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Easy, Cute Digital & Printful Planner with Basics of Adobe Photoshop

Learn with N, Everything graphic design.

Easy, Cute Digital & Printful Planner with Basics of Adobe Photoshop

Learn with N, Everything graphic design.

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6 Lessons (1h 16m)
    • 1. Hey & Intro

    • 2. Let's Brainstorm

    • 3. This is Photoshop

    • 4. Pretty First Page

    • 5. Calendar Spread

    • 6. Weekly Spread

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About This Class

This class is for absolute beginners in both Photoshop and Planner Design. In this class, there will be presented some basics of Photoshop, how to choose a layout, use primary tools, shortcuts, etc.
We will start by creating a simple outline of a planner spreads.

We will be working on three planner spreads:
Front page
Calendar page
Weekly spread

Also, students will be shown how to use free sources for decorative images for personal use from websites as 

Here are the decorations that we used in class: Pattern, Stickers, Watercolor

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Learn with N

Everything graphic design.


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1. Hey & Intro: Hey, everyone. My name is Naida, and I'm a graphic designer. In this last, I will teach you how to make your own planner using photo shop and also houses decorated with using some for your resource is now the first thing that we are going to do in our class is brainstorm some of the ideas for our planner. And after death, I will introduce you to photo shop and we will start creating our planner. Now, you can use these planners for earning some passive income or even just for personal use. And if you are interested in this people watching. 2. Let's Brainstorm: Okay, everyone. So now we're going to brain store. I'm using here. My iPad sense It was easier for me to film and show you guys I writing out on what I want in my planner. I usually start from the end from the beginning because I always think off the little things first. Then the big ones, like weekly spread is like more d filled, um, way off planning. Then calendars spread, or the first page first pages there just to accessorize our planner so you can use it or you don't have to. You can use all of these spreads or you don't have to. You will dio something that suits you best so it could be a weekly spread. It could be a daily spread. You might need the habit. Track her a gold track her You might need mood tracker also or you just want to keep good songs, good music and good movies in your planner. So when you can remember when somebody says they watched a good movie, you sure want to remember what that boy was called. You also want to plan out your spreads. I usually do it like that. Like doodling super Little's press that I want them to look something like that. I usually planned them out much before filming a class, but when I do it for myself, I just do it. I just look at my page and I think about it and I write it down. And now that we are done with our race storming, let's take some notes that we will be needing in next video off our class. These are notes for your photo shop, so make sure your screenshots this or write it down whatever you like. There will be also mentioned on the screen throughout the first video. But later on, I didn't write it, but I mentioned what I used. Don't make sure you write death now and see in the next one. 3. This is Photoshop: we're making our planner. I will first introduce you to photo shop so you will go and open your photo Shopped. Mine is 2020. You can use 2019 or any other photo shop. See? See if you have foot of shops. CS six or earlier. You might see some different options, but that's totally okay. You can still use it. There is no much difference between them Now let's go and make our documents. So we'll go here too. Create you. And you can put your values here, weren't you? Conglomerate up to the file and click new or commend. And now we will choose the size of paper since we want this planner to be also printable. So who will go to the print tab here and use a four? So did you can both printed on a bigger size as a four or small, smaller sizes, like letter size or a six. So resolution will bump up the resolution just a little bit moved with 500 pixels per inch , Alex. Okay, so here we have our canvas. And here on the left side we can see our commence and the stuff that we will use. And also here on the right side, we have, like where we will change Our characters are layers. The steps are very Borden. So Lear Tab and character tab is very important. And if you cannot see the layout like why you will go up here in the right corner on this little like window with this little arrow, click on the arrow and you will see all of these workspaces. Now, if you click on the photography, you will see the space changes a little bit. And this one will use graphic and kept because that is the best for us at the moment. Now, the first thing that we will do is duplicate the layer so clear, command J. And now you have duplicated your layer. So Command J is for dip locating any layers? No. Let me explain you a little