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Earn Passive Income From Print On Demand Sites

teacher avatar Anthony Zubia, Product Designer & Course Creator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (48m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Inspiration

    • 3. Fonts and Graphics

    • 4. Design and Export

    • 5. Upload to TeePublic

    • 6. Upload to Redbubble

    • 7. Upload to Society6

    • 8. Bonus Resources

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About This Class

This course will walk you through how to earn passive income from Print On Demand (POD) sites! These are websites where you can upload your own designs and artwork that is printed on various items when customers purchase them. From t-shirts to mugs, anyone around the world can buy your artwork online for their own personal enjoyment.   

After someone purchases your items, the POD company prints it and ships it for you. Even though these sites take a bigger cut, you will still be making 100% Profit off of your artwork because these websites are FREE and cost no money to join. I will walk you through how to start uploading on various sites so you can start making hundreds and even thousands of dollars in passive income! 

When you upload your art one time, they're on the website forever for customers to purchase. This means that your monthly income will increase as time passes! Use your art, design, and creativity to start boosting your income thanks to these websites: 

Remember, never let anyone tell you that you can't make a living as an artist or creative. 

Meet Your Teacher

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Anthony Zubia

Product Designer & Course Creator



Anthony Zubia is a Creative Director, Art Director, and Freelance Graphic Designer with years of experience in the Austin non-profit and startup scene. He is also a Skillshare teacher with over 2,000 students worldwide. Join his classes below to learn more about Passive Income, Print On Demand, Graphic Design, and how you can earn a living as a Creative.

