Easily Build Websites & Landing Pages In 10 Minutes With Instapage (No Coding or Experience Needed) | Kibibi Jett | Skillshare

Easily Build Websites & Landing Pages In 10 Minutes With Instapage (No Coding or Experience Needed)

Kibibi Jett, Uncovering How to HACK Your Way To Rapid Success!

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4 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. Course Introduction

    • 2. Favorite Features of Instapage

    • 3. Build Email Opt In Website

    • 4. REVISED: Build Multi-Page Started Business Website


About This Class

Everyone will think you're a professional website developer even if you have no coding, no html, and no css experience....and you never have to learn coding, html, or css.

Instapage is by far the easiest website, landing page, email opt in page builder I've ever used.  Mainly because you can draw out the design of what you want you website and web page to look like on paper and then easily drag and drop page elements to create your webpages.  

And if you change you mind you can just drag and drop those page elements to the new positions you want them to go.

In this course I'll show you 10 of my favorite Instapage features, show you how to build websites and landing pages, and how to use Instapage's Wordpress plugin to put those your website on your own www domain.

Click Enroll now, you'll be glad you did.


1. Course Introduction: you'll love how fast and easy you can add drag and reposition text images and shapes to build websites and any pages with instapage. It's my favorite website builder because you don't need in any HTML coding or CSS knowledge , and you can customize the desktop and mobile version of each Web page separately. This ensures all your website visitors, including mobile visitors. We'll have a user friendly experience with this two page. You can just draw your website, lay out on a piece of paper or select someone else's layout, tomato and then in like 5 to 10 minutes. Create that same layout and instapage without any prior website development experience. I'm could be be jet. And in this short course, I'll show you my favorite instapage features and walk you through how to build in published two types of websites. One and email Opt in page, which is great if you want to collect email leads or redirect a visitor to an affiliate, offer into a simple two page business, start a website. So let's get started. Click the enroll button below 2. Favorite Features of Instapage: So here are my favorite instapage features. First of all, you can drag and drop any page elements such as images, boxes, text to a new section and all around the page. This makes it easy to adjust your page layout. If you're your clients, change your mind and you can easily build pages from scratch. Or you could just start with one of the templates and moving arranged the elements. From there, you get a built in mobile version of your website. And on the mobile version, you can edit the layout font size, in which elements are shown to give your viewers a great mobile experience, too. You can add a pop up email, opt in form or downloadable file to any Web page element, such as a picture, text or box, and you don't need a separate thank you page to deliver downloadable file to subscribers. You can collect and store email often subscriber leads directly in the system, or integrate your email marketing system like mail chimp infusion, softer a weber. If you collect the leads directly in the system, you can easily download them to A, C S V or Excel file and then use your own email accounts, such as Gmail, to send boki melted. So your subscribers you can quickly publish your Web page to a demo site, which is great for letting clients review the Web page before making it live. When they're dub Dub Dub Domain. Once done viewing it live on a demo site, you can easily unpublished the page from the demo site and published to a WordPress site, Facebook, Jubal or other domain. You can grew read pages together in a folder, which makes it easy to keep track of the Web pages. Because instapage allows you to create an unlimited number of Web pages, you also get the full range of standard features you would expect from a website builder, such as being able to add background images, video backgrounds, S E O page titles, keywords in metadata, being able to link to Google analytics and Facebook tracking pixels and being able to add HTML to a Web page and website. This is great If you want to embed a pinches board Facebook, feed Twitter feed or at an image slider to a Web page, and you don't need to know any HTML because you can copy and paste the cold from the platform you're embedding 3. Build Email Opt In Website: in this section. I'm gonna walk you through how to create a email. Opt in page and instapage. So we hear it instapage and we'll click on, Log it in the top, right. This brings you to your dashboard and you would select, create new. And then from here, you would pick a templates like pick a template. This brings up the various templates which you can start with and fully added those templates. So we'll just gonna select this template here, and we would click preview on the one we want to select and then in the top right hand corner, select edit this page, we'd name the page and then select. Continue. So now we can fully edit the page here. Um, and you could, you know, add new elements. You can change the elements that air their first. We're going to change this image logo by selecting it and selecting change image and and we'll insert an image from our collection here. You can then mask it or crop it. But just dragging the area that you want to be seen and then selecting