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Easily Create a Digital Product Worth Buying - Tutorial

teacher avatar Howard Lynch, Teaching you to get results

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Intro Video - The Power Behind Video

    • 2. Creating 1080p Videos Using Free Tools

    • 3. Using Camtasia

    • 4. PowerPoints as Products

    • 5. Ebook Outsourcing

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About This Class

An easy guide to creating an actual digital product, in a format that will please your customers ?

The two best options for digital products are video and ebooks, with videos ranking way higher in terms of quality and perceived value.

In this course, I aim to give you a simple method to create high-quality videos that people will be willing to pay for. No skill level required, and only free softwares will be used. 

Jump in and start learning!

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Howard Lynch

Teaching you to get results


Hello everyone!

We are a team of dedicated, hard-working instructors with diverse skillsets in areas related to internet marketing.

After having gone through the hard work of building our own businesses online, we've decided to compile our findings into easily digestible "bite-sized classes" that you can take on the go.

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Send me a pm if you have any questions !

Hello everyone! I am a junior internet marketer. I specialize in selling ebooks and producing videos. I wish to share what I have learned and connect with internet marketers. I will answer any questions regarding internet marketing, so ... See full profile

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1. Intro Video - The Power Behind Video: Hey, my name's Harmon Lynch. I'm sure you've already seen me around on skill share. I'm glad you found this course. So why is this course of about What is it about what you want to teach you today? So a bit of introduction? I've been making a full time income bone, skill share and other platforms, um, relieved to creating and putting out video based products. And throughout the years, I've probably called it a round up, you know, 700 100 hours worth of video. And so that's a lot. Seems I'm nothing even improving that much lately. Um, but I want to show you guys how to create these products because the perceived value our video based products is through the roof. You know, there are considered much more valuable off cause than, for example, e books. When someone purchases a digital product and they found out it's an e book, they're usually not happy. He's No. No, I'm not. So I'm going to cover how to create these high quality on your courses for you and how to um yeah, how to rent to them. And how we cannot improve your business. Thanks for watching 2. Creating 1080p Videos Using Free Tools: all right. Soon this section and this model, we're going to cover how to create an effective create a good product. We're going to go over this quiet quickly because to be honest, the spot as products are concerned your main ideas to get the right information out there on, we're going to cover two ways. You can do it. I we're going to cover video, and I'm going to show you a paid software that I used to clean my videos. Like the ones you're watching right now in a very high quality. We could audio, etcetera. They do have a free trial, so that's going to be good. I'm going to give you a free alternative. Okay, so we're not talking trials here We're talking about if software that's always going to be free, that covers also audio and recording your screen, and then we're going to tackle e books. Hope to write E books, how to have any book, you know how to have any book outsourced, if that's what you want to do. So responsive software I use is concerned. I use contagious studio. This is the software that's available at tech smith dot com and it comes for both Mac and Windows. Now I do use the Mac version on my previous computer. I used Windows version because I was running Windows and for both options, you get a free trial. So if you're going, take a look at the price. It's quite pricey. But let me tell you, it is Thea absolute best software out there to do that. Let me just show you sort of version is always going to be $300 whether it's for Mac or Windows, but it is absolutely kill. It's, in my opinion, the best enough. Tried all software. Tried every single one of them. What? I was learning how to make videos. But if you go back and click on the free trial, you can actually go ahead, create an account legal next, and download the free trial. I'll go to show you that right now. Okay, And there you go. You can download your frequent Asia trial on Mac or Windows. It's going to be the latest version, and it's actually quite intuitive. Unfortunately, I can't show you how it works because I'm using it to record right now, and as I use it to record. I can't show you the interface because you can't record at the same time that use the interface. But it's so easy you'd be surprising they have a whole bunch of tutorial videos. Okay, the free alternative to this, which is always going to be free, and it's pretty awesome. It's called Screen Cast O Matic, and you can find it at screen cast romantic dot com, and it's Web based. Or you're going to just have to download A I think plug in and you'll be able to record and edit extremely fast in HD. Actually, 7 20 p. Skip, you just have to wait for the launcher, other recorder to launch, and then you do need to download the long troubled to show it. And there you go down. It started, so it's really it goes extremely fast. I can tell you where my is. Okay, So once the installation is running, you can select the free recorder, which is the best for our purposes. And since three and look at how cool this is, you can actually make it bigger, smaller, you can drag it around. And, uh, this is the area of your screen. You're