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1. Introduction: Oh, hello. Do you ever get these ideas and think to yourself? Hey, that would be a good idea for a T shirt. Well, I can teach you how you can sell T shirts online and earn passive income by doing so. My name is Anthony Zubieta, and I'm a creative director and graphic designer in Austin, Texas. So rather the college I got a design, the internship and found myself struggling to make ends meet. I was in a small apartment in the wrong side of town and knew something had to be done. But thankfully, those days as a starving artist are over. So the various print under men websites, I've been able to increase my passive income by selling my designs on T shirts, stickers, posters, you name it. Now what I love about this process is that you upload your artwork wants and it's online forever. So for someone to purchase, so whenever someone buys her are you earn a percentage of that sale and you don't need to worry about shipping our inventory. Setting up these various print on demand websites can earned you hundreds, even thousands of dollars over time. So in my course I'll teach you were to find inspiration, fonts, graphics and how to upload your artwork onto three print on demand sites. And I'll even add in some bonuses that began as well. Thank you for viewing my course. And remember, never language would tell you that you can't make a living as a creative or an artist. 2. Inspiration: all right, Before we get started today first, I'd like to thank you for watching my class and tuning in, You know, out of all the courses on skill share, I appreciate you watching mine. All right, So where can you find some inspiration for T shirt designs? Well being go to Pinterest. And as you can see, you know, big training or these kind of, you know, gray shirts with some type on it. And you don't need to be some kind of bad ass designer in order. Come up with a good sure and makes money so I can see here. Got some funny stuff like resting Grinch face. And, you know, that's a horrible idea. What time? You know, it's pretty easy to come up with some stuff, you know, right now, we're at the end of September as I'm filming this. And with Halloween coming up, you got stuff like, which please. She phased another girl and you had me a tacos. You know, there's a lot of clever stuff that you can come up with that will really sell, You know, I need All you need to do is find some good funds, which I'll show you next. Video income A was in good stuff, you know you can head on, etc. For example, two and look love with the period cells, which is pretty easy to design. I'm actually a mermaid's pretty random, but you know, people by anything. So, you know, there's a lot of stuffing get inspired from. You know, even if you go to old Navy, you have stuff like this. Jamaica Bay, Queens, New York. It's all good. Some cool typography going on here, and we didn't get inspired about anything. You know, one thing like to do to is, for example, you know, if you're a target shopping around, if you go to the t certain t shirt, sex in, you know, snap some photos and get some good inspiration that we take some notes, You know what holidays? Air coming up. Um, you know what something quick and easy can make and put online. The next thing you know, you're making money off of it. And you know, if you are a designer, you can create something more in debt. But even if not, you can just do, you know, stuff with some typography on it, and you're good to go. You know, if you have your own artwork, you can up little that stuff as well. But, you know, in the next tutorial, I'll go over some places, you know, Website signal finds in good fun, some good designs, you know, keep the going. 3. Fonts and Graphics: all right When it comes to free fonts, you know, de font dot com is kind of the classic side that everybody goes to for free. Fonds A Z can see we have a variety of stuff, you know, Some might be, you know, too cartoony. It depends on the style that you're going for. You know, they have some good stuff, depending on maybe some themes. For example, as I mentioned with Halloween coming up, you might want to use some of this stuff, which is good and all. But if form or of ah classic contemporary feel, he can go to a fund squirrel. As you can see, you know, Roboto is a good fine bay bosses. Gray is like a condensed old farm. Pacific Allfirst's, um, script writing. Now fabric is great to with, you know, very, very sets you can download, but they have kind of some previews. Some samples you can use that are great. No lost type dot com is something a pretty much oh, my my colleagues career to man. I have some good stuff on here that you can download for free, you know, even stuff I haven't seen in a while. some new stuff they've added, you know, Forget that we're right here. Fairview is condensed bold. Oh, Cylburn looks cool. Almost like a hand painted. Fine. Dude is very western looking. Well, the narrow is very, you know, futuristic space looking fun. Shop is pretty cool, too. You know, this is more of a side that you purchase expensive fonds, but they have a lot of free samples on here to that, you can use in a lot of good looking stuff on here. No, if you wanna get some free vectors free designs you had to free pick dot com They got some good stuff, you know, some of these you got. Ah, you know, kind of ad in there that you know where this originated from. Give credit to the original artists. You can also entities yourself, you know, make them your own. Combine them with other designs with some of your own stuff and make it look good. Same thing with baked easy for us. Easy. They lost something, got their featured vector icon. They got some patterns going. They even have a premium sex. And if you want to pay for, they got a lot of good stuff on here, so that should help you out. You know where to find some good fonts, graphics and Adam all together to create your own original artwork for your T shirts. 