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Easy, Digital, Printful, and Cute Planner Designed By You For You in Adobe Photoshop

teacher avatar Kreativco Studio, Design tricks for everyone.

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (1h 4m)
    • 1. Introduction to Class

    • 2. Introduction to Adobe Photoshop

    • 3. Adding Text and Moving Layers

    • 4. Giving Structure to Planner

    • 5. Habit Tracker Outline

    • 6. Renaming and Grouping Layers

    • 7. Editing Text

    • 8. Adding Lines

    • 9. Customize Habit Tracker With PNG's

    • 10. Adding Decorations

    • 11. Exporting Files

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About This Class

This class is for absolute beginners in both Photoshop and Planner Design. In this class, there will be presented some basics of Photoshop, how to choose a layout, use primary tools, shortcuts, etc.
We will start with creating a simple outline of a planner that will move to decorate, complimentary color choice. Also, students will be shown how to use free sources for decorative images for personal use from websites as FREEPIK and FLATICON
Ps. there is a new Planner PS video. Make sure you check it out

Meet Your Teacher

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Kreativco Studio

Design tricks for everyone.


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1. Introduction to Class: Hey, guys, my name. I'm just a girl who thinks she can draw It is usually translated as graphic designer. So in this last, I will be teaching you how to make this bladder from scratch. You know will be Photoshopped House is decorated with P and Jason where to find this cute P and G's for free, of course. How to export your planner for print or dished? Ilyas, this class is for beginners, but and one enjoy us. You will have files for every step off this class like that below. If you get stuff, you can look back into those files or you could just let me know. And I will be more than happy to help you at any point. So let's jump into a class. I hope you have a lot of fun and you learn something. 2. Introduction to Adobe Photoshop: Hey, guys. So let's start her first support here. We have opened a photo shows. Now what you want to do is create in your document here on the left side, we create new and here it is. Here you can see a four format which is in recent, and if you can't see it here, but it doesn't need to do you use it. So therefore you have to go to print and a four look like a four and create. So here we have our workspace. So let's get to know a little bit about their horses. Space here on the left side, you have your tools. And here on the right side, you have really or workspace. So if your workspace doesn't look like mine, you will go here on the operate corner and click on this icon and jack graphic. And what? So then you will have worst case A same now here you will add it. Your text Here we will have our shapes. And here we have our layers which will get back to where now also What you want to do is open up is his rulers. Now if you can't see them well, obviously have opened way. Did that I going to view. And here you have, rulers, or you can just click calm Command are on Mac. So let's use our rulers first. No, we want our borders to be You thought 0.5 millimeters from top bottom, left and right. Okay. Why I want to do that is because we want our planner to system consistent consistency. And it has to be pretty to the I. So let's start. No. How will you make thes bores? Well, you will drag your mouse from the ruler. Click and dreck. And now on left side, you can see the measurement is zero Now we want 0.5 millimeters from a thought. So let's it Ah, Here is the euro 0.5. You just like to go there? No, we want to do that. Same to the bottom. Let's click again. Top ruler. I get down to the bottom of our where now you can see here on the left side. It does not like from top. You can't exactly that 0.5 because these dys bigger line here between 11 and 12 is actually 0.5, actually, 11.5. No, which want to do is count. These little things is no. It is one, 234 and five. So that's well the 11.1. Uh huh. No. Which one do is again do the same thing to the sites now was due to do it first to the right. And again we have to count. Is one do three or five dirty? Just let it go as alluded to the left side. So here it is. Zero again. Just go to this bigger and you know, 85 come during this. So let's continue are processed in the next Orio. 3. Adding Text and Moving Layers: Hey, guys. Yeah, What you want to do is write what you want in your planner. With that, we will use our textile. You can click here on the cycle, or you can just click t on your keyboard. And here it is. No. What? You wanna have your planner? It's totally up to you. But here, I'm going to use some of my favorites. And actually, this is my real life planner from the day so we will first enter our date. Okay, we have our date. Now we wanna enter. Important. Also, we want to enter something for to do lists. And we want also to have Cora meal plan. So it will be breakfast before breakfast. Um, lunch, though. Andi for dinner. Um why don't I want Well, I like to have someone knows, because sometimes I want Teoh just remind myself that I