going to record so you can go full screen by selecting by dragging this. Excuse me to the center off your computer. Opening this up obits larger. Basically couldn't recall whatever you want and maximum time. You can change this, but usually 15 minutes. But in four products is just what you need. Size you can select. You can go full screen. I'm just going to let it like this, or some going to end up being confused. Since I'm already recording. Can't Asia a narration? It automatically, um, gets the microphone and my guess. It's using the built in microphone, not the microphone I'm using. But that's okay. You can go with screen. Can go with webcam. Concur with boats you can record your face, you can record your voice etcetera, and as soon as you click on Recall, it's going and there you go, and this is going to be a 10. Excuse me. 7 20 p video That's going Teoh record itself. Once you're done, you can click on the balls here. Once you click on the poles, you can go with done and then you're going to get your video And there you go as you can see. It's actually really good. I mean, I don't know if you can see the quality from here, but it's impeccable and definitely more than enough for basically any in for product. So those are my two recommendations. I would go with a 30 days trial for condition, which would be enough to recall your product. Or else you can go with screen cast O Matic boat Awesome to make videos. 3. Using Camtasia: all right, so this video is going to be a bit difference. Perhaps you've noticed it. And the reason for that is I am using screen cast O Matic to record this one. And the reason for that is two things. First off, I want you to be able to see what a video shot with, um, it's contest dramatic in full screen looks like so issue like it's then I know that you can get the same quality for free using a screen cast O Matic The free version. And secondly, I'm going to record myself using Camped Asia. And unfortunately, I cannot recall myself. Uh, you know, using kept Asia with Kim. Teacher doesn't work doesn't work. So first stuff. Let's open up. Come. Tasia is going to appear right here, but it's got start recording. We're going to go with four screen. Okay, Hopefully it doesn't buck things that I mean look, no, it doesn't look like it's bugging up. So what I want to do in these videos, I just want to show you the quality you can expect from a video from Camp Asia how to edit them. I'm not going to go over too much because it's so simple and they have video tutorials. But what I am going to do is I'm going to show you the good export settings because if you fail your export settings, your video is going to look much up here than it. Sure, actually. So Kim seizures right here. I'm actually recording while I'm using confusion, so I could have done it. Thank you. Have that stupid. Okay, so this is the slide videos that you saw in the beginning of the cold, but I'm actually going to stop calling this them because it's a bit It's a bit useless. Okay, So war in this, um, in the editors waas as soon as you've recorded something on Kim Tasia is going to appear anti media section here. That only to do is dragged the media out to this to what is It's called a timeline. Okay. And this is where you actually work on videos. So this is the timeline. Usually when I ends my videos, does a, you know, a late and see between when I stop talking and then I need to actually go ahead and click of Stop recalling. So I'm I always end up the leading something here. Uh, you know, something like 10 seconds of videos, but I already did that. And the way you do that is OK, do we do this is you simply select a port of them of the timeline by keeping the tab, uh, the tab key pushed by pressed and selecting what you want and then just hitting back. But it's going to look different on whether or not you're using condition for Mac or for computer for excuse me for windows. So look, there's a couple things that I always do in my videos, and you're going to recognize them is I always add a cursor effect because the curse is really looks quite small under annual screen And who is just, you know, I want people to be able to see it. Even if someone would look, my video with a you know, half blight person were to watch my videos. I want due to still be able to see my my my moves. OK, so are your effects. Looks. If you have a good microphone, you're not going to use your not going to need any of this honestly. Just doesn't compute with me. I just never use it. Video effect. I never do too, because the reason I don't is I want my videos to the professional. And remember, Does, uh, mix at those videos that you would watch in 2007? People will make them with Windows movie maker, whatever it wants. It looks it doesn't look good. Look, it doesn't look good and none of these actually good, in my opinion, I mean, why would I have to do that right? If you want to remove, an effect is going to be located, right? Aldouri concede the effects of both curves, highlight and CPR. Go to prove that one again by hitting the back. But so what do I think you should know about annotations of pretty cool. So in case you forgot to say something in your video, you can always add, uh, text. Okay. And if you don't want to speak in your video, you may as well at Dex, but you're going to have to add a lot of it. And so that's how you ad your text. You can move it around, Sarah. So right here is the lengths off the annotation. That means it's going to stall that two minutes and one seconds as going to go all the way to two minutes and five seconds and you can make it both bigger. Come on. You can make it bigger. Move it around. Okay, but that's just theory. A medical to actually put that on my video. So a lot of different bubbles. Really? They're all text holders. Okay, so it doesn't really matter which one you use. You can go ahead and point out to something that's important in the video. Uh, yeah. You can do that if you want. I