Easy Animation with Procreate: 5 Fun Birthday GIFs Anyone Can Create | Kelley Bren Burke | Skillshare

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Easy Animation with Procreate: 5 Fun Birthday GIFs Anyone Can Create

teacher avatar Kelley Bren Burke, Digital Artist & Educator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

15 Lessons (1h 22m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Class Project Overview

    • 3. Create A Canvas for Animation

    • 4. Procreate Gesture Controls

    • 5. Download Palettes, Brushes & Fonts

    • 6. Explore the Free Color Palettes

    • 7. Explore the Color Changing Brushes

    • 8. Procreate Animation Basics

    • 9. Wiggly Letters GIF

    • 10. Wiggly GIF: Tracing our Letters

    • 11. A Typewritten Note GIF

    • 12. A Floating Balloon GIF

    • 13. Bonus! Sparkling Stars GIF

    • 14. Bonus! Falling Confetti GIF

    • 15. Next Steps + Thank you!

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About This Class

In this beginners’ class you’ll learn how to create five easy birthday animations using the illustration app Procreate. You don’t need to be an artist, illustrator or hand letterer to take this class. I’ll walk you through all the steps, sharing Procreate tips and tricks along the way. 

Why Take This Class?

After you complete this class, you’ll have fun custom GIFs to share with your friends and family. Your friends and family will love receiving personalized birthday GIFs! You can share them on Facebook, Instagram, or text message. 

FREE with this class:

  • Procreate animation cheat cheat 
  • Four Procreate color palettes 
  • Five colorful confetti brushes for Procreate
  • KBB Monoline Brush
  • Gold Foil Texture 

Download these resources in “Projects & Resources” section of the class. Unfortunately you won’t be able to access these resources on the Skillshare app. 

What will you learn?

  • The basics of animation in Procreate
  • An overview of Procreate's Color Harmony tools
  • How to make any Procreate brush a color changing brush
  • How to use fonts in Procreate 
  • Five different animation techniques

Here’s the five GIFs we’ll create in my class:






Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Kelley Bren Burke

Digital Artist & Educator


Hi! I’m Kelley. I’m a digital artist, and I love animation, collage and the Procreate app.

Most days, you can find me working at our Minneapolis home with our bulldog, Murphy.I'm a self-employed artist with two businesses. I started my first business in 2013 - Gems by Kelley. I specialize in minimalist gemstone bracelets. I’m sold over 11,000 pieces of jewelry on Etsy.

My newest love is art. After taking Skillshare classes for several years, I published my first two Skillshare classes in 2020. I create art digitally, using my iPad, Apple Pencil and the Procreate app. I love creating animations and collages.

Say hello and follow along on Instagram!


