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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

15 Lessons (1h 8m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Project Overview

    • 3. Essential Tools and Ingredients

    • 4. Making Fresh Dough By Hand

    • 5. Making Fresh Dough with a Food Processor

    • 6. Chipotle-Flavored Pasta Dough

    • 7. Using a Pasta Machine

    • 8. Cutting Pasta by Hand

    • 9. Cutting Flat Pasta with a Pasta Machine

    • 10. Shaping Farfalle (Bowtie) Pasta

    • 11. Butter Smoked Paprika Tomato Sauce

    • 12. Sage and Walnut Pesto

    • 13. Cooking The Pasta

    • 14. Boulevardier Cocktail

    • 15. Closing Thoughts

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About This Class

Turn out delicious homemade pasta in your home kitchen. In this class, students will learn the basic tools, techniques and ingredients needed for creating fresh pasta at home. Students will learn a basic egg dough, a spicy flavored pasta dough, easy shaping techniques and two delicious sauces to pair with their pasta. No previous knowledge of pasta making is necessary. A food processor and pasta machine are recommended.

Meet Your Teacher

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Lexi Abel

LexiBites.com, International Bites & Booze


Hi! I'm Lexi, a home cook who enjoys sharing my love of food with others.By day I work in public relations and social media and by night I love to cook, eat and drink. Even when I'm sitting down with fork or glass in hand, I'm often thinking about my next meal.

The world is made for exploring, and my blog, Lexi Bites, we're checking out new destinations one plate at a time. Every month, Lexi Bites explores world cuisine with inspired bites and booze you can make at home, no passport required.

