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Easy-2-Wave | The Beginners Guide To Waving | Street Dance Course

teacher avatar Lolu Fenuyi, Hip Hop Dancer/Breakdancer/Entrepreneur

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (1h 14m)
    • 1. Promo Video

    • 2. Welcome

    • 3. Arm Wave Part 1

    • 4. Arm Wave Part 2

    • 5. Arm Wave Part 3

    • 6. Body Wave

    • 7. Arm & Body Wave Combo

    • 8. Body Wave Variation 1

    • 9. Body Wave Variation 2

    • 10. Arm Wave (Variations)

    • 11. Waving Tips

    • 12. Arm & Body Wave Combo (Variations) Part 1

    • 13. Arm & Body Wave Combo (Variations) Part 2

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About This Class


Easy2Wave is a streetdance course for beginners, which focuses specifically on teaching the basics and fundamentals of how to wave and the waving concept. Each move will be taught in a step by step way making it easier to learn.

This is a great course for anyone who is interested in learning other styles within streetdance such as waving and it will increase your street dance repertoire.

The aim of this course is not just to teach you the basics and fundamentals of how to wave but also this course will teach you how to be creative with your waving.

In this course you will be learning:

• Step by Step how to wave including how to arm wave, body wave and combining both arm wave and body wave together

• How to be creative with your waving using a number of variations of the arm wave, body wave, and combination of both wave types

• Creative ways on how to make you’re waving more entertaining and unpredictable.

• An insight on how to freestyle wave.

You can go through this course at your own pace; so if you are interested in learning the art of waving, then enrol in this course where you will learn step by step how to wave and how to be creative with your waving.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Lolu Fenuyi

Hip Hop Dancer/Breakdancer/Entrepreneur



I have been dancing since 2008, I am a hip hop dancer as well as a Breakdancer; based in England. I am very passionate about hip hop dancing and since I started dancing I have never stopped. I have danced in front of audiences not just in my home country but also abroad.

I have competed in a couple of dance competitions within my dance classes where I was the winner in the first one and a runner-up in the second. I was invited on 2 occasions while I was at University to compete as part of a team in the University Breakdance Championships (held in the UK) as well as also being invited to compete in talent shows in my University. I graduated from University in November 2014 where I studied Global Business Management for 3 years.