bit. Here. What is on the left side? This here first stool is our move tool. So you will grab an object with and move it around and stuff like that. And here the next thing that we are going to use our D's objects looks like rectangle tool . A rather direct angle tool. Elop stool and butter and you can see here these three thoughts when you click on them, which you're right, Click. You have a lot more stuff to work with, okay? And this is usually all laid out in earlier versions of photo shop. So maybe version 2017 and we'll have them all laid out and stuff like that. So and if you are missing some of them, just know that they're here. If you can see them here on my panel and you cannot see them, just go to those little tree that's and click. You're with your right click on that junket. Now let's draw rectangle. This is a rectangle. Okay? Woops. We need to change the color off a rectangle that is here on the right side. So usually in adobe APS, the first collar here is the Phil. As you can see it says said she felt like you can do it here on the right side or up on the left side so I usually do it here on the right. I don't know why it's just easier for me. So go there and let's see, we wanted black and the second color is ardor. I just like the stroke. Later. If you get to learn the illustrator, the stroke will become much more important to you. So just here in photo shop, those are the lines around D shape and let's make dumping. Now, as you can see, you cannot see them like this. So you Councilman Richard, two fingers here and let's make that line bigger suits visible when we look at our cannabis from from side like this. Okay, you can do it here with this step. Go up and down, or you can just put in a value here. Click enter and it's is applied. Also. You can define the the kind off line. It could be dotted. It can be. It's gonna be dashed, her dotted or just solid. So here's a rectangle, and also, if you want to change the size of the rectangle, you can do it here in the with height and other stuff. So let's go and start with our planner 4. Pretty First Page: Okay, everybody. Now, the first thing that I wrote there on that list is the first page. So let's say that this is a first page. No, I just told you that I want, like, the one page and on the other I will put a calendar. So this one is January first think before doing anything before decorated anything. We will duplicate the layer. So go here in the layers panel, click on the background and hold Comanche. Okay. No next very important thing for you is to have the frame in the cannabis. So sometimes you might want it bigger or smaller, or there might be a bleed or not. So you just wanna keep all of those shapes arranged so that the one is not closer to the other edge and one closer today, another edge. So let's just do it with here. These rulers around our photo shop window go here up to Div. You and click rulers here make it checked, OK? Or just as you can see, the short of it is command are. So to put the rulers down, we'll go from the 1st 1 and drag it down to have been in 0.5. No, I think that's Does do, Rick. Let's go there a point tree to your point 275 inches, it says here. But let's say something around that again. Let's do the bottom line. We will again. Drag is from the top down there. And 12 almost three. So there it is. You can see here those little dashes, so you will just come them and put them as three. Or just drag here on this thing which counts the exact same, uh, pounce, exact measurements. So to do the side tool, drag it from the here from the left side. Again. Let's put it three inches. Okay. This is just the Baath. Right again. Do the other side. So there we are. We have are little Borders. No. Let's say we will keep this little thing white. No, let's right. The first month off, the year is January. You can see that the font is very small. We want to make a bigger obviously you can do by clicking command T, which is the command for transforming any object. So any object that you put in your document, you can transform it. Withholding command t OK. No inversions. Two dozen 19 and 2000 20. I am not sure if it's in 2019 or seven thing, but I think this is pretty much No, you don't have to hold shift. Um, for object matter to be perfect. Okay. Before you, you used to hold shift to make the the whole object like the same so the margins don't move Now it's another way around. So if you don't hold shift, it will keep it's size. You know, like this. It will not be funky. But if you hold shift, watch what happens. See, it will get very funky. And this is very bad. We do not want it. Not any graphic designer wants this. Okay, Still, let's revert this by clicking commends e and there it is. So this is our name of we want to change your fun after we are very happy with our placement of the object will just hit ok or enter Now you can still move this object up and down, but you cannot change its size. You can off course change the font size here and let's say we want it 70 points Now that's good and also we want to change the pop. So we'll click here and you can see all of the forms that you have. Let's say I want some script. Okay, here it is. I'm not sure if this crypt is I'm royalty free and if you