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1. Intro: It's your friend's birthday and you want to wish them a happy birthday from afar. You could send them a text message or wish them a happy birthday on Facebook. But that's kind of boring, right? I mean, you've been there, done that, like 1000 times already. Instead, you could send your friends a fun, personalized custom birthday gift and let them know that you're thinking of them. I'm Kelly rember. I'm a creative entrepreneur artist living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I began dabbling in art in Lettering in 2017 and I fell in love with procreate. A blank piece of paper or canvas is really intimidating to me, but appropriate makes creating so fun and easy procreate expanded their animation capabilities December 2019. And I've been playing with it ever since. I thought animation would be very intimidating and hard, and frankly, I wasn't really that interested in it. But once I started playing with animation on procreate, I just loved it. It's super fun, and it's easy, and I'm gonna talk you through all the steps to learn this. By the end of this class, you'll have custom personalized birthday gifts, ready to send your friends and family. This class is perfect for beginners. You don't need to know anything about art. You don't need to be an artist and illustrator or hand letter. If you do like hand lettering, you can hand letter in this class. If not, we can use some fonds together. Appropriate has a lot of funds that come with it, and we're gonna download some free Google fonts together. All you need is an iPad appropriate five, a stylist or even your finger. I'll be using an apple pencil. I'm gonna give you some colorful confetti brushes and multiple color palettes to use in this class and beyond. At its best, the creative process is playing. It's fun and it's easy, and that's what we're gonna be doing here today. We're here to have fun and explore our creativity. I'd love to see what this class inspires you to create. Share your work in the class Project gallery, whether that's your color palettes or work in progress or a gift, share as much of your process as you like and remember to tag me on social media hashtag Kelly Grunberg 2. Class Project Overview: After you complete this class, you'll have fun custom gifts ready to share with your friends and family. I'll supply some great freebies, and resource is to help you. Along the way. You'll receive a procreate animation cheat sheet four or create color palettes, four colorful confetti brushes for appropriate and a KBB monoline brush. We'll download them together in another lesson. This is what you'll learn in this class. You're gonna learn the basics of animation inappropriate. An overview of pro creates color harmony tools. You'll learn how to make any appropriate brush, a color changing brush. How do you sponsor and procreate? And three different animation techniques, And then we'll create three birthday gifts. I call these gifts Wigley letters, a type written note and floating balloon. Let's get started. Grab your iPad updated to five, and I'll see in the next lesson. 3. Create A Canvas for Animation: in this lesson, we are going to create a canvas that we're gonna be using throughout the class. We are going to hit this plus symbol here. We're gonna create a new canvas. We are going to have it 1500 by 1500 pixels. The DP I will be 300 which is a great DP I for most projects, we're going to navigate to the color profile. Procreate usually defaults to a display p three color profile and that color profile has the most colors available in it. However, when you export something as a gift, it reduces the amount of available colors. And here you'll see an example of a gift I created in a P three format and then exported as a gift with a more limited color palette. The colors art a saturated. If you don't want to be disappointed in your colors when you're exporting your gift, you're best off starting at an s RGB color palette. So we are going Teoh name this canvas Animation square and that way we will have it saved in our preset canvases and we can use it for the rest of the class. So again s RGB color palette 1500 by 1500 pixels Animation square create. And here is our new canvas 4. Procreate Gesture Controls: I'm going to review some of the gesture controls that I have set up to speed up my workflow . Your gesture controls won't look like this unless you haven't set up like mine. First, I'm gonna show you how to do Turn on the drawing guide for procreate. It's wrench drawing guide on. And there you have the lines there. How I have it set up is I hold one finger down and then I have my quick menu here, and I can turn my two d guide visibility on or off, and I'll show you how to set it up that way, if you would like to do that in the future, So how you do it is you go to wrench preferences, gesture controls. So I have the quick menu set up. So a touch and hold of my finger on the canvas will invoke the quicker menu and I'll show you what I mean here. So when I put my finger here, I get thes six rectangles and I have them set up exactly how I want them. So two D guide Visibility is something I use a lot. If I touch that, I can turn it on and off easily, and I dropped her is something I use a lot, too. So I will show you how that works. For seven to turn off the T two d guide. We don't need it. I'm going. Teoh, do some star confetti here and I'm going Teoh invoke my eye dropper. And that's what you used to pick up the different colors, and that will change this color up here. So it's purple, and now it's orange. I can even pick up the white, and that's what you could use to create a palette of colors that you would like If you didn't have your eye dropper set up like that, you could touch this little modify button over here. That's the square in between the brushes here and that will also pick up the eyedropper. That's how your default is likely set up that you touch this modified button, and that brings up the eyedropper. Another gesture control that I have set up specifically is copy and paste. That's something I use a lot. And so if I go to the wrench and gesture controls again and preferences, you can look at copy and paste. I have copy and paste Set up is a four finger tap to invoke copy and paste, and I will show you what I mean here. So we have this screen of stars here, and if I press four fingers down, this menu pops up and I can cut or I can paste and another four finger tap will bring that all up again. I can copy all I can create a new layer. I can press my fingers down again and I can hit paste. So we have a whole nother screen here of our stars. Another way that you can copy and paste is by clicking on the layer itself and choosing copy and then going to a new layer and you can hit paste on that one. So now we have two layers of the stars so you can move the second layer around if you'd like. There's a lot more to see and gesture controls, and you can certainly play around with that and set it up exactly how it works for you. I just wanted to show you how I haven't set up in a way that works well for me. You'll see me doing these gestures throughout the rest of the class. I'll see in the next video 5. Download Palettes, Brushes & Fonts: in this lesson. We're going to look at the freebies that come with this class, so lets navigate to the projects and resource is tab and skill share. This is a tab that you will not be able to access on the APP, unfortunately, but you can access it on your iPad. The iPad does need to be in landscape mode in order for you to see the tab correctly. So in the projects and resource is Tab, I'm gonna click Seymour, and we're gonna look at the resource. Is that come with the class here? First of all, there's an easy animation cheat sheet that's a J peg. You can print it out if you would like or save it to a file or your camera roll. And that will give you a lot of quick tips about animation in appropriate. There is also to more J pegs, and they are the animation pallets that you could choose from this class. They're all split complementary color palettes, and we'll review what that means. In another lesson. There's a second palate just like this one. You can save those to your camera roll by hitting, add two photos. The other things that come with the class are the actual swatches that you can use in procreate for four different palates, and we'll look at those within pro creates. And then right here we have five different brushes that you'll get with the class. Four of them are confetti brushes, and one of them is a monoline brush, which is a good line drawing brush. You can also download some free fonts that I have linked here from Google. I'll be using these fonts in the animations for the