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1. Introduction: Hi, I'm Lexie, able from Lexie Bites A passionate home cooks just like you with a love of international cuisine on my blood. Lexie bites. I explore the culinary landscape one plate at a time. And best of all, there's no passport required today. On skill share will be learning how to make your own pasta at home. We'll be exploring a basic Egged oh had a cut in shape noodles into flat shapes like fettuccini and Tuggle Illini, and will finish with two amazing sauces that you compare with your fresh homemade pasta. Now you might be wondering why you would want to make your own posit home while Number one . It's easy, it's fast and it's fun. Who doesn't love to noodle around in the kitchen, and homemade pasta tastes way better than anything you can buy in a box. So join me today and we will uncover the secrets of homemade pasta right in your own kitchen. 2. Project Overview: you might be wondering why you would want to make your own pasta at home while number one It's easy. It's fast and it's fun. Who doesn't like to noodle around in the kitchen, and homemade pasta tastes way better than anything you can buy in a box. So join me today and we will uncover the secrets of homemade pasta right in your own kitchen. 3. Essential Tools and Ingredients : making pasta is easier than you can imagine, and you only need a few tools and simple ingredients. First of all, you need a great big bowl, and I like this one because it's nice and shallow and makes it really easy to mix the dough together. And then our secret mixing ingredient is a basic fork. No special equipment required. This is when we are mixing it by hand. Then we're also going to be rolling out the dough you can. If you don't have access to a pasta machine you can use. Do this at home with your rolling pin, but we will be using a pasta machine, which I highly recommend. You only need five simple ingredients to make delicious homemade pasta. So number one we're starting with all purpose flour. This is what you already have in your kitchen for making cakes, breads, any kind of baked goods, and you can just buy this at the regular grocery store. We're also gonna be using semolina flour. This is 100% Durm wheat. It has a very high gluten content and a beautiful yellow color, and it gives it that extra bite and that beautiful texture that you know from fresh pasta. We also want to use just a little bit of salt. Kosher salt is great to really bring out the flavor of the pasta, and then our wet ingredient will consist of farm fresh eggs and that will give us that beautiful yellow golden color a nice springy texture and again, that luscious rich flavor. And then our final ingredient is some high quality olive oil. Now, this is an Italian olive oil, and I encourage you to use the best olive oil that you can find, but use whatever you have on hand. Now, if you want to take a step beyond, you can go with an Italian pasta flour. And this was one I recently bought at an Italian market. This is actually made from Italian grains, so it will give you more of an authentic Italian flavor. But, hey, you don't have this in your store. No problem. We're just gonna go today with the basic all purpose in basic semolina. So let's get started 4. Making Fresh Dough By Hand: All right, So now we're gonna make a really easy pasta dough by hand. And again, all you need as a simple mixing bowl are ingredients and some aches. So let's get started. So we're gonna be using about one cup each of the semolina and the all purpose flour. So let me go ahead and measure that out. Now, I do recommend Don't put all of your flour in the bowl at the same time. Depending on the humidity of the room, you may not need it all. So, uh, just start with, you know, maybe about one and 3/4 cups. So we have 1/2 cup of the all purpose 1/2 cup semolina, and now we'll dio another about 3/4 cups. All right, Now, we also want to add a pinch of salt again. This is gonna help, um, bring out the flavor a little bit, and then we're gonna just use our basic mixing tool, the fork. So we just want to mix that around, get those two different flowers combined with assault. Now, that looks good. Now we want Teoh create a well with our measuring cup. And now you may have seen this. If you watch other YouTube videos or cooking and shows, you may have seen this where people actually just do this on their table setting. Well, I don't know about you, but I just could get pretty messy pretty fast, so I don't wanna, um, be cleaning egg off of my floor any time soon. So what I did here was I made a simple well, just with the measuring cup, and that's where we'll go. That's where we're going to be cracking our eggs. So we've got our well, and that's where we're going to be cracking our eggs and to start mixing our flower. So we need three aches for this. So again, you're just gonna crack the eggs right into the well. Now we're gonna add just a little bit of olive oil about a table spoon, and again, this is gonna help us have a nice, smooth, supple dough. But it's also gonna add a lot of great flavor. So just pour that over the eggs And now with their pork, we're going to gently beat the eggs in our little well and just do this, you know, really carefully. You know, it's OK if you start to mix the flour, and it's not the end of the world. It's all going to get mixed in together. And I have to say, You know, this is This is a more traditional way to make pasta, but it's not really my favorite way, and I'll show you my secret shortcut in just a minute. But it's always great to learn the basics, right? So we have our eggs mixed into our flower with a little bit of olive oil, and our next step is we're gonna start gently mixing the flower into the eggs, and you only want to use as much flour as you need. And so that's why we didn't start out with a full two cups of flour. Because depending on the humidity, um, or the weather outside, you may not need all the flour, and we really want to have a nice balance dough. Um, that's gonna be very simple and easy to work with. So again, now I'm mixing. I'm mixing the flower gently into the eggs, and it kind of just looks like a slurry at this point. But don't worry, it's gonna come together into a beautiful dough. Now we've reached a point where we can't really mix it any longer with the fork. So now we're gonna turn it out onto your work surface, and we're gonna actually start to need it together into that soft, smooth dough. So I like to flower my work surface just a little that, you know, So nothing sticks, and then we're gonna turn out the dough along with the