had to do something, anything So knows on that now, as I mentioned earlier. Now, here on the right side we have our layers. So every word, every section off our planner is indifferent layer. And we actually want that because it will be easier to manage it later. So always texts are always named after what's written in an in them. But you will see later when we use our shape tools there will be named like circle one rectangle one her rectangle to it is good practice to rename your layers Just so you know which one is it? You know, now we want to organize thes. We can just leave them here, right? Let's start. My date is usually looked located on the upper left side. I just like it that way. So it will be up her live side. Just look it and dry it if it's see c 2000 and 19. But if you have later for our shop, you want to hold command d OK, and then click the layer or date or important, you just hold command E and then click. And then it will be selected here on in the layers. But if that doesn't work for you, for some reason you're just you can just like it here in the layer spaniel. So you go to do and you can drag along. Okay, Now, my important list is usually somewhere here also had to stop so I can see it, you know, because things border that must eat him also to do somewhere here, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Now, if you want to select more than one layer at the same time, you will just go to the layers plant panel like the 1st 1 that you want select. And it must be ordered one after another. So it will be breakfast and hold chef to the So we have book. We have all three select of them. It is breakfast, lunch and dinner. So here, Now we get well, do it again. Now we can move them all together. Also I want knows to be, um and I won't use a little nicer here somewhere here, let's see aligned with the important thing and off course later on we will add a much better Let's continue toward exit Auriol so we can make our friends for deaths. 4. Giving Structure to Planner: here we are again. Now what you want to do is start today. I like doing it like I put it here so I don't forget anything. Let's do our line with direct tackle here. Photoshopped usually your lives with direct that to So you will just click on direct angle tool on, go back to the cameras and dragged a line as long as you want. But here we have some special which I think are good. So the with we can edit here on the right side, in our mail pals. So our middle panel is or shapes so rectangles, circles and any other shapes and supported Graham, I don't know, illustrator or anything like totals or you could always edit here middle. So we want our with to be 800 so excels. And we want our high to be three Bixel solely want their wine a little bit thicker here is just kind of and that's also our lines. What? This against here. You can see it now we want we don't want to be white because they're bad crimes white. But off course you can put any color that you want. I wanted to be black. You know the first color is always the film caller, and the 2nd 1 is the outlines. So we just want to hear the fill color. But just like, of course, no, let's zoom in a little bit. I just pinch mouth like on the Eiffel and want aligning with the date So our typeface and our object off, which is representing the wine, must be like this, like this one. Okay, no, that's good. And his image earlier. You want to rename your layers, so let's get here and your name and name just quickly. And here it is. We'll call it a date line and drag it down the loo. Where'd aligning? So it's easier for you later to make group defense. Also, I want some wines here and here to separate the month and the year, so I will make those lines with the textile against their just like together keyboard or click on the left side bar. So I own flash. Now let's see how they fit. I think this is good, but we want to move a little bit smaller. They're just a big let's see 30 points, but we want to make some more space. You just double click and then you can edit your text. There it is. Grab your more fool. Let's see now this is the middle thistles. Good. I like it. What we want to do next is make boxes for all of the's sore, so it is more organized for you later. When it comes to designing the stuff. No likes to are important box again. We'll click rectangle or you on your keyboard. Whatever. It is easier for you. No, I divided the whole A foil a 44 months, Um, and it's pixels. So it's with and hive big cells. So our boxes are good and they're pretty and they're organized and they're the same with because that gives the consistency when you look at it. No, what you will do is click on the document with your rectangle tool selected Click, and you have this little appeared. No, uh, the measurements for our box. The wit will be, I think, Well, it's same for let's see, important to do and notes. But for the for the breakfast, lunch and dinner, we will do something a little bit there, friend. Of course, the with will bathe same, but just divided by three. Now what I was saying, um is let's do the box for the important. Now the wits for this box will be 150 pixels there is, and the height for it will be 850 pixels. Now you can edit the height as you like. If you want