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East Asia, Ultimate Bucket List, Travel Tribe

teacher avatar Kelsey Betzelberger, Opera singer / Teacher / Traveler

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (50m)
    • 1. East Asia UBL Introduction

    • 2. China UBL

    • 3. Hong Kong UBL

    • 4. Taiwan & Macau UBL

    • 5. Tibet UBL

    • 6. South Korea UBL

    • 7. Japan UBL

    • 8. Mongolia UBL

    • 9. East Asia UBL Conclusion

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About This Class

Welcome to Travel Tribe's East Asia, Ultimate Bucket List course!

In this dynamic, fast-paced course, we will explore the top sites and famous locations of China, Hong Kong, Macau, Tibet, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan & Mongolia! Whether it's the Great Wall of China, Sumo Wrestling Stables in Japan, the Golden Eagle Festival in Mongolia, the casinos in Macau or the high rises in Hong Kong, we see it all! Students explore the best of the best, with fun facts and pro-tips shared along the way.

If you are planning for a post-Covid vacation, wanting a virtual adventure, or planning your next long-term-digital-nomad destination, this course is for you!

No special skills required, this class is fun for the whole family.

Some of the topics we will explore:

  • High Rises in Hong Kong
  • Library shaped like a human eye in China
  • Owl Cafes in Japan
  • DMZ between North & South Korea
  • Lotus Festivals in Macau
  • Rainbow Village in Taiwan
  • Women with the longest hair in the world in China
  • Rabbit Island in Japan
  • "Mermaids" of South Korea

About The Author

My name is Kelsey Betzelberger, and I have been teaching for over 10 years. I was trained as an opera singer at Northwestern University in Chicago, and visited 45 countries around the world while performing at opera houses in Italy, Germany, England, Argentina, France, Croatia and the Netherlands. I also teach German, French, and music, and I have lived in seven different countries with my husband and our two well-traveled, geriatric cats.