excess flour. Now, again, we want to push a little bit of that to the side because we may not need to use all of it, All right? And now is the fun part. We're going to start needing this dough on getting it to that great consistency. So if you've had a stressful week at work, just or maybe you didn't even get a working him this week Well, this is the best way to do this. So right now, it's incredibly soft, but we're gonna just continue to work that flower in just needing it in until it's no longer sticky, and this could take anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes. But the end result is you'll have a nice soft dough that doesn't stick to your work surface . Um, and the gluten will be fully developed and now to need. You want to just full it towards you and then push with the heel of your hand and just gently work out your aggression. Now the benefit of needing is that we are transforming those flute and strands into. They're elongating they're getting weren't hydrating the flour, and that's what's gonna give us that beautiful stretch and bite in our pasta once it's cooked. Now, if you find that your dough is still little sticky, go ahead and dust it with a little bit more flour. And I like to just keep a little container of all purpose flour beside me for this for this purpose. Now, as you need, you'll start to notice that the texture of the dough is changing. But again, we want to need it until it's nice and silky. It's not sticking Teoh the work surface, and it's nice and sub, uh, supple one smooth. So I think we're getting close. We're just going to need a few more minutes still noticing a few sticky parts of the dough . All right, I think we are pretty much finished with this toe. So as you can see it's nice and smooth and now, but what we want to do is let it rest for about 20 minutes before we start shaping. So while the do is resting, we actually want to make sure to keep it nice and moist. So I'm just gonna wrap it in some basic plastic grab, and then we're just gonna let it rest at room temperature for at least 20 minutes. So there you go. And then 20 minutes is going to allow the rest of the flower molecules to hydrate. It's gonna let some of that gluten develop, and then we're gonna have a beautiful easy to roll out dough in about 20 to 30 minutes. 5. Making Fresh Dough with a Food Processor: Alright, So I've shown you how to make great pasta by hand. But I haven't even easier method that is actually my favorite way to do it and napped in the food processor. So it's really easy. We're just gonna take all the same ingredients, mix them into the food processor, and then we're gonna have a beautiful, silky dough in far less time. So this is just your basic food processor, and I'm using the blade attachment here. So just go ahead and set that inside, and then we're going to start again with our two cups of a one cup of semolina flour and one cup of all purpose flour. Again, I encourage you to maybe start out with about one and 3/4 cup, because depending on the humidity of the room or the season, you may not need two cups of flour. So here is 1/2 cup of semolina that's gonna go in there. Then we have our half a cup of all purpose. And as you like, and as you can see, I like to make a mess whenever I'm cooking in the kitchen because you know what's life without a little bit of a mess. Okay, then we have another half a cup of semolina, and then I'm going to do just about about 1/4 cup of the all purpose and will save the rest of the all purpose to mix in at the end. If Bardo is to sticking so again, we're gonna do a pinch of salt. And then at this stage, I like Teoh. Go ahead and pulse this together just to get our our semolina and flour salt mixed together . So again, I'm just using the poles, just mixing it together. And now we're gonna out our wet ingredients. So again, three eggs and a little bit of olive oil about a table spoon and then just a nice drizzle of olive oil. Can't go wrong with olive oil, in my opinion. And then all we do at this point is we're just gonna pull together until a nice, smooth ball of dough forms. I'm just gonna move everything out of the way because we will have to need it at the A. P. And so you just want again pulse it. You'll start to see that it's coming together. It's forming in stone, and we only want a pulse it until it like this for a nice where it's not mixing anymore. Now we want to test it. It's definitely too sticky. So we're gonna add some additional all purpose flour. And as you recall, we reserved about 1/4 cup. So So we're just gonna pour in just a little bit more in the pool, sat together still a little sticky, so I'm adding just a bit more flour. All right, now, at this stage, we still have a nice sticky dough, but we still need to go ahead and need that. So we're gonna turn this out onto a floured work surface, and we're gonna need it again until it's a beautiful, nice, smooth, subtle dough. So again, on your flowered surface, we're gonna turn out our dough and you'll notice it has a beautiful golden color again, that's from the eggs and from the semolina. Let's get this guy out of the way, All right, So again, the whole point of meeting is that we want to develop that gluten, and we want to get a nice, smooth, silky dough that does not stick. Now if you feel like it's getting a little sticky just add a little Sprinkle of flour. I'm just continue to need, and what you're looking for again is we are looking for a doe that doesn't stick. That's nice and smooth, and that's gonna roll out into a beautiful pasta after a 20 to 30 minute rest. So, again, any stresses of the day. If you had a rough day at work, maybe you didn't like what your boss said. This is definitely a great exercise for that, all right, and I'm starting to feel that the dough is nice and smooth. We're just gonna need it just a few more minutes, and then we will let it rest, and then we'll be on our way for shaping and cutting into our favorite flat pasta shapes. All right, so what I like to dio again, kind of get it into a nice, beautiful flat dough. Then I want to wrap it tightly. I want to wrap it tightly in plastic wrap again toe lock in that moisture. We don't want it to dry out, and then we'll give that about a 20 to 30 minute rest and we'll be ready to shape in our pasta maker 6. Chipotle-Flavored Pasta Dough: All right. Well, now that we've mastered regular pasta toe, I want to show you a quick and easy way to spice up your pasta with sub chipotle peppers. So, as you know, chili peppers are smoked. Jalape, Pinos. They're a little bit spicy, but they also have a beautiful, rich, smoky flavor. And so