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Easy Bake Loaf of Honey Bread with your Breadmaker

teacher avatar Daniel Blumberg, Graduated with my Master's Degree

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. How to Make a Healthy and Delicious Honey Bread

    • 2. Required Materials

    • 3. Mixing of ingredients

    • 4. Insert into Bread Maker

    • 5. Control Settings

    • 6. End Result

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About This Class

This class teaches you how to make a delicious and healthy honey bread loaf using your bread machine. Following these easy steps you will have a delicious loaf of bread to enjoy for yourself and your loved ones. Future classes will show you how to make other breads, pastas, pizza doughs, cookies, croissants, cakes, and more.


Meet Your Teacher

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Daniel Blumberg

Graduated with my Master's Degree


I've just recently graduated with my Master's of Science in Architecture from the University of Florida and am currently job hunting. While I've been job hunting I've been learning more about making the food that I eat. In particular using a bread machine to make fresh breads, pastas, cookies, cakes, pizzas, and more for my wife and I to eat. Making the food fresh myself ensures I know just what ingredients are going in, and it tastes far better than store bought pre-packaged.

I want to show others how to use their bread machines to eat healthier, and by extension be happier in their lives

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1. How to Make a Healthy and Delicious Honey Bread: Hello, everybody. My name is Daniel Blomberg, and I'd like to thank you for tuning in to my how to make a honey bread loaf using a Zuoji Roshi bebe H a C 10 Red Machine. Now a little bit of background it by myself. I just graduated with my master's of science and architecture with a focus on sustainable design from the University of Florida, and I currently live here in Gainesville, Florida, with my wife and two cats. Now the reason I'm very interested in very happy and the spread machine and everything it can do is it will allow you to supply yourself healthy, nutritious and delicious breads, pastas, jams, cakes, all sorts of different foods. And you get to know what the ingredients are that you're going to be putting in. There has a reason behind that. As an example, I've got a nature's own bread loaf here. Now I'm gonna take a moment to read you the ingredients on this nature's own bread loaf unreached unbleached enriched flour, wheat flour, malted barley flour, niacin, reduced iron thiamine, mono nitrate rival Flavin, Folic acid water, honey sugar, wheat gluten Whole wheat flour, rye flour, wheat brand 2% of each of the following or less Yeast, soy flour, salt, soybean oil monologue, Lyssarides enzymes, ascorbic acid culture, Wheat flour, vinegar, calcium sulfate, mono calcium, phosphate soy lets the sin calcium and carbonate. Now all of that is in this loaf of bread. I don't know about you but myself. I'd like to have, you know, healthy bread to be able to eat and know what all my ingredients are and have the least amount ingredients necessary Toe have a delicious loaf of bread. So my loaf of bread that I'm gonna show you how to make today is going to have water, bread, flour, honey, dry milk, salt, butter and active dry yeast. So stay tuned and check out the next statement since we will show you how to make yourself a delicious loaf of bread. 2. Required Materials: Hello, everybody. Thank you for staying tuned to how to make a honey bread loaf using yours O g rou xi or other bread machines. So obviously, you need to have the surgery. She bread machine inside, you have your mixing bowl as well as the cooking pot effectively. So this is when you mix all the ingredients in here, you're going to end up putting it inside the unit and shutting it and turn it on and take about three hours and 40 minutes. One of the really awesome things about this bread maker is most of the recipes you can set up to a 13 hour time delay. So that means you could prep it all the night before go to sleep. It will make the bread for you. You'll wake up to the wonderful aroma of bread cooking in your house, and your bread will be waiting for you to enjoy for breakfast. So we need to have a means to measure all of our ingredients to make sure that we're putting them in their correctly and in the correct amounts. So you get the delicious bread that you want. This is a pirate's measuring cups. Good for liquids or dry stuff. Make sure you if you do liquids first, obviously try it out. Before you could try stuff in there. It's just gonna stick Thes Aaron. Assortment of measuring cups, Different sizes. One cup, half cut 1/3 cup quarter cup These are measuring spoons. They're going to be very handy for measuring anything that's teaspoons or tablespoons or half recorder those now those O g rou she does come with a measuring scoop where this side is a tablespoon and this site is a teaspoon so you can use this if you need to ingredients again for this recipe, the ingredients and I'm gonna call them out for you. In order are gonna be water, which you would measure with the measuring cup are going to be the bread flour, which have my bread flour stored in a sealed container to keep it air tight, which I think is good, helps it last a little bit longer. If you buy a bunch of it at one time, you're gonna need honey. You're going to need the dry milk. You're going to need salts, you're going to need a tablespoon of butter and you're going to need your yeast. The east. This is a Hodgson mill yeast, and this yeast is actually alive, so don't freeze it. Don't boil it. Don't put it somewhere hot or you'll kill it before you bake your bread and then you won't have any bread. That's gonna be very good. If you buy it fresh from the story, you should be fine. There is a way to proof it, but that would be in a different video to watch how to prove your yeast and see if it's still good or knocks. All right. Next video. We'll show you how to actually measure all the ingredients and put them together prior to putting them into the breadmaker. 