your important list to be longer, you just add height. If you want to be smaller, of course. Just subtract the height. Now let's click, OK, And we have a rectangle right here. Now direct angle is white color. Now you can see the colors here and we won't. I won't be visible to see it. Of course, we'll change the colors here. We want the feeling we want Phil now to be you. I have no color so well like this. My direct angle with drug line or and we want our are flying around it to be black or any other color that you like. But I leave the black because it's easier for me to see it. I don't know God. Now let's click Correct angle. Why doesn't want Oh yeah, I want that those lines to be a little bit thicker. Let's say five pixels. Good. Now what? Click on that direct angle on drug. So ah, rectangle is year, right? Yeah. Good. And that important, Typo, we want that in the middle. Yeah, it does. Yeah, that's the middle. That also district angle must be in line with our borders. So you want direct angle, Andrew border to be like this pick. So that means it is right next to the border. Okay, that's good. Now we want this to do a little bit lower here. Now let's do the breakfast, lunch and dinner rules. So up a little bit now. Cool and good. It is course Same. 100 and 1050. And the height is 600 pixels. Okay, well, what? So And one ordered to be black And wait, what it's called? No, But to use this and get we want to divide this rectangle by three. So 1000 steed divided by three is 350. So let's quit. Guenot rift, then. Okay. Lets dressed angle on Do 350. It will stay the same. So it's just 600 in this. Now let's change colors for good. But fool you some wonder crawler. Let's use like thing. No drag district angle to the top Here on the breakfast here we have a breakfast a little. When you could see the line goes down and it's pink. That means that sure objects now also, what we want to do is make this riff angle two more guys. What you wanna do is click on direct angle if you're using a Photoshopped version like command E and gun it. But if you're using 2019 you could just and here it will be selected in the layers panel. As you can see now it's name is right bangle five. But if you're not sure that you click right thing, you can always click on this little I here and you can see it disappear. So that means that is the right player. We want to rename it as right this and click on it. Dude, that you want, click on it and hold command J Command on and we duplicated. Now we have to weigh, wants to read them. So hold against J and units have three. Let's rename. So here it would be breakfast. But I mean, this is one thing. And here also be dinner believed to Scott. No, you are here selecting dinner. So you will just go to this paying correct angle and dragged to dinner to make things right here. Fairness. Go to the luncheon layers, panel liquor. And that is it for this one. No. Go to the next one and filling this pace. 5. Habit Tracker Outline: Hey, we're back to fill in this space. What you want to do is have some apartment habits tracker who are something like that. So well, for now, just to some basic stuff, like Quicken rectangle and and makes three, let's say three habit Travers with 12 fingers. Figure out along the way. No, I will also want to see some of your designs. Maybe you're using some hodja way off planning. Maybe you don't choose to do list or important things or your meal planner. You need something. Girls, please. Guys, doing your own planner and posted down below. I love to see it. Really? Okay, let's continue with their I want to do is make some kind of pre habit trackers. Let's say they do. They have trying. Now click on destruct angle. The 1st 1 to create Let's see three squares on both squares will be 200 pixels by 200 pixels. Okay, there we go. We have them change our color black there is and put it right here. So now we have that one rectangle which will be named having one for now. And let's get a quick it here on the layers panel Command J. And may those coffee. Those two copies last got you go. Okay. You also want all of these off these All of these hang stuff like it is the same measurements from stop there. They have those. Alright, Separations. Like they're saying they're just now. They are so OK, go to the layers panel, hold shift and hold. Shift at the bottom and sunny one, Select Philip three top one and clubs. Now, if you want to reverse anything, just commands. Third year also wants of wines here in here. So it's easier for us to make some tracks in days. Rectangles. Well, we will actually hold. Are some kind off likens photos, something, whatever you like. So it was the war lines here are with to be 800 pixels and are with B 90 pixels. You're there. Let's James was colors black are clicked toe. Um, no. Copy this. Quick. Get command J times. Because with the thing I want, all of our have attracted. Now we have them. Let's continue our classes. Next tutorial 6. Renaming and Grouping Layers: Hey, guys, Now we want toe organize our layers Because what? We already have a lot of them. And we're getting serious with our edits, the signs and stuff And we want them named and know which ones. Which one, actually, from sampling this. Let's start from the bottom. So we