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Kelsey Betzelberger

Opera singer / Teacher / Traveler


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1. East Asia UBL Introduction: Everyone had to travel the world, but you don't really know where to start. You don't really know what to put on your list. Then this course is for you. In this ultimate bucket list course, the students explore the most beautiful destinations is one of the most iconic cities in East Asia, such as Beijing, Seoul, Hong Kong, or Tokyo. No special skills required. And this class is fun for the whole family. I'm Kelsey about TSL burger, and I've traveled to 45 countries while singing opera around the world. From climbing Macchu Picchu to the Great Wall of China, to the Eiffel Tower, to the VAT. Again, I've done it all. And so can you. In this course, we will explore China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Mongolia, Tibet, taiwan. And molar. Whether you've been to East Asia before or this is an entirely new locale for you. No one is too young, too old to inexperienced, to travel, and now is the perfect time to start. Feel free to reference your travel tribe ultimate in bucket list travel planner to help you organize your thoughts and the coloring pages to help you enjoy the ride. In no particular order. Here are the top locales and activity is to add to your bucket list. 2. China UBL: China and East Asian country with the highest population on the planet. China is known as the factory of the world. The Great Wall. The Great Wall bill 2007. A 100 years ago, is the 13 thousand mile or 21 thousand kilometer crumbling masterpiece built by six different Chinese dynasties to guard against invading northerners. The longest wall in the world is made with rock, stone and mushed up rice for water. China's stone dragon is sometimes called the longest cemetery in the world. Due to how many people are presumably buried within the wall itself. The Chinese government decided against repairing the damaged parts though. I mean, out of 13 thousand miles, there's a lot of damage parts. They simply just rope off the areas that are deemed too unsafe to walk on. The llama temple. The biggest Tibetan Buddhist temple in Beijing is a popular worship place with 300 years of history. The lava temple has three world records highlighting this statue of Buddha carved out of one piece of precious white sandalwood from Nepal. This gift from the seventh Dalai Lama in the 1715 is 80 feet or 26 meters tall. And it took three years to carry it from Nepal to Beijing and another three years to carve it. Punch in Red Beach. Although it looks like red sand, the punch Red Beach is not actually sand at all. It's a plant called psuedo, which grows in April and May, and then becomes wildly vivid red. And the Harvard International ice and snow festival, an annual winter festival that takes place with a theme in Harbin. The Harvard International Eisen's know festival has the best collections of ice and snow artwork in the world. And it is the biggest of its Chi. The list schon giant Buddha. The less schon giant Buddha is a seated statue around 1300 years old, a unesco World Heritage site. The 71 meter or 233 foot tall statue has over a 1021 buttons and it's coiled hair. The Terracotta Army in S0 on depicting the armies of the first emperor of China from 20 to a 100 years ago, the Terracotta Army refers to thousands of life-sized clay models of soldiers, horses, and chariots, all with unique facial features. The Guang you, god of war statue. The god of war statue is a large monument to the Chinese war god Guang you, constructed in 2016. This statue stands at 58 meters or a 190 feet tall, weighs nearly 2000 tons, and it was made of 4 thousand bronze strips. Tianjin Vin high library, nicknamed the eye, the Tianjin been high. New area library has floor to ceiling bookshelves that when viewed from above, the whole thing resembles this human eye with this giant ball structure in the middle pro tip. Although this library looks very cool, most of the books you see here are actually wallpaper. You Yuan China. This is a scenic and historical site formed more than 3 billion years ago. Noted for its 3000 court cites sandstone pillars, many of which are over 200 meters or 660 feet Hall. There are also 40 caves and one of the highest natural bridges in the world. Dan Xiang. Xiang refers to various landscapes found around China consist of this red limestone bed with steep cliffs. Its current appearance was formed by erosion of the limestone millions of years ago. Read Yao tribe, Huang Nuo villages read Yao tribes women use rice water to wash their hair. This village is also called the law of the puzzles. Because of the long hair that the tribes women have. It isn't the Guinness Book of World Records as being the world's longest hair village. The woman cut their hair only once in their lifetime when they turn 18, and then it is left to grow for the remainder of their life. All of the women in this village have shiny jet-black hair, even if they are 90 or a 100 years old. The piano house shaped like a 50 to one scale of a giant black grand piano. Let's serves as to concert halls and a clear glass violin that is the entrance and the elevator to both performance halls. This spectacular building. Called the piano house, was specifically designed with tourists in mind. This extraordinary building is the only