Other than dancing, I am... See full profile

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1. Promo Video: 2. Welcome: hello and welcome to easy to wave training course for beginners Again, my name is Lalu. And just in case you're wondering how that spell love you spell l o l You should be down Summer down here So long do on in this training course of me teaching you the basics of fundamentals off waving So basically, I will be teaching everything that you need to know about waving on the way in concept So specifically I'm gonna be teaching you things like always for the wave How to combine all way what we have together variations off all those different off our way body wave and how to combine together What's gonna give you tips on how to prove You're waving secrets of how you can start free Starwave on just mawr inside How to be more creative with your waving and just stand out Be more unique and entertaining and exciting when you're dancing So but that's basically everything Just a little sub your or a little summary off What? I'm gonna be teaching you in this training course so but, um before we get started on teaching, you guys have the wave. I just want Teoh emphasize or give you guys a little bit of advice first. So when you're going to this training course, advise that you go to at your own pace on don't wash it. Don't feel like you need to go to this training cause in a week, or try and learn everything you know in two weeks or whatever. You know. Try and goes, of course, annual pace, because it's the best way you're going to be able to learn the news. Understand the concepts. Andi invested time that's needed in order to practice the moves regularly in order to most of them. So you could only really do that if you go suit, of course, at your own pace. Enough about that. So what's left to say is that students is video games. Just click on the video below this one where you could get started learning how the wave So see that in the next video 3. Arm Wave Part 1: Hey, guys. So in this video are gonna be teaching. You guys have to do the old wave. So the only have you got for free know what this looks like? But just demonstration, your wave looks like this. So that's how to do a basic always so in this for this first video, just going to show you the first off the wave on in the second half of the video or in the next video. Should I say we'll show you how to do the second half of the wave just to make it easier? Because in the hole there are eight. Step to this move. So that's why working it out into two videos to show you how to do both houses, the wave. So with that said, Let's get into it. So to do the first part of the wave, you can do this already use any all, by the way, So whether you want do what you're left with your left hand, why had is when you do the ways you want to eventually be able to do it, going from right to left a form left away. But for this video, just whatever we want to start with. You could just off without so put you about like this, we just could be the first off the way to the first off the wave. So first off the way, it's broken down into three steps in three sets. First off, so I'm gonna show you the first step, which is this it just follow what I do. The first step off the wave is this. You're gonna flick you miss down, gonna flick your hair down like this. That's the first step off the wave. Just particular hand out. Easy enough. So now we want to the second step, the second step. You're gonna do this. So what's happening here is your elbow is going to come up on your hand. Is gonna is gonna flick upwards slightly So again for the first step to the second step, slow motion the elbow is coming up on the hand, is flicking up slightly like that. Says the second part of the wave. So we started going so far, had out First step, have fixed out second step what comes up and had the covers off. Fix up slightly. Now the third step, your show, that's going to come up. They always gonna just straight straight out. That's the steps from here. You're going to go like this. So from here, slow motion in your shoulder is gonna move up. Was going to be your shoulder up As you move your shoulder up, you could straight in your hole like that. Here. Go ahead. And then that's it. That's it For the first half for the first time for the wave. So we're gonna do that again. So defense step. Sit down. Second step Noble comes up hand flicks up slightly. Said showed it comes up and hope strains. So going to do together. And I'm just gonna we're gonna do together on I'm going to say When I say one, you're gonna do the first able to say to do second step When I say three, you're gonna do disaster. So do together. So are you ready? We're going to go one to three. Then we saw How do I get one to? So we now do that a little bit quicker. One to three. Do you get say speed one to three. So that's basically the all wave. I just I just practiced those steps, one step off the other. I just gradually build up the speed, and then when you start to do, you can start to starting with the basics off getting that waving motion. So but those are the three steps. Welcome trying to put a quickly Don't wash it if you try washing your mess up the steps, so you want to make sure you're in each step correctly on, just work on doing it slowly at first and then gradually build up the speed. That's how you do the first half of the wave. In the next video, we'll show you how to do they say, the second half of the wave on the other wall, so see you there in the next video. 4. Arm Wave Part 2: Hey, guys, welcome back. So, like I said in the los video in this video to show you do the second half the way on the other long, So let's just get into it. So So the second half. So get your so left or other wild Bob. Now, Andi, to start off the first step off the second off the way is actually going to be he actually the same. As if as the third step in the first off the way. So So the first off, the way they ended off. This is the third step, sort of the first. And that's actually the same as a first step. How we're going to start off with the second half of the way. So the second weapon stuff like this. So you showed off. So actually you only to be a bit higher up. So you showed you up on your home. Address your arms. Right. So show a bomb straight. That's the first step off the seven off the wave. Now, from here, the second step, he's here. So basically, the second step off the first off the wave is actually the second step off the second off the wave as well. So here, First step second step here. So from here, what we're doing is the shoulder now comes down and as the shoulder comes down, the elbow comes up on then the OB flicks up with slightly. So from here, shoulder goes down. So shoulders, my announces show that goes down, elbow comes up and off and so off the elbow goes up on the hand flicks up. I'm slightly Sassa Safety step. So from here And if I'm here the Senate step But, uh, we're gonna do this. So what? What happens here is my elbow comes down and as my elbow goes down my hand flicks downwards . So from here, second step step slow motion. My elbow is coming down on my hand is flicking down with as well. So I had my elbow is breaking down, says the third step. And then from here, the fourth step. You destroyed the old It's a full step. We're gonna have to strain the home and I said, That's simple enough food step. You just pick to head up