have Dateline. That's good. We have our slashes that that dates. So let's group this quick shift at Dateline and go to the top to the date Quick command G rename that who, as they so well a for its stuff is in one like whom folder it is is your first. Define it and we will have much more space here in this layer panel, which I like. Actually, I like my layers panel to be as needs is possible. So important is here. That's textile direct angle, his badgering direct angle important. Okay, We want to grow that. Do it will be Ford. Okay, Good. Now our to do list is there so rectangle afforded to you know this is no See, some sometimes can come ass, so don't just assume a jacket with the stock. See, that is not there to do thing. So yes is this. So you want to drag this rectangle to this to do next? Your layer and you want to rename destruct angle as break angle to do and group and name it to do off course. Guys, you can hear photo shop. You can have hundreds and hundreds wears name of ST, but them do that. Okay, so the name doesn't matter, Really. You can add spaces, numbers, special characters, anything. But just make sure that you know what, Let's get the exciting part about signing them. 7. Editing Text: they're here, I thought first exciting heart. Now, this is my favorite part long since you I'm a graphic designer and it makes me happy. So, no, you will have all of these photos P and G's months and cheat sheet in dropbox flow. So you condone it, all of that. But I highly recommend it if you tried. Were Selves. Your honor. Photos out of tea and cheese. Do you have to use all these things that I used? Actually, everyone has there. Has your whole home way off organized their life. And this is just one way, and it just fits me. So first again, we'll start date. You just quit. Thinks is your open for you to worry a lot of girl so quick days and we want our fun to be something Joe's all already So it's here it is called love and this bomb I think God is it is not a global farm, so you can't use it to to stuff that you'll be sold ing selling. Now, if you want to sell this planet that you may, you can't use this fun because it's this problem. Probably that's royalty free. So please don't get yourself in trouble. Okay? That was just You can use this, actually, just for two personal use. Now, this one. But all of the Google sponsor are all of other Google bonds are actually world differently . And you can use them Or does thought that you will be selling with project planners anything. Now, Now, who will be using this lovely valentine? You just soak it and has heart. You know you now, because not that day. Now you have that date and want to line like yeah, way have are all inclined stare. That means good. We want size off our dates. To be point, you can check your price year color, and everything will be black for now. One important same thing. Lovely five from around. Look, I'm just like this. Now, let's do our two. Here's what I wanted to show you. You're gonna get hold shift if you have multiple texts that you want the same bond, the same weight, the same color for anything else. So you wanted them actually to be, uh, one after another so you can get hold, Chef. So left all of those layers here, right side, and, uh, the size of these will be 36 points, just already deformed. It's not drive. We want that long. Valentine, darling Hearts here. Yes. Okay. That is how you changed. All just like them at the layers panel with James you want to buy. And there they go. Now we also want our notes and the last one. 8. Adding Lines : Hey guys, and you're back again. So what you want to do first is you make clients here. You can hear two divorced like this, but I like mine to be more life with lines and little circles. Like in I think that because very sets. So that one, of course it is a But this just so hard. Our circle now circle. Just click. And he's because now, here once served cold way to the sides. Simple as that. We wanted to make one more this and we want our wind to be some exact with, So we'll add it here on the right side panel. So it is 870 pixels with and height will be five pixels with the black outline and no filling. I think our life is good here, so it's just okay. I think it's good now. Now the next thing that you want to do is renamed things here. See, there are already into do group, which is good. Now let's just renamed it so it's a circle one. No, there it goes. Now you want to hold shift in Blair's panels and look on the circle line. Hold shift. The wine won command J not right away. You want to go back to your award space and drag this low like this? Yeah, they're good now. Also, you wanted to the same thing again. Well, at the bottom, off the circles. So the circle want to buy one copy? Click Command J and forth. Um, and just make sure all of those lines appear. So again, Whole circle. Want to do? Find one copy to Cold Command J. And they are old located now. Just right. You want to do it again? Beverages have it. Guys way. Have your wine to do It was it, wasn't it? 9. Customize Habit Tracker With PNG's: is have a trackers that wants to make Well, I got ideas here and this Rick angle you want to add so I could total, which you can find on news websites power men. But again, these