Easy Design: How To Make Amazing CARTOON EFFECT From Any Photo Without Photoshop!

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5 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. What is this class about?

    • 2. Free Portable Tool

    • 3. How To Remove a Complex Background from a Photo

    • 4. How To Make an Amazing Cartoon Effect

    • 5. Note


Project Description

-> Upload your project progress to the Project Gallery for feedback!!

Project Description

Learn How |To Create a Cartoon Effect from any photo or picture following my steps in the class videos.


1. Download and install Free Open-source software
2. Choose your favourite picture you wish (you can also use a photo of your relatives and friends)
3. Remove a backgroung from the picture
4. Make cartoon effect following step-by-step instructions


Upload your picture to the class project gallery for feedback.


Download and install free and portable tool

- Can't wait to see your results in the class Project Gallery!