Easy 2D Animation in the Advanced Open Source Software OpenToonz | Brian Dall Schyth | Skillshare

Easy 2D Animation in the Advanced Open Source Software OpenToonz

Brian Dall Schyth, Teacher, Illustrator & Animator

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6 Videos (45m)
    • Intro

    • Drawing in OpenToonz

    • Animating in OpenToonz

    • Color

    • Background

    • Details, clean-up, saving and rendering

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About This Class


This is a short class for the beginner who isn´t ready to use a lot of money on expensive animation software or the experienced animator who just wants to check out an amazing open-source animation software. Despite being an intro course into making a simple animation the class is build around the advanced but free software called OpenToonz which has been used by the succesfull japanese animation studio Ghibly amongst others. As your project you will produce an upload a small animation which I will give a formative and constructive evaluation using the comments field.

This class is based on my own teaching in animation using OpenToonz and it follows some simple steps which will learn you the the basics of using the software and how to make your own animation. It is also my hope that teachers of low budget courses in animation will be able to use this as inspiration for building their own classes. 





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Brian Dall Schyth

Teacher, Illustrator & Animator

Hello, I'ts Brian here. I work as freelance illustrator and animator at explainways.com but actually I also work as a high school teacher in biology and comparative religion. In order to understand this you have to know that I was originally educated as a biologist which I have worked as for 12 years before turning into teaching. As a side-subject I studied religion for 1.5 years simply because I think belief and belief-systems are so exciting. My creative side has been there all along and I ...

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