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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. Pendant Class

    • 4. Homework and Final Thoughts

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About This Class

In this Easy Clay Pendant class, I show you how to make a pendant with 2 different color clays. I also use earrings in a creative way and you too can use something that is important to you in the same fashion. You will love how easy it is and you can wear your own piece of creation right after you bake it. Check out the documents I included to give you more information about what you need and where to buy supplies.

Meet Your Teacher

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Irina Abramova



Hi, there my name is Irina Abramova, I am a wife, mom, educator,multi-passionate creative entrepreneur, multi-passionate creative coach, creative lifestyle blogger, professional organizer, floral, candy buffet, tablescape, and events designer. I run a unique gifts Etsy shop using my own designs. I am a Skillshare teacher online. Creative homemaking and lifestyle are what I really love and here I want to share my creative ideas with you in order to inspire you. I love everything and anything creative and unique. My interests are in DIY, crafts, designing, photography, graphic design, art, decorating, styling, planning events, cooking, baking and food styling.

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1. Introduction: Hi everyone. I'm arena from credit lifeline for seven.com. I run a creative block. I shall videos, post ideas for different projects in here to Spire everyone around me. Some here to show you how to make a beautiful clay pendant. I made one for myself and I thought why not show everyone else how to make it because it's so easy. So if you're interested, please click enroll, show with your friends. And thank you for stopping by and we'll see you soon. 2. Supplies: Hi there everyone. Welcome back. So we're gonna go with the supply that will be needing for this clay prints and class. So we're going to need scissors to cut the twine that you'll be using for your pendant. So I'm using this one. I did cut it already. This is a lace stretch you one. I might cut the later again, so I have a scissor as well. A rolling pin texture plate. I have one by whiskers, but you can get other ones. This is double-sided, it's plastic, so there's tons of options out there to, you know, have except this one. But I'm just showing what I'm using. Hearings like these that you have not been wearing and you don't plan to wear and you like them still, and you could use it for the sprite. And I'll show you how BY using these data to make whole what the independent, so that local goods through the twine k. Then I have my play that I put up, that I put into a look around already. And the brown one, so purple and brown. Now we have the scope is souffle. So this is two hundred seventy five thirty minutes for each 1 fourth of an inch. So this is the one I have. The color is loyalty. This is how they come. Another one is here, Primo scoping. And this is burnt umber. Two seventy, five, thirty minutes for every 1 fourth of an inch. So about six millimeters. So you wanna try to stay with the same type of heating, temperature and ministry because you want it to bake evenly and because you run over, baker can break if it's too dry. And I have a foil here that I'm using to, well everything else. And then next class one will show to you. And I have a pen here with parchment paper and a foil pen. So you can use anything that you have. This is the way to do it. So I'll see you in the next class. Thank you so much. 3. Pendant Class: Hi guys, welcome back. So let's start by working on our pendant. So we have the label. So either world that out, what I'm gonna do is I'm going to try to push, put it all together here. You can even go like this to make it easier. You can rub it between your hands. Then once it's thinner, it's going to be easier for you. If you find that easy all you can do it the way I did it and put it all together and then rub it in together. So you're gonna do that. Now. You can, you can take this also again. So once you'd have a lake this together, break, break it, and have them again in half. Because you're going to be rolling get together and you want to have as much as the colors mixing them and make it like really looking. Ok. So when I try to do this as much as possible to get the color and to get a nice marble effect. So let's see, let's see how it looks so far. Can actually roll it like this. I find it easier to roll it between my palms to get a nice circle tank. So you can see this. Someone that my arm I'm I'm sorry, in my palms. Got so far. And I think this should be good enough for me. Again, you can do as much as you like and the way you would want to have it on when you were. Thanks. So now let me just put a nice circle again. So this way, I'm going to be a perfect round the pendant. So now this is the final look. So now we're going to try to roll it out. So as you can see, some tough shift from the flow, which is okay because it's gonna be nice with all the other texture. If you do not want to texture, you can use like silicon cutting or crap type C. So we have those little textures. Foil, which is fine for me if you know one day, if you comfortable using native parchment paper work. So, so so you have to see what you have. You don't have to go out of my anything specific for kind of dilemma. It make him more around and fill it out because you want to be the same size. So basically that is the goal. And honestly, I think as we're doing this, I think I'm going to even keep it this way here. And then I'm making a circle. You could make it in a circle if you like. But I feel like this is even better. It's like this kinda kinda shape here. They can't even like him more than I originally planned to make. That as in the circle, is very pretty. So if you really want to make it a circle, you can only work with that, then you can cut it out. Since we were doing this. I