we're gonna infuse those into our pasta dough with a little bit of lime zest and for a little bit of extra heat, some crushed red pepper flakes. So let's get started. So again, we're gonna start with all of our basic pasta ingredients that we've used so far your basic dough. So again, one cup each of our semolina and one cup of our all purpose. So that's about 1/2 cup of semolina, half a cup of all purpose. And then again, we remember not to use all of the flower because we wanna make sure that our dough is not to drive. All right, so again, a pinch of salt and I like salt, so I like to add a little bit more than a normal person would. And we're just gonna mix that just to get our dry ingredients combined. Just pulls it for a few minutes. So again, basic pasta dough right here. So now we're gonna add are three eggs as well as a little bit of all of oil. And then we're gonna add in the flavorings that make this pasta unique. So again, a little bit of high quality olive oil. And now we're gonna add in some truly peppers so you can find these in the can. And for this rusty, we don't want to spicy. But we're gonna use about two whole chilies. So again, just here's one. We're just gonna chop it up finally to get them really starting to incorporate into the dough. And then we're gonna add about half chiefs or one teaspoon of the adobo sauce, and that's kind of what they're hanging out. And so again, just gently chop these up basic minutes and then to our pasta, add in about one teaspoon of the adobo sauce. All right, so in go our chopped chipotle peppers and now, to increase the flavor, we're gonna add a little bit of lime zest. And I like to do this. This is one of my favorite tools and micro plain. And so it's really simple. You just over your full of your food processors. Just go ahead and basically micro plane in some lemon zest and you only want to take it about as far as the white. About the zest of about half a limes will be nice. And it adds a beautiful Citrus kind of floral note to this otherwise smoky pasta. All right, that looks great. And then we want to make it just a little bit more spicy, so we're gonna add a about half to one teaspoon of crushed red pepper flakes. Now, if you don't want to smokes spicy pasta, just go ahead and, you know, skip this step. But personally, I love anything too spicy, so I love to incorporate this. So now we have all of our dry ingredients are wet ingredients and urge poli, and we're just gonna process this just like we would our other pasta dough. Now, because the Tripoli's air wet, we may need to add more flour than we would have for other pasta dough, but we'll just again see how that comes out. So we're again. We're just gonna pulses until it forms a nice ball of pasta dough so it's coming together. But as I can see, it's still pretty wet. So I'm gonna go ahead and add in a little bit more of the all purpose flour and again probably want to start out with about 1/2 cup. But I'm just gonna kind of eyeball it. Just Sprinkle some in and then we're gonna again. Polls took a mine. All right, We're still pretty sticky. Gonna add just a little bit more flour And again, you know, don't be afraid of, you know, making tops. You know, this. Just pretend like you're playing with Plato. It's not rocket science. You're supposed to be having fun. All right, so that's looking pretty good. And I think we're ready to need, So I'm just gonna move some things out of the way, and then we're gonna turn our dough out and start needing until we get that nice, smooth, supple, though. All right. So, again, we're gonna flower surface just with a little bit of flour, I recommend having a little flower dish like this whenever you're making pasta, it's just always helpful, and you'll be using it every step of the way. Then we're gonna turn out our dough that wants to come out. As you can see, we're probably gonna have to needing quiet a bit of flour because this is pretty sticky. But what I do love about the Stowe is that it's already a beautiful orange color. You can see the beautiful chipotle chiles running throughout the dough, all right, I'll just Sprinkle it with a little bit more flour, and then we'll start meeting. Now this pasta again. It has that smoky flavor, so it is gonna be stronger than your regular pasta. But I think this pasta pairs excellently with chicken shrimp. Very simple sauces may be accentuated with just a little bit of olive oil and some fresh herbs like cilantro chives. Um, and so don't be afraid of, you know, trying different herbs and spices in your pasta. You can also do fresh basil, and you would need about eight ounces of fresh basil. And if you were going to do a basil pasta, you would want toe blanche that and then mixed that in as a liquid. Mix that in with your pasta. You could also do some nice roasted garlic or even some dried herbs, so granulated garlic dried pause, dried basil, dried oregano All right, and again, we just want to get a nice dough that's not sticky, but it's soft enough to work. And whenever the dough stick, you just continue to dust it with a little bit of flour and then continue the median process. All right, we're still a little bit sticky, so I'm just going to continue. I'm gonna continue adding just a little bit more flour until again. It's not feeling sticky, and it's not, um, sticking to our services. But that's what I love about pasta making its very intuitive. It's all about having fun. And once you do this once or twice, you're really gonna enjoy doing it and exploring all the different types of pasta that you could make it home. All right, so there you have it. There is our beautiful chipotle pasta toe. We're gonna cover this with some Saran wrap and let that sit for about 20 to 30 minutes. Then we're gonna get shaping and cutting our pasta 7. Using a Pasta Machine: All right. Now I've taken use your three different ways to make pasta by hand with a food processor and then a beautiful flavor. Polledo. Well, now it's time to shape our dough. So right here I have a beautiful pasta dough that's ready to go again. We had a wrapped in plastic wrap toe. Let it rest for about 20 to 30 minutes before we shaped it. That keeps the dough nice and moist. It allows those flour gluten is to become completely hydrated. And now we have a beautiful, silky dough that's ready to be rolled out through a pasta machine. So we're just gonna unwrap this and then to make it easier to work with, we're gonna cut it into quarters, and I'm finding that it's still a little sticky. So really, flower here is our best friend, and again, I like to keep a little container of flour around whenever