Easiest Way to Create Animated Gifs in Photoshop

Amber Lim, graphic designer and blogger

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2 Videos (10m)
    • How to create animated gifs

    • Bonus // process of creating an animated gif for my blog


About This Class

In this lesson, I will show you step by step how you can animate gifs in photoshop. I found this the easiest way to create animated gifs in photoshop, and I do this with all my short animations.  This class is beginner friendly—no prior photoshop experience required. I will explain everything and cease with the rambling and unnecessary yapping. All you need is photoshop and an idea to get started. If there is something you don't understand, please do not hesitate to let me know in the community board. Thank you for considering this class.

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Clear and concise! Loved it.





Amber Lim

graphic designer and blogger

I have a passion for design and writing and exploring, and am constantly thinking of ways how I can meld the elegance of prose and the visual stimulation of design into a single entity. My rare consciousness allowed me to possess opinions on weird little things in life that few people scarcely shed light upon in their lives, and so I reflect the pent up conversation in my work. I don't want to speak a thousand words to make a completely clueless person understand these thoughts, so I hope to communicate these unsaid words with action in design.

All earnings I get from Skillshare goes to my college tuition and living costs. Every enrollment matters for me and I greatly appreciate of students who enrolled in my class(es).

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