Earning Respect as a Musician | Andrew Buckner | Skillshare
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    • Introduction

    • Listening to Our Heroes

    • Tone

    • Tastefulness


About This Class


The goal of this course has nothing to do with viewing music as a competition, but instead focuses on a "musical worldview" that can give every player the confidence, tact, empathy, and knowledge needed to be respected by musicians of every skill level. There are countless videos, books, magazines, etc that view music entirely as a database of chords, scales, and harmonic ideas. Although these concepts are vitally important, they can be overwhelming, and can work to discourage even intermediate players from believing in their future as performing musicians. This course is designed with the player who feels fearful or anxious about growth and gaining respect in the world of music. Listening, taste, genuine empathy, and tone are just few of the categories covered in this class. Together we will learn to love music more, add to our repertoire (no matter our present skill level) a reservoir of tools that create confidence and encourage creativity/uniqueness, and develop a completely positive view of ourselves as musicians. Thank you for taking this course! 





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Andrew Buckner

Earning Respect as a Musician

My name is Andrew Buckner, and I am a mandolinist/guitarist in Tennessee. I perform regularly with the band Steel Bridge (steelbrigemusic.com) and do recording sessions/music videos in and around the Nashville area. The goal of the "Earning Respect as a Musician" course is to provide players, of all skill levels, practical concepts that promote musicianship, listening, and confidence. Thanks for being a part of this musical journey with me!

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