done, you can change a sections background color by clicking on the edit button and then changing the new color. We'll do that again. This other sections see that little blue edit button. We'd select that, um and we're going to select change and for this one will just upload an image from our files. So in the up top right hand corner, you would select upload, and then you select my computer, and then you could select an image that you have on your computer and then select insert to insert that image. Some Elements Air Group So this boxes group will select a new group, and now we can fully added it. You can click an item to delete it. You could dry clicking item and dragon move it to wherever you want. We're gonna add a form here so you would up the top. You would click, add new, and then we'll select Warm in that place is a for men. So now let's delete this other box. If you quick on that and at select edit, you now can delete, say, the name field, Um, and then at the top. If you click button styles, you can go and change your button styles. The text on the button, the colors could reposition it. Now we're gonna edit it again and select Redirect. As I was saying before, you don't have to have a separate thank you page for your email opt ins. It allows you to put your thank you message right into the page. It would just pop up as a thank you message in near download right on the page. And what happens is the download starts automatically when a person opt into your form. So I'm going to show you how to do that. I'm also so I'm going to show you three different ways to integrate, um, three different ways of what happens when someone office into your form one. They get a thank you message in the download starts immediately to they are redirected to a , uh, me, too. They're added to your email, opt in external email. Often management say, if you have Mel temper something like that and then three, they are redirected to a different page. So let me just show you those three. So here we selected the edit button and then we collect selected redirect and then from redirected, brought us up to this green and on here we can over here and a thank you message. We can add a dark thank you message and click upload file to upload our file until your followers now uploaded. And then if you select, done, and then if you save in, preview this and fill in the form download now, see that thank you. Message comes up, and sometimes it takes a little while, depending on how large the file is. So you want to let people know the download will start immediately and then in your thank you message and over here in the right hand, bottom corner, you see the foul downloaded, and we can just select it and open it. And it's simple is that now we're gonna back through and I'm going to show you just how you would, um, edit it again. Select integration, and this will allow you to integrate it with your own email management service. Say, if you have a mill temper, a Weber, something like that, and then the third option is if you select, edit again and select redirect again then, um, first we got her. Remove our download files. Move it. Um, you can have the habit redirected to another page either on Instapage or another page altogether. So I selected outside the U. R l and I'm just gonna have a redirect into the page. But you could say put your affiliate link here and have it redirected that. So now if we save in preview again when we fill out the form click download now, um, well, you would change the button tax, but anyway, so it redirected to that other page there. So once the pages to your liking, then we're gonna publish the page, and that's pretty easy to do all. You're going to do it. Select the publish button in the right top right hand corner. Then you select continue anyway and you select demo page. And from here, you would just choose the sub domain for the page demo dot co site. And put that in. Now, another way, if you select published continue anyway, you can publish toward prices, which is what we're gonna do now to publish the WordPress. First, you have to go to your domain. You know, like BB tells dot com board slash WP dash admin log into WordPress, install the instapage plug in which I'm going to show you how to do, um, and then go in the settings and add your your user information, like your email and your password for instapage. Once you do that, then you would come back to the page, come back to INSTAPAGE to this published section, published a WordPress, and it will allow you to put your page through. So I'm going to show you how to push the page through. But just keep in mind, you won't see that I come to push the page through until you've already, um, added linked instapage to one of your domains by going into the dough. Um, the WordPress admin plan ill. So just wanted to mention that because I'm kind of doing the steps out of order, being as though minds already integrated, we'll just push the page through and then log, go toward press and log in to your back in for the domain. Um, and you would add a plaid the instapage plug in. So click on, plug in, add new and select instapage. Then here it would come up. So you would from here you would select install now, but mine's already activated. And then once that you would select activate. So this will put Instapage tab on your dashboard in WordPress. If you click on the Instapage tab, the first thing you want to go to a settings and this is to integrate your account, and you would just enter your email and password, for instance, instapage count toe lock to log in, then select add page. And here you would choose what you want your page to be called, so it already puts the route. BB tells dot com, and then you would add the additional part of the page name, so I'm just gonna put email form. Then you would click the drop down to select which type of page is the email. Opt in page which page? And then which type? Landing page, home page of four or four page and click park was. So once you do that, if you go to that, um, that you are well, you created which for Mom was BB tells dot com for it slash email form. So if I go to that, the page will then be live at that location. So that's how you create a simple two page email. Opt in form in the next segment, I'm going to show you how to create. Um, we're gonna build a page from scratch like a simple two page business website. We're gonna build that from scratch in the next section. 