and then you're back to you're are completely straight. That's deficit. So I didn't mentioned at the start this video. But as you probably see, there's there five steps. So that's three steps to the first half the way. But the five steps to the second off the wave, So So we're gonna do that again. So the first step you're gonna start off shoulder shoulder Well, straight first step, we're gonna go into second step showed it comes down Everyone goes off, All flicks up slightly, Dan, Step comes down and I had comes down. So I had goes down as well. Elbow and hand goes down Full step Australians and their fifth step district a hand up and I obvious Now I'm straight and that's it for the second afterwards. So we're gonna do that together on like us in the first video. When I say, why do the first step when I say to you Second step in so one. So I'm gonna do together. So are you ready? So let's go. What? To sweetie for five. Do that again. What to so a for five. So do that again. I just did what we're gonna do a little bit quicker now, So show that comes up one. So I stopped. I get it so that, uh, so do a little bit quicker. So we're gonna go one to 345 Do that again. What? To 345 So that's last how we do a second half the wave. So when you start to do that, move quickly. Thus then you start to get we do a little bit quicker than that. You start to get that to something buildup, that wave motion on the other side. So that's the second after way again. Like sit in the last video. Just work on building up the speed wash it go through slowly, each step making sure you have each step correctly and then try to build up speed gradually . And then And then I see it. I see it for the second off the wave. So now you thought didn't know No distress for the first half and now you know the steps for the second half The wave. So the next video from the show have now put it away together so you can start waving for well, now. So I'll see you. That next video 5. Arm Wave Part 3: Hey, guys, welcome back again To the final part off this. Always to tell you. Well, let me show you how to combine all the steps together. Well, the eight steps to the arm wave together. So So now you're gonna put both hands up on what we're gonna do is we're just gonna go form first half the way to second after way trying together. So I'm gonna say before action Before I do this, I'm going to say 123 like I was doing in the last videos. And you can you just do the first step the second step. Step on then. But when we switched a second off the wave, I'm just going to continue and just say for 5678 So I'm just gonna show you what I mean. So I'm gonna be, like one to three for 5678 as hunger. Do it. Somebody just continue one looking to start again on this county again from a second off. So I'll just let you guys know about that. And also if you as you notice when I was doing the wave Wells going forward, the left, What? I was going from one to the other Like when I went for this all my wife off to my left off and I switched shoulder When this show with this show to pay off the shoulder went down and my arm still say straight So when you finish the first half of the way you had does this go down? So I don't go? They did down do dio I put what I had your hands When you do the way, have to stay straight when you're doing the first half for the wave This are stays up here straight And then when you do the second off the wave this off say straight So it doesn't matter whether which whenever our Mr the Wave when is this off the other are mistaken Pretty straight with this are doing the wave this all this day completely straight up here . So you almost don't go down until you finish the whole way the whole motion Then you can put your hearts out But until they have to keep the box the whole time that that's how you create the waving illusion as you also completely you keep your arms up the whole time you're going to move. So that's a that's important to getting the praying illusion. So enough enough, it'll that let's get straight to it. So we're going to go together now, So we're gonna go what to so a full five, six, seven. Okay, so we'll do again together as well at the same speed. So you ready? Let's go. What to So we fool five, six, seven. Okay, so you got to start to feel it in your boobs when you start to do this move because you're using because you're working out your muscles when you're doing this waving motion. So that's a normal If you start to feel a little bit of strayed in your arms expression when you guys you might crack See this me for the first time. So you're definitely gonna feel feeling in your arms. But that's normal. That's no, you'll get. You'll get used to it after you practice. See, and you get after you practice. See, get comfortable with the way you start. You get used to that page, you'll start to get over with. That will be by that. So for now, you just kind of arrested a bad rescue wall shaking about and it was good to go again. What we're gonna do a little bit quicker. So are you ready? Let's go again. What? 234567 a. Don't go again. Well, to the 4567 A. So let's just shake up the yobs. We're gonna do well. Tie, actually, two more times for just doing a little bit quicker than that. So you ready? Let's go again. 1234567 A. 1234567 A. So that's so That's basically the way you guys have now done the whole wave form for left to right. So now, like I said, you can practice this for left a why and also do the other way around first. But it's good just to start off, just giving it one way first passing that also, another key thing is, when you're doing the wave, as you know, is we were just doing it step by step, and that's kind off robotic. What you want to do when you're doing the way you want to be a smooth motion like that. Like when I was doing that star of the video you want. You want that kind of swimming motion. You don't want to be like watching like that. So how you played that smooth motion is just my practice. You gotta practice it. And also a good thing to do is just get a mental picture off the move. That smooth motion in your mind So you could do that by watching this video be doing the wave in that smooth motion the correct way. What should we do? Move or you watch other videos of other people doing the waving Move on. And then you start to pray that you can get a mental picture of it like how the way it's supposed to do, how it's supposed to look in for motion. And then when you start to practice to move, you've been trying. Your aim could be at your plant, seeing to try and recreate that same smooth so you can stop off just doing it step by step , but then try toe Try to, you know, smooth out and try to blend the steps together. So they're just doing it. Just 11 after the other tried lane steps together, blended together land there. So that's how you stop create that whole wave motion, flow the illusion off away, go to your arm. We start to blend the step together, but it helps if you've got a mental picture in your mind. Off the move on that, that's the emotional mental picture of the correct way of doing moving your mind. So when you practice seeing you try to get your arm your wave to that submit. Same smoothness, so it'll come. It'll come so that first might be a bit difficult. But keep practicing on the great thing to do when you're passing. Move. Have a bill in front of you so you can actually see yourself is with this move. You have to passing a bill in Parliament. Do it without a loss. You won't know when you're creating the illusion a lot, so it's good to pass in front of a mirror when you're doing the wave, so you can see whether you're doing well, whether you're doing it properly, where you're doing correctly. A law because you've seen Mido, you're seeing you proxy. Other videos. People don't know how it's supposed to look, so you can as you watch yourself doing that. You can see whether you're creating the illusion over way you go see your arms. When? When you are attempting to do that, when you're doing the move. So but that's ladies general, how you do always. 