never do it, though. Um, but there's a cool little effects. I mean, I create so many videos. Problem is, I should a least 10 videos a day, so I don't go into what I do. Perhaps I should go up section and those all just hope sees those air just holders here. Okay. So frames that you get to your billions something that I use very often is the blur blur of information. For example, I'm typing in a password or even my email dress. In some cases, I'm going to blow it out with this at this blurry ness for imitation of actual A service called. But basically, if you had to meditation and go to blur, this is it. And it has the same properties as every annotation meanings. You can make it bigger, smaller, etcetera, and you can blur out pretty much anything. So as you can see, you can still see through it. But the idea is to get, you know, to hide text, you know, important information, because that that's pretty much it. But if you haven't, if you've never been, if you've never used continue, excuse me and you're going to use it for the first time, we're going to render your video, and it's not going to look good. And you might wonder, Well, why is that? It's because Camp Asia is by default going to, um, break down. Your screen is going to lower the pixels on the screen, and you're going to see that if you click here or to click on the actual frame. No, I'm 100% when it comes to the skill, but by default you're going hula. By default, you're going to be set at 50%. It's always that way. It's always that way. Yeah, you're going to be set up 50% but you won't even notice it because the canvas is also going to be set to 50%. All right, so this is what you're going to see. And to you, it looks good. It looks awesome. But if you exported, it's going to be ugly. Okay, it is going to be probably is going to be all blurry. You won't even be able to read genetics. What you need to do is to click on this scale up all the way to 100% the rotations in the position, the capacity, etcetera. Just don't touch that unless know what you're doing. And then you continue to adjust the canvas by zooming out. Just canvas in going with YouTube. 10 80 p. That's what I recorded. Now do keep in mind. I have a lot of space. I have hardware's. It's terrible, but I'm here to hotel use. That's there's something quite annoying with which company Asia is, but it is necessary to have really high quality videos. My, my videos, the highest quality. The thing is for this video, which is going to be three minutes, something to file. It's probably going to end up being 1/4 of a gigabyte. So it's big defiance of big their heavy, and I'm going to show you how to make them. Ah, smaller if you want. So in order to export your video, head to the share button here avoids advanced export. Exactly. Don't export is you won't be able to select settings which want to do to think little advance export. Get a first off a couple options if this one is export to MP four, which is what I do. But then you have all of these different, different extensions. But I just always good with people naming it, of course, all right. And then, if you could come option. This is way gets interesting. The frame rate. I always go with the highest because look this. You know, it's not as if they were offering 30 25 15. It's 30 15 10 and 15 looks awful. So don't even go with that key frame every 24 words. I don't know what a key frame is. I really don't. I never touched this in my video. Look, capital. Good. So the quality. Um, Okay, look, It says smaller file size or high quality. I've maxed this out because I want. I don't care if my files you know or heavy, I really don't. So to me it's a problem. But if you want, if you can't afford to have, you know five videos, you know 55 minute videos, and that's to give advice. If you can't really fold that they go, it's more fire size. Do keep in mind if you go with the lowest fire size. Your video is going to be ugly, so high quality, smaller. Find size. Maybe you'll be able to find them. No balance. I just makes it out. And image size is the current image size, so don't mess with that. Just add just a canvas to 10 80 p, and then you will have to selected here. He just can keep current and this click OK, and then once that's done, you can export on. It takes a couple minutes. It's not Silveria 4. PowerPoints as Products: by for one of the easiest ways you can make videos that have value in that have worked is to show people your screen as you talk as you give them the information. That's what I've been doing for the best two years, and I haven't really Okay, so I haven't improved my videos in two years. When you think about it, I mean, in a sense I have because I've got a new set up and I've got a microphone. But there are basically the exact same videos that I used to do. I always used to just talk and show people exactly what I meant, and that, I think is really awesome. Because you get two kinds of supports. You get someone talking to you and then you get a visual support. So I think that's awesome. But also, when you have things, you know that you just need to say there's not much showing than what you can do, and what I usually do is I go with part points. So if you're on Mac, it's really cool, cause you should have the keynote application, which is pretty good looking. And if you don't, if you're not on Mac. Or if you don't have four point. Because, of course, bullet points is also awesome. Can I suggest going with open office? You can download it at Pashtuns commenting. No, it's open office or it has, as you can see, over 160 million downloads. So that is a lot. That is quite a lot. And you can download a Pash open office and it's an open source software, and it's really cool. It's a sweet. So it's like It's like, you know, the Miko's are Microsoft Suite. So it has a text editor. It has a poor point type deal. I don't know how you can call it, and it has, ah, a whole bunch of other stuff. It has, you know, an application