are not really free. Must credit the author if you want to tell them. Actually you can't sell them. They're just for personal use. So you can bite subscriptions off course. But it's Teoh. They are not really free. No. So you will find our flight icons here, which our PM keys you can now, once and for toys like I've been calm. But I will leave the links off our Aiken slow and I will leave. I conspiracy cheese and back about that. It will be also link Philip. Okay, so you just click on Serge and your search water. And here we have food, water. I see quick p and G, B and G and see free thermal must credit daughter. And this is 47 and descends two months, but still some off the three lengths website. It's not see this as a really great stuff I just recommended. Isn't personal use not getting trouble? If you want those I can sport commercial used to confine them at a truck stop. So one start. We want our habit here. So you want You don't want Tab? We wanted here in this. So what I wanna do is go to our shop cards are images and use our here. Now, this P inches, you concede that now, if you have your older version off British acceptable ships and then your size document looking. But if you have your one, actually, he has the doesn't 19. If you hold the shift, it will be okay. We want that size in the picture to be a side of our square under this kettlebells there. And we have now we'll just asleep that one. You don't I don't. Okay, now, one what we want for to have this too. What? Drink? Take. So just click on this double and it's tea. You can see this Lou Rex blow lined thing around There's quicker. So we'll just wait there and you have your lighting layers, so we'll just right walk. We have to change the color way have to and the size fillets change size first. So used that to know the weapons too. Well, Oh, you get to him. Okay. Maybe last 20. Yeah. When news came, just drag it a little bit down, and we want our border intake to be, like, kind of middle sand. So I was going to purr grab quick the second year, and it will be good. And the last habit will be maybe a more tracker. I get this. What's Spurs? We want that track. Okay, so armed. Track her, we can draw Smiley. Okay, let's first change the filter. None online to the black. Like a No. Let's use our Sure. Okay, hold shift. If you are on the older right version and just drag though it could just fill this like square. Take that. Change the color Dads just line it be black and has no fell And can't believe this rectangle And you want her face to be a little bit pat browned batter Let's do pixels is good. Yeah, And we want our smiling fist Had eyes on control shift I want I j do eyes. I've Okay. How close it Yeah, you can write. You can draw its face. Yeah. No, What we want to dio in these now that's asked this you control its bays and saying here also what we want to do is here describe how it felt to do it. This just outlined. No, that's right here home. This convergence now for the water intake in the stub way will put a little glasses. But first, let's make it from applying force against No and do this with article classes in our downloaded from the I think recited man down are one you want above seven point water. I think that's what doctors were coming full that command J and make 7 to 8 copies. Actually, let's first do it two and then three, and then you can see que Just make that those good spacing last here also here. Let's drag found. How long have we Absar sauce? Which is minutes? 16 minutes. Maybe a day for you. Okay, we have all our now blood want funds next week. Let's go 10. Adding Decorations: Hey, guys. So I just figured out Maybe it's a big Routier here to write today. Belt you. Can I here free beer? Maybe you should make a small No, let's do that. Decorate mouth this tough that we will be decorating our plan or with are dependent jeez from actually their vectors from free pick, which is also a subside ary off white Aiken or other way round nurses or companies. Something like that, Of course, this is for personally was only just get that mind. And I made these like little flowers from those from those factor files. I just added them and made so cute things. No, the photo want We want ad far planner and want this And this one could go beyond our beyond our beyond our borders. There's the word. So here it iss I think this is kind of good. Smaller. It doesn't cover as much of the meal. Flannery smaller I like before looking so there it is just your center moans will be good, could enter and we have our first aggression, which is cute yet what do you want to do is also bring in our second photo. It also made from those filed way. Want that here or here? I'm sure. Let's check how I made it here. Okay? Oh, yeah, it's at others. Oh, you go. No, I've got delayed because I've been okay. Make it smaller here. Yeah, maybe small it here because, of course. And we have those little bottles wise and just see them. Your er so let's do you came our first butterfly. Go here and be fall. Yes. And second butterfly here. Que? It's twice old sundown. There it goes. I like my stuff. While worry I'm watch collar. Also, more color stuff we do have to Mexico. Hey, guys, I forgot to add some of these lines at the important depth. I'm sorry