4. Design and Export: all right when it comes to, you know, setting up your design and getting ready to export toe upload on a print. Undermanned sites. What you need to know is the dimensions you should use. Is it with 6500 pixels? Well, the high 7800 pixels. So having me using Adobe Illustrator, But whether you're using photo shop gam or can VA make sure to use those dimensions you can upload, You know, you're designed of various print on demand sites. It will work for all of them. So quick story behind this design that I'm using, which happens to be one of my best sellers. So sit down. Be humble was from a Kendrick Lamar song. I'm a big hip hop fan keeping creative. I'm very inspired by the music. And I got thinking, you know, I got this alert on my phone that was saying that Kendricks new album damn happened to be number one on Billboard. And so I was thinking, Well, you know, everybody's listening to this. People wanna, you know, buy shirts of it by merchandise of it. So sure enough, you know a type. Sit down, be humble and kind of the same style that was used on his damn shirts. And yeah, and I see No, you know, I was selling these within a day or two. I just opened with this. You know, this design took me. I would say, like a couple of minutes, Opel them to various print on demand sides. And, yeah, I was making money from it. So it's simple is that, you know, just type something out. Type of cool quote. You can make money from it. So when you want to export and you can say for Web, you can make sure that it's a P and G, though the type of files that the print on the man size usually want you to save it as and the make sure to include transparency. So what that means is that if it's transparent, you know, the little checkered background means that there's nothing behind it, you know, otherwise it will just have a white background. And you don't want that because you're gonna be opal in this for various college shirts and items and so even want just a white background on it. So I need to do is save uploads the desktop, you know, name your file. Easy. Is that 5. Upload to TeePublic: all right. The first print on demand Sigh I'll be walking through is T public. And I have a referral link I can share with you guys. Eso that way. You know, for every design that you sell, I receive a dollar from it. Uh, this doesn't take away from your commission, but I won't let you guys know I'm rooting for you guys. You know, I hope you know, you make a lot of money doing this. And so if you just sign up at T that pub slash lick slash L C c R h six s g c seven k, we'll get you all signed up. You create your account, you know, uploaded profile, image and a banner, and your store is good to go. You know, you can set up your PayPal account through there, and it's pretty easy. You know, if you have any questions, you can always reach out to me. All right. T public is a really cool website, because whenever you upload, a new design automatically shows up, as has assured, that's on sale for $14 the last for three days. So it was pretty cool. Is that when you upload it, you can start sharing it. And that way you know, it's a pretty cheap shirt, and you might get more sales for a discounted design that maybe you would for a full price one. Now what I like about this website, too, and that they have a lot of cool. Ah, pop culture designs on here. You know, stuff from movies, TV shows, video games. You can actually see what trending tags there are. You know, what are people looking at? What are people buying and a lot of fun stuff on here? No, I walk you through how to upload. Here are works. You can start selling it saying click uploaded design and at a new PNG, which I showed you how to export. So I'm just adding in the same one that I designed. So success is starting to load. They are work. You'll be seeing it pop approval. There it is, so you can actually make them bigger. You know, if you want to do all of the wall art, but for the most part, it cover is pretty much everything. So you can put your title in here, you know, add some extra keywords in there. So has in here, you know, what's the main tag people are gonna search for? Maybe, you know, looking up your design before example from me will be Kendrick Lamar and tags. You know, even though this is optional, you know it's much better to start, including tags that people would search for, so where you know your items will show up. So, for example, in my case, I could do like hip hop wrap rapper, and it's cool that it gives you suggestions. You can just keep uploading them and, you know, always fill these up. I think it gives you about 15 keywords he can use, and then you can add a description, and they can say whatever you want here. Something quick and easy, you know, is descriptive what your design is. And now the upload process on T public is pretty easy. So, as you can see here, you can move around exactly where you want your designed to go. You know, right here you have some tools that this centers your design like, let's say it accidentally moving too far, you can center it. You can also change the size of it and have all these. You know, different apparel items taken to is a default color, which, in my case, it will be white, Kind of based on a parody of the waste on the other Kendrick shirts are and see you choose is whatever color you pay can add them to all of the other ones for some of them, they don't. But you can, you know, switch up whatever color you want. So you know, I pig white and red for the baseball t for her tea. Since there is no why, you know, looks kind of cool and gray. Hey, we got vintage white. And what's cool to is that there so many colors to choose from that by default selects all them. But you can choose which ones you know won't look good. For example. You know, read on, ready won't be able to read. It's you can just de select some of these guys right here. You know, orange too. Other than that, I mean, it can look good on some of these other ones, and you're pretty much giving your customers more options. You know, when it comes to buying your product. So here you can configure some of the other ones. So, for example, wall art big in twos, portrait or landscape, which in this case, it would look better. Landscape, you know, nine by 16 ratio looks pretty good. Pretty centered. Nails will have, ah, phone and laptop cases for the laptop case looks good, but, you know, with the phone, you know, that might be too small seeking. Actually switch. However, your diet, your designs gonna look, you know you can do it. The war. You can make it bigger. Where's landscape in the center? It there? No, the proportion fits a little better, a blow better that way. And that shows why it is dif all. That's why it automatically has it. But you can change it to whatever color you want. Let's say F, sir, and brand guidelines taken Just paste in your hex number there and you're good to go. They also got some notebooks, which these look pretty pretty cool. Pretty good. And they have the same type of tools that you can mess with to edit them. All right. When it comes to mugs, you know, it all kind of depends on how you wanted to look Some people want their mug, just, you know, design on one side. Uh, we're in this case since is wide enough. You can kind of do it. Toe worry will wrap around the whole mug. All right. And now, for stickers, you can choose different layouts. So is automatic would sometimes wannabe. It's good seeing how, for example, in this case, it cuts it off. Kind of divides into two stickers. You know, you don't really want that. This one has an automatic