one like it in the world. Hotel one China is an abandoned fishing village which was once home to more than 2 thousand fishermen, but was abandoned around 30 years ago. Today, the fishing village is only home do a handful of people, but it is still a very popular tourist attraction due to the abundant greenery that has taken over what was once this busy village. Kuan, long travertine pools. This area is known for its colorful travertine pools formed by calcite deposits, as well as diverse forests, ecosystems, snow-capped peaks, waterfalls, and steamy hot springs. Hong long is also home to many endangered species, including the giant panda and the endearing golden snub nosed monkeys. The dragon escalator and lung seen GARCH, a series of gorges with mountains and interactions such as bungee jumping and a huge drag and escalator that is over 250 meters or 800 feet. This area is a super tourist attraction. Where should I go on my next vacation? When people hear that I've traveled to nearly 50 countries, they usually ask me, well, where should I go next? What, what's your favorite? Which of course all depends on you. What do you like to do? What do you want to see? So I asked all the travelers I've met over years of exploring. What's your favorite tropical beach? Cool is bookshop you've ever found the weird is trees. The most beautiful door is the most alluring castles and bizarre hotel experiences you've ever found. And I came up with the ultimate bucket list of more than 500 places to see before you die. This is the first of a series of ultimate bucket lists courses that covers almost a 100 countries around the globe. From the most beautiful religious establishments to the best mountain views, the coolest houses, the most intriguing GAD cafes, the weirdest statues to the bluest waters, the oldest caves, the most dangerous island on the planet, to a giant pit of gas in the desert that's been burning for the past 50 years. The ultimate bucket list courses have a myriad of places to go and things to see. It's all up to you as to which destinations end up on your ultimate bucket list. At the end of this course, I'd love for you to share your previous travel pictures. You're coloring pages, your ultimate traveled bucket list, and previous travel stories, and let other students know where you would go and what you would see. I'm always here to help explain further if you have questions or more Union more specific details on a certain place. And I'd love to hear your top picks and the next stop on your list, Let's get started. 3. Hong Kong UBL: Hong Kong, a special administrative section of China with its own constitution and independent laws. Hong Kong is known as a glamorous city, was beautiful water and luxurious shopping. Among the world's most prosperous countries, the coastal area is struggling to cope with the influx of people who want to move to this iconic powerhouse with over 7 million residents, with an area of 1100 square kilometers. The city had to be creative when it came to housing. From the tiny coffin and cage homes of the city's poorest to luxury micro apartments and co-housing initiatives. Hong Kong has some of the world's most creative housing. Tn 10 Buddha is a large bronze Buddha statue and Hong Kong near the pole then monastery that symbolizes the harmonious relationship between man and nature and people and fake. It has become a major center of Buddhism in Hong Kong. Speaking of the pole in monasteries, this monastery is a Buddhist monastery founded in 1906, three months visiting from the Chinese mainland. And it was initially known as the dramatic, the big hot. The main temple has three bronze statues of the Buddha, his past, present, and future lives, as well as many Buddhist scriptures. Tian Tian Buddha, the Buddha statue is an extension of this monastery. 4. Taiwan & Macau UBL: Taiwan is a fascinating island nation, nestled in the middle of the ocean, off the coast of mainland China. It has an intriguing history and a number of interesting cultural factors influenced by Japan, Korea, and mainland China with a democratic system influenced by the West and the UK. Taiwan is known for night markets, themed restaurants, great health care, fast Wi-Fi, and some of the best food in the world. She Lynn night market is a night market, often considered to be the largest and most famous night market in Taiwan, with a food court, side streets and alleys lined with storefronts. Taiwan has many famous night markets though that offer a variety of foods, handicrafts, and good company. The Rainbow village is a military village that was converted into street art. The artwork of the area was created by a former soldier, Hwang Yong Fu, who began painting houses in this area to save them from demolition. His colorful artwork, which includes birds, animals, and people, spread to the remaining houses of the village, Which one's consisted of over 1200 homes. Eventually, these military settlements became permanent and many veterans and their families lived months of their lives here. Many houses though became run down, so developers began buying up this land will be development. The residents were offered compensation or new housing, which most people took them up on. But Huang state, even after all his neighbors left, lonely and bored, being the only person left in the village, he painted a single bird inside his home and his artwork grew from