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Easter sugar cookie decorating class FUNNY BUNNIES for beginners

teacher avatar Olga Goloven, cookie expert

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Color palette

    • 3. How to use icing transfer sheets

    • 4. How to flood cookies & make "Wet on wet"

    • 5. How to fix icing templates on cookies

    • 6. 5 ways to make pretty lace border on cookies

    • 7. Add extra details to pop you cookies

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About This Class

It's easy step-by-step icing tutorial how to make Easter cookies  or just practice icing basic skills. In this free cookie decorating class you’ll learn how to :

  1. make outline and flood cookie,
  2. make simple wet on wet effects,
  3. use icing transfer sheets. 
  4. make pretty lace borders,
  5. add fine details as mini bows, paint simple cute snouts, and fix icing flowers. 

These easy methods will make your cookies look amazing. Once you learn them, you can be creative and the options to decorate your cookies will be endless.

If you have any question, fill free to contact me!


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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Olga Goloven

cookie expert


Hi, everyone. My name is Olga and I'm a cookie expert

I know many easy and delicious cookie recipes and thousands ways how to decorate cookies with royal icing. I have been  decorating  cookies for 10 years and more than 1000 students learned how to bake and decorate cookies with my online master classes in  Russian ! And today I've  released my first decorating cookie class here. 

Follow me and  Let’s start having fun together.

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1. Intro: It's time to preparing for Easter or just brag this Isaac and basic skills. This free cookie to gradient tutorial will show you how to make outline and flat or can make simple wet on wet effect. Use ice and transfer sheets. You can also enter long-haul to make bread to last bothers at find Delta S Min involves bank simple pig snouts and mix, I think flowers. This is a method will make her look amazing. Hi. 2. Color palette: For this cookie set, I took six basic Talas for a pastel color. On the tip of a toothpick. 3. How to use icing transfer sheets : Footprint, it transmits sheath infants plastic slip along this five or seven sheets of papers to ensure it said that spread around to all drops onto surface. It will have to build out templates. If you use bag and pepper. It's not necessarily to all begun Bamba surveys. President, napkin term of excess makes it all done. And immediately if lambda to be the same beige IS and flat consistency. Platform right to left without keeping use ascribe to do stick to smooth and shape. I think the bubbles in the center, if there is a general technique for different shapes and sizes, use a dry brush to grab the icing shape. Mirage is a great multi-use tool. I use an irregularity for shaping and glean into the details. Make outline because the eyes and I shake a little bit too smooth. Put the tip, there is an Isaac regions the surface of the baking paper. Discoveries are the eyes and Don will arise from above. Use a toothpick to smooth the Pinto. When buying is a completely dry dig out as a beneficiary of the blessing sleep, you will find it's really easy to build up that IS, and transcripts from the plastic sleeve. If you have the difficulties of removing the ASM to break, it means it's not fully dry. Take a baking paper and push for doing the ASM and plastics leaves. Done it upside down, is a bag, is bombed the end right? And leave it to dry completely for 23 hours, used immediately for decorating cookies. Let's combat because it goes beyond their most viewed out. Back. The second one has FLS and similar surface, but you can use any of them. Always make extra brightness. Zack writes Roger, and break easily. Hi. 4. How to flood cookies & make "Wet on wet": Outline, right Steve eyes and begin to squeeze it back and move the hand smooth, flat form side-to-side. Don't skip, leave space before the outline. This is to make sure Isaac doesn't go over the outline. Use as great tool to blend the outline is applied but don't die at the center of your Isaac if only to pop the bubbles. Lightly dab that on the table to smooth the isaac. Immediately up desert blaze dogs with arrived Iceland or flood transistor on the top of the flooding. The main secret is that all guards must have equal density. You this approach to flood, a cookie shapes. Make white outline and flood in the space, as I have shown before. Put groves of Siri dots around the circle. Use oil to speak, make rounds on the surface. Started with any dot, making circular motion, keeping it outside, you know, completely before the icy crust over. And dots between roses, goods, the tooltip under the dot and move it outward through the dot. Like that, you will get a pointed leaf before the eyes and cost by dots along the path to go. 5. How to fix icing templates on cookies : Firstly, check the size of the item template. Be sure that it is smaller than the cookie perimeter and there is a 12 centimeter gap between the template and outline. Immediately after plugging contraband in the center of the cookie on the lead Isaac, and let's dry completely. Now, take your cookie or a dry ice and choose often blend that fits squarely stiff icing on the back of a template. Put it on the cookie and press lightly. Please don't fret as a hot body is fragile and can break on the cooker. If you find that, put the tip of the bag and squeeze two eyes and to fill a gap. This will keep your arms at brightness. 6. 5 ways to make pretty lace border on cookies: With the tip and begin to use a bag and to move the hands mostly. Pay attention. Lift piping tip out. Let's outline slag to grade as Moscow that are in the center of the previous one. Squeeze China jobs in that through arcs interaction. Try to keep as a leader of all arcs. A drop stops could reason and smooths it perpendicularly to the plugin outlined. On the top of each arc. Five, a big dot on the budget line stops, smooth it along the outline. Go back a little bit bad as a next dot in the center of the tail. By a tiny dots on the same distance from each other, I recommend to leave a gap between nearby dot equal to eight bits. They all have a bridge abroad, a bad if you continue to answer second, third, lines in different order, you'll get amazing patents. Zara, two examples for you. Okay. 7. Add extra details to pop you cookies: Got a piece of fur even grabs everyone, allows a farmer. So that is a left end, is on the top. Left hand under the boat. Lift from the bag and put it back between the center of this folk die and not squeeze deep Ising dot on both side of the center of the back of the bow. Done it over and breast Zukin. Take Blake edible ban. This one has arrived and thin rods are used in part four, eyes and mouth. Youth been flooded, icing 25, triangle nose. You can draw different emotions and snout expressions. The nonce can be also drawn by the edible band. I use, right work the color mark weekly. What the DOM being put on a pallet. Take round brush though takes us shape. Don't add too much water. It just dries. I think it's better to test drunk on paper first and leave water access there. Determined value. We'll fix eyes and claws. Use stiff icing to do them. I often use dots to host all set such small details. Set flows as long as the ear on the neck. You spend to make a draft by hand. Right? Let us run by Yvonne, rotate kooky and live the hand up to each letter to make a smooth Sculpt lift piping tip. Hi.