think I like this more this kind of shape. And as and then you can work with you on hand. So you, and if you're making the circle right, would work around that to make sure it's even nice. Okay? So now what the surplus easy because you can get something that's realm and cut it around like a glass cup, right? But what this kind of shape, obviously it's not that easy because it's not necessarily a circle or square that you can kinda get. What if you would do a circle here? Right? You would want to cut it up with something that is round and it has like some edges here. So there'll be different by what this shape that we have here. We need to work on a little bit to make sure that it's perfect. And actually it does look very nice. And it's perfect. And then we'll make sure that you can see that this side is a little bit thicker for them to make. Choice did not a little bit more. And if everyone's a shape, that's okay because you can still go back and fix it. So yeah, so let me do a little bit more so you can see that how we want to get the perfect silent throughout the play. And we've got a nice texture. So if you can see the beautiful marbling After you roll it out, if you like one side better than the other one, it's okay to stick to the side that you like more. That's not a problem. And I like this 11, the original site that I chose. This is what I like. And and now it's all event has you can see it's all the same size. All around. Maybe I would go a little bit more in top just in case. Because it felt a little bit. But that's about as profits, basically perfect. Now what I'm gonna do is now I have the shape. I'm going to take my Texture Board. The side that I talked about before, the supply of wheel. I'm going to press a little bit, not too hard. But I wanted to stick frame. Press on it. See how it looks for the texture. Amazing. So I didn't push it too hard. But if you can see how cool it is, you can see all those textures and the marbling is amazing. Right? Now. We have a tool here. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna make a hole here on top. What I want to go too close to the top. And we took too much down mostly because we wanna make sure it's good for us with everything. So I'm gonna make the hole a bit bigger. Then I would make let's say if I would just use one metal piece, right? To put through the boy foe would just use the twine that I have. The lacI twine. You set out a nice hole here on top. So what's gonna be as after you bake it according to the instructions you wanna make sure when you bake it. That is not a debate because that's going to get too hard and the Combray gray, the right temperature will tweet talked about here, which is 275 for 30 minutes for every one quarter of an inch. Right? You can take it out. Let it touch it. Bumper ME hands. Okay. Just like wait for it to cool for seven then tried out others, it's going to be too hot. And you can do this in the oven. I even tried to do it in toaster, it's fine. Just choose whatever you want to use now. So the cool trick that I wanted to show is I have these earrings that I lived with that I'm really use them anymore. And I can I lay them as a memory. So this is what I came up with for this project. Well, for them, for the purposes of this tutorial. Let me close this up. Just for this video. So now this will be like so I have this here, the size. But I cut up a ready precaution. What I'm gonna do is I'm going to run through, okay. This is just for purposes of the video, I want to make a little mountain top. So once it's baked, obviously much more stable, right? It's not gonna be a salt. And you're going to have a nice, beautiful pendulum like this, right? And this top is going to be a nice with added decor. So, so usually you would use some kinda rounds, right? Necklace, pendant holder or something you come up with, right? But for this video, I came up with using this. Now if you want to use one, you can definitely go with the one I want to use to for this video. If you have one and you have a loss, you want to have some useful here. That's even an option to DRC. That's a way to kind of do something crafty and then use one of your, something that's memorable to you and put it on. So it wants to drive, right? The amazing. So I wanted to say this book will show you how I put it in the pan. Okay, so this is not going to put together with our with our clip. Because if I wanted to show you what I am trying to demonstrate how we're doing this. Then you're going to just take your pan. Python like this one to make sure the shape is the way you want it. Make sure all the sides are on top. Are touching floods. Final touches surfaces kind of shape. You want to just make sure that keeping the shape that you want to find no touches if it's a circle, like they said, which I originally intended to the circle, but has we found that to be much prettier the shape, especially with these earrings that I liked, this oval. So I like that. And it will be a circle obviously, you can, again put it on top, maybe push it around a little bit to get a perfect circle, let's say. Or they could just use the hands the same way as I'm doing now to make sure everything's good. So yeah, that's all. So I hope you enjoy this class. You learn something. If you have any questions, definitely post them. I'm willing to answer questions and hopefully see my virtual classes. Thank you. 4. Homework and Final Thoughts: Thank you for enrolling in the class. I hope you enjoy the clay pending that would meet together. Welcome to share with your friends and anyone around you. So for homework, I want you to make one yourself. If you don't have the specific color that I used that as five, post whatever you could make with the same ideas that I showed you at the homework section, project section. If you have any questions, please post them. I will definitely answer them and do my best to help you in any way possible. I will also include supplies list in the Project Center as well. So look out for that. Thank you for once again, I hope you really enjoyed this class.