I'm working with pasta. So again, we want to cut this in quarters to make it more manageable. Teoh, go through a pasta machine. Great. Now, before we get started, let me tell you a little bit about our basic pasta machine. So this again is a beautiful hand cranked machine. It has the settings that go from 6 to 1. Some machines actually go start at eight. And that would be the highest setting. And so what this does is bringing a roll of pasta through, get it nice and smooth, and then at that point will be ready to start thinning and out into those long pasta sheets . And we also have a cutting attachment that will show you in just a minute. And now I'm going to start flattening it. And we've Our pasta machine is now our highest setting. We're going to start running it through to really start needing it again. Teoh, increase supple nous and get a beautiful, nice, smooth dough. So again, where it's at our highest setting, which on this machine is six. So we're just gonna start running it through now, the first few times you're going to notice that it looks a little rough, but we're just gonna do this about 4 to 8 times, and then we're gonna fold it envelope shape so again, over itself at a little bit of flowers so it doesn't stick and then continue to run it through. And I would recommend at least running through Fourtou eight times again, just depending on the texture of your dough. But you want a nice snooze? Does that feels almost system with this paper? So that was our third time word. And, dude, about two more times and the most be ready to start thinning it out. Now, we're gonna run it through one more time, and then I think we're gonna I think we're ready to start cleaning it out. So we have a beautiful pasta shape, beautiful flat pasta. We're gonna square it off a little bit just to get a nice shape with our final dough, And now we're gonna start thinning it out. So we're at six now, we're gonna go down to five, and we're just gonna continue to run it through until we have a nice, beautiful, then pasta. So that was five again. Out a little bit of flour. You felt like it was sticking a little bit. Take it down to four. And I love this pasta machine. Has this beautiful. It has this nice guide here that just keeps the pasta in place and makes it a lot easier to run the pasta through evenly. All right, so there's four. Now, we're gonna go down a three, all right? And then our final setting, we're gonna go down to two. I find that one to be a little bit too thin for most pastas. Although I do love it when I'm making a nice, thin lasagna noodle. All right, so here we are, two. Now, we are ready to start cutting and shaping our don't. I'll show you a few different techniques that you can do by hand or with the pasta machine . 8. Cutting Pasta by Hand: all right, so there's a few different ways that you can cut your pasta machines. You can use a pizza cutter or a sharp knife or, of course, our pasta machine. I'm gonna show you first how to do this by hand if you don't want to bother with your pasta machine. So first of all you have we have our beautiful shoot of pasta, and this was rolled to a Level two. So it's on the thicker side, but it's definitely very thin. We want to make sure that it's nice and flower, and then we're gonna full the pasta dough over itself to get some beautiful, even strips. So again, that's why it's important to have this nice and flower so folded about two inches into a nice even fold. And then this is what the finished, uh, product will look like. And then we're just gonna cut it into even strips, and for this again, you can use your pizza cutter. I prefer a nice, sharp knife, and you can cut it into strips up to your discretion. So the thinner the strips, you're gonna be closer to a linguini or Tagliani, or you can also do a thicker Pepperell style. So just cut it into even strips and then gently unfold the pasta, and we're gonna toss it at this point with some more flour as well. And this is definitely is going to result in a more rustic style dough. So again, just gently unfold that pasta toe. Toss it with flour in this type of wide pasta, which is again and closer to a pepper. Adela despairs extremely well with like a rich, meaty sauce. Anything that's going to be, you know, very meaty and of old sauce. So that's how to cut pasta with a knife or again, a pizza cutter. You can again cut this in into any thickness that your heart desires, and next up, I'll show you how to cut pasta with our pasta machine. 9. Cutting Flat Pasta with a Pasta Machine: All right, Well, I've shown you how toe cut pasta by hand. But now we're gonna take advantage of the cutting tools available on your pasta machine. So most pasta machines have two different settings, ones for a thicker fettuccini style noodle. The other is for a thinner, tackling only style noodle closer to an angel hair pasta. So I'll show you both of those studies. And, of course, feel free to use your favorite setting whenever you're making pasta. So again, we have our beautiful pasta dough that we rolled it Teoh the number two setting. But I'm just gonna run this through our fettuccini cutter. So again, I have my, uh I have my candle in the fettuccini cutter and I just put my pasta through and start to turn the crank. And now it's taking it. Threw the cutter and then as it comes out the end, I just want to grab the pasta as it's coming out. And we have these beautiful, perfectly cut fettuccine noodles. So now I'm going to just toss it with a little bit of flour here on my cutting board, and that's gonna help prevent it from sticking. And then I just like to place it on my cookie shade that's lined with parchment paper in a nice little bundle. And I would continue doing that with all of my sheets of pasta until I had all of my fettuccine noodles ready to go. But let's explore with the Tagliani Paglia Lini setting is all about. So again, this is gonna be a much thinner pasta again, closer to an angel hair. So I'm just gonna move my handle over to the smaller cutting side. And now this dough we want a little bit thinner. We went down toe one, which is perfect for the spinner types of pastas, but again, it's much more delicate. So we just line it up and we start turning the crank, and it's going to start feeding. It threw the cutter now, as it comes out, we're gently grabbing it at the very end, and we have these beautiful thin posture strands. So again, we're gonna toss this with a little bit of flour to prevent it from sticking, and we're going Teoh, place it on our part machine. Now all of these pastas are ready to cook, and because it's fresh pasta, it's only going to