go to our last thing in this glass. It is exporting. So people watching it's very important. 9. Exporting: Yeah, everybody, you made it. Still here. I'm so proud of you. I hope this glass wasn't too hard for you. Um, I will just now show you how to save your files and how to export them. Now go up to the file. Go save. Wait a second. Go. It's safe now. You have your file saved in in design. Um, type of file. And now we want to save it as pdf, which will be, um, usable on iPad. And you can even resell it later. You will go to export here a get file export or command e and a Dhabi PRGF interactive. That is what we want. So if it's not that set up, you'll just go here on these little arrows and click Adobe Interactive. It can be print or anything else, but we want to direct of since we have those buttons that we just made. So go save here. Range all pages. Of course you have here compression mine are always, um j pic quality errors. Solution is always at maximum because I like it to be, like, really good quality for me. But when you sell it on Etsy, they limit the size of the files. So usually when I exported for etc. I used medium and something like 96 or even last depends on the size of file. But if the file is small like this one, it will probably fit in there, um, 20 megabytes size off one file that is downloadable. So just go with the maximum and treat 100 for personal use. And if you are exporting is for sale, especially for etc. You want to make that a little bit less so you'll use something like medium and just go export. And of course, you do not need all of the others Just go. Just check compression a compression and general so we'll go export and it is exporting our file here. It usually takes a short time, but if the file is big, it can take along that I okay, and we have our bladder here. Now you can see when we hover above are my planner This it says it is a button. When you click, it takes you to the next page. When you click to the weekly, it takes you to this page when you go to the dates, takes it to this one. And as you can see, the buttons are on every single page. So here we have our planner. I hope your are very happy with this class. If you are, please leave a review. And also I would really like to see your planners. Hi, how you made him. I will leave this one below so you can see how it looks. I will leave the in design pile and I will also leave the Peoria file. Please don't copy. Please don't resell this planner And please, When you make your planners, make sure all of the fonts, graphics and everything is royalty free or you have bought it. I hope you like this glass. I'm also looking forward to seeing your designs and see you in the next one by