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7 Videos (33m)
    • Introduction

    • Getting Started

    • Our Assets

    • Place and Animate

    • Adding Slides

    • Exporting and Trimming

    • That's It Folks!


About This Class

Creating animated advertisements for web or digital signs doesn't have to be complicated or costly. Using the Free Keynote application from Apple, you can create simple yet eye-catching marketing materials quickly and easily.

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Awesome class! Definitely would recommend to anyone looking to build their keynote skills!
Great explanation clear and concise directions - I look forward to Kray's next class!
Riki Salam

Artist Graphic Designer Illustrator

Easy, fast and effective. I would have loved to see how to add audio files but from what I can see it can be pretty intuitive. I guess I'll find out soon, thank you for this class!





Kray Mitchell

Sometimes a teacher, always a student.

He's a devil's advocate, he's a strategic thinker, he's a technologist and he's an educator. Since 1997 Kray has been building websites and diving headfirst into the world of web and technology. From building websites to implementing technical solutions for companies of all sizes, he has designed for print, directed for TV, taught in the classroom and mentored the eager.

Kray loves to teach, speak and inspire. With an eclectic background in Information Technology, TV and Film, Graphic ...

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