typewriting animation. I'll be using the special elite font, and you would just hit download family here if you wanted to do that. And then there's also another font for the Wigley letters animation and that somatic SC, also a free Google found that you can download. Google has a lot of fun free fonts, so I recommend taking a peek at them sometime when you're looking for some new phones to use in procreate. So those air the downloads under the projects and resource is the next thing we're going to do is create a canvas inappropriate that will be using throughout the rest of the class. I'll see in the next lesson 6. Explore the Free Color Palettes: choosing a color palette can be tricky and procreate offers us some tools to help us in this area, and we're going to be reviewing the split complementary color palettes today. Using appropriates color harmony. Let's start by opening up a new canvas. We can use our animation square and let's navigate Teoh, one of the pallets that we downloaded earlier. Let's look at KBB animation number two. I'm gonna set that as my default, and I'm going to start by looking at this second color palette, one that's orange and a blue, purple and an aqua. So let's choose the color harmony option on procreate. It shows here, the orange and then the two colors that are kind of opposite this color. All of these color palettes here work that way, so the blue color is the main color here, and then the yellow and the peach is opposite it. This aqua minty color is the main color here, and then the two colors are opposite it. I'm choosing to work with the split complementary color palette for this class for two reasons. The split complementary color palette is great for beginners when trying to create a palette and Also, I find that the constraints that a limited color palette offer do really inspire creativity . I'm gonna be using one color palette throughout this class. I'm gonna be using KBB animation number three what you received. But for now, we're just gonna play with KBB animation number two and start with the orange color. So what I'm gonna do here is I'm going, Teoh, create lighter and darker versions of these three colors to create a brand new color palette. I'm gonna start by choosing the KBB big monoline, and I'm gonna bring it up to 100% so it's the largest it can be. I have this orange color here, and I'm going to create a dot in the middle fish and then the second color and then the aqua color. So now that we have our colors, I'm going to switch to the classic color palette, which is one that I use the most, and I'm going to make darker versions of these colors by dragging directly down or up into the left. So we get a lighter color. So once again, with this orange, I'm gonna drag down. You create that color, drag it down roughly the same amount that darker color navigate back to my orange, bring it up into the left and bring it to the left a little bit more and then to the left. Again, I'm gonna do that for all of these colors. So I'm gonna stop for now. With these, I'm going to show you how to put them into a new color palette. We're going, Teoh hit the plus and then we're going to create a new color palette with these colors. I'm going to do that by grabbing my eye dropper. I'm gonna start in the middle of because we're gonna want to go darker and lighter, probably from these colors. So here we have the start of a brand new color palette and you can use colors later on when we're creating our gifts. So in KTB animation number one and KBB animation number two, these air all split complementary color palettes. You can choose any of these color palettes and creates an expanded palette and use that for the rest of the class. Or you can create your own split complementary color palette before we start the next lesson. Please choose us. What complementary color palette to use for the rest of the class. If you'd like to share your color palette with the class in the projects, that's great, too. The colors that you choose might inspire another student, and I'd love to see what color is your choosing here. So I will see you in the next lesson when you have your new color palette. 7. Explore the Color Changing Brushes: in this lesson. We're gonna explore the color changing brushes. We're gonna open up procreate. We are going to open up the canvas we created earlier the Animation Square, and we're just going to experiment with our brushes that we downloaded. So I'm gonna start with the circle confetti here. I mean, a tap on that once and show you where the color dynamics is on procreate. It's down here and right now the color dynamics is at Max. I'm gonna bring it down to none to start and show you what it looks like when it's at none . I'm gonna choose to use KBB animation number three. I'll use that throughout the class today. I'm just gonna choose a hot pink, and I'm just gonna make circles. And with the animation, Hugh, at 0% the circles are different sizes for this brush, but they're the same color. If we adjust the hue and go to say 20% and clear what we did before screen a canvas a little bit smaller and let's just go to the top. And here you have a few colors in there. It's just the colors that are right next to the hot pink. We have the kind of reddish color and different hues of pink. We can bring the huge up Teoh 42%. It doesn't really matter. This is all just playing here. This is all just learning. This is all just for fun. So now we have a purple in the mix and some war colors. Now that we've bumped up the color que if we bump it up Teoh about 70% we get more colors. There's a new green there and then if we would bump it up to Max, we would have all of the colors around there. So I'm just going Teoh, clear this here and here We have all the colors, and this allows you to make a variety of different looks, as you can see here, and depending on the color that you have selected with the color changing brush matters. If we switch over to a different color and go back to 20% let's choose an aqua. Then it will be the colors that are next to that aqua or whatever color you choose. Here's some pink. The fun thing about the color dynamic setting within procreate is you can use that within any brush to get any effects that you want here, I'm gonna choose the KBB big monoline brush. And it's a simple line drawing brush. And we can also change the Hugh on that one here. I'm going to bring it to about 28%. It doesn't matter. We're just playing here and exploring and you can see I'm gonna bring it all the way up that it brings in some blue and green into the aqua there. And I'm not sure exactly what you would do with this, but it really is but fun just to make these shapes on the page and look at it. It's just it's kind of a meditative thing, actually. I'm gonna to finger tapped, undo some of those and I'm going to choose a difference Hugh presented here. Let's bring it up about 60% and bring it neck. I'm still using the same aqua color, but now that the percentage is higher, it pulls some purples into here and some other colors. I'm just gonna bring it all the way up just for fun. And yes, here are all the colors, so that's just a little something to know about brushes. There's a lot of settings within brushes. I'm not going to go into all of them today. But the color changing brushes is an important part of this class that we're doing here. I'm bringing the hue color dynamics on the model lines back to none, because that's how you almost likely want to use it is how we're gonna be using it later on in the class. And I'm going to hit done, and I will see you in the next lesson. 