can use it for selling purposes But please, everybody, don't you stuff that they're not royalty free or that Jew did not by and you do not have license for it because you will get sued. And it's very rude to the designer or anybody who made it that is considered for the photos for videos, for music, for anything. I think you're or already know that since it is already a bit big thing. No, since we have our little January here, I think that this small now. So let's change the font size 80 hit enter and I think it's still too small. I was doing 90. Yep, that's good. Let's decorate our planner. I don't wanted these backgrounds and stuff well creeping. Also, this stuff is not royalty free if you do not by their license, so please do not use it for selling purposes. If you are going to sell your planners please draw something yourself or just bide. License is not very expensive. It is around 30 euros, which is a little bit more dollars, like maybe $35 or something like that. So let's put another photo as a decoration for our January 1st page off our planner. So as you can see here, I downloaded the files from three big, which are here and you have the file J peg and in the street or file, which is also a vector and and in E. P s. So whenever you have an E. P s file who can always open as maybe a J pig and as on illustrator file, I recommended for you to open it as illustrator file If you do not have illustrator file their her wife So we will use the J pic file for the purpose of this video. Since we are not doing the illustrator in this class, I will teach illustrator and put her shop tricks in another class. So keep tuned for death. You know, let's use our J So we'll click on RJ Back Band. Just drag it to our file, Wait a second and Uranus, you will usually hold the shift. So it is like 90 90 degrees, and it's the good size it doesn't move around and stuff like that. And also you will just who put your your mouth so you can see the Sarah on drag big as our canvas. We also do not want this longer to be invisible because we are using this letter for our personal use. It is not the commercial is, but if this dimension just draw something yourself or bagel Eisen's It's really not that expensive, so click enter and there we have our back from But where did the January go? So now we'll tackle left in art layers battle. Let's go here to the layers panel. And as you can see, we have our code name off the photo into some numbers. So and you can also see here in this little picture off our cute little pattern. But let's rename our player. The layers should always be renamed. Just hold here on the name. We'll click twice and you will see it. Us this full beer and you could name it background photo and there is a tick. There's still there is still no our January. Yeah, let's dig this layer, click on it with this little hand and drag down below joinery And here's our Kittle January thinking. Also, it's kind empty. I mean, there are rows is going on, but something's missing, right? You always do it. Lights make new layer. So here, on the cycle, like a little plus or like a little paper you will see in earlier versions. So just click here and we have our blank layer. So we will use our rectangle to on a Julio's around rounded rectangle to and drag it over to January. Wow, Here it is. No, As you can see in our properties panel for our objects, we have this new option which is around the edges, rounded corners. What everyone? A call it. So let's could, uh, maybe Thursday click enter and all of them turned 50. And if this little sign is like this, then all of them are separate, so they will not think. But I recommend for you just to people sink because usually you are not going to use it on sink. It just doesn't look pretty. Now we have our well white drama and rectangle. Maybe we should round it a little bit more. Let's put your ninea click gender. Yep, this is good. And let's duplicate are rounded rectangle by holding from NJ, as I mentioned previously, and let's transform it. Let's old command d on our new rectangle and let's resize it to a little smaller version. So here it is. And let's won't hold our shift, since I don't know, like this look necessarily the whole shift. So everything is separate. Yeah, like this. Every line it is. War itself also lets again click. Okay, And then let's get committee and make sure that displaced right like that in the middle. Also, it could make sure that your stuff is in the middle by selecting all of the layers here by holding by clicking on the 1st 1 and holding shift and clicking on the last one, and you will go just here up with this middle thing. So it says this isn't the middle, but as you can see, it's not because we selected our background photo and our background photos a little bit funky, as you can see. So we're just hold. Um, well, just turn off the background layer. Goto our first layer. So, like all, make sure it's a metal and let's turn on. Okay, so this is not in the middle. So we'll just quick both off these that January. So let's put this in the months So Crews Pink wants are saying that you are in the middle and everything is placed good. So let that be. And let's group thes rectangles by that will select both of them and by