6. Body Wave: Hey, guys. No, this video accident velocity or when we show you how to do the body wave now, the boy grave looks like this before one. So that's That's the body waves. It's easy to show from the side because you can see the flow that way better when I'm turned to decide that for fun So But anyway, that's how you do the body wave. So break down off This move is defaced the four steps his move and laxatives for its better is easy to show you the emotion of body away form the side So I'm gonna show you teach you to move turned facing this way from this angle So four steps This move on the first step is just gonna stick your chest out. This just a first step off the body way Stick your chest out and second step, we're going toe chest is gonna come in on this. These will stick out when the chest is go in. He just goes back to normal. Was right by your chest is gonna going. You're going to stick your chest in my in and arch your back like that when you chest goes into just basically just goes back to normal. So the second step to the first step, just like so second said, just goes in back to normal and in the belly sticks out. So step Benny goes in. No, hey, sticks out. So would you go over that again? First step just sticks out seconds that chefs goes in. I think so. So accept that goes in here. Six out the full step. Tom. Six out. Benjani's slightly Don't you don't depend. It is the largest Benjani, slightly so again for the third step. Bottom six out and you bend your knees slightly enough. Force that So that's the four steps off that way, so we'll go through that again. First step stick your chest out. Second set just goes in stick. The video does that. He goes in state the hip, so the bomb goes into his stick out full step. Boom sticks out. You imagine the Slaby That's and that's and that's it. So you just work on that. Go for four step first up to the four step that's how supposed to go. So then, if you want to go up from the body wave, is your simple you just kind of do the same for step four of us. So the full step if you want to come back up me with ways, gonna for the four step go back into this step. So the bottom that's sticking out, it goes in hip sticks out. You straighten your legs. Therefore, the third step, the second step hips go back to the walk to the normal position. Everybody sticks out. Then the second step Benny goes in back to normal. And then this chest, actually, but he goes in the chest x l back to the first in your back to the first again. That's how you come back off. So do that again. Yeah, before step to go back into the sense that bomb goes in. Let's go out. I'm shooting the leg, I said to the second step. He was going back to normal. The stick so and then from sentence into the first of and he goes in, just sticks out. Then you know, you start again. That's basically four steps off the the body wave. So it goes through that together. Andi lacks the last video, obviously say one. They hit the first step and to you in a second step. When I say three, you're gonna hit a sound Step se four. You could hit a four step. They're going to say through we again, you're going to go back into the third step would say to back to his second step We're seeing one go back into first. So gonna go, We're gonna do the body wave going down, and then we're gonna come back up. So, are you ready? Let's go. So we're gonna do together. What to So we full okay to one. So that's do again. We're gonna do it, actually, just do the same speed. So you ready to go again? One to the way full today one. That's what. We're gonna do it two more times. We just don't do a little bit. Faucet out. So you ready? We go again. One full. Me to one. Ready war. 2343 21 So that's slaves, General. How do the body way? So that's step by step. But like the our wave, you want him started? Blend knows it. Once you get the basic concept off the way off the body way, step by step. You want. The next stage is to blend the steps together. So you want to start to blend the steps together so you create that illusion off body wave off what? We were going away. Go through your body. You will quit the illusion and delusion straight by blending steps together, you will allow the waste slugs through your body. So not just a step by step. So But that again comes with practice on my picturing out of the picture of the move in your mind, a picture off that off the corrects motion of the move in your mind and then try to be created that same flow what, as you as you passing the wave. So make sure once you get the concept that you try to make it full flow together, so they on. And that's when you start to correct the illusion of the way to go through your body. And that's where it starts. And they're really nice. So that's basically how to do the body wave on next week, we're going to show you how to combine our way on a wave together. So I'll see you there in the next video 7. Arm & Body Wave Combo: Hey, guys. So in this video, I said before, I'm going to be showing you how to combined always on what we were together. So now how to you your wave how to do the money wave so well Gee, how you combine them together. So when we start to combine when you provided together, it's gonna look something like this. This is, by the way, a basic, very basic away. Off combining these two together and it looks like this. So show you from inside. So that's, uh, basically a really basic way of combining those two moves together on with body weight. So how this is done, it's pretty simple. Did you think is it's basically you go from the first off the wave to the body way and therefore the body way to set enough the way. So we need to remain. Thing to remember is when you're going form the the first half of the waves into the body wave. So do three steps. 