8. Procreate Animation Basics: in this lesson, we're gonna be reviewing just some of the basics of animation and procreate. We're gonna open up a new canvas, our animation square, and we are going to start exploring. I'm going to choose KBB animation number three. I'm gonna choose the lightest blue and we're going to fill this layer here. Now, this one, it doesn't need to be perfect. This is just us playing around and trying to understand animation in procreate. I'm going to go to the next layer. I am going to grab a hot pink my KBB monoline brush. Bring it down to about 14%. It really does not matter. I'm gonna make an in perfect circle and then procreate is gonna help me make a perfect circle. And I'm going to fill it by dragging that hot pink there. I'm gonna add one more layer. It's usually helpful. The name your lawyers. I'm going to do it right here. I'm gonna have a layer on top. That's the foreground. I have the pink ball here and then the bottom layer is going to be the background. In the foreground. You can choose any confetti brush here, use the star confetti I'm gonna choose an orange color for my star confetti. Let's just look at the color dynamics because I've been playing around with that. It's at 12% right now. That's great. That'll give us a little variety in our colors. I'm going to bring up the size to about 40 again. It does not matter. We're just exploring and playing and having fun here. And I'm gonna make thes stars. And because they're on the top layer there on top off my think ball and my blue background , we're gonna navigate over to the wrench canvas and we're gonna toggle animation assist on in here. Your screen starts to look a little bit different, and we'll be talking through that in the next few minutes. The first thing that understand about animation and procreate is that layers are exactly the same as frames. The frames are the ones at the bottom, and they call the ones on the top players. But they're exactly the same. So we have the blue background, we have the pink ball, and then in the foreground we have our orange stars. We're gonna look at animation settings, procreate defaults to 15 frames per second I find that about five is a good place. Six is good to. We're just gonna start with that for onion skin, a pass ity. I generally like it about 30% but you can play with that and figure out what you like, and it will probably very from animation to animation as well. Loop is the most common setting for the types of animation and procreate. So we're gonna stick with loop at the beginning and we'll just keep moving forward. We're gonna tap on her background blue right here, and we're gonna toggle the background on. So that means that the background is gonna stay steady while anything that's not in the background or foreground moves. In this case, we're gonna make our stars in the foreground. And so I tap on that layer and I talked before ground on. So we have our stars foreground. And to create the animation effect, we're going to start by duplicating our pink ball thes frames. In the middle of the foreground, background are gonna be the frames that are going to be moving or appearing to move throughout the animation. We're gonna move our second pink ball forward about 1/2 a ball. You want to make the movement consistent? Like, for example, I don't want to move the second ball over this far. I want to keep moving them about 1/2 a ball forward to keep the animation smooth and consistent. I'm going to duplicate that another time. Move it forward about half a ball. I'm gonna duplicate that another time. Move it forward Another half ball. And here you can see by this picture here that the ball gets cut off once it rests off the screen. And that's fine for our purposes here. Um, it's just something to know about procreating how it works here. I'm gonna move that. Copy that last ball one more time. Moving forward. I'm gonna copy this one more time, and I'm gonna push the ball off the screen entirely over here. I'm gonna test the animation now and see if our ball is moving forward the way I intended it. Teoh. Perfect. It's moving forward. This is exactly how we wanted to look. The stars are in the foreground. The blue is in the background. I'm gonna hit pause and we are going to complete our animation. Let's pretend that there's two people on either sides of the animation and they're throwing a ball back and forth. So we're gonna make sure that the ball goes all the way to the left so it gets to our person who's playing ball on the left. I'm gonna duplicate it. I'm gonna choose the bottom ball, move it over again about 1/2 ball, choose the bottom ball again, one more and then we are done with our ball animation and we're gonna test it. So here it is. It is moving forward in a loop, and we're gonna look at here the different settings here. So if I change it toe one shot, the ball just moves forward once and then it's done. If I do a Ping Pong effect, then the ball is going to go back and forth in the same path just like that for this animation. We're going to stick with the ping Pong effect because we want to pretend we have the two people playing ball that are off screen. I'm gonna show you something else here, another animation setting we're gonna tap on the first empty screen. I'm going to make a whole duration of five seconds. And what that does is we're pretending that this person on the left side of the screen is gonna hold the ball for five seconds before they throw it back to the other person. And you can see that that worked because there's five little grayed out screens next to it , and we're also going to goto our last empty frame, and we're gonna create another whole duration there of five seconds were pretending again that the other person is gonna hold the ball for five seconds before throwing it back, and we're gonna play and see how that works. And there it goes. I'm gonna hit, pause, and we're going to look at some other things here. Frames per second. I'm gonna show you what it looks like. If it's really fast, There it is. Can go really, really fast. That's kind of dizzying. I'm gonna turn it back down. That's 11 and you want to play around with frames per second for each animation that you do , because some of them you want a little bit slower and some of them you'll want a little bit fast. Menopause this now and we're going to look at the onion skin here and bringing the onion skin frames down to one so you can Onley see the ball that we're on right now, the specific layer and then one to the left and to the right of it, if we turn them onto Max than you can see every single ball that we have on our screen. And again, this is something that you can play along with as you go and see what effects you prefer. I'm also going to show you the onion skin opacity. I've never found it helpful to bring the onions capacity to Max. And you can see how it starts to look if you bring it down here. I like 30% for almost all of my animations, but that's just me. You might like something different. I'm also going to show you that backgrounds and four grounds can be groups of layers rather than just one layer so you can have a lot of complex layers. I'm just going to show you that here. So I'm in a group, these two together and I'm gonna name this foreground. We already have the peach stars in the foreground. I could also experiment to see if I wanted, like pink stars in the foreground as well. Or let's make it even easier to see here. We're gonna make pink rectangle confetti in the foreground as well. And so I want to make sure that the foreground is still the foreground. Tap on that. And yes, that is the foreground. So now we can have both the rectangles and the stars in the foreground. We could also change it because they are in different layers and we could just have our rectangles in the foreground. Or we could also add our stars back in again. Being ableto have multiple layers in the foreground or the background. Holding steady while the other things in the animation are moving gives you a lot of flexibility to create great effects and animations in pro create. That is the quick overview of animation and procreate. I thought it would be really complicated, but it's really pretty simple, and there's really just a couple of different areas toe look at when you're creating an animation and we're going to use these skills in our next lesson 9. Wiggly Letters GIF: in this lesson, we're gonna do our first animation. This animation is called the Weekly Letters Animation. I'm gonna open up the animation square. I'm gonna be using the color palette KBB animation number three. In this lesson and throughout the rest of the class, you can choose any color palette you'd like. I'm going to start by filling my first layer with the darkest teal color. And then I am going Teoh, create a white box on top of that to get to white double tap at the top of your screen and to make sure that you actually have white, make sure that it says it's all EFS and it does here. So that's good. Gonna make my screen a little bit smaller and I'm gonna turn on the drawing guide. Okay, I'm gonna edit the drawing guide so the grid size will help us create a nice border around our White Square. And I've changed the color on the two d grid to a light pink so we can see it easily. I'm gonna grab my big model line, and the size is about 13%. It doesn't really matter. And I'm gonna use this bread to guide me in making a square. I am going Teoh hit edit shape at the top and line up these little Na Jal's at the corner and that will help us get a good square. And now I'm gonna fill that square with white. I'm gonna turn off the drawing grid because we don't really need that right now. And I'm gonna create a new layer above layer number one, which is our teal background. And now I'm gonna choose the circle confetti. I'm gonna look at the color dynamics here. It's at a hue of 20%. I'll stick with that for now. I'm gonna bring it down a