need about 2 to 3 minutes of cooking again. But we want you to test it and as you're cooking unit and get it to that perfect, all dente texture. So again the cooking time will depend on the size of the noodles and how fresh they are. 10. Shaping Farfalle (Bowtie) Pasta: So I've shown you how to make Papa Adele a fetid Cheney and Tagle Illini. But if you want to do something a little bit different, another easy pasta shape is for following or bowtie pasta. So I have a beautiful flat sheet of pasta that I've rolled out to about the second thickness. And I'm gonna show you how easy it is to make for follow pasta. So we're gonna use our pasta, will hear that has sort of that crimped edge. And that's gonna give us a beautiful, nice edge store for barf all Acosta. So you want to push somewhat hard and go through the pasta And then we have see this beautiful scalloped edge and we're gonna make thes about two inches wide. And now we want them to be a rectangle shape. So we're gonna cut this pasta she into about thirds or about one inch wide, and I'm using my trusty pizza cutter. But feel free to use a knife or another pasta wheel that doesn't have the crimped edge. All right, so now we have these beautiful rectangles of pasta, and I'm gonna show you how easy it is to crimp them together into that bow tie pasta. So you want to go skin on both sides just a little bit in the middle and just crimp it together and push firmly. And there you have it. A beautiful bow tie pasta. Now just continue to repeat that, and you'll have several bowtie pasta's ready to boil. Now this pasta shape works really well with the thick hardy sauce, a cream sauce or hearty meat sauce. Because the little grooves that you see they're gonna soak up that sauce really, really well, - there you have. It couldn't really be easier to make bowtie pasta, and these I would let them drive for about five minutes before plunging them into boiling water. And then again, you're just gonna want to cook them all Dante between 3 to 5 minutes, depending on the freshness of the pasta. But remember to taste to make sure that they are the the dungeon texture that you want out of your cook pasta. 11. Butter Smoked Paprika Tomato Sauce: so we've made it through our pasta making. But now we need a couple of great sauces to pair with our pasta. So for our first sauce, we're gonna make a butter and smoked paprika tomato sauce? No, I recommend getting the highest quality. Can tomatoes that you confined, and I'm gonna be using sunburns Auto tomatoes. Now these air similar to Roma tomatoes, but they have a thinner skin and a sweeter more tomato flavor. We're also going to be using some roasted red peppers as well as plenty of butter now over half a stick of butter. But you know, don't worry about this. This is gonna add a nice bridge depth tour sauce, and our other secret ingredient is smoked paprika. Now this is a man Spanish smoked paprika that's smoked over an oak fire so it has a rich, smoky flavor that's going to pair beautifully with our red peppers and tomatoes. So let's get started. So the first step we have to cut our onion and garlic into a fine mons, and then we'll cook that in the butter, and then we'll add the tomatoes and the red pepper, so I'm gonna get our pan going with the butter. And for just a start, we're gonna do just about four tablespoons of butter. Seems like a lot, but hey, can't ever have too much butter in my opinion. Now reserve that last piece of butter because we're gonna use that at the end to kind of finish out the sauce. Now we're just 10 minutes or onion and garlic. - All right, so we're just gonna move this aside and our butter's getting nice and melted, so I'm just gonna go ahead and stir in you go ahead and stirring her onion and again, we're doing this about over mediums to medium low heat. We don't want to brown the onion. We just want to get it kind of soft. Give that a Sturm, all right. And now for our garlic, and I'll show you a really great tip for when you're working with garlic. So to peel the garlic, you have a nice cube or a nice clove of garlic. So take the flat part of your knife and just hit it with the heel of your hand, and that's gonna help remove the peel and also kind of make it easier to chop. So we just peel the garlic there. We'll do that with our second clove of garlic, and then we just need two minutes that up. Really fine. So I like to start first with quick chop commence. I like to keep the point of the night town while I run the knife throughout a quick pace kind of in a seesaw type of motion and the finer you minces more flavor that it's going to bring into the sauce. You can also add a little bit of kosher salt if you want more of a paste. If you wanted a little bit smoother, more of a garlic pieced and that's gonna help you crushed garlic even more. Just kind of run the knife over it. Shop. All right, You want, you know, kind of immense kind of a chop to mrs again. Two cloves of garlic. We're adding that to the butter and the tomato sauce, and now this is very beautiful. Has a nice golden aroma. It We're getting a lot of flavor from the butter, so we're gonna let that cook for about 3 to 5 minutes until it's nice and soft again over about medium low heat. We don't want it to Brown. We just wanted to soften up, and then we're gonna add our summon Marzano tomatoes. All right, so I have are 28 ounce can of tomatoes here. Just gonna open that up. And we wanted kind of a chunky sauce. So we are going Teoh start to break the tomatoes down a little bit in the can, and then we'll finish breaking them down once they hit the pan. All right? So don't be afraid to get your hands dirty. We're just gonna start breaking them down in the actual can. This kind of fun arrayed who doesn't love to play with their food. All right, so we've broken them down a little bit. I'm just gonna go ahead and add them to our to our need and garlic, and then we're gonna add in our chopped bell pepper in just a minute. Okay? We've gone ahead and added er sunburns are known tomatoes to our onion and garlic that were roasting the butter sauce, and now we're gonna add some chopped roasted red pepper. Now, you can go ahead and roast your own red pepper, but I prefer to just you something from the jar. We're only gonna use one. So you know, it's a lot easier just to use one that's ready made. Now, that's a little bit of a small one. So we're just gonna grab another one here. I'm gonna finally chopped and then mix them into the tomato extra. All right, so we're adding that to the tomato mixture. Give that a quick stir, and then we're gonna let that hang out and start to simmer