Easter Egg Decorating: Painting on eggs with food colors. | Tamara Zatica | Skillshare

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Easter Egg Decorating: Painting on eggs with food colors.

teacher avatar Tamara Zatica, Simply, cooking tutorials

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. Preparing the Colors

    • 4. Painting Process

    • 5. Painting the other side. Happy Easter!

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About This Class

Welcome to the class! In this class, Irina (artist and my daughter) shows step by step how to paint Easter  eggs using food color. This is a special Easter edition on my channel.

I hope you will enjoy the class as much as I do.

Have a wonderful and beautiful Easter!

Meet Your Teacher

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Tamara Zatica

Simply, cooking tutorials


Hello my name is Tamara, welcome to my Skillshare channel. After 20+ year of teaching career I decided to take a new journey and share the joy of cooking. I hope you will enjoy my classes and will cook something delicious with me.

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1. Introduction: hi I need in a the Martyrs daughter in today's class, I'll show you step by step. Hodja paid beautiful and colorful Easter eggs, so let's get started. 2. Supplies: thanks glass with the following hard boiled eggs. They're cooked and cooled down and dried. Also will need a cardboard from the eggs measuring spoon, one tablespoon a paint palette or some dishes. You're not afraid off staining with, uh, food coloring. Also, we'll need paper towel fume brushes. If you have a water brush, we may use that to. If not, any brushes will work. Also, we'll need a measuring cop. We'll be measuring Juan cop off hot water, so we need hot water, too. Food coloring. So this is just regular food coloring. McCormick um, around yellow, green and blue. I also need wide Bangor and two jars for water. Always supplies, which are not a kitchen supplies. I first sterilized in the dishwasher, and the brushes were washed away of hot water on just so just to make sure everything is food safe. And, uh, I suggested to the same possible need a piece of paper to try our colors on on. That said as all watching me today 3. Preparing the Colors: So first, let's prepare our water. This is a cop off warm water one cop and to make it 3 to 4 dying will a poor one tablespoon off white vinegar tits makes it. And after we have our water will put 1/2 in longe r and another half in another. Char doesn't have to be precise. We just need water into different jars. Next, we can prepare our colors. So for that we'll need out of water a paint palette. Make sure you have a paper towel next to you and also will need a brush, the colors and, um, a piece of paper to try the colors on. No, let's play with colors someone I'm taking blue. But in one drop a blue and one dropped off green after we've brought Let's take some water and energy of our calling Okay, makes it well. And now let's try it on paper, but must look so being on that wanted into the So let's add more blue chin two drops and still pretty green. So let's more butchered rain drops Mrs Closer Jeff Atone I was looking for So let's add more water chance because it's wage an Ark. Let's try. Take it. Beautiful. Nice article color. So this will be the jar for washing color. Uh, our brush and visible David jar Teoh taking water for the next caller. Next, we'll have some yo two drops and the gallants as some water checked. Clean water, obviously. Okay, this is enough. And we have a bright yellow question again. On next one. I would like to be red orange color, so we'll add three drops of friend and one drop of yellow. And then Galitzki clean water chin. If you touched about pain by accident, just Washington knowledge are wash across in another jar found. Now touch the green water again. Let's see. So we got a warrant collar and I wanted in severe. More bad. So I'm meeting. I'm to drop some bread. I see this is better, but I still would like it to be more red. So another two drops. So until they would have six drops of her had No Yes, he says, which I was looking for. So we'll be using three colors yellow and red orange. Now we can start beating 4. Painting Process: And now, when we have our water gonna have our colors and eggs. Of course, we can start painting. So I have a Heberto on their land on a paper towel. Right here. I'll take my smaller brush on. We'll start from the middle on the floor arm painting three tiny circles. So this water is for washing brush in. This one is for picking the different colors. Not that I beat it. Three yellow circles in each other. I put in going on Kenyan dot off our friend. Next I'm going back to yellow and I'll put some more tiny circles around those three circles next time taking are under the orange. No, Start painting the petals just by pressing a brush three times. One to training, we'll turn. They had any way of our conference hable on this. You can see that I'm not touching the yellow. 123 one to to Okay, 12 okay. And lost on. And they have our flower. Don't touch it until it's a totally dry Next. What we'll do? We'll take our green global Ah, no Pakistan. Just a line and down And the leaf Antonov Italy no open the back back, let it dry. We can take number one, and here we'll start with the stem and at the end of a stem will paint a flower charity act . Anyway. You're comfortable with beautiful, maybe two more petals. And today he is. It's been fun to paint on X. No, let's wash our garage. Thanks, Um, clean water and and some yellow don't right here between the battle. Let's add some leaves, toe horse them, and this money leaves you want when paint will become a little lighter after it tries, let's turn the egg just a tiny being. Make sure you're not touching on paint. Another for Misano. Have some around leaves. We'll likely still trenches right from wrong. Let's make this flower yellow for mental. Another and then one adds, saw that inch of a bottom. Well, still what? I think this is good. Let's let them try. And this one. I wanted the all in one color, so it'll be just a community when I was docked in From the top meantime, you leave. You know that. Know what? It'll become lighter when it drives and just being playful because see your foot coloring is behaving pretty much like water color. Looks like we need the novelty here. When I'm turning the actual large you can see that of the paint is changing go shape, but we don't want that. So let's let's try on federal convicted. So if you save this some kind of jobs forming on your shapes, they can run away. So it's dangerous, dangerous for your painting ventures so you can take a paper towel and just absorb the excessive faint so that won't happen, and now we can let it track. 5. Painting the other side. Happy Easter!: So when our Akkus drive on one side, we can start painting on the side and then let it driving this and then paint on this story on little traffic this and so on. If you want to do it all the way around, I'm going to turn it like all they way 180 degrees and paint this similar flower I did on bedside. So three dogs e think some from tiny dots around. So as a result, I, uh, just so that I need just one one small brush is enough for a painting. I don't know why I do in plateaus again and three strokes. I regularly drying my brush on paper towel right here so I wouldn't have excess off pain. And also I'm absorbing before it happened. Right here. So it was drawn away that good, that bag which didn't make the card to Easter table. So even I think it's drivers, so they're still pretty careful with touching back. Still, Chantel, that's fine. Just in case it didn't dry well, no, I have to add the stamp and leaves and again absorb excess off pained, just in case I can see this pattern was a little bit trying away, but it's not too bad. Of course, it depends on the texture off, actual to board. It should be all right. And now we let it dry on this side. Next, I want to show you well, the paint is dry. We can start a layering it by making a doctor earlier on the same color on the previous live, just like in water color so you can end some lines. Some thanks. Sure, if you feel like it. So it's a totally safe for a paint under the same over green. We're gonna have some dark lines here. People want to or just give it simple and just trying to make it not run away.