123 You wouldn't make sure before you go to the body, you can stick your chest out. You wouldn't make sure you put when you hit the third step off the first off. The way you show, make sure you shot up, so make sure your shoulder comes down before you. Dad, stick your chest out. That's very important. You don't want to stick and chest out before you bring your shoulder down because you want , Oh, correct the illusion off the way going. So your body. So you want to make sure you hit 123 Then you show that comes down, and as the shoulder goes down, you stick your chest out and then you go into the 40 ways that's exports. That's the first part that you that you need be aware of in order to get cooked. The combination connection. Proact, your shoulder goes down and then you say chest, I'll go into the body wave. Then you come back up for the wedding wave, and when you're when you go from the body waves to the second off the wave, it's important that so you come out from winning wave. You're the last step. You back into your chest sticking out. You want to make sure chest goes in, and then you before you start the second off the wave, setting off the way starts with your shoulder up and your arms straight before you raise the shoulder up. You wouldn't make sure your chest goes in first, and then you raise a show and then you can go into the setting off the way. So those are the two key things to remember when doing this move on. Also, make sure, Oh, this is the third key thing, and that's making sure you keep your arms up as well. So you want to make sure what you're doing this smooth both your arms up the whole time so your arms are down. The only time belongs downs when you finished the entire move, so you want to make sure you keep your arms up the whole time. So so house helps when you're trying to create the illusion off the wave. So but that's those. A three key things main things in getting this combination correctly. First thing, the first key thing when you finish the first off the wave, make sure your shoulder goes down. When you finish the third step, make sure your shoulder goes down before you stick your chest out and then go into the body wave. Don't you coming up from the body wave, and then you're about to go to the second half the wave. Want to make sure your chest goes in before you don't raise your shoulder up on your water warm. And then you they go into the second off the wave. So and then the served key thing. Make sure your office right the whole time. So those are the three making things doing this move. Andi wants to get those three key things. Is that very important in order, Teoh, get this movement to create the illusion off the way it goes through your arm, through your body, back up again and then into your arm. Well, but that's how you do a basic on when 20 combination now doesn't look. What is it that way from totally honest doing it like like this? It's not that great. Uh, but it's very important for you to live this way. This is the basis basic basis for combining these two different waves together because it is Let a woman. Of course, I'm going to show you some cooler. Very aviation. Some cool the body wave are where combinations. Yeah, they act actually, medical by the reason I'm not showing you them now because it's important that you get this one first, because before you can do those other ways those cooler variations you need to be able to do this basic combination first, that this is the basis for you. I think this cook combination is the basis for going into those cool of aviation's. You need to understand how to do this first before you can do more. The cooler looking always cook body were combinations, so so support that I look when you get this first, it's basic combination first, and then once you got this and I'll show you how Teoh do our way for the way combinations that look really cool. Really good impress people when you do it. So that's labelled, of course, and that's conclude this video in the next video to show you so other variations off the boarding wave. So we're gonna go back to the party wave, and I'm just going to show you some deviations from other different ways. You can do the body wave, so show you that in the next video 8. Body Wave Variation 1: Hey, guys. So this video will be shown you some alternative variations or ways of doing the body wave so you'll know number. What wave? Which is this? But there's a mother time to wait to do what he wave, such as which, actually actually a Russian shaking off them in the next two videos in this video on the next video. So what of them is this? And the other one is this. So that's two on the alternatives. Now these are the only ways of doing It has many, many different ways. You can do the 20 ways. Once you get creative for your dancing and start to play around with it. That's really no limit to what you could do with this smooth. Once you get away yourself, get craves does you could do all kinds off different. You'll come up with their own kinds of variations or ways off doing the wave that all you need to you so but these are two. I'm just going to show you just to other ways of doing it, just so you can kind of mix up. So when you're out there dancing of public, whatever from your friends will or wherever you can kind of change it up. So it's not like you're doing, you know, to say, use all the time when you do, in the same way you're you could be a little bit on the decks for your dancing so you could do it in different ways just to kind of keep people guess in. Just keep that freshness and you're dancing. Just make it a little more basically that's more exciting on entertaining to watch. So with all that said, let's get into the first bloviation, which is this one. So the difference between this aviation, the normal one, is basically the four step. So in the the first elimination before step was here, So, uh, so with the aviation will you do here is just tell you need once you go into the full step , you turn your knees towards each other again, making face each other. So from here, the first step, you go to the fourth step, you bone sticks out. This life normal, you bend your knees like normal, but you also make your these face towards each other. So from that step, you go into the four step like that that's how you do. The first aviation then we're now going to do is before you go back up, you're gonna bring your knees, outweighs and then you've been a strain. You have exited. Going back Oh, into the body wave into the sun Step second step in first. So that's how you do that first radiation. So it was just a full step that changes. So you're showing that in for this step. So it's good that for this one you kind of need to spread your legs out. You can't next to close together. You just read about a little bit sore. Do this. So have you links kind of split out a little bit And then for when you do start step like the normal body wave, the bombs gonna stick out. I go to the fourth step. Bombs won't stick out. You don't. Eventually, slightly but differences with variation. You're gonna also make your knees face towards each other like that circled here, just gonna go. But that and then before you come back up into the third step, you could even call this 1/5 step because he will you before you come back you're gonna make you make your knees touch outwards like that. But this basically and then you go then from here, then you gotta straighten your legs, go into the third step second step in their first. They're gonna come back up to 20 wave. So? So that's but that's how you do that variation. So when you do, a variation in so emotion is so that's that's how you do that radiation. That's all there is to. It was just repeating toe Abu is it's the four step that changes the first to accept the same as a normal one was the four step. You just make sure you making these point to get towards each other on Then before you come back up, you make sure your knees went out with that before you come back. Oh, into the body wave. So that's the first radiation or one alternative off Doom off. How to do the body wave the next video to show you how deceptive aviation. So I'll see you that 9. Body Wave Variation 2: So welcome back guys on. And like I said in the last video, this video to show you the second aviation for the second alternative or doing the wave so that one just to remind you again is so that's that's it. That's how you do