there. The high-heel wedding church in the high heel shaped building. And according to the Guinness Book of World Records, the world's largest high-heel shoes shaped structure in 17 meters or 55 feet tall, and made from over 300 pieces of blue tinted glass. The lowest lake tau is complex. The Lotus Pond is an artificial lake and popular tourist destination, famous for the Lotus plants on the lake and the numerous temples surrounding it, including the Dragon and Tiger pagodas. Carton King Creative Park, life-size animals and furniture made entirely from cardboard, make for a wondrous experience. Everything is made from cardboard here. Complete lock-down on the cardboard seats, relax it the cardboard tables. Enjoy your meal out of cardboard bowls or cardboard plates. If you're worried about your cardboard seat not holding your not cardboard derriere. The hefty are chefs are willing to pull out a seat and demonstrate their sturdiness. Even was a waitress perhaps perched on their lap after eating, wander around the paper garden with world-famous landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and decorative aspects such as windmills, flowers, she, monkeys, drought sorts even a maple tree with and deeper leaves on it. Or if you eat too much and don't have the energy to walk around, there is a fully functioning cardboard train that travels all the way around the main attractions. The leaning mailboxes. These charming mailboxes became a social media hit after a typhoon failed to knock them down. In 2015, the typhoon that hit Southeast Asia and cause 3.7 billion US dollars in damages down many important buildings. Of these two sturdy mailboxes managed to survive this crazy storm. Even though they are now leaning to the side. But, but people began staging photo shoots here, pretending to push the cardboard boxes back outright, or acting as though they might be submerged under the box. It locals also named these beloved mailboxes, little red, little green. Triumphantly, the mailboxes still accept letters and anything that goes through that gets marked with a special stamp. National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall is a famous national monument that houses a library and a museum documenting Chiang Kai-shek's life and career with exhibits that detail Taiwan's history and development. The Taipei 101 is an extremely tall skyscraper, are classified as the world's tallest building from 2004 until 2009 upon the completion of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, it's elevators capable of traveling 60 kilometers or 37 miles per hour, could transport passengers from the fifth to the ninth floor in 37 seconds, will. It is currently the world's tallest and largest green building. And the typical icon of Taipei. Banca new Shun Temple is a Chinese folk religious temple builds in Taipei in 1738, which served as a place of worship and a gathering place for the Chinese settlers. Xiang Tai is an area with a beach and several islands located on the coast. A popular tourist attraction for its rocky coastal views. It is also well-known for its long footbridge in the shape of a dragon. So this dragon connects the coast to the largest island. The name of a sudden she untied means three immortals platform. Find to the island with the three large Standing Rock's. Last but not least, Totto go National Park. This is the East Coast top tourist attraction and it covers 1200 square kilometers with 27 peaks, over 3000 meters or 9800 feet. Most visitors come just to see one particular area though, 18 kilometer long gorge with marble walls that rise out of the blue green Lee will River. There are several enticing hiking trails here as well, and it is considered to be one of Asia's most scenic wonders. Mike, how the most densely populated region in the world and the cow is a special administrative region of China, but still considered autonomous, formerly a Portuguese colony, the city has an abundance of culturally significant heritage sites. However, macau is mainly note all over the world as the vagus of China because of its numerous famous casinos that presents super luxury entertainment. St. Paul's add sent out o square. The ruins of Macau is greatest 16th century Jesuit church was burned down to a 100 years ago. What remains now though is the beautiful staircase leading to the massive stone facade. The AMA temple. Macau bursts with unique Chinese temples. But the 15th century all my temple is the oldest towers temple in Macau. And it is believed that the reason that Macau got its name, it is thought that a Portuguese sailor incorrectly pronounced this temple's name as he thought that the name of the temple was actually the name of the place. The typeof village, formally an old fishing village. The typeof village currently consists of old-fashioned narrow alleyways with its old style street lamps, restaurants, shops, and street renders. The historic center. Now storage center of Macau consists of monuments, residential buildings, and religious structure is dating back from the colonial regime. They collectively make up the World Heritage site known as the historic center of Macau. Casino hopping my cows. World-famous casino is hosted a variety of fantastic shows, including live music concerts, magic shows, Opera, Dance, singing in acrobatic performances, water or performances, and light show. Many consider casinos to be the primary components