little bit. I often like about 14% for this, so I'm gonna go with that. I chose a hot pink from my color palette and my circle confetti size is at about 23. We'll see how that looks. I like that. That looks pretty good, since the White Square is gonna be here throughout the animation. I'm just happening around outside there. I'd like to add some white in the mix as well. So I'm gonna choose the white that I had earlier from my history. Right here. and I'm just gonna add some white dots as well. Just to brighten it up a little bit. You can choose any confetti brush you would like for this one. And, of course, any color that you would like. I think that looks good. So what we're going to do next is create a new layer and bump it above the white box. I'm going Teoh group the bottom three and name that background. And on the fourth layer, I'm going to choose a dark, hot pink. I'm going to go to the wrench hit, add add text and I'm gonna edit the style. I'm going to choose a font that we downloaded earlier in the class thematic SC and I'm gonna choose the bold version of a Matic SC. I'm going to navigate to the keyboard and I'm gonna type in Happy birthday. There's two ways of making these letters bigger. We can edit the text and do it this way. We could also make it bigger by dragging the corner like we would for any shape. Either one works and I'm seeing a space here between happy and birthday that I don't want. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna duplicate Happy birthday. I'm gonna turn off the bottom one. I'm going to go to the top. I'm gonna edit text and I erased birthday. I'm gonna turn that one off. And in this one, I'm gonna race happy and that we will have to separate text boxes that we can use and space a little bit more closely together. I'm gonna group happy and birthday together, and I'm just gonna label it words. I am going to turn the canvas back on for a centering trick. I'm gonna goto edit drawing. I turned the grid size to Max gonna change the color to a aqua so we can see it on the screen. And then I'm gonna take my word group and make sure that that centered and it is. I think I might want my birthday a little bit closer to my happy good. I'm gonna take my words and I'm gonna duplicate them. And I'm gonna bring the second set of words down and I'm going to add cheers killing. And of course, you can use any message you would like on yours. I'm making the cheers, Kelly, a little bit smaller. That looks good. The next step is we're going Teoh be lettering to create our Whitney letters effect. But first I'm going to go ahead and group all the words together again. A second group all name it all words. And I'm going to duplicate that. I'm gonna turn off one of the groups and drop it in the background below than it is turned off. We won't see that at all. It's just there because I'm gonna rast Arise my text. Once I rast arise my text, I lose the ability to edit text. You'll see that here on the screen, I'm gonna pinch these together happy and birthday. And then it looks differently from this one below it it essentially just becomes shapes on the page instead of words that you could edit. I'm gonna do the same here for cheers and Kelly and I'm gonna bump that up and I'm gonna combine it again with my other text, and I'm going to bring that to the top. But I'm gonna delete the groups that we don't need anymore. Let's stop here for now, and I'll see in the next video 10. Wiggly GIF: Tracing our Letters: Welcome back. Let's get started. I have this layer for that is empty. I'm gonna bump it up here, and what I'm gonna do next is I'm gonna choose my KBB Big monoline and I have the same hot pink that I used in the font. And what we're gonna be doing is tracing over these letters here. If you don't want to use a font like I'm using here, you could certainly use your own hand lettering and, um, do it that way. I'm just using the font is a guide to help us out because it's a good way to learn for beginners. I'm gonna bring the opacity of happy birthday down and on this new layer, I'm grabbing KBB Big monoline. I have hot pink color and my size is nine right now and that looks good. I found here that when your lines are a little bit sicker for the Wigley animation, it shows a little bit better. So that's just a tip that just makes the wiggly effect more obvious. So what we're gonna be doing here is we're gonna be tracing Happy Birthday five times and then that will create our weekly letters animation one of the things I like about this animation is that its rewards imperfection. The wiggly effect results from the fact that no matter how hard you would try to make all the letters the same in each version, they will be a little bit different. And that's what causes the wiggling effect. So perfection is not the goal here. In fact, if it was perfect, we would not have fun animation. When you veer a little bit off of your letters, that's a good thing. I could make the cheers Kelly heart wiggle. But in the interest of time, it's just a happy birthday message that's going to be wiggling. And now that I think about that, I'm gonna turn off my first trace layer here, and I am going to separate Cheers Kelly from the happy birthday message. So what I'm gonna do here is I'm gonna delete. I'm gonna make sure I'm on the original fonts screen. I'm gonna choose my selection tool. I'm on free hand here. I'm gonna draw a loop around Happy birthday. I'm gonna do a four finger tap because that's how I have my setting set up. And I'm gonna hit, Cut on my happy birthday and my cheers. Kelly, I have brought up to the max again. I'm gonna want that to remain the same throughout the animation, so I'm actually going to move that down into the background. If you want to make all of your letters wiggle, you can certainly do so. If you wanted that, then you would keep all of your words on the same layer and you would keep tracing those five times. So this is what we have Now we have our happy birthday that I lettered on the top layer and we have the cheers Kelly in the background. So that message will stay study throughout the animation. I'm going to create a new layer on top of my lettered Happy birthday. And I think right now I'm gonna turn the animation on, so I'm going to navigate to wrench animation, assist on I don't need my drawing guy right now, so I'm turning that off. I'm going to navigate to the bottom and I'm going to put my background layers in the background. So that's done. And I'm going to put my settings at about six to start. And I want my onions gonna pass ITI to be at about 30% and my onion skin frames for this one. I only need to see a couple at a time. So I'm just gonna go ahead and do two for that, and I'm on my new layer, and my happy birthday is below that, and I'm going to let her again. Okay, now that we have are two layers of happy birthday in the background, we're gonna test our animation by heading play and are letters do indeed wiggle. So that's a good thing. We're gonna keep going and we're going to write this happy birthday message a total of five times for this animation. It will make the letters more the glee. I'm turning off the middle layers while I do the lettering and I'm letter and consistently using the first hand lettered Happy birthday as my guide. Okay, then we have five different happy birthday layers and I'm going to test the animation and we do indeed have some wiggly birthday letters. I'm going to go to the settings and experiment with those a little bit. I'm gonna bump up the frames per setting. Obviously, 17 is way too fast. 12 is a little fast. That's nine. More like seven. Which was I think what I started out with. Yeah, I'm gonna stick with seven for this. You can do whatever you'd like here in the settings I haven't set for Luke rather than Ping Pong. I think this looks better as a loop. And what we're gonna do now is we're gonna export our gift. I'm gonna navigate back to wrench, share animated GIF, and I'm gonna export it. You could export it to a number of places. You could save it to your files to Google Drive. I'm going, Teoh simply choose save image, and that will bring it to my camera roll. And And I'm going to show you what that looks like. It's in my camera roll. It said gift. It's wiggling. So I'm going to choose this little box with an arrow, and I am going to send that to my husband. I'm going to bring out my text messages. And that's just to show you how you could share your gift to a message or an email or on social media. You can write a note and then send it your birthday message off. I like to save all of my happy birthday gifts within a stack and procreate, and that way I have them ready to go have a variety of different ones. Some of them are personalized with the person's name, and I also have generic