about it. So let's do this now. We just go, please. Gundam conocer fell and three before it is one d Oh, Ray or yeah, Should a man j bring it up? Yeah, they're lying. Right? And that's okay. What we want to do to these object to the circled on wines wants to make them great because there will be probably writing blue pen for in black pen. And it is just prettier for it to be a little bit, so let's do our great here. 1234 from white. Okay, it's good way. Want that? Oh, so we're under date section, which we will boom and flood who are felt to 34 goes. We also are right. No wants exits like important to know, water in big smiley face breakfast, lunch and dinner. All of them to be pinkish now was dude, that date thing we want that to be some color on that will be this. You just take this. I drop it too, And like it in any color document that you want to be same that you see your think. But this to like like that. That's good. Also want to copy this code here? Blow? Um, with resort is selected. So we will just hold command and see. And it is coffee. So just passed that color too. Every other. - OK , guys, Now the way we have done that, these no Do you want now we want to do all of these glasses because you're crying me number glasses and we have her cattle Well, that we want to be pink. So what we want to do is click on the kettle bell or find here in my layers panel and go right click comments and blending options. Now we have already has it been color coffee, so we'll just go color warmer light and click on this color. Passed it down here. Have it. We also want to do that to our smiley face. We want that first to be pin guys. But of course, if you don't don't worry about do whatever you like. Love. Actually see war eyes. His glasses should be. Hey, no go. Now all of the's glasses should be grouped, or already it will just be easier for you the colored. If you don't want it nine times past, same color. Go to that blending options self. You'll just go right click on the group before older and leading options go color overlay. And Photoshopped would probably say that collar Orel is You see, I have these two who can reproduce them as much as you want, but I have those doing the 1st 1 is that thing that I actually want? So I'll just look up gate and there it is. Now also, um, these dees this mill one guy here, this guy here needs to. These guys here need to be, um I need to be grace. So it's 123 or what? That's no slits. Let's let's let's blitz days. But we need thes and we want them to be gray again toward color. From what? I want to be here, you hear? You know every time maybe these lines should be a little bit thicker. Let's make that a Let's make this a five pixel line on just running to. And this one of the notes do because you can also add here lives. But I like I like my papers without a line. It's already five pixels, but we want that Great. I won't know frames here were have lines because just don't match Well, just lead them. We come them believe did the work. You can go here left can go under. If you don't want to believe the date you cannot believe like that. Just go to the layers panel here and click this little You're now hearing organ leave for planners. Guy 11. Exporting Files: Okay, guys, this is a lie. Step to be doing it. Just saving and exporting. So what you want to do is go pile and safe for Commence s on. And when it comes to exporting pile, it will go exports and export s here. There's a way and want to export this file. You go here to former Anglican J pack while 1% confused APEC foreman for printing or for your additional planner to pallet. We show you how to use it. The next thing that you want to do it is quick here, export for and you have your J back quick sand Howard, say that So once again, next thing that you want to do is open off your ear drops and see here. Oh, here is my Here is my I and they just dragging this butter shop planner j pick to my eye. We're copping it. So here this when I had my my picture. Old planner No. If you want to use yours planner as a as it you will be needing you only to download some app. Like good notes I hear have been because it's best for me. No, you open your good notes app and you click here on this little plus and you go important and Greg photos and you have your planner here it is imported, and you go to these four squares, you click them. And here you have all of your pages in that document. So you'll probably need more than one off days to do lists off your planners because this is just a daily planner, unless assume you want seven off, Um, or every day in a week, we'll just go to plus and click this little plus and passed copied pages on and here in this Yeah, that's all you need to do. You confess as many of them as you want, OK? And I go down, get back here, click on your pencil and start planning. Let's say we have our day. Is is 12 feet April So April off 2000 and 19. Yes, I know my writing or will. And today I felt okay, which is smiley face very goes. And you're right. What you need to do in invents you can write your nose. You can do everything here. Okay, guys, I hope you like this glass and I really hope that you will show me your designs and your planet planners down below to see you in the next place, But