clicking command G , we will group them. So this is the photo shop gives a name group wanted automatically, but we want it to be other first name. So spoke with rounded rectangles. Big because I'm too lazy to right now. Let's put that that group blow our January. So here this. Now let's put our and let's lock but so far white direct angles and our background so it doesn't move when we move the January stuff. So here it is. It's in the middle. Also, our background foods find it should be locked. And let's unlock our around the direct angles because I want to change the 2nd 1 I want the lines around to beeping. I do not want feeling and I want those lines to be a little bit thicker. Not too. Maybe Austin. Yep, then and I wanted to be maybe dashed dot it. I want them bashed. That's cute. Let's walk Death layer again so it doesn't bother us. It's right here. Click on this little lock and let's move our January thinking just a little bit below. Still don't like it? Go closer. There it is. It is very cute, isn't it? Let's save our project until now. So you will use this saving option after the next pages? Doesn't make so I don't have to explain it every time. Make sure you say your projects. So go up to the file. Go save or save as ever fits your best. I will just use the save as thing and let's go to next stop as in proceed. Here are some of my stuff and let's go here. Create new folder. Since I have not still creative, do no one for despite er well, just Jews, Um Lanner? Yes, to Since I already have a class on plan or Photoshopped one, soldiers go create and here we will rename our our foul. So we will go first page and served as the photo shop file. Here is the file off the photo. So go save okay into safe. Also, we you want to say as Jay Pek So we will still use the same name. Just go here to the for mint off the ferro and click J pick which Ah, here it is. And it will change the JP pile here. And if it doesn't make sure you do because sometimes I I saw this in 2000 and 19 before I operated through 2020. Um, it didn't change the dock, the extension off file as it should be. And later on, he didn't want to open it, and I had to change it and make stuff. So just make sure it's j pig or PSD, as the former is mentioned here because it will lunch. Want to open it on your iPhone or on your iPad? If it's not dot jp or dot PNG de iPhone will not open it. You can dream about it. So let's just say and we will have this pop up window and always say that there's maximum because you never know what you will be using it for, so you might my printed in a four or it might even printed in a three, and it will still be the good quality, because previously we we did, uh, we did big resolution, so we didn't like a four format and 500 pixels per inch. So that's kind a lot. The the A three former will keep up with that, and you will still have a great damage. So say it doesn't maximum. Always. That's it there again, and it's a safe. 5. Calendar Spread: So let's start with Tar calendar. Here we will just make one page calendar. So let's start. Wait the name off. We will say it is big like this, our rectangle tool and also I reserved a place or for the name of the month, change the color off the rectangle suits visible because our background it's white. Now what? Steak again, our rectangle tool and draw smaller one underneath it. So the are January months starts from Wednesday. So it's a year is Monday or Saturday whatever you like and who hold Comanche J two carrot and then we have it here. Go to the layers panel, hold shifts like both off our little rectangles. Hold command J against would get them. Now we have four days. And when you see these little pink clients and and these little arrows with those numbers underneath, it means that every single one of them is the same. It has the same like space with weighed between them, Which is your point, Teoh. 24 inches. That is fine for us. Unless you have some exact measurements that you want them to be. You. I did this just looking at it. I do not have any measurements. So we have our four days again. Let's duplicate that and the six. And let's pay just one and make it 1/7. As you can see, it didn't fit perfectly. So we will probably take this one the 1st 1 more moving more to the left side and more rest of the like this even closer sumit in. So it's easier for you to see um, like that. Okay, Okay. Move it around. You can choose the colors off these rectangles at the moment. Um, with any color that you like. That's totally fine. So there it is. Now let's select all of them here in our layer panel and put it in the mill off the paper. So you're just we need How many weeks does our January have it, IHS weeks. So we will first group these seven rectangles by clicking command G and make it a week one . Okay, Now, let's hold command J on that same group and duplicate the girl and her name it as weak. Do and let's drag it down. Maybe Like that. That's good. Now let's put all by weeks, - Okay ? So here we have our rectangles for our calendar and let's delete furs. Two days here. So it will be our January starts on Wednesday. So we will believe Monday. Do they? So he here are day Yeah, and also we will but here, like little louts and little notes, and