ones ready to go. That's just what I like to do. I am a big fan, as you can see here, of using stacks within procreate to organize my work. I will see you in the next class, and the next class will be doing a type written note. 11. A Typewritten Note GIF : in this lesson. We're gonna create our second gift to speed things up. We're going to start by duplicating our HPD Wigley, the one we use the last time. And we're going to rename it a type written note. That's what I call this animation. I'm gonna open up that canvas and I'm gonna start by pinching these Wigley letters together for a quick delete that's deleted. I'm going to go into my background and I'm going to delete the cheers. Kelly, I'm gonna duplicate all words and bring it up to the top, because will you be using that for our next animation? So what we have in the background now is exactly the same as it was before. I'm also going Teoh fill the layer with a different color just to keep it looking a little bit different here. So I'm gonna choose an orange and I'm going to fill the layer. And here we have an orange background with pink and white polka dots, and I like that. I'm going to turn all words on at the top here, and I'm gonna edit my text. I'm gonna change the font to special elite. That's a type written font that we downloaded in an earlier lesson. Because we have our words groups together we can make them smaller as a group. So I'm going to do that here. I'm going to smooth birthday down a little bit because it's close to the happy and we're going to be erasing letters for this animation, so we don't want them to be too close together. I'm gonna edit my text for a little variation, and I'm going to sign this love Kelly, I'm gonna bump my birthday fun down a little bit more and I'm gonna make love, Kelly just a little bit smaller. I'm gonna go back to my canvas trick. I'm gonna turn on the drawing guide And because we're reusing the same canvas, it was already saved at the max size, which makes it perfect for centering. I'm gonna turn off the drawing guide because we don't need it. Now I'm a big fan of creating duplications of things. So you have a copy of the original if you need to go back and edit it. So again, this is turned off its at the bottom. It's in the background, so it won't show for our animation. and what I'm gonna do, just like before, is I'm gonna pinch together the words Rast arise my text. We're gonna be using this message and we're gonna be erasing away one letter at a time. And so what we're gonna do is we're gonna duplicate the 1st 1 We're gonna go to the bottom one. I'm gonna choose KBB Big monoline for my eraser. And I am going to a race away, one letter at a time. I'm also gonna bump this eraser up a little bit bigger. I have it at 26%. We'll see how that goes. You can also see in my onion skins here. It said at the same that it was in the last animation. I'm gonna bump the onion skin frames up to three. It doesn't really matter that will just help you see where you've been recently. So once again, duplicate, go to the bottom type Written note a race away. One letter. Now that we have all of our letters erased in our first word, I'm gonna hit, play and test the animation. That looks good. I want it to look like someone is typing letters onto a page for this one. I'm gonna keep going in exactly this fashion for the rest of the video duplicate erased the last letter of the last layer and keep going. Gonna test it real quick. Here. That looks good. Hit, pause. Navigate to my last layer. Duplicate that again and I'm gonna keep going. - Okay , so we have erased all of our letters away one by one, and we're going to hit play. That looks good. It's a little fast for me. I'm gonna bump it down to four and see how that looks. I like that better. I want the happy birthday message to show on the page a little bit longer. So I'm gonna navigate Teoh this frame that we had at the beginning with all the letters on there. And I'm going to create a whole duration here of, let's say, seven seconds and let's see how that goes. And once again, you can keep this message ready to go for anyone's birthday. You could personalize it by adding their name. This technique will allow you to create a lot of different gifts. And I will see you in the next lesson. 12. A Floating Balloon GIF : I call this gift? Ah, floating balloon. Let's open up our animation square. Let's fill the background with a teal And the next thing we're gonna do is we're gonna add some text. I'm going to choose a white to navigate toe white hat twice on the upper part of the palate and then check your values. So on the second layer, we're going to add text. I'm gonna use Futura, which is a font that comes with procreate. There's several different options for future here, and I'm going to use bold and I am going Teoh, right? Happy Happy day to make that all caps, I'm gonna make this nice and big, and I'm gonna center it using our centering trick canvas drawn guide on at a drawing good grid size to the max in line of the nodule. That's a good size. I do want a little space around that, so we're gonna leave it at that. I'm going to turn off my guide and I am going to create a new layer and I am going to draw a blue. I'm gonna choose a hot pink for this. You can choose any color you'd like. I'm gonna create any lips using pro creates quick shaped tool. And I am using KBB Big monoline again. I'm gonna bring it down a little bit to make the little loopy things at the end of the balloon. You know what I'm talking about? Color fill to fill those up. That looks good. I'm going to create a new layer and tuck it underneath the balloon. I am going to grab a black by tapping twice at the bottom there. That is not a true black, because it's not all zeros. I didn't tap it exactly in the right spot, but now we have a true block, and I'm gonna make my monoline a little dinner. I'm going to use 3% for my string, and that looks good. Okay, so now that we have our balloon, I'm gonna add some text to my balloon wrench and text. I'm gonna use future again. Maybe I'll use the future a medium for this, and I won't go all caps and I'm going Teoh type Cheers, Kelly. And that's really big. Like it smaller, and we'll tilt it a little bit. Grab this little green nodule at the top and tip it so it kind of lines up with the balloon butter. I like that. So I'm going to group my balloon and my words together and label it balloon. I am going to duplicate my balloon because I always like to keep an original. I'm gonna turn off that layer and put it in the background. And so now we have our balloon with our cheers message, and we are going Teoh, merge those. So it is just one layer. And what we're going to do for this animation is the balloon is going to start in the lower left corner and it's going to go to the upper right corner. What I'm gonna do, Teoh guide the balloon's path is I'm going to grab darker orange and I'm gonna make a little path for my balloon to follow. You don't have to do this. It can be helpful, though that path won't be there when we're finished. So I will be putting it in the foreground of our animation and then deleting it. When we're done, I am going to turn on animation assist. So in the background we have our happy birthday text are teal color and then our original bloom that is turned off and I'm gonna toggle down to the frames of the bottom in turn on background for that layer, I'm gonna toggle to the orange path and I'm gonna put that in the foreground for now. And I'm doing that so we can see it during the whole animation. Since anything that's not in the background or foreground would be onion skin for this and therefore at a lower capacity. So we have our first balloon, and I'm going to move it about to the middle. I'm gonna bring it down as low as I can without cutting off its tail because we won't don't want to do that quite yet. So I'm gonna duplicate this balloon. I'm gonna take the top balloon and I'm gonna move it forward about 1/2 of balloons length, and I'm also going Teoh, follow the path. And as it goes along, I am going to be tilting the blue in a little bit, so it looks like it's moving about in the air. So let's take a moment and test our animation, and it is moving forward exactly as we wanted it. Teoh. So now we're going to go backwards and we're gonna take our bottom balloon duplicated and this time always work on the bottom layer. I'm gonna tilt it backwards a little bit and move it back About half balloon. Just a reminder to be mindful at this point that anything that goes off the canvas will be cut off. So you want to make sure that you don't lose your string and then wanted to appear in a frame again after you've and the last balloon we're gonna push off the screen entirely. So what we have here is a blank layer here and at the end, and we still have our orange path in the foreground. I'm just gonna go ahead and delete that. We don't want to see that during our animation, and we're gonna test our animation, and that is looking good. I like the speed. The speed here is seven frames per second, and this is one we definitely want in a loop rather than a ping pong. You could also customize this. You could bring the happy day into the foreground if you wanted to. And to do that, you bring it out of the background all the way up to the top. Okay. And Utah go back down to the last frame and you hit foreground. So that way the balloon is going behind the letters. I like it better the other way, but just you could do it any way you like. Obviously, you could also customize this and edit the test and include your friend's name. If you wanted Teoh, let's just pretend this is for Jessica. So this is one that you can keep in procreate, and you can easily edit for whatever occasion you'd like. If your friend's favorite color is purple, you can easily change the background. Okay, you guys, that is our last gift. I'll see in the next lesson. 