of this city's entertainment seem. Fisherman's wharf is a brightly colored huge theme park representing port cities like Amsterdam, Venice, Miami, Cape Town, New Orleans. This is where you'll find eateries, shops and unimpressive amusement park. Formerly, this place belongs to a fishing community, but now it is one of the top entertainment spots. Hello, and village is a beautiful place filled with pastel colored buildings conducted through cobblestone streets with a vintage charm. The lotus flower festival, Macau hosts and celebrates my cows lotus flower for commemorating the flower that it's national flag features. It has held each year in June for about a week. The world's largest high-heeled shoes, high-heel shoe shaped structure, the world's largest high heels to largest high-heel shoe shaped structure. 5. Tibet UBL: Tibet, located on the snoring Tibetan Plateau on the northern side of the Himalayas. Tibet is an autonomous region of China, nicknamed the roof of the world for its towering peaks, including Mount Everest, which it shares with Nepal, patella palace and Tibet. The Winter Palace of the Dalai Lama's since the seventh century. Hello Palace is the highest ancient Palace in the world. It's symbolizes Tibetan Buddhism and its central role into that. Tibetan cherry, a species of cherry tree native to Tibet. This flowering plant is famous for its striking coppery red bark and ornamental fruit. The cultural monastery is the main monastery, the monastery precinct of Tibet that also includes Khumbu, the largest monastic structure and Tibet. 6. South Korea UBL: South Korea and East Asian nation shares the world's most heavily militarized border with North Korea. South Korea is equally known for its green countryside, stunning cherry trees, and centuries old Buddhist temples. South Korea is the world's leader in Internet connectivity, with 92% of households connected to the web. And taekwondo is the national sport. Star field library in Seoul. Star field library is a futuristic library and cultural events face on two levels of a ball with floor to ceiling bookshelves. The JHU glass castle theme park isn't made entirely of glass from the sparkling books on the shelves to the winking fish in the Mirror Lake. This includes the world's very first all glass labyrinth, the world's largest glass ball, largest Black Diamond, a glass Stonewall, a mirror leg, and a glass bridge. Your camera. The Jeju Stone Park. This is full of interesting looking rocks and sculptures and a great place to head if you want to learn more about the islands rich cultural history, as well as the many myths and legends that have long swirled around GAGs, natural wonders. A number of the rocks in the park represent folklore tales that had been passed down from generation to generation. A popular resort destination. This volcanic island offers beautiful beaches, rich culture, and a fascinating history V sure to visit New Moon beach to see the diving women who free died hundreds of feet into the freezing cold water without an oxygen tank to catch different types of seafood. This tradition started centuries ago when the local men, we're all at home, the fishing boats. Many studies have been done on volunteers from this region. And they are the only people in the world whose body temperature drops to 82 degrees while they're in the water, which they can stay in for over 30 minutes without taking a breath. When they get out of the water, their body re-adjust and they continue along their daily life. Of the five grand palaces built in the 15th century around Song Chang Dale cool palace was always the preferred royal residents. It's where the king and the royal family lived to their daily lives filled with accommodation rooms, libraries and dining rooms. It's filled with pathways, green spaces, Bogota's streams and lakes. Busan is the second largest city in the country, and its coast is lined with some beautiful beaches and resorts. This hillside village is a European style village on the cliffs above the sea, similar to the Korean version. Santorini in Greece. Phuc chon Hanak village. The 100 villages which can be found in Seoul and around Korea are living. Museums were stored and preserved. Ancient neighborhoods, they give visitors the opportunity to not only experience what it was like to live in the Hanak, but also what it was like to live in Korea 600 years ago. You can also explore the tiny narrow streets and expand your knowledge of Korean culture as many of the high notes are also museums. Some are also private homes or small B&B. Seo it axon National Park for hours by bus from Seoul. South. Roxanne National Park is Korea's first national park. And it has mountains, lakes, waterfalls, streams at miles and miles of hiking trails. It is known for its natural diversity, as well as the two Buddhist temples inside the park. One known as the Temple of a 100 pools due to all the ponds and rounded fed by the mountains streams. When you get tired of walking, there is a cable car that will take you up the sailor oxide mountain for some incredible views of the mountains and the valleys. The DMZ, the demilitarized zone, is a no man's land border between North and South Korea. The most heavily guarded and mined area on the planet. This strange place can be visited on an official guided tour. A tours of this Joint Security Area include a visit to a North Korean gift shop and the