are maybe gold tracker if it liked or staff drunker anything that you need or you would like to have. So here's a rectangle. It's collard, some other color. Yes, this can be our notes. And here is our a little maybe gold tracker and let's resize it. Hold shift. There it is. No, what's great, the more well as Diggory dark calendar, so it doesn't look so boxing. First, we will do the January title, so title will be here in this rectangle hit D on your keyboard so the type don't comes out . And if it doesn't, you know you have it here on your so so make the January. She sounded support, and you can now delete your rectangle by hitting the lead to or just at little just that little sweet can at the bottom. So here is our January. No, actually, what you find that Let's leave our rectangle and make it a same as on the first page. So we will put the January up there and Lecter's camp colors, so they're just just okay and the colors off these rectangles here in our weekly can be white. But first we are going to put our pattern background. So, uh, what we can see little white direct angles. Let's go to our file that we down world it from the free thing and put it as the background . It is just dragging there, turn it around, make it bigger so it covers the whole page. That, and drag that layer underneath are rectangle so background and let's make our little weekly daily rectangles white. So we'll just hold, shift and select every week, like dead by itself. Because do you hear for us? And we cannot do it any other way. So you're here. Let's do that for every each wonderful. - Now let me show you how you will make you're rectangle with drama edges without using the tool for itself. You will just click here the same as before, and just put the value in there. You're it's 50 pixels, and we will also do that stitching there that we did on the first page. So we will just use the same rectangle and command J so you can copy it and we will transform it withholding shift. And first let's zoom it in a little bit. So it's more precise when something is not precise enough. You're just in 40 shop. You just so mirin. So it becomes here it is. Now we will the empty background and do the black stitching around and are dashed line. And also the first line course and pixels. Yeah, it is. We also want this January to be smaller. So you will put it maybe 48. No bigger. Yep, that's good Like that. L Let's see if this rectangle did direct angle IHS in the right position. Who does? It's in the middle now. You could also make every single one off these little daily rectangles or weekly by by doing the same thing to them as we did two d January 1. But I'm not going to do that because I am just fine with them. Looking latest. Also, we need to add our days here above we will do it again with our rectangle tool here again. I want to see if they're align with car days. So I'll just drag the ruler out so I can resize the rectangle properly. So there it is. I see the other side. Um, yeah, that one's good. Good. Now let's remove these rule or ruler wise, but by just sliding them back there. So we will just right out our days, man, Place off each off our little in this Monday and we will click command T to transform it. So here's our Monday three thats dragging you enter leads due Tuesday Do you kiss and let's do that for every each one of days. I think you get the point But we have named all of our all of our days. I won't show you the little drink so you will select all of our days and you can see their whole bold even though our are wanted doesn't come involved. So you do that by clicking here on this little fasting 1st 1 So will you will just turn it off so it looks more need like death. I like it much better. You know, you can do the same thing to the numbers down below in your calendar by writing 1234 But I like to keep them empty because if maybe declined to will want to reuse this planner and I don't know for maybe under months or anything, So I just like to keep it that way without numbers. And also, um, maybe you want you will want to reuse it. It is much more useful without those numbers, because those numbers can be you're really limiting. You can do that the same way that we did days, and I will show you that because it is just repetitive at, I think there is no need for debt. Now let's get back to our goals and notes. Space is right here, so we will make them all surrounded. So let's do that by selecting both of them in our Lish layers panel and making those rounded edges 50. Also, we might just add are dashed lines, but I forgot that we have to duplicate them. So let's resize every single one of them by holding combat the hood by holding shift like death. And now you will take this rectangle. Okay, um, James color make those lines black. 