13. Bonus! Sparkling Stars GIF : Hey, guys, Welcome back. I am going. Teoh teach you how to do to new bonus birthday gifts for this class. Since we found the last one, I got a new iPad and an apple pencil. Second generation. So some of the gestures that I'm gonna be doing might be a little bit different. I covered those in an earlier lesson. So let's get started. We are going Teoh, make ah sparkling star animation for this one. So we're going to hit Plus Animation Square. Bring that up. And what we're going to do first is we are going to insert a gold texture. You confined this gold texture within the projects and resource is and download it. You could also go toe unspool ash, which is where I got this specific texture and download your own gold texture. So wrench add insert a photo gonna navigate to my textures folder. I'm gonna choose this gold. It's kind of a flat gold. It's not super sparkly. I bumped it up to the top. I'm gonna duplicate this. I'm gonna go to the bottom one. I flipped it vertically by choosing wrench and flip vertical My settings here at the bottom are on uniform and Magnetics. You'll want that as well. So that way the two golds line up nicely. I have them on two layers and I'm gonna pinch them together to merge them. I am going to make it just a little bit bigger to make sure and covering the background. And that is going to be our background layer. What I'm gonna do next is create a new layer and add a happy birthday message. So on this new layer, I have white chosen here, and I am You could do any color. This doesn't matter. You just need to be able to see it on the gold at this point in time. So I'm going to go to wrench add text at its style. I'm gonna choose future condense extra bold. And that is a font that comes with appropriate. You can use that. If you would like or any other font or your own hand lettering, you will just wanna fall. That's kind of chunky, cause we're gonna be seeing the sparkling stars through the text. You'll see what I mean. Later, for now, I am going to navigate to the keyboard type in happy Birthday and I'm gonna pretend it's my friend. Jacqueline's birthday I'm gonna do are centering trick wrench canvas at a drawing guide. Grid size max, Imminent change, great color, toe white. So we can see that on the gold hit done on our happy birthday layer. I'm gonna make that a little bit bigger. I'm going to duplicate that and bring the 2nd 1 down and edit the text to say I will sign it. Love Kelly. And again, you can do any message you'd like. You could even use this for Ah, congratulations message or any kind of occasion that you would like. So they have are happy birthday. I'm gonna make that bigger and I'm gonna make that all caps, So I'm going to go to edit text at its style and don't Here there's two teas and a little toggle, and you can toggle it on to make it all caps or toggle it to make it all lower case. I am going to make it all caps. So here is our birthday message. I think that looks good. My love Kelly is centered as well. What I'm gonna do here is I'm in a group. These words together. And I'm gonna duplicate this group by sliding over and selecting Duplicate. I am going Teoh, keep the original one in the background turned off and I am going to Raster is my texts up here because you need raster size text to do the trick that we're doing. So it's a raster is the text. I'm gonna pinch these two layers together and then you can actually see the words in this little square in white. This wasn't a group. We no longer want it in a group, so I'm gonna bump it out and to leave the group. Okay, so what we're going to Dio now is set up our foreground in our background layers here. So in the background, we want the gold and the words they're turned off. And in the label, that background this middle layer is clear right now, but it's going to be stars, so I'll label it. Um this top text layer is going to be in the foreground holding steady, and we're gonna have a colored layer above it. And so for now I'm gonna group them together and rename it foreground. Okay, so on this new layer, I'm going to choose a color from KBB animation number three and I'm gonna make it a dark green. I think that looks good. So I'm gonna fill the layer. So what we're gonna do next is we're gonna cut the letters out of this grain and I'll show you what I mean. I have selected this text layer and I'm going to hit select. And what happens then is you get these little diagonal lines going across your screen and then I'm gonna navigate to the teal layer and I'm going to hit clear. And what that does is it cuts out the text from that layer You can see here when I turn my white text on and off that when it's off, you can see through to the gold background we don't need. These were quite words anymore. So we are going to delete that layer. Okay, The next thing we're gonna do is create our stars. I'm going to choose a white. I am going to choose KBB funky stars. You confined that brush in the class resource is and I'm gonna bring the size to 13. You could also use the original stars. They just look a little bit different. So these are the stars that are gonna be sparkling in the background below the text. So we just want to have stars all around back here. I'm gonna turn off the green for a second. Just scattered my stars about. Okay. Okay. So we have a lot of stars here in the background. And what we're gonna be doing is a really easy animation by just duplicating the stars and flipping them around. And I'll show you exactly what I mean. So here we go. We have our foreground with the green cut out letters. We have our stars, which we will be animating and in the background we have our gold layer. Next time it turned on animation assists by navigating to wrench animation Assist on we don't need are drawing Guide I'm gonna turn that off and at the bottom here, I'm gonna toggle the background on in the foreground on And that way those things will hold steady while our stars are moving. So what I will do now with my stars Layer is duplicated once and go Teoh the arrow, the selection arrow and I have this set on uniform and Magnetics and what I'm gonna do here is I'm going, Teoh, do the first option, which is flip horizontal. And so now you can see that we have two sets of stars here, Um, the ones that are in the foreground that are more opaque in the ones that are less opaque in the background. I'm going to duplicate that top layer again and navigate to this arrow. And the first time I flipped horizontal this time I'm going to rotate 45 degrees and we're gonna make about six different layers of sparkling stars. So I'm gonna duplicate that again, navigate to the arrow. And this time I am going to flip vertical and duplicated again arrow again. This time I will rotate 45 degrees and duplicate that again. And this time I will flip horizontal again. And so we have six layers of stars that are going to be sparkling. And let's test our animation by hitting play. That is really fast. So I'm gonna navigate to the settings, gonna bump it down to about eight. That looks good. So here you go. Here is our sparkling stars animation. I will see you in the next video for our fifth and final gift 14. Bonus! Falling Confetti GIF : Okay, guys, we are back for our fifth gift. I call this gift falling confetti. And so I'm going Teoh, navigate to plus animations Square. And open that up. I'm gonna make it a little bit smaller so you can see my screen. Here I am going to start by adding text, and I'm gonna go to wrench, add Tep and type happy Happy birthday for this one. I'm gonna choose another chunky font. I'm gonna use future a again, which is a font