Easy DIY Halloween Envelope Designs with Debi Sementelli | Debi Sementelli | Skillshare

Easy DIY Halloween Envelope Designs with Debi Sementelli

Debi Sementelli, Brush Lettering Artist and Font Designer

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6 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Intro to Halloween Envelope Design Class

    • 2. Supplies for Spider Envelope

    • 3. Supplies for Raven Envelope

    • 4. Class Project

    • 5. Halloween Spider Envelope

    • 6. Halloween Raven Envelope


About This Class

Get in the Halloween spirit with this fun project!

In this beginner level class you'll learn how to create two fun envelope designs with a Halloween theme.

Each envelope takes 5 minutes or less! It's easy for kids  and adults! Minimum supplies needed.

Spider Envelope Supplies: White envelope, pencil, black mono-line marker, orange brush marker ( mono line will work too).

Raven Envelope Supplies: Orange or white envelope, pencil, black acrylic paint, small brush to apply paint, white paint marker

Address a fun card for a friend or use for your Halloween party list!



1. Intro to Halloween Envelope Design Class: Hello. I'm Debbie. Seven telly. Welcome to my studio. I've been a professional lettering artist for over 30 years. I have fond designer for eight years, and I like to do a lot of fun everyday projects, So I thought I'd share one of those with you. Halloween is such a fun time of year that I like to make some fun envelopes. So in this class, I'm gonna show you how to do these two different designs. The 1st 1 is the spider web, and the 2nd 1 is a rave in And these air Just fun. If you're sending out a Halloween card to someone you know or if you're planning a Halloween party, so stick around. I go through step by step. Everything you need to do. And it's very simple and very easy and a lot of fun. I hope you'll join me. 2. Supplies for Spider Envelope: So to make this spider web envelope, I'm gonna show you the supplies you'll need. First of all, a white envelope of any size. Ah, black monoline marker. Now this is the Tom Bow, and this is the side that has the monoline. So it's just a simple marker, and you can use any other kind of black marker Sharpie anything that just makes him on a line and then any type of orange brush marker. So this is a Tom Bo. This is a thicker brush, but you could also use a Sharpie pen brush. You can see it's little bit thinner, so you might want to double up the strokes or fabric. Castell and all of these are available in most craft stores or art stores, and there's a prisma color, so any orange marker that's going to allow you to letter on the envelope 3. Supplies for Raven Envelope: to create this rave in hollowing. Envelope the supplies. You'll need just an orange envelope, the downloadable template that I've included on the class page a pencil, a monoline tipped black marker So it could be anything. This is a Tom Bo dual marker, and it's the non brush side, but it could be any other marker. Sharpie. It doesn't matter. Some acrylic paint. This is just a inexpensive acrylic paint. You can get it. Any craft store, just the flat, not shiny and some type of white paint marker. Now this is a Sharpie paint marker. It's water based, and again you can get it at any craft store. That's what I used here, and those are all the tools you need. 4. Class Project: Hello. So, for your class project, all you have to do is create one of these envelopes. That's it. Be sure to post on the class project page. Thanks. 5. Halloween Spider Envelope: So now we're gonna make our spider Web envelope. You can see it's pretty basic. We just have three lions on the diagonal and then some curve lines going across this way, and then we'll draw our spider in. I'm even gonna let you do it in pencil first, just so you feel come more comfortable and then we'll go in with marker. So we're going to start our first line just on the diagonal second line. You want to make sure you have enough space in between these two lines so that you can write the name, So if they have a long first name or last name just kind of pay attention to that. And there we go. So we have our three lines now, starting up here, we're just going to connect a curved line just like that. And again, we want to make sure that we're leaving enough space so we can fit the name in there. Now we're gonna put our spider over here, and the spider is kind of a shape like that with a little head, so you can just put those together kind of like an oval egg shape, and then a little head shape just like that. And then he's got those long legs. We'll give them some long legs back legs, and we're just putting three kind of, um, parts to the leg. And then he's reaching out. So pretty easy. There we go, and we're going to give them some eyes. So now we're going to use our marker, and you can use pretty much any marker that you already have. I'm actually using the monoline point of a Tom bow. So if you have a sharp be or just any black marker that's a little bit thick, not too thick, so we can even start by outlining our little spider. - So I went ahead and erased all the pencil lines with my magic rubber eraser, and now we're going to let her in the name. The great thing about this is you get to just shake your hand. That's how you get the the look of that lettering. So we're taking an orange marker and just literally shake your hand some you can do a little bit more firmly picking that up a little you could also use This is a Sharpie, um, brush marker. You could use a Tom Bo brush marker, which ever you happen to have on hand or that you can find. And so I'm just shaking as I write, and I'm trying to stay in this space. That's a good Halloween name. I'm just going to switch to the Tom Bow because it's a little bit thicker. And there is your Halloween spider web envelope. Hope you enjoyed making this envelope with me and please check out some of my other classes . Thanks. Happy Halloween. 6. Halloween Raven Envelope: so to create your rave in envelope. Your first going to take Theo downloadable raven template that I provided. Cut it out so that it fits onto your envelope and then on the back. Just take your pencil and go over all of the lines like this so that you've got him all covered. Then take your envelope. Position your rave in leaving enough space for where your stamp is gonna go and simply trace over the line. And what you'll find is a pencil imprint on your envelope that you're been going to be able to trace with a marker. So now we've traced our rave in onto the envelope and you can see the outline. So now, just to make it easier when we're painting it in, we're gonna take any kind of monoline, um, marker. This is just the end of a monoline end of a Tom Bo marker. But you could use a sharp be. I mean, there's so many markers out there, and we're just going to outline following the lines that we traced. Now we're going to paint it with just some basic cheap acrylic paint. You can get it any craft store so Now we've put two coats of acrylic paint on our rave in, and we're going to use this Sharpie. It's a paint pen. A water based sharpie and letter are name. So we're just making up a name right now. And I'll just do the first name so you can see what that looks like. You can find this marker at a lot of different stores. Office supply stores sell them as well as any craft store. So I'm gonna go ahead and finish putting the name on. So now we're gonna add our stamp and gonna be hanging from his mouth. I'm gonna come back in here with the marker and just thickened that line up a little bit. And there you have it. Your rave in Halloween Envelope. I hope you had fun. Send it to someone who might enjoy it. Happy Halloween. If you haven't already followed me, please do. That way you will be able to hear about all of my future classes. I have a fun class idea coming up for Thanksgiving. You won't want to miss it.