background, you know, which sometimes can look good. This one looks a little bubbly, little cloudy. So then there's also we have a background. So there's just, you know, in the landscape shape it contains the ratios. So nine by 16 probably best, you know, even make it a little bit bigger. Center it and, you know, agree to the terms and conditions before you publish. But other night, you know, you're good to go. It this point. I love t public Just quick and easy design set up and well you could do to is maybe on another document. You know, you can, you know, save your title text, save your tags and description. That's what you know that way you can just keep copying and pasting. You know, when you upload one design, just, uh, you know, open the other websites I'm gonna show you. And just do one design on all four sides, you know, pretty easy. In that way, you need to set up your your various stores. So then you can click publish, and you're good to go. 6. Upload to Redbubble: OK, now it's time to walk you through. Red bubble Read Bubble is a great website that is very big on independent artists. You know, a lot of cool artwork that people are creating, even have featured artists. And this happens to be one of the websites of that. I make most of my money, you know, when it comes to print on demand sides. And what's awesome too, is that they're a big international community. So people all over the world come by your artwork. So I walk you through, have ah, Opel of your designs. After you make your account, you can go to your little icon on the top, right? And then click add new work. All right. And then you can click here, see that you can upload your design toe all products. I could say the more chances you have of selling on more items, Alright, some was done, Louis. A blood complete and you'll start seeing some previews on the various products. All right, so the way it's set up is that has certain categories. So this on right here The 1st 1 is standard print clothing, so you can click at it. You can see previews of different colors, but by default, I believe it automatically has all the colors, so you're not choosing which ones you are don't want and just how t public waas You know you can choose to with these options, you know, center at horizontally or vertically, which helps a lot and make sure it's nice and centered so you can see the different types of cooling items that you can sell. And so you can just walk through the various ones and choose your default colors. We'll even have large print clothing. Is this kind of, Ah, larger shirt? This is automatically whites. I'll keep it as it is now. These next items that have these kind of black sleeves are pretty much ones that you can print all over. You know, all over shirts and tees are pretty popular right now. They're pretty good trend that you can take advantage of. So another cool thing that red bubble does is right here where it says, repeat, you can do it. So where you know, it's like a pattern. You know, this design isn't necessarily the perfect example for that. But you know, if we have a small, designed like a small icon. You can do the repeat and make a pretty cool pattern out of it, and then you'll have an all over sure that people would want to buy. So since you know my design won't look is good on these, if you click Work says enabled. No. Now it's disabled so that it's not in my store. Stickers are automatically as is, and you don't necessarily have to edit them. So they got a lot of options for phone cases. Unfortunately, on this one, you can't switcher on the size, you know, kind of the way did on T public and then right here you can see the preview of it. I have a lot of good stuff on here, you know, just like society six. They have the pillows, we have phone wallets, they even have posters. The laptop skins and sleeves are pretty cool. Just added on there, get him centered. So, as I mentioned before, you know, you would go into every one of these items that you want to sell. I make him look, you know, make him look how you want have them centered. You know, mugs are pretty popular, So just throw this guy in there. Nice little preview image. The leggings are another example of ones that you would rather have, you know, in all over design, you know, some sort of pattern. Some of this case, I'll disable it. You know, same thing with the miniskirts and the scarves. So you know what? I'm normally uploading. I'll be centering all these items on this kind of saving time while walking you through all of this. The clock's a pretty unique. You kind of just center here gives you some guidelines. Just like that. You can even change the colors of the frame or the hands. They have art boards on here, acrylic blocks to showcase your artwork. And then the last item is the wall tapestry, which, for some reason, it's automatically disabled. But you can, you know, enable it which I've sold these before. So you know a good thing? I did catch that. Make sure it was enabled. So the center of that guy there And then, of course, you'll be copy and pasting your title. So right here You've just pays the description that you saved. Now read a bubble. When it comes to tags, you can add up to 50 and to separate them with the spaces and commas, and you know you can take advantage of all of those. You know. Some of the other ones only have 15 to 20 slots for tags, but in a red global, it's great to have that many. And it's it's own international marketplace, so people are searching and shopping on here, and we'll find it. You know, you even have options. Teoh, you know, have your descriptions and tags translated. What? Haven't tried this yet, but you know something I wanna look more into and take advantage of for international sellers. So under media, for example, model of the digital art design and illustration was even select up to two. And if you have collections, you know your own categories. You can save them to those you know kind of separate your your products so you can choose like what your default image is. I really like to showcase showcase the T shirts and hoodies as its main default view, but you can choose any one of these, like the phones, mugs or even just the image of your design. Then you put it public, You know, if you want everybody to see it, If you choose private, you can put it here when asked if this is mature content which in this case, no, you take this box, you know, to show that you know, this is your artwork. Then after all that's done is click save work and yeah, you're good to go will be uploaded toe all your products into your store. 