10 pixels and make them. Uh, that's let's do the same thing to our go command. T resize it as you want now removed background, good finding black and pixels also dashed that the middle. Yeah. We also want to write notes and goals, right. So for that, we will just, um, make first groups for our goals. Name bulls. It's the key to name your name your layers right. Because later, when you come back to edit, it will be much easier for you to move around and your layers won't be all around place and you will know which layer is which. So our notes we will when you will. Just ad guess what New York Thank There it ISS thank you and make make that 50 pixels around ends, Uh, and let's write our notes. So no, make the fund smaller, but maybe a little bit there. Yeah, it's good. And do the same thing for your girls. I will just, um, duplicate the layer off the melts tab and do it for the girls. So let's do our girls. And this are January Callen are January calendar spread is done. Now what's go to our weekly 6. Weekly Spread : Klay spread, we will make in your document. So we will not start like from the same one that we before Because we are doing something differently. Since it is a weekly spread, we will open again our window, go to print and make it a six. Now a fort with today for right. So it will go a four 300 pixels resolution and go create. So we will again do our wines for this one. We are going to use another option in photo shop, which is art board. So on art board is same document. But you have, like, yeah, door ports do canvases to work up. And we are using this because probably you are going to make your weekly planner on to, um pages. So it will be the left and the right one when you print it out, or even if use Additionally, it really doesn't matter. I like to make them on two pages because I have more space than to plan up. So you will open your art boards like this. You will go up here in the layers, pound go new and go. Are you bored? So Rule Limit Art Board one. I think we're okay. And here it is again. Go, layer you our board art board too. And here it is. Now we have both of our art boards. And as you can see here in our layers panel, there's a little bit change, but not a big deal. Everything still the same. So we have our art board one and our art board do. And as you can see, the art board one is darker than the regular layers, so you can actually seat him. Okay, so we will start by making a layer on our art board. One click on artwork won and this little great layer so well first, right, Weak January week. So here I will make its much smaller. So it's little and dainty like that. And you can write week, one week, two weeks, three, whatever suits you and let's do our little face. So this is Monday, and we'll duplicate that and also changed the color of it black. So we can actually see it and duplicate that. So here it iss gave that again. The hearing is I'm select all three of them. Tract? No, just some tricked him a little bit down. No, that's good. And let's transfer. These aren't boards through our hardboard. Do so select all three of them as we already have. And hold command J. And we will just take them and move them to the art board to when you can see this little blue outline. That means that they're in your art board to or they're going to be moved there, just like you're moving something to have a group. It really is not a big deal. So you're there. Well, let's just moved in like that. And also, um, I forgot our lines to the art book to before I messed up more. They're like that. Analysts do another one on. All right. As you can see, we have six days. God, we need are weekends. So I will make the one here split or just dead and under one it it still looks nice. Um, that's rearranged them a little bit because we are going to leave the Sabbath. They here because sometimes you have things to do also on Sunday, and that is totally cool. I prefer to work on the weekends, then on, um, regular days, working days, because so you do are yourself No, let's do our hoping. So commanding It is days or seven. And here it is. Days one through three. Um no. Okay, let's we call her down. Actually, let's put the background here. Whether you say about or, you know, let's do something a little bit different. So we will put that pattern on our weekly days, and you must have think so. But how are we going to write on that pattern? Well, we will also do the same thing with that's the DJing around. Just drag it there, rotated. I want to teach you another trick and Photoshopped, which always also cool. I used all time like all the time. And here we have our background and we have placed it above our days group. So go to the layers panel. Select your background. If you didn't quick, you're right. Click and you will get this pop up and click Create clipping mask. And that is what happens now when you're still here clicked on your way on your background layer. So we will just move it a little bit to the left side so we cannot see that parade more. And there it is also, we will just command J r Background and move it to our art board to places again above our days, girl. And let's move it a little more to the left. Resize it, make it bigger. My god damn, Let's make it all the same the size of farmers, the same. So we will duplicate it twice like that. Click enter, create clipping mask Command J again Move it of a little bit down and again create clipping mask. And now all of our seven days are wallpaper. Now, what you want to dio is, uh, um duplicate our days group. And, as you can see, does grouping mess us down? So we'll just repeat that our days will be white, are stitching will be black and it would be dashed and exist