that one. But so the breakdown of this one is again, like in the Los Ovation. It's the fourth step that changes. So first up, second step softly. So for the third step, instead of going here, buy full step. You could, uh, I actually have your legs closer together. So for this one for this alternative for the body way, you need to have your legs close, that kind of close together. What you gonna do is want to go for the third step into the four step you could You're going to kind of bend your knees to the side like that. Simple. The third step no body where you'll be. Here in this variation second oration, you're gonna bend your put your leads to the side engine needs to decide. And then from here, where you could be any side, you could be the last one to be the white. But you bet it to one side, and from here we're gonna kind of sweep through your these about that. So you put your knees together and you kind of screwed with allowed like that, Like a circle motion. So circle motion. So you can just do do one. You can do it once you can do, you can do twice. And then once you depending with how many times you want go about this circle you then stop and then come back up into what he went again. That's how you do this. Second, aviation is just the key thing to remember for this radiation is once you go to the fourth step again before step one that changes. Once you're in that four step, make sure your legs are close together, and then once you into the four step, make sure your needs are touching together as well, and then your point to them to one side. And then you're gonna kind of sway with them around in a circle motion once or twice. We could do three times if you want, but I just recommended once or twice, and then and then you come back up again, back into the seven step into second set In the first you come back basic. Just do the body weight upwards. So you just come up with the body wave seafood. The body were jobless. So again, for this going to the fourth step, do you want to go to the four step? You put your knees together pointing to one side, screw around once or twice and the body wave back up again. So that's basically how do have second aviation in slow motion? The swarm looks like this. You do that second motivation to that. Another photo. It'll do body weight. So you, for two different ways you can do body weight. Now you do this way. What? You can do it that way. So that's, um, to order for two years now that you could do for the 20 wave so you can just so you can change it up and make you're waving your body waving. It's been warm, unpredictable, but also let you try and come up with your own radiations for the body wave. You can use these ones those any day. You could use the ones that show you, but add to it so So I went for Mitt that you add to these alternatives all these variations and I'll show you by covered up with your own. So get it. Play about your dead saying and stuff like that strike Put with your own valuation, you can add to the ones that show you. So the very issues you could do better, the more often you to your death he becomes, the more exciting you're dancing becomes and entertaining their formal entertaining. So so practices. Try out these variations as a try. Try constantly trying them and it also trying after them. So that's too heavy. Issues about do the body wave the next video to show you how to do some of aviation's for the hallway. So gonna go back to beginning. Always go back to the hallway, and I want to show you some other alternative ways of doing the always. So I'll show you that in the next video. See that 10. Arm Wave (Variations): Hey, guys. So in this video, I said I will be showing you some cool variations you could do with your wave. So hopefully you've developed a way you could do your wave decently. Now at least So I was going to show you something. How you prove very up saving chicken. So what, you're doing it probably You don't have to do it the same. Normal. You don't have to do the wave the normal way. You could do it a different way possible to show you some alternatives. And then from there you could kind of get creative, play around with it. So let's get to it. So basically, you know the wave adorable wave. So another cozy hopeful? It's not very up. The wave is it's really so we don't really have to do anything really complex is just by putting your ob in different positions. So what he is like from here overweight. You can tell you always it you could bring your are Tony are paid with your hands in words and you can start to do the same wave. But with our day was no to see. How did that from here? I just ugly over there. Woods here. I got to make a difference. I'm still doing, uh, say steps. Are you still doing the same? Eight steps are just doing them with my Hobbs facing inwards. That's why the way you could very of the wave. Another way you can from here. You could figure office forward like this. That's start to do the wave like that. So again, I will do any different steps of still still doing the same eight steps. But I'm just bringing my homes forward. I'm doing the same eight steps, but with my arms forward. So that's another way you could very up make it look different. You could we OEMs like that so that you can very often that way you can get you could get quick you could get really clave with, so see you. So you hopefully you get you start to understand what I mean. So, really, just start to do anything you complete arms all kinds off. You could be off all kinds of positions and you can still do that Same waving motion. Still doing the same a step. So the key thing to remember is, you know, changing the steps, you do the same a steps, but you just you just you just have your arms in different positions, all kinds of positions. You could like that. Yeah, you could usefully off all kinds of different positions on it Just gives your way in another dimension. You could just do away kinds of different ways. Just just get creative with their play around with their just try and put you off all kinds of weird positions and then trying, you know, do the wave in those in those positions so de que have covered with you are abbreviations. You can use the various I've showed you. We can also call with your own. Try to come up with a better when you try and talk with your own so that can help you stand out when you start to do your wave. And it can help change things up instead of doing the same way, even though it's cool doing the wave like this, you know, if you can change it up, it will give it in our dimension to it and make it just guess dancing more exciting watching stuff like that when you start to change your way of doing all kinds of different directions from different angles. So but anyway, of bless it for Wave Aviation's So Play Well alone that practiced on just get creative. So I'll be for this video in the next video going to show you. I'm going to give you some waving tips to help you make your way look even better Then over the years now, So I'll see you there in the next video. 