that's like Excel. But I personally have the Microsoft tweet also, so I don't have it, but I used to use it, and it's really good. But yeah, I'm going to use keynote here so honestly, poor points, or in my opinion, I find them a bit boring. So I try not to have too many off them in my courses because it just pulls people out. But you know it's really, really easy to do. So you just had to your poor point at some text here. Welcome to my course. For example. Key word is is really so simple to use. That's why I love it more than four points. I mean, I always got confused. Four points, all right Here. It's just, you know, they have are five times less buttons and poor point, so I think that's pretty cool. So let's add another war. Um, you know more, your one getting started, you're going to see a couple for porn videos in this calls again. I don't use them often, but they're good to get an idea across. So once you do, that's really only need to do is keep recalling your screen so recordable screen, then hit the play button and that's it. Welcome people for joining the course, etcetera, etcetera. And that's, I think, the easiest way to make high quality videos out of still air. And it really only takes five minutes to do the point points are the slide Excuse me and just five minutes to record, so it's it's really, really simple, really cool way to do things 5. Ebook Outsourcing: no days, I wrote. Nowadays I outsource most of my writing work to Compton freelances on ERP work or other platforms or people that I've gotten to know. True, for example, the warning. For though I think it's a good idea to write your first couple e books and information products yourself as it's good practice and simply gets it makes you better at your topic, basically, and I think people can sense that you have been writing it yourself. So I think that's a good idea if you don't really no how to sell right If you don't know how to write, if you don't think you can put a good a book to get, or even if you don't have to time. But you still know your talk breaking. You still have good information to put out that. I suggest you outsource the work. So the way I outsource usually is I also rose, too up work. I've outsourced on five before, but five I mean, you know, around it was around $200. You get any book on you Welcome aid, but I think it was 30 pages e book, but first stuff that can be quite expensive you if you're just getting started. And secondly, the quality was definitely not good. I think it was even written at some point by you but had no proof of that but were just wasn't good. And I had toe rewrite and edit the whole stuff. And that's without factoring in D spelling mistakes that were very numerous indeed. So if you want to make to have any book made, what I would suggest is you simply write in outline. So you still have to write something. Or you could explain to the copywriter to a Skype conversation exactly what is needed. So you know, when I outsource my work, what I do is I right around two pages, right? So two pages of information for my copywriter exclusion from my rival. So he knows exactly what he needs to include in the book, and I also take a couple of pain shots off important steps because I'm going to include those screen shots in the book. Now I usually do it myself, so I get to read of the E book as I put a screen shots in, but you can also probably ask your freelance it to do that. So let's take a look at how much it will cost you to get a new book written. So if you had to upward dot com, which was formerly Odette's, But now it's up work. And I still typed in over desk Rosario Forgot and you had here and typing evoke. We're going to take a look at the prices that you can expect. Oh, my wife, I Come on. OK, so e book and book cover designer Okay, that's something. Do it. This guy was $50 an hour is going to write Ah, need book $50 an hour. You can factoring bye bye. You know, the problem is here you can't really factor by lengths for example, if 1 20 page e book how much is going to custom? But you can go ahead and you can Let's see what wants to hire someone who works from $10 to turn it down as an hour. I mean the goods good estimation she wants a new book Done is going to be about Come on, brother. Something like 15 10 to 15 hours of writhing is what I would I would think would expect So , for example, this woman she will. She has 100% job success. You're right from around $10 an hour. So you can expect this to be anywhere between 101 $150 to get to get your e book written. So let's click on her profile on a stick up. What was going with up workers. You'll get to see what people who hard those rivals the experiences have to say about. So she has. She has 100% job success. She's done 121 job, so that means she's pretty good. She's available. Okay, she answers pretty fast. She's verified, etcetera. So, yeah. I mean, look at this. All she has is positive feedback. Probably meaning that she's up willing to listen and actually do the work. Okay, I like books on a book. Really? The world. My conclusion is pollution. Uh, well, she doesn't actually have, right. She just does anything. Let's be more specific. That all right, Kate? 30,000 hour talkto. I was do this. You crying? It's a $27 now 85% job success, which is pretty good. So what? You can do is you can actually hadn't find their portfolios of works that she has already done all that. Um, I knew. She puts out she may have ah website, personal website. I mean, you'll have to have to check that out for yourself. And you can get a book written. Look, if you're on a tight budget, okay? If you're on a tight budget, and I really suggest you do it yourself because first off, we're going to learn a lot of, you know, to you know how to put an evil cow. Basically, you're going to be proud of you going to be proud to be able to market a product that you created and is going to save you money. So I would do that. Okay, I would right in myself.