Easy, Delicious, Juicy, Microwave Pork Recipes | Pearl Ishizaki | Skillshare

Easy, Delicious, Juicy, Microwave Pork Recipes

Pearl Ishizaki, YouTuber & Home chef who lives in Japan

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13 Videos (57m)
    • Microwave pork recipes introduction

    • Kimchi Pork with Microwave ASMR Cooking

    • VOICE OVER Kimchi Pork with Microwave

    • Microwave Recipe Curry Ketchup Pork (ASMR Cooking)

    • VOICE OVER Microwave Recipe Curry Ketchup PorK

    • Microwave Recipe Pork Salsa (ASMR Cooking)

    • VOICE OVER Microwave Recipe Pork Salsa

    • Pork Balls in Onion Sauce(Microwave Recipe) ASMR Cooking

    • VOICE OVER Pork Balls in Onion Sauce

    • Pork Shiso&Cheese Wraps Microwave Recipe ASMR Cooking

    • VOICE OVER Pork Shiso&Cheese Wraps

    • Steamed Pork with Mushrooms and Takana Microwave Recipe ASMR Cooking

    • VOICE OVER Steamed Pork with Mushrooms and Takana Microwave Recipe


About This Class

Learn to cook pork on a microwave the right way PLUS quick and easy pork recipes

Many of us are still hesitant to use microwave to cook meat. Nobody would blame you if you're one of those. Who wants to eat a burnt, hard or even undercooked meat anyway? But still, when you look into the advantages of using a microwave which includes fast cooking, easy to clean, and efficient - isn't it worth giving this machine a second chance?

If you're willing to give this machine a second chance, then you've landed at the right course for you. Because in this course, you will learn pork recipes which are cooked in the microwave. The recipes are tried and tested and as long as you follow the cooking procedures, most specifically the recommended cooking time and watts to use, you'll be in the safe side. 

The recipes in this course features Japanese-style recipes. You'll be introduced to many Japanese cooking ingredients so it is a fun and an informative course. 

In great cooking comes great responsibility. There are a few things that you need to know before you start cooking in the microwave such as:

  • using microwave-safe glass/bowls/plates when cooking on a microwave
  • if the recipe requires a cover/lid for cooking, only use microwave-safe cover or lid or use a microwave-safe cling wrap
  • never use ingredients or materials that might explode while cooking in the microwave
  • for safety and health reasons, never use plastics or substances that might melt while cooking in the microwave
  • always keep in mind the safety when using a microwave, read the manuals of your machine if needed

This course is highly recommended to everyone. The lectures are in good quality videos. For every recipe, you’ll find two videos. One is the instruction video so you’ll know the detailed process of cooking. The second video is a recipe video where you’ll find the ingredients which you need to add on your shopping list. 

Happy cooking!






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Pearl Ishizaki

YouTuber & Home chef who lives in Japan

I'm a YouTuber & home chef from the Philippines who now lives in Japan. I make cooking courses featuring recipes I've learned from the different places I've visited.

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