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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Materials List

    • 3. Materials Visual

    • 4. How To Make Your Template

    • 5. Cut Felt Using Template

    • 6. Assembling Frog/Your Design

    • 7. Gluing Details Techniques

    • 8. Finishing Frog/Your Design

    • 9. Some Kit Choices

    • 10. Wrapping Up

    • 11. Finish

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About This Class

In this class, you will assemble an easy felt craft kit. Felt kits are great for birthday parties, kids club activities, and fun homeschooling projects.

I will share my tips on working with felt, including my favorite glue, and turning your felt shapes into ornaments, bookmarks, or cake topper. I'm a big fan of embellishments, so I enjoy adding an assortment of fibers, buttons, wiggle eyes, "do-dads" and more to my design creations.

When you complete this class, you will have gained knowledge in adhering felt to different surfaces.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jan McCorkle

Artist/ Crafter/Designer @ Pear Creek Cottage


Hi Everyone. My name is Jan, and I am a self taught artist/crafter. I love to use embellishments and "do-dads" in my crafting. This desire to mix and add has led me into the world of mixed media! LOVE! I enjoy creating for others, and sharing tricks and tips that I've learned along my crafting journey.

I worked 30+ years in the retail craft industry, at all levels from sales to buying. Six years ago, I started my own business on Etsy, called PearCreekCottage. I love crafts. I founded PearCreekCottage in hopes of having a platform to display and sell my artwork and crafts, and encourage others in their own crafting journey's.

What a blessing it has been to watch it grow and flourish these past years. I am excited to start teaching and learning with Skillshare.