7. Upload to Society6: Okay. Now be walking through society six. So Society six is another Pran Daman website has a lot of great items, you know, as you'll notice you can see that they have a lot of patterns that people upload. I feel like that's what tends to sell more. This is one. Honestly, im sell as much younger. They feel like I need to put into more time into my patterns and upload more of those. But yeah, this is a great store. A lot of good stuff on here. And I walk you through how to upload your designs, just like on the other websites. So you just click here on cell and then quick right here to help lower your artwork. All right, it's loading up. There it is. So make sure click this box that you own all the rights to the image. If you have mature content, you will click this box and they go to the next step. So, as I mentioned before, you should probably have a document or something where you can copy and paste, you know, the title over artwork and some of the tags and the description. It's usually something that I do, but since I'm just walking into the room was kind of going through this quickly. So when you choose your category, for example, you know mine's graphic design. In the end, it even gives you suggested tags so you can put typography digital. And of course, you would add in here tags that relate to your design so kind of the same thing I've been walking through. It can enter up to 20 and so make sure, you know, you add in there all 20 so more people confined your work, and then here you can pace in your description, like I mentioned before and what you complete this whole section. You can continue to create products so they sell art prints on here and with the little dollar signs. That means you can actually change the pricing for our prints while the rest of the items is a fixed price. And some of these are toggled off so you can just click aunts that you can sell more. But as you can see, the design is kind of cut off, so when you want to fix it, you just click edit and then it will load it up all right. There it is. So you can click scale, you know, change the size of it. Unfortunately, on society six, there's on option where, you know, you can center it. So you kind of have toe eyeball in. You know, try to see if it's centered enough. Then when you're done editing, just click saving close. So you keep going down the line so you can create notebooks. It has the full document. So you kind of just choose, you know, one side, for example, with this design kind of make it smaller and have it as if it will be on the front page. And you got some pillows on here, and I kind of do the same thing I've mentioned. You can make it smaller and try the eyeball it and center it. So, yeah, they have some interesting items on here. They got clocks and blankets. These rectangular pillow there, actually. What? I've been selling more on here. You got mugs, Comforters says a lot of items they can edit on here. The tote bags look pretty cool. We just try to scale it and center it. And down here a the bottom you can actually see the preview of it, see what it looks like save and enable. So pretty much Society six allows you to upload so many different items. Thieves click on and edit and, you know, maker Adams look good so that people will buy him. And as I mention, you know, pattern designs would look great on a lot of this stuff. You know, the designer and amusing at the moment might not. You might not look as good, but once he added some patterns, you know, that's what sells. For example, in this backpack, it would look really cool. And yes, so pretty much stock goal as much Aziz on is as you can so that we can sell more items. So there's some more items which are apparel products, so these various colors of you can choose. So they mentioned before. Since my design is red, we will kind of take off. You know, these warm colors since I won't look as good in the gaming and to size it down seems like a good spot to have the design you can take out your preview looks pretty good. Saving the naval. Yeah, once you go through all of these products, you know, make sure that they all look, of course. And once you're all done and you're comfortable with what you have just here on the top left corner, just click Publish, and you're good to go. 8. Bonus Resources: So when the last final video of this course and again thank you for sticking around and, you know, learning about print on demand. And I hope it's been helpful. So I just wanted toe go through some other print on demand websites, and I have some bonus resource is for you as well. So another part undermanned size T spring. And they have a pretty big following. They have a lot of people buying their T shirts and even recently added other products. You know, they have pretty clever designs on here, and the prophet you can make is a lot more than some of the other websites. My only problem is that I'm still kind of learning it still sort of figuring it out. So, for example, organically. You know, I've been able to sell four products making $14 profit. This isn't as much as my other websites. You know, the other ones, like Red Bubble and T public. And, you know, I'm trying to learn how exactly this works. You know, maybe we can all figure out and share with each other how to make some sales on here. Um, the four shirts that I've sold for example, is this the rock 2020 the people's president? And this is the only one I've managed to sell, and I kind of need to look into. You know what makes this one different from all my other products and go from there to try to sell some more? I recently ran across an article the you know, some some artists was making. He made over 100,000 in one year by using T Spring and setting up Facebook ads. And so, of course, when you're setting up Facebook ads, you gotta put money down, and that's more of a risk. You know, my sales have come organically, and I haven't experimented yet with that, you know, haven't been promoting my items as much on social media and still have got sales. But with T spring, it's a little different. So you know, you might have to do some research and figure it out, but it could be worth it. So designed by humans is another print on demand website, and they have, for example, you know, Star Wars officially licensed T shirts. You know they have various brands, you know, aside from independent artists, so that could be a good thing or bad thing, because, you know, these officially licensed brands will attract a lot of attention. But then, you know, people are buying those items that might take away from what you're trying to sell. So I just recently joined this. So my dashboard, You know, I don't have any sales yet. Uh, they've been removing some of my designs. Would I feel like, you know, tends to happen when you kind of experiment. Um, I feel like they weren't copyright, but I think they have stricter rules saying how they have, you know, other licensed brands. Um, yeah. I love the way you can upload your products on here