for about 10 minutes. So all those flavors start to come together. All right, So our sauce has been simmering for about 10 minutes, and now it's time to add in our smoked pepper cup. And as I mentioned, this is a Spanish style smoked paprika made from Spanish red peppers that air smoked over an oak fire. So it has this really rich, smoky and deep flavor. So we're gonna add this in, and I've started out here with about one teaspoon feel free to add a little bit more, but this is really potent stuff, so you don't want to add too much. So we're just gonna layer it in and then stirred around, and right now I have it over about, uh, medium low too low here. So we're just storing it in. And as I'm stirring and I'm gonna kind of crush the remaining tomatoes Now, if you want a smoother sauce, um, at this point, you could go ahead and puree it. I actually like the chunkier sauce with the sun burns up Marzano tomatoes. So we're just gonna stir this in and then allow this December and thicken up about another 5 to 10 minutes, and then we'll finish it with some butter, and then we'll be ready to go and serve it with our fresh pasta. Okay, so our smoked paprika tomato sauce has been cooking now for about 25 minutes, and now we're just gonna add the finishing touches, which is a little bit of salt and pepper and then a little bit again of some butter, because we really want to accentuate that rich deep flavor that the butter gives this sauce . So again, we're just gonna add a little pinch of salt. It's a pepper, and then finish with some butter. Now, if you if you aren't able to find the sunburn Marzano tomatoes, you may just use regular canton A toes and let's have a little bit of a higher STG. So at this point, you may want Teoh temper that acidity with some sugar or some honey, but with ease. Some birds on a tomatoes They have a very low acidity, so we don't need to add any sugar or honey at this stage. So I'm just gonna let that butter melt into the sauce. And now, if you like a thinner, more period sauce, go ahead and period the sauce in a blender or with an immersion blender. I actually kind of like this sauce chunky and the tomatoes have cooked down, so we have a nice, thick sauce that will work beautifully with our homemade pasta. All right, start. Butter's melted. Now I'm going to just take a taste. Make sure our seasoning are on point, and at this stage again, feel free to add some more smoke, paper cuts and more salt or pepper, or just whatever you need to get that sauce to where you want. It may be even more butter delicious. I love the combination of the butter and the smoky paprika. I am gonna add just a little bit more salt just to again bring out those rich made of flavors, A little bit of black pepper. Never heard anybody. Right now, this sauce and again perils beautifully with our plain pasta, and it would work great with arch, portly pasta. Now to made this tomato sauce, but also work Great if you want to add some proteins, some thinly sliced steak, perhaps some chicken as well as some shrimp. So go ahead and play around. You know, have fun with this sauce, but right now this is a great vegetarian sauce, perfect for meatless Monday or any time that you want. Teoh, you know, have a beautiful vegetarian dish. 12. Sage and Walnut Pesto: So all our butter tomato sauce is cooking. We're going to do another quick and easy sauce, a variation of the traditional pesto, so you might be used to basil pesto. But we're going to take it a little up a notch with some fresh sage, Italian parsley and just a touch of basil. Now you might be aware of. You might be aware of stage as a fall or winter herb that's used with poultry and pork. Well, it's actually a nice summer herb. It has a nice, bitter sweet flavor, and we're going to enhance that earthiness of the stage with some grassy Italian, flatly parsley and a little bit of the an ISI licorice flavored basil, of course, along with our nutty walnuts and garlic. And then we're gonna elevate the whole thing with a little bit of lemon zest and lemon juice. Let's get started. So we're gonna put about 1/2 cup, and again, I'd like to make my basil just kind of by touch. So, you know, feel free to play around with the ratios here. But again, it's all about taste, and I encourage you as you make these sauces to continue to taste them throughout the process. So I have here about half a cup of fresh sage, and I'm just using the leaves. I'm gonna put them in my food processor. Now, I'm also adding about 1/2 cup of fresh Italian flat leaf parsley, and I just I'm tearing off the stems here because they couldn't get a little bit Woody and you could save those to use in a vegetable stock. And then I just have a few leaves of fresh basil kind of tearing those up. And then I have about 1/2 cup of toasted walnuts. Now I like to toast my walnuts. That just brings out the nutty flavor, and I toast them in a dry skillet for about 3 to 5 minutes over medium heat. But you can also toast them in about a 350 degree oven for 8 to 10 minutes. You just you don't want them to brown. You just want to bring out those roasted nutty flavors. Along with that, we're adding some garlic, and I have here to close that have crushed, and now we're gonna pull sat together, just toe get it chopped up money to go all right. So now we have a beautiful um we have a beautiful minced herb and nut pesto. Now we're gonna add in some of the wet ingredients, so we're gonna add in a little bit of lemon zest, and we're going to do a lemon the best of about one lemon. So again, thistles. My favorite tooled micro plane. And I'm just zest ing here down to the white part. We don't want any of the bitterness, but we want all of that fresh lemon flavor. - And now we want about the juice of one lemon. So I'm just gonna cut this in half. And you don't you want to start out kind of conservatively, So I like to start with about half of a lemon. Just squeeze that in. You want to make sure that none of the seeds getting into your pesto and then we're gonna put the lid on and we're gonna add some high quality olive oil. So I have here This is an Italian olive oil extra virgin that, you know, feel free to use the highest quality olive oil that you confront that you can afford. I'm just gonna turn this on, and that starts screaming in the olive oil way. Now I like to check it about halfway through to see what the consistency is like. Can I use my little spatula? Run around the past, run around the pesto and I definitely see that we could use a lot more olive oil. So I'm gonna put this back on stream in a little bit more olive oil. Now we have a beautiful consistency. Uh, that's