also here the roundness will be 50 pixels. Okay? No, What's Greece size Our little days like that, But we'll have to do it separately for every each one of them. So let's hold shift through size as we want to. Yeah, hit, Enter. That's good. So we will believe both of these and just called Beat this one two more times. You're just everything's fine. Everything looks great, doesn't it was duplicate the whole group and move us to our art would do Clay said on our wallpaper and will also just need one more off these. So here dare. Yeah, let's surname this today's or seven that looks great. Also, we should are our daily names. And although that is the same waited on our notes and girls um, Paige in our, um, weekly spread. So I'll just be this true. So it really is just repetitive. - Okay , now that we have our days all here, I want to change the color for Saturday, Sunday to the pink that we used before. So I will do that by selecting boat off those layers, going zooming in because of the color go color and I drop it So home, our little color dare and must think this is a little bit of empty. Well, we are going read some things now. I thought loaded on under pattern from our little three big side. And I m going, going Teoh, um, use every single one off thes Feikens. As you can see, we have them in ill trailer as MPs file and as Jay pick. And as I said before, still, we are not learning about the illustrator. It would be much easier using Adobe Illustrator, but I want to show you another way by using just Photoshopped. So we will open our Jay Pek with footer shop. So what you need to do is go to a J big file with the mouse over it. Rest your right click, go open. With that, they'll be Photoshopped. And here it is. So we will click on our rectangular marquis, too. Music or our little snowflake and quick command C and command be and it will show up on another layer like this. Now, as you could see, it still has a white bag crumb. And in this case, it does not bother us because our background is already white on our campus before so. But if it's not and you wanted to be transparent, you wanted to be P and G. You can do that by using or erase do but much easier. It will be by using your magic eraser tool or background your razor tool in this case So we'll go down to the street. That's quick. All right, click, click on background theories are too and doesn't magic. Let's go to our magical resort to I was your first. Sometimes even I forget. Now, let's, um, zoom in and get rid off our little what dots that we can see here. And this little half like that looks nice. The senate. Now, the magic with photo shop is that you can move layers throughout your documents so you can use actually this layer and move with toe our calendar without saving the photo, which is so easy. So we will just take our layer But the mile so over and drag it up to the tab with our little No. And here it is our beautiful little snowflake. Thank you. Like it. So hold command E. I want to resize it, since it is guide adduce, uh, any you don't want it to be. Here it is. You can go overboard with your on the creations because they don't need to be, um, wind like everything else in your planner. So let's use others decorations the same way that we did before you can put them as you like. He was any one you like, So just go to the free big search and please use it supporter personal use. So let's decorate our planner fast. - So I decorated our planner with every single sticker that use from that pile before. And I am still want happy with what we have here. I think it is a little bit too amply. So what I'm going to do first is make this January week a little bit bigger. Make it maybe 80 and wall. So maybe 24. 24. It's much better make it like that. And also I don't motive this paint splatter, um repay again. We'll do the same opening with 40 shop as we did on stickers. And you can see these splatters are really fun. So we will use our I still do. Since these are very irregular pets, you just circle that quick command C and command beat and now turn off the background layer goto our magic razor and raise that background and transfer dad player to are to our Yeah also put it the bottom like that so it doesn't miss. I got through the's and let's do let's say I like these again. Who's realised? Yeah, like command. See, drink off background use your magic arisen tool and raise. And let's decorate their planner with this and see if that will be. You know, that is it for this one? I showed you have to save your documents and in the second, um, video in this class or in deterred one. I'm not sure. However you know how to save them. You sure know how to print. Um and I must say, must know how to put it and digital for if you don't know, you also have that information in my previous classes, I think it is a necessary to repeat myself. It's not hard. Just go there and watch the last video What it says export and everything's same. So don't worry about nothing. You can sell these planners, but please don't sell them with these stickers because they are not really be free. And I do not want you to get suit. I would. You like one. And I hope you like this one and then you will come back for more. See you in the next one by