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1. Intro: Hi, everyone. My name is Jam. I'm new to the skill share community, and I'm so excited to be teaching this class along with you. This class easy do it yourself felt craft Kids is something that I designed When I started my Etsy shop, Pear Creek Cottage, about six years ago after having spent 30 years in the retail side of the craft industry, I kept hearing the same thing over and over from parents. They were looking for an easy craft kit that their kids could do at birthday parties or kid club activities, and I kept hearing this over and over, and that led me to develop this for my Etsy shop. 2. Materials List : and here's your materials list that you can review that you'll need for this class. 3. Materials Visual: I've assembled some of the items that you will need for as your material lists. First off, you can buy these kids already done from Pear Creek Cottage that come already cut with the eyes that you will need to assemble for your easy craft kid. 4. How To Make Your Template: Well, here you have your froggie and his tummy. But if you decided that you didn't want to purchase any of the kits, let me just show you quickly how you can use just your own chipboard and draw your own shape. Let's say we're just gonna druh a monster. Something like that. We're going to go ahead and just cut this part out with your scissors. And then we're gonna use this as our template for cutting out our felt peace in order to adhere his eyes. 5. Cut Felt Using Template: template draw, cut out your shape, and then it's all up to your imagination. You can had your eyes or depending on what kind of monster you're making. It could just be one eyed monster. 6. Assembling Frog/Your Design: one of the things that I've learned with working with kids. Is it so easy to have a palate? Whether it's paper played pai 10 just to have your own little glue pot and go ahead and put out your glue on your plate? And for this demo, we are going to this class. We're going to be using the Helene's tacky glue. This is a really strong craft glue. It's great to use with kids because it dries clear. It's also safe, non toxic, and then go ahead and gather some toothpicks. These will be like there little paintbrushes, and we're going to start assembling our frog head on liberally. Apply your glue onto your frogs, Tommy, and spread it around. The nice thing about this is it helps keep your glue contained instead of just pouring right out of the bottle. But you definitely can do. It just is nice to spread it around a little bit, depending on how much adult supervision you're going to be using with your kids for their crafty. And now let's just go ahead and put that right over our frog's belly and there's his tummy , and when you purchase these kits from me. The dye itself actually does cut out the little hice. So depending on your preference, you can either glue these eyes in they They're not permanent, so you would either need to glue them before adding your Google eyes. Or you can leave them out either one. If you're adding them to the Google eyes, you definitely need to add quite a bit of glue and maybe even come down a little bit below the eye for your high to adhere. And that way you could definitely have this back in or because the kit comes assorted. You can even use um, contrast ing colors like I've done here on this frog. How this glue does take about 24 hours to cure, But for a birthday party or a club event, this will be fine to be able to just pick up and put it on a paper plate for the Children to take home. And then it would eventually totally dry all the way at home after 24 hours. But it's pretty much smudge proof, and it's a great kids, Kraft 7. Gluing Details Techniques: now, I wanted to also show you another technique using the wonder tape, which is a fun, um, tape that is extra strong and heavy duty, double sided tape. This works really well for applying embellishments which are a little bit heavier to your felt or even to the eyes. And as you can see on this frog, I've just placed the tape, which I've cut off emplaced right over the back of his head like so. And I did not peel the rest of that up because I don't want to leave this side sticky. Oops. Yeah. And now we can just stick his eye right in there and it will stay. Let's go ahead and just glue that inner circle there and attached this high. Now again, remember, this will dry, clear, so you don't have to worry about the white showing right now. Just some ways that you can do it, whether it's a glue or whether you choose to use the tape, either one will work and there's your frog. The fun part begins now. Now is when you can add your embellishments whether you choose to add some buttons on him, maybe give him a big fat nose if we can also use, um, Rhinestones or jewels Lots of times, he's come with an adhesive right on it, so you can just peel it right off and stick it where you like. Maybe he wants to have a little wart. Or maybe he'll be a prince frog. You can also choose your ribbons, and those pieces were not glued on there. But this is when you can add a tongue for your frog, where you're gonna need to glue it here and here, just like I've done from this frog. Exclude the ribbon. There again, you can see it strike clear fun. Little ornament to hang. He could be a bookmark if you wanted to do a bookmark. You could even gloom just like this, right on your ribbon and make a bookmark. Or let's say you want to use a Popsicle Stick Popsicle. Stick again. Great glue. This is all I used Icis glue. It's nice because it's not like a hot glue where kids will burn themselves. It's just super tacky, and it's a great craft. Glue here again added a little tongue, rolled up its tongue a little bit. You can use This is a cup cake topper. You can use it as a puppet. Any little rainy day. Kids craft. That's what they're wonderful for. 8. Finishing Frog/Your Design: if you wanted to use your frog or your shape, has a cup cake topper. And let's say you didn't want the back to be seen. You can use card stock and cut out your shape and then just again glue it on. Whether you use your toothpick or kind of smother the glue on their this would give it a nice finish on the back for your cupcake. You also allows you to write a message. If you wanted this to be a tag, lots of ideas and fun that you can have with these. Do it yourself, though craft kits. 9. Some Kit Choices: I just wanted to show you a few of the ideas that we have in our shop. Pre cut cupcakes had affect. We have a little their kit. He has a little ribbon. It also comes with eyes, a little brown nose. And this particular one uses the glue dots, which is also like a wonder tape. The heavy duty strong. Both sides toe hold the eyes in place. We have the dollar horse, which is great for Christmas or any horse lover. 10. Wrapping Up: this craft kid is great for a little bit older Children as you can use the ribbons that are included in here to make your bookmark or just make a pretty flower. Seen great embellishments for scrapbooking. Unl It'll red dog We all know that famous dog comes with highs is pre cut, ready for you to glue. We have a great butterfly kit. Lots of choices in your butterflies. You could make just a small one. You can layer them together. Lantana. Very big floral kit, which makes great blooms. That's what this little flower bookmark was made out of. Fun, fun things for, um, adult crafting as well as Children crafting, especially with scrapbooks. Um, buyable journaling, which is really a popular trend right now in the, um, planners making your own paper, Cliff flowers, fun, fun. And of course, we have our elephant circus kit and our frogs. I hope you come and stop by Pear Creek 11. Finish: Thank you. And don't forget to share your project on skill share.