11. Waving Tips: Hey, guys. So this video will be giving you some tips to review waving. So let's get into it. So the first tip I'm going to give to you is basically when you do the first off the wave, I just want to emphasize the point that when you're doing particularly the second step, which is this it's important that you don't raise your elbow too high, like you want to make sure that you raised over just a little little bit. You don't wanna be a first step in there. Just be your elbow up here. All it needs to be just a little raising off the elbow. So arm straight. See that? That's that's how high need to lift your elbow. You don't need to lift any hide that doesn't need to be up here. Just needs to be up here, so you just wait elbow up a little bit. So that's imports the you know, you know, causing unnecessary strain for you nor causing unnecessary strain for yourself. So you want to make as effortless as possible. So you want to make sure that when you're doing that second step, you just wait it out a little bit, so that's the first. The second tip is, well, it's gonna be referring to the third step. So that's that's that. We know it's I'll go up. So it showed up and arm straight. The important thing about this step is to make sure that your shoulder is you raise your shoulder off a little bit. You don't wanna have you showed up here into your neck. So from here, you want Oh, just like that. So you just ways showed up a little bit and then you, of course, you straight in the west, the arms you don't want to be going from head the second step in and just be like shoving your shoulder into your net really high up into your neck again. That's just gonna cause unnecessary strain for yourself. You could like, you know, sticking into my neck. So you just want it to be just like that that so like that. So, no, my neck is free, is not digging into my neck, you know, move my neck around, not causing any strange for me. So that's basically second step. So remember, it's important that you make sure you're doing that because I don't want you to be like when you're practicing your causing strain, your even when you do the wave. When you perhaps singing regularly, you're gonna feel a little bit of strained because when you practice this move talent up again. You start to feel it in your warns anyway, so you want. You don't want to be causing extra pain axis training yourself by, you know, raising your shoulder too high. You're raising your elbow too high, so just remember for the first tip again. Just well you need to do is raise elbow When you go into this position, whether it's for the first half for the wave or when you're going into the second half of the wave, just when you're in that position is pretty. Just make sure you're just wasting up, raising your elbow up a little bit and not too high and step. Make sure that you're wasting your show. Do up a little bit and not too high. Make sure your shoulders not digging into your neck or anything like that. So that's the first and the second tip for and for the third tip. I just wanted toe. Make sure that you guys, when you're doing the wave that you've got your fingers, make sure that your fingers are together. You don't want to be doing the wave, your fingers spread out. You know, you want to make sure that your fingers are together. Now you might have to be doing this, but I just thought I was, You know, say this anyway, just in case you guys were doing that. So she's so again, it's important that you make sure that when you're doing the wave to keep your fingers together, because it helps to create the illusion off the wave going. See your body when your fingers are together and that's for both. Always make sure your fingers are together at all times when you do the wave. So we would ask that last time I'm gonna give is It's an obvious one, but and I even said it in the first video by just wonder. We emphasize it when you're practicing, but he's waving moves our way when the wave it's good that you practice in the mirror in front of a mirror in order for you to see what you're doing. The illusion off the wave. If this is impossible for you to know whether you're doing it just by you kind of looking at yourself, doing the way you could actually see yourself in the mirror on so that you can actually see whether you're creating delusion off the wave as you're doing it. And if you know, you know, make adjustments where you need to make adjustments in order to make sure that you're creating the illusion to make sure that you're doing it. So so that's important. If you don't have a mirror or big enough for you to see yourself like your whole body doing for one of the other, you can't see a whole body. Then well, I would suggest is you for maybe record yourself with your phone or any recording device that you have on. They just record yourself doing the way for pressing the wave, and then you can look back of that recording and see whether your doing the wave correctly and or and again make adjustments where you need to make adjustments. So but that's the third tip on, and also once you start to develop the way you practice saying you're getting the hand of it and you can see yourself creating the illusion of a wave going to your arm and through your body. Then you can then stopped, move away for the moon and then start to actually do it started passed away without a mirror. You know, when you're gonna dance to find people and stuff like that, you need to know the feeling of how to do the move correctly. So anyway, knows he tips, uh, that will conclude this video. Andi, In the next video, we'll that goes through alway 41 of combinations on the other alternatives. The other aviation, like a spoke earlier. Other abbreviations off the arm with what you have combination so wouldn't be going to that in the next video, so see there. 12. Arm & Body Wave Combo (Variations) Part 1: Hey, guys. So in this video wouldn't go sue variations for always 20 wave combination. So just help expand your thinking and just to help you guys when you stop playing, probably way just to give you some alternatives to doing away with combination. So to start off, I think I'm just gonna give you in this video and give you two alternative to variations. And then the next video is going to show you a whole load off different variations again to kind of expand your thinking in terms off the possibilities off what you can do with this whole Once you got this whole waving concept so for the first alternative would give you what now is is this one. So So you so basically just want you. You have to do this one from the side because it looks better from so you can do it from the front. But it's better for decide. So So this is the first radiation I'm gonna show you. What is this? So that's the first aviation. So that's another alternative do way. This one is it's all that. If so, basically, what I'm doing is, while obviously talking to decide to hold my arms out, Put almost forward. So when I talk to you in the beginning about that are my variations. I showed you can put your all into different positions. So So I always afford I have some not doing any different steps in terms of the actual of emotions, no different steps. What I'm doing is putting my arm and my for the interdiction position. So my hands before would on then my legs one for a lot of people, one leg is gonna be from the other. That could be you left like this in front or to be your right. Like it's up to you. So So we're gonna do for had both hands and fun, and they have 11 next from the other. And then basically, just gonna do the Almighty. But instead of doing one to the other or one on for one army to the body uefa, then up, you're going to go after sore me inside of video, I didn't away from both arms. So you're going to go? If you