that comes with procreate. I'm gonna choose future at Condensed Extra Bold. And I am going to make this all caps by going to t t on my screen here and toggle ing that on. So we have happy happy birthday on our screen. I am going, Teoh Duplicate that and take the second layer. Bring it down and I am going. Teoh, change that text. Teoh. Cheers, Kelly. So this will be a generic birthday message. I like toe have some generic birthday messages in my files. Ready to go for the times when I don't have time for a personalized message and I am going Teoh, turn on my drawing guide wrench, canvas drawing guide on edit Drawing Guide Grid size Teoh Max and I'm gonna hit Done there . And so I'm going to center. Happy happy birthday and making that a little bit bigger, that's all Caps and cheers. Kelly is a good size and that is centered. I'm just gonna go ahead now that the words are as I want them, I'm going to merge the two layers down, which I could do by pinching the two layers together or by going to happy and hit, merge down and merge those two layers. Usually I like to keep at layer of the text so I can edit it later. This time I'm not going. Teoh. Um, it's already kind of a complicated animation, so having fewer layers will just make it easier for us. I am going to navigate to KBB animation number three for the pallets. I am going to choose the second to the darkest hot pink, and I'm gonna fill the layer above the words with that hot pink. And what I'm gonna do next is clear these words out of the pink layer by using the trick we used before. So I'm gonna go to the black text I'm going to hit select. And once that text is selected, you'll see a bunch of diagonal lines going across your screen that do not go across the text. It's kind of hard to see, but if you look closely, you can see it. I'm gonna navigate back to my pink layer and I'm gonna hit clear. So we're clearing those black letters out of the pink. So if I turn off the black, you can see through to the background. I'm gonna delete the black text cause we don't need that. And I'm gonna show you how you could change the background color if you wanted. So I'm on background color and you could make it any number of different colors. You could go to the disk here and change the colors that way. But for this one, I'm just going to choose a pure white. So I'm gonna tap up here at the top and let's see if that's a pure white. Yes, it's a pure white background, which is what I want. You could do any color you wanted for your background. Um, I am going to stick with white, so the next thing we're going to do is we're gonna turn off our pink layer and we're gonna draw confetti on layer one. So I'm gonna navigate Teoh the KBB rectangle Confetti brush. I'm gonna check three. Hugh is at Max, so we're gonna have colorful confetti. If you wanted less colorful confetti like just a few colors, you could bring it down to a lower percentage. But me, I'm gonna go with Max for colorful confetti. I'm gonna go back to the pink that we chose for our cover and I'm gonna draw our confetti. My brush size is at 15%. This confetti is a little drab, and it's because this pink color is a little bit darker. So I'm going to choose a lighter pink color in the palate and I'm going Teoh, redraw the confetti. Yeah, I like that better. It's more color film. So we want to make sure that there's confetti in the middle because that's where the words are. The cutout words are, and that's where we'll be watching the confetti fall, which is behind those letters. I'm gonna turn on the letters and make sure that we can see the confetti and we can I am going Teoh see if there's any, like, cut off confetti on the edges and I'm gonna erase them with my KBB big monoline brush because I don't want partial confetti is falling down. It's kind of a picky little touch, but I didn't have many cut off confetti is so We are good. So right now we have our pink layer and then we have our confetti below that. Next thing we're going to do is go to our wrench and we're going. Teoh Edit are drawing guide and what we want here is eight horizontal rows in our drawing guide. So I'm going to just bring the grid size down Teoh 1 93 pixels and that gives me 12345678 rows. So that's good. That's exactly how we want it. But I make it a dark color for this one. Click done, and I am going Teoh, turn animation, assist on and within animation assist. I'm going to make the top layer the foreground, and I'm gonna add one more layer to that. So we have our pink letters and we have empty layer above that. I'm grouping those together, and I'm gonna label that foreground, and I'm gonna toggle down here, label that foreground and I'm gonna grab a black color. You can use any color for this cause we're gonna be deleting this layer later. It's just a guide. For now, I'm gonna grab my KBB big monoline brush and just number these rows here to the left. And this will be our guide for the falling confetti. We're gonna have eight rows, a fallen confetti. Okay, so for the next step, we are going to duplicate our confetti. We're gonna duplicate it 15 times, So confetti layer duplicate. 12 3456789 10 11 12 13 14 15. So we have about 15 rows of confetti here, and if you don't have exactly the right number right now, that's fine. What we're gonna do next is we're gonna label are confetti layers. This will all make more sense later. But for now, I'm going to be labeling them the confetti layers one e through eight e and one F through eight f and all will be revealed later. So one e for the first layer to e three for e five e 67 e eight e And then we're gonna choose switch Teoh one F through eight f So one F two F three F four f Okay, so we have our rows of confetti here we have one e through eight e starting at the bottom. And then we have one F through a f at the top. And these rows of confetti right now are all exactly the same because we duplicated them but will be creating the falling confetti effect next. Okay, so we have in our settings, I have for frames per second. Right now, at about seven, I have the onion skin frames at done. I have the onions gonna pastie it 29% and the setting is loop. And so navigating back to here are pink layer is off. Our numbers are on because that's gonna be guiding us through the animation. We're gonna go to our bottom layer one e. And what one e means is that Onley row one is going to be empty of confetti. So we're gonna do that by going to the arrow and bringing the confetti box down. So Onley Row One is empty of confetti. We're gonna do the same thing on two e So Onley rows one through two are empty of confetti . We're gonna go to three. Move that down. Rows one through three are empty of confetti for e five e six e seven e. Okay. And E means that rows one through eight are empty of confetti, so we can just hit clear here. We're going to be doing the same sort of thing, but backwards for one f through eight. And what one f means here is that Onley roll one is gonna be full of confetti. So we're gonna go to that arrow, bump it up for a oneness full of confetti to f pump it up. Rows one through two are full of confetti. Row three in layer eight F rows one through eight are full of confetti. Let's test our animation and see how that goes. That looks perfect. Are confetti is falling down exactly as we wanted it. So I'm gonna hit pause here and we're gonna finish our animation. Just a few more steps here. We are going to delete our numbers here in the foreground because we don't need them. We're gonna turn our pink layer on. We are going to turn our drawing guide off because we don't need that. And now we're gonna see the confetti Looks falling below the letters. That looks perfect. I like the speed of that. But we could play around with it. Um, that's five. A little slow. I think seven is pretty good. So we're gonna keep it like that. So you guys, thanks so much for joining me for this fifth birthday gift. And I would love to see what this class inspires you to create. So please feel free to share your completed gifts in the project gallery. And if you want to share them on social media, please tag me. Hashtag Kelly, Brian Burke. And if you like this class, I would really appreciate if you left me a review. Thank you. And I hope to connect with you soon. 15. Next Steps + Thank you! : way did it. Congrats. Thank you so much for taking my class for the next steps. Poster work in the class gallery. When you share your work, you inspire and connect with other students taking the class. And remember, I'm available for feedback and to answer your questions. If you like this class, please review and tell your friends and remember to follow me on social media. Tag me. I'd love to see what creates. Please use the hashtag Kelly Brandenburg. Let's connect and I'll see you later.