going to work very well with our freshly cooked pasta. Now, at this stage, um, we're almost done. I'm gonna add a little bit of salt and pepper, just Stephen it up. And also see if we need to add a little bit more lemon juicer living. So gonna add a pinch of salt, a little bit of cracked fresh pepper, and that will blend that and see how that taste E. I always recommend tasting along the way whenever you cook to make sure you have proper seasoning and we'll just give this past a taste. It has some delicious earthy flavors, a lot of lemon. We're gonna add a little bit more olive oil to kind of balance out the acidity a little bit , so again. Touch more. I'm not on and add a little bit more. All right, We're gonna give another case. That's now I want to use the new spoon. We don't want to freak anybody out by using the same spoon that has a delicious, earthy, bitter flavor from the stage. I'm getting some of the freshness from the parsley and lots of that rich olive oil. Now, this sauce is actually Vienne. Um, but feel free to add in a little bit of ost. Iago are Parmesan cheese. If you want more of that classic pesto flavor, this is delicious, as is mixed in with your fresh pasta. If you want to thin it out a little bit, you can add in some of the hot pasta water, but otherwise despairs beautifully just with the noodles. For if you want to add a few proteins, I recommend pork, roasted chicken or even some sausage. So this is our basil and sage and walnut pesto. 13. Cooking The Pasta: All right, so now we've made her fresh pasta. We've made a few delicious sauces to serve with our pasta. Now we need to cook our fresh pasta. So just like dried pasta that you get out of the box, we're gonna use some boiling water. And I have a pot of water going right here. I'm just gonna add a little bit of salt, and you want it to actually add enough salt so that it tastes like the CEO. So again, really, this is our only chance to really flavor the pasta beyond what we've done. Now, here have some beautiful fresh chipotle pasta in our fettuccini shape. So I'm gonna go ahead and drop the sin. And now, because this is fresh and not dried, we're only gonna need about 3 to 5 minutes. But I want you to check it after about two minutes to see if it is the all dente texture that you want. So we're just gonna drop it into the boiling water, and then we're gonna give it a stir with our songs. We wanna again make sure to stir that around so that it doesn't stick, and then we're gonna set our timer for about two minutes. So now it's been boiling About two minutes. We're just gonna test it. Who? It's hot. So this grabbing Udal. And again, we want toe test it for all Dante texture. It's pretty good. I'm going to go a little bit longer, so we're gonna add an additional two minutes. All right, Now we're testing it. It's been three minutes. Has a nice true texture, but I'm going to give up about one more minute. All right? With blood or pasta. Boil for about four minutes. Now, I've taste tested it at two minutes in three minutes, and now it's ready to go. So we're gonna go ahead and drain it, and then we're gonna combine it with our delicious smoked paprika. No sauce. 14. Boulevardier Cocktail: Well, you can't have a great pasta meal without having a great cocktails to pair with it. So I'm gonna show you how to make a variation of the classic Italian negroni using the all American bourbon. Now, this is a classic drink called the Boulevard EA, and we're gonna be using Italian Campari, And this is a nice bitter liqueur. Um, that is used its pop A popular at Para chief in Italy. We're gonna be tempering that with some sweet removed. And then, of course, our American ingredient is bourbon. And this is a Kentucky Eagle Rare. Now, in addition to that, we're gonna have some beautiful Citrus, some orange, and then for just a hint of more flavor, some orange bitters. So what I love about the classic negroni or the Boulevard EA is that it's super simple to make and doesn't take a lot to remember. We're just gonna do a ratio of one toe oneto one now because there's no Citrus involved. We are just going to be stirring this so there's no need to even 30 or cocktail shaker. So we're gonna do one part Campari, and this is right here. We're gonna do one ounce of Comm Party, and I love the beautiful red color that it brings to the drink. Then we're going to add one ounce of sweet for move and then to finish it off one ounce of American bourbon and feel free to use your favorite bourbon or rye. I just like Eagle Rare because it's smooth, easy to drink, and it is very cost effective now. This is a pretty potent drink, so I would recommend drinking this over ice if you want. You can also add a little touch of club soda if you find it a little bit strong. So now we have all of our three spirits in the drink. We're gonna add a few drops of orange bitters, probably three or so and again orange bitters. If you don't have them, don't worry about it. Just leave it out. But the special touch is the orange peel, and you just wanna glide it around the rim of the drink. That's gonna give it some extra orange flavor, some of that fragrance and then just give a little squeeze of orange juice and then drop that into the drink. Then we have our cocktail spoon but a regular spoon works just as well or chopstick. We just wanted chilled up. Stir everything together and for about 20 to 30 times around, and that's gonna give you a nice chilled drink again. You can serve this up without the ice. I like the artist because it makes a little bit lighter, but you can also add a touch of club soda if you want something a little bit lighter. Now, this is a great a pair of keys. Um, and it's the perfect way to celebrate all the hard work that you did making pasta today. So cheers and enjoy, and I look forward to many more pasta making adventures with you. 15. Closing Thoughts: thanks for noodling around with me in the kitchen. I hope this class is open your eyes, how easy and fun it is to make your own pasta at home, we covered how to make a basic egg pasta dough. How to make flavor. Chipotle pasta as well has had a shape and cut pasta. And then how to parent with two easy sauces to really bring out the full flavor of your pasta. And hey, we learned a simple cocktail, so I look forward to seeing all of your posture creations. Feel free to send in your questions, your comments, any problems that you may have along the way. But at the end of the day, I m wishing you lots of great dishes and some wonderful pasta. Thank you so much, and I look forward to all the possibilities that this class brought into your life.