4. REVISED: Build Multi-Page Started Business Website: Okay, so now we're gonna build a simple two page or more website with the menu at the top. Um, a background image, some footer information Cem hyperlinks a an additional page, but you can have multiple page. This one has a career page so similar to this one that you see here for this, um, that I built for a client. So let me just walk you through that, Okay? So once we log in, so let create new page than pick a template and then blank page. Um And then you would just name your page here and click. Continue. And from here, we're just gonna build out the paid. So most of what we'll be doing will be add new. Um, just to show you the things that you can add, you can add a new section, a headline, a paragraph and image video buttons, forms, shapes that will add a bunch of boxes map social timer in your own custom html code. So most of what will do will be on the ab new. So let's start with add new and we're going Teoh, add an image and right here is the logo. And we could mask the local like we did in the last tutorial. We could drag and drop the sections pretty easily. Um, so add new again. We can add a paragraph, and we're just going to type out our menu and, ah, increase the five size there, make it bold, move it up to where we want it to be. And now we're gonna add as shape we're gonna add a box. This is just to kind of put some color at the top. Um, you can add it the background color of the box at it. The that ground, um border. You can add an image to the box. So right now, we're just adding an image for the front just to make it nice and pretty, And I like like it's literally a dragon drop. You just select, add new. So, like what you want to add, then you just, you know, edit it from their drag it to wherever you want. You can drag her from one section to the other, is very user friendly. So we're just gonna continue to add page elements. Um, right now we're adding a paragraph, and then once you have elements on the page. Okay, so here we're adding a section. So once you have elements on the page is pretty easy to duplicate it. You just click on the element and select the little copy, and then you could just copy it and change the text. We'll add another section here, and we're gonna add another box here. This will be for our footer area and the change. Anything. You just select it. And that brings up the menu items for any elements that you currently have there. So I'm just typing out some information here, and you could select it and change the colors, and you could resize it very easily, but just dragging it. So the, um instapage what page builders very intuitive. Also like the fact that they have the separate web version. And you can you can add new text of the web version, but you can modify the techs. Uhm so right here are just pulled up a word document to get the copyright symbol toe, add the copyright notice at the bottom of the footer, and then you could just copy and paste that right into, um, the software and changing the color on that. There Besides, in the box is a little bit, but all I'm doing is dragging, dragging it where I want to be highlighting it, changing the font size, the fund colors, duplicating boxes by clicking on the copy. I come when you select something and you could see how fast it is to build the page. Once we're done building the page, what we're going to do is duplicate the page, and I'll show you how easy that is to do is well. So you just continue building the page by adding headers, adding paragraphs, adding boxes, typing out your tax, changing the colors on the text. So next we want to add a background image, and to do that, we're going to go to settings. So instead of add new will, click on the settings select background image, and we can just uploaded background. A majority have a new image of a background uploaded, and that's that like criss cross bar pattern that you see in the back the gray. Now I'm just adding another box, and I just want to add new shape and box, and this is kind of to have like a white background behind the actual text cause as you could see, the background image that crisscross gray is on the text, and that's not very, um, it doesn't look really nice. So I just put some white boxes behind the actual text, resize the section a little bit, but just dragging it up, you can duplicate boxes. You can duplicate images when I say do book it. I mean, just copy it, okay? And so then that's the page. And then once you're done, you would just click the publish button to publish it. Oh, before we do that, I do want to show you there is a way for you to add background images to a section. So you, if you go to settings at the top in background, that puts a background over the entire page. But if you only want a certain background like a background color or a different background on the section, um, that you would just on the left hand side, select the little blue edit button. And