military conference room, which straddles the military demarcation line. Visitors can step over the border into North Korea. While inside this cross-border room. Agendas see parting. Every year, visitors from around the world flock to Jindal to witness this natural phenomenon of the sea party. This natural bridge as a result of a yearly accumulation of pebbles and sand which have collected from the tide. In total, the sea parting is around 2.8 kilometers long and at low tide, 40 to 60 meters wide. They host parades and cultural events to celebrate every year. The mud at the annual border young mud festival is believed to have special beautifying mineral properties. Even though it is technically the dirtiest Festival in South Korea. Each year, the mode is brought to the beat in truckloads from the nearby body on mud flats. Millions visit for this extraordinary two-week affair. Some of the most popular events take place on the last weekend, such as the mud prison, mud skiing, mud wrestling. The beautiful rolling green hills of the BOS young T fields. One of the only T fields in Korea. T is an integral part of the Korean culture and experiencing a traditional Korean tea ceremony is a must when you visit this Mighty Fortress is a true testament to Korea is fascinating history and military prowess. Qing Jiang, WHO built the fortress in the late 1800s to honor his father, who was actually killed by his grandfather. The complex features an elaborate palace, nearly six kilometers of fortress walls and enchanting gate towers capture the essence of cherry blossoms at Qiong was Station. This place is a favorite for photographers and the visual delight of the train approaching the station under the cherry blossom tunnel is an absolute must see. The goo goo sat temple is a unesco World Heritage site that is considered to be among the most famous historic places to visit in South Korea. It's showcases to Granite pagodas on either side of the temple. 7. Japan UBL: Japan, an island country in East Asia, Japan is known for cherry blossoms and Mount Fuji. Japanese cars and bullet trains, karaoke and full service vending machines, popular anime and manga, and mouth-watering food like Tokyo, an eccentric and neon city, the biggest city in the world, as big as 27 other cities combined. Tokyo captures the hearts of all who visits. Anything is possible in Tokyo from go carding in the streets, wearing life-size Mario Kart costumes. To Owl Cafe is where you can pet Tiny owls and Cat cafes, where you can pet cats and get a Foley drink in the shape of your cat at home. Japan is world famous for its cherry blossom season and no locally as suck woulda, delicate red, white and pink flowers and burst open creating a pink layer of petals all over this beautiful city. The best time to go is the first week of April, and you'll see a display like this at very few other countries in the world. Shibuya crossing. The Shibuya crossing next to a number of workplaces, shopping centers and public transit is the world's busiest pedestrian crossing with as many as 3 thousand people going across the street at one time. How did you go district, an internationally renowned fashion district. It's famous for defiantly bold style, that outlandish food trends. It's the streets acting as fashion runways for outrageous outfits. You can also get the most GI and rainbow cotton candy here. Mount Fuji, rising to over 12 thousand feet or over 3700 meters. Mount Fuji is the tallest mountain in Japan, an active volcano and is known for its graceful cone shape. It is the country is a sacred symbol and tumbles and shrines are located around and on the volcano itself. Kyoto, the cultural capital of Japan as fast enjoyed by visiting the temples and shrines, such as the Fukushima in daddy tie shrine and kinda Coogee temple. Expansive parks and gardens such as The Monkey park and philosophers path. And museums such as the manga museum. Kyoto. Well, not as big as Tokyo is one of the most amazing and most delicious city as you'll ever experience. I'd osteoma Bamboo Grove. The ADA osteoma bamboo grove or the bamboo forest is one of the only places in the world where you can see a forest of bamboo with this single pathway straight through it. It feels otherworldly and almost mystical, sort of like you're on another planet. Pro tip for all of you, instill models, get there early as this glorious location is absolutely packed by seven AM. Call lacI Fuji gardens. Karachi was Syria garden is a private garden famous for its spectacularly presented a large number of Listeria flowers with 200 meter long tunnels made of white to dark purple with stereo trees. Main full tree is Japanese fall also offers great charm. The climate state is in miles, rather late in the season, and starting in October, you can see the leaves. Starting in October, you can see the leaves coloring change from orange to red. The Japanese maple tree existed in several varieties whose colors can vary from reddish purple to a lighter orange. Have Kaku sumo stable. Sumo wrestling is as ingrained in the culture of Japan as sushi and Cat cafes art. Historians agree that the sport dates back at least 2 thousand years, because the tournaments are in January, May, and September. And weeks leading up to the is the best time to visit. There are several companies that have popped up in recent years charging these exorbitant fees to eat lunch with the rest flyers