got basically the first half of the wave with both your arms, you're gonna go to you to the wave with both arms. So you want to go to him in both arms and then for that go into the body wave, they come up. I didn't go back. How then, finished a wave. They bring up those through the arms can again going through both arms, See, due to setting off the way by farms. So the key thing about this movie is want to keep your arms up, so make sure when you do it you go into the when you come back up and then you make sure your arms off house, you don't want to do the way and with your through your arms. Then Cleo comes down and then go into the body wave. Come back up in their arms up again. So, like I kind of said, there's throughout the whole course with the wedding evolution. It's important you keep your arms up the whole time throughout the whole movie. You want to keep it opens up. You only put them down when you finish so again so that that's what that is. This move, or you're doing is putting arms forward and you going to live for from with both arms. They're going into the body wave coming back up and then going and then going out into your arms into both arms again. So that's a little time doing the body wave. That's one variation to second variation will show you is basically it's the Schaff US A second creation looks like this. So basically, this commission is kind of instead of doing the body wave going straight down, you're gonna do the body way to decide. Since they kind of you ways to travel in a in a diagonal direction, going towards one leg, so usually body wave and then we go down. We're going to those legs for this. But this time we're gonna do the way you do wave with one of our arms, gonna do the wave, and then we're gonna do the point where it's gonna truck the body weight is gonna travel down our body towards in a diagonal directions. So, basically, for when I'm doing so much so that the trouble with the way down to this left leg, so do it. You can do it the other way as well. So you again, you could do this whatever side you want do on so, But you're gonna do the wave, and the wave is going to travel through your body, but at a diagonal angle going towards 11 of your legs like that. So my other leg is straight on the hips of straight. My other leg left leg. My my bottom sticking out a little bit when these are bent on the action potency out as well. So when you're doing this wave, you want to make sure you don't need to point out that kind of show. Somebody travelling down from our to your body, too. One of your one of your legs and then basically and you come back off. So so this one. The only difference is this one again. Same steps. Were you just making the wave travel in a different direction? So you making travel from one arm, one on 2 to 1 leg. So for your arm to your body to one of your legs. That's that's all there is to this one. And basically, when you condense, like to do is once you get that, you can then make the way travel to you on the leg so you could make the way. Travel to you other things like that. And then to do that, just shift away for one leg to the other like that. So see my left, make this one straight, and then my right leg is now bent on these pointing out. So that's what you do with this one. You just shoot your way for my next the other, and then you can. You could do two things in there. You can come up with the wave on, go into the other one, or you can come up with for with, away from this leg on. Go into the only you saw it with Go here or diagonally upwards again to the other one. So it's up to you so you can start to see how you can get creative with this whole waving thing. That's a tumor Aviation's next video, and I'll conclude this video in the next video. I'm going to show you his whole note off. Other different where everywhere aviation is just kind of again expand your thinking and just show you just so more waves. Just a help. You, as you cracked, seem to know the possibilities off where you can take this. Go with that safe is video on. I'll see you in the next one 13. Arm & Body Wave Combo (Variations) Part 2: so lost in this video. So even when they give you some more variations to arm but a combination so there's not gonna be that long. I'm just gonna should give you some more ideas on how you can, you know, get trade with your waving. So one way is, for example, like you can start to combine different very it always variations and body images I showed you, so you can do you always and go into that. 40 were variations. That's like a cool the way of combining them as published, too. That one. So that's that's a cool when you go that way. What a wave variation You can also do. One of the album aviation's you could Tell Me was that Do you go into the second body variation I showed you earlier and going into the Army aviation so you can start to combines. That's just a little idea how you consult combined together so you could, really once you've got the basic concept of the only way for the basic awesome the body wave on the basic concept of combining with body ways together, then really you did. You could do anything with the way you can start to get really create when you're waving and do anything like you can take something that's all told you only about your arms in positions to create different abbreviation for your body in different positions that are to be straight, you could be leading back. Just do way. That's just Just hear what came up in the after top of my head. But it's just you could really just put your or you can put it in any position. Do the wave on you couldn't like incident lost you can make. You can make the direction of the wave going. You can. You can change direction away so doesn't have to go for one arm to the other or one arm down straight to your body. You commit the way the direction we have come diagonally life that travel. Look there. Come up here. You know, you could make enough one arm, Teoh. You could go from your right off to your right leg. Back up to the right arm. Go Inform Left on to your right leg too. Back up to your own. You could do anything. You can make your rectum the wave going a direction you want. Once you can do the basic way armor combination, you could make the wave motion travel in any direction through your body. I don't actually want through your body three wrongs. You could put your arms in different positions or your body in different positions while go making that way direction go through your body. So really, basically, if Tom Bases, hopefully that made sense. I didn't confuse you with that. So Lacey was trying to say, and suddenly is, um when you I encourage you Teoh, try these things out, playing around you. You're waving and try and get creative because I really like. I showed you just now watching what the basic concept is. No very two. Or you could do with the way what you get, clave. There's no limit to what you could do with this whole waving concept. You could really do anything so it is up to you, dear. There's no there's no real damage. So basically, the more so therefore, that's why I encourage you to just be pro for your dancing, as it will make your dancing more detaining. More exciting on Well said, making more unique. But that's it for his variations are wave combination alternatives video. So just, he puts it, he doesn't keep being brave. And it's not number what you can do, so I'll be for this video.