then from there, you can change your background there. Okay, so now I'm going to add hyperlinks on the menu items, and you would just highlight the actual text like the home or the about or whatever. And then you would click the link button who's which type of link you want and outside you are. Well, you would put a full you, Earl, so I'd say if I wanted to link it to YouTube. Were not you too. But let's see if I wanted to link it. Teoh an affiliate link. I could do that. Um, for the HomeLink, I typically would just put in the full domain. So if you're your website is W H T T p colon ford slash forward slash www dot BB tells dot coms And I would put that in there, landing pages, another pay another page on your instinct page account. Um, Papa would just be a pop up, like if you want a form or something like that, which we did in the last segment when we built the chemo Opt. Inform Emma often website one page link. I'll show you how to do that, but that's linking to a different section like a bookmark section. Well, you don't have to book market, but a section here on this page and then file download. So right now, we're just gonna select outside ur rail for home. And then, like I said, you would just put in whatever the domain is just for the home button. Click done Now will highlight they about and we're going to select on page link and that allows you to choose which section you want it to link to. So I link that to the about section like the service to the service section in contact. I'm gonna link to the flitter section because that's where the contact detail is, and I will save in preview. And, um so if we click on the links, you see that they're working there now? All I did was just, um, copy that text that we had already created for the menu at the top. I just copied it so we can have a menu at the bottom as well. I'm gonna change that toe white text, change the formatting a bit. This makes it so we don't have to go back and re link everything, cause the links have already been have already been placed on the text. And now I'm just gonna add a pop up. So I just put some text in that box under services and now highlight it. Click the link button and click pop up and you build your papa page the same way you build the other page by just selecting the elements that you want on the page and then editing the text of that element. So once you're done, we just published that for the publishing options. See the previous segment on the email opt in page. I'm not gonna go through that again. Causes the same steps. So if we go back to our dashboard now, there's this to paid simple website, and if we click on the three dots over to the right, we can click, Duplicate and which creates a copy of the page. So now we have the original page in the copy. So if we click on the three dots again, we can rename the page and we just call this one. Resource is, and now we can open this and added it, um, the main. One of the main things you want to do when you duplicated page and you're editing it is just double checking your links, cause a lot of times, sometimes your links will change. So, like my links before, a lot of them were to internal sections of the page. So I want to delete those links and only keep the links that I want and then see, I'm updating so in the footer section for this page, I want those links to go back to the other page. So I'm putting that information there now, once you're done, you can edit the mobile version by clicking on the mobile, and then you want to click on Regenerate Mobile. And what that's going to do is pull all your changes over. And then from there you can just drag and drop your elements. You can resize them. You can change the font size. You could move sections up. You can click on the little I select an element and click on the I toe. Hide it. Um, so I'm just adding it to make it make the mobile version more user friendly here. And then once you're done with that, you can preview and see what it would look like on a mobile device on the phone and see what it would look like on the desktop is Well, now, one thing I didn't do in this tutorial was I didn't actually go back to that first page and put a link to this resource is but on. You know, on your menu section, you could have easily added of resource is tab and then linked it to this page and what you would do. I typically will determine my naming convention for the pages before I build them. So let's say I'm gonna build a five page site in the site is gonna have ah, home page. It's gonna have a about US Page of Resource is Page and a contact page. Then I would go out and write what I want each of those pages to be called. So when so I can just put all the hyperlinks on the first page before I duplicated. So the home page. Let's say the site is your site dot com, so the home page would be called http colon ford slash forest slash www dot your site dot com And then the about page would be http colon ford slash ford slash www dot your site dot com Ford slash about. And then the resource is page would be all of that. You know www dot your site dot com Ford slash resource is so I would write all that out. And then when I go to build the home page and put my menu up there, I can just type in those you RL's. And then when I duplicate the page, I don't have to worry about going back and changing my links because they're all this. They're already hard coded into the first page. Okay, well, I hope you enjoyed the course. Love to see if you and end up using instapage. I'd love to see, you know, some your sites that just post the link to your side there. And if you have any ideals for sides, post those as well. All right. Thank you for taking the course.