on, maybe watch your practice or two, which is in a living room type setting by the way, where you sit on this wooden floor for 2.5 hours and you are forbidden to speak, move, or leave for any reason, including the restaurant. They say that these shows shouldn't charge more than the fee for the metro. Meet and greets are actually easier to come by as well if you are outside because the sumo wrestlers are usually chatting and milling around this stable in their time off. The Qin Tai bridge. The bridge is a historical wooden arch bridge built in 1673, spanning the nice cheeky river in a series of five wooden arches. Osaka Castle. Osaka Castle is a Japanese castle and one of Japan's most famous landmarks. It played a major role in the unification of Japan during the 16th century. And it's surrounded by secondary citadels AND gates, turrets, impressive stone walls and moves. This surrounding garden is a beautiful garden, was 600 cherry tree is a teahouse, the former Osaka guesthouse, and nice views of the castle tower itself. Emmanuel Moore, who is a Tokyo based French architect and designer who was known for her use of color, geometric shapes, and creativity. Nakagin Capsule Tower. The Nakagin Capsule Tower building is both a residential and an office building that was completed in just 30 days in 1972. It was the world's first example of capsule architecture built for permanent and practical use. The building is still standing and sort of become run-down. In 2012, only around 30 of the 140 original castles remain. The blue pond is a man-made pond feature built after the 1988 eruption of Mount Takashi to protect the town of BA from the volcanic mud flows. The color comes from an accidental presence of a type of aluminum. Kanazawa station is a major railway station in Japan known for its stunning entranceway. Love pumpkin. Yayoi Kusama is one of the most important artists that come out of Japan. Born in 1929. Her work is based in conceptual art with attributes of feminism, surrealism, pop art, abstract expressionism. Then ninja Museum. It is dedicated to the history and the Ninja. The museum includes ancient and then you'd sue writings and weapons models, as well as over 400 ninja tools and has ninja shows and demonstrations. Sign me up. A capsule hotel, known in the Western world as a Pod Hotel. This is a type of hotel developed in Japan that features many small bed size rules that hadn't basic overnight accommodation. The first capsule hotel in the world was opened in 1979 in Osaka. Coasean amount Cooja is a large temple settlement in the south of Osaka that has the largest graveyard in Japan. Touchy Dojima is a small Japanese island in the Pacific Ocean. It has become known as the Cat Island due to the large stray cat population that survives here as a result of the local belief that feeding cats will bring wealth and good fortune to your family. The cat population is now larger than the human population on this island with no dogs allowed. This island is a perfect place for cat lovers. Okun Oshima is a small island where visitors can find campsites, walking trails, and places of historical interest on the island. It is often called the Rabbit Island because of the many fail rabbits that Rome this place. They are somewhat team, often approach humans. Team Lab, borderless. Team Lab is a group of artists referring to themselves as ultra technologists, which consists of artists, programmers, engineers, C, D, animators, mathematicians, and architects. This colorful museum is one of the top things to do in Japan. Well as duka is a town and the Kyoto prefecture home to around 300 T growing families. For the past 800 years was sukha has been one of the main production areas of the Uji Tea. They also have an intense Volunteer Program for those wanting a small taste of a rural Japanese life. 8. Mongolia UBL: Mongolia. Mongolia, a country surrounded by China and Russia known for its vast rugged mountains and nomadic culture. An estimated 25 to 40 percent. Mongolia is 3 million people live as nomadic herders. Wildlife famous for its wildlife, such as the two HMD Bactrian camel, which is indigenous to Mongolia, and the golden eagle festival, where eagles are judged for their speed and agility. Fossilized dinosaur remains, and the first dinosaur egg and the world was also found in Mongolia. 9. East Asia UBL Conclusion: Thank you all for joining me on our Travel Tribe, ultimate bucket list adventure. In the next course, the Travel Tribe heads to Southeast Asia, where we will explore the White Temple of Thailand, Bali in Indonesia, the rice terraces of Vietnam, the super tree growth in Singapore, and more. For a more in-depth look at countries from around the world. Check out my Travel Tribe culture series, which dives into the history, culture, food traditions, animal and weirdness. The most intriguing things about specific countries around the world. I'm Kelsey Luxemburger. Thank you so much for joining me on the ultimate bucket lists course for future traveling adventure is search. Traveled drive in the search bar. Thank you for traveling with the Travel Tribe for future research. Some of my favorite travel books are a year in Provence by Peter male under the Tuscan Sun. Francis mace. Wild by cheryl strayed, CouchSurfing in Iran. By Stephen forth, the cat who went to Paris by Peter gathers. I look forward to seeing you at your next Travel Tribe adventure.