3. Mixing of ingredients: So the next ingredient you're going to need is two cups of flour and this is actually a bread flour. Now there's a trick behind this already. Open my container up and you get a little bit more than a cup in there. And then you just take a knife and you just back it right on over. Aunt, scrape it off and then you have a nice, accurate cup worth of flour. So it's me one cup. Drop it on in there, followed by a second cup. A flower. Just do the same thing. Make sure you don't miss a spot scraped across, and that's where you get a nice, accurate measurements of the flower that you need for your bread. We gonna just drop it right on in there. Now I'm gonna go and see it. Let's back up and that's me. All the bread flour that's necessary for the stress. Me next up is going to be honey. Now, if you buy honey from your farmers market, it is going to be delicious. Will be natural honey that the bees produced in your area. It's also going to be potentially very sticky and hard to get out of the container, which I have discovered on several occasions. So what I've done is I went ahead and put my to tablespoons of honey into Ah, a little shot glass here. And what I did is I gave it a little warm water bath, so I just shocked Last, put it in there. This was some warm water. This was to make the honey not quite so tough to move around and basically lower the viscosity so I would be able to take the honey and pour it into I'll be It may be slowly but port into my ingredients because this was the next one to go in. I'm actually gonna take my knife. I'm gonna use the knife to scrape out the rest of the honey that's needed out of the shock lists and works out quite well. Now, the honey is great because this is actually taking the place of sugar, and your yeast actually uses this sugar in the honey because they're actually a shooter. It's all natural sugar in the honey. Of course, the yeast uses that as its energy source when it's growing and making your bread rise for you. So and also the honey is very sweet. Taste delicious, and you will definitely be able to taste it inside of your bread. There are different types of honey that you can use as well, so you can be creative and tried Different types. I know in Florida here, we've got orange honey blossom. We got wild flower blossom, so different, different things. We're gonna give you different tastes of honey, But all will be the amount of sugar that you need to make your honey bread with no extra sugar necessary. And you can always take that. A little bit of honey stuck on the knife and you can look it often. It's very tasty. So your next ingredient you need 1.5 tablespoons of dry milk. So I have the dry milk right here. I'm going to open it up. Can I need 1.5 tablespoon? So what I'm going to do is I've got a tablespoon here. I also have on a different 1/2 tablespoon here. So instead of just using a one and then 1/2 I'm just going to use this one, and I'm going to use it three times now because the knife with the honey on it is sticky. I don't want that on the table. Soon I'm going to grab a new knife when we reach into the bag, take a little bit more out than I need and I'm going to just take the knife, the back of it. Scoop it off. So that's half followed by another half for one, followed by the last half of the dry milk for 1.5. So almost through this recipe, this one. So now we need 1/2 teaspoon of salts. Now, again, I've got this, which is a one. A little too much of the stopping actually. Still cry milk back up, Move it out The way on These measuring spoons have different sizes, and this one is the exact right size, half a teaspoon of salt. Now, this is a Himalayan pink salt that I freshly ground from larger crystals. A little of this song goes a long way, so I'm actually gonna use just a little bit less than 1/2 teaspoon of this salt, so I'm not gonna quite fill it up, and then I'm going to add it to the mixing bowl. We're gonna go about that much just a little bit less. Really. Drop it in. Okay, so now we need one tablespoon of butter. It's looking at the butter. Sitting here this entire time. It's very easy to measure a tablespoon of butter because they tell you right there, how much better is a tablespoon? So it's going to my knife right through the outside of the paper and cut it, which marks on the inside. Gives me the perfect spot to line it up and do the cut, so just drop that right on down. Grab the tablespoon of butter, drop it right on. And very simple, very easy to dio. Now the last ingredient is, as mentioned, the east and the east, as I discussed earlier, is alive. So you want. Make sure you don't treat it with gloves or anything, but you want to make sure that you don't expose it to too hot of a temperature too cold a temperature prior to using it for baking. Otherwise, you're baking will not work. Now this is going to be one full teaspoon of active trays, so each of these little packets have several teaspoons in it, so you can make several loaves of bread out of it. So I'm just gonna go and fill this up and I won't need the knife just to do this because I'm just gonna do it. But I just a little bit more and there we go. That's my teaspoon of Yuste. You want to make sure when you put it on the yeast does not touch any wet ingredients. You don't want it to activate prematurely if you're not planning on cooking it for a while , so make sure it doesn't end up in the water you want if you need to, you can actually even scoop out, scoop out a little center David right there, and drop it in the divots so didn't end up anywhere. I'm not gonna be running this on a timer, so I'm not too worried about that because I'm just planning on running and making myself a delicious loaf of bread 4. Insert into Bread Maker: So the last very important step is Pick it up and you take it and you drop it on in carefully. Now it's gonna going on an angle because you notice it says unlock and lock. Here, unlock is to the left and lockers to the right. So goes in on the angle and then you just turn it to the right to lock it in place. Very simple. One close it. 5. Control Settings: So the last and final step is to make sure you have your settings the way you want them set . And I'm going to set the crust control so that it's reflecting a light regular bread. And then you just tell it, start and you let it run, and it's gonna tell you right now, it's gonna take three hours and 30 minutes to complete, so I will show you the end result when it finishes. Thank you for watching this clip. 6. End Result: all right. So stepped outside, so it's a really pretty day outside. I got my blueberries going on the back. I want to show you the bread as I take it out and let you see the coloring on it. Open it up. You can see the beautiful brown coloring we have going on here. Now you can use a placemat you want to grab. The handle is gonna be very warm, cause just speaking, grab it. Make sure to turn to the left toe. Unlock it before you pull it up. Comes free. Nice and easy. And then I'm going to lay it down right here on my board. I'm gonna let it cool on leader. I'm gonna turn it a little bit to the side so I can grab it from the bottom. Turned upside down so that I can pop the bread out so easy. It just came right on out hands. Sure you can see it? Well, it is quite form still standing up, and there is your beautiful, perfect loaf of honey bread. All right, Make sure you posting pictures of what yours looks like. And comments and how you like for the tastes of your honey bread. Thank you. And stay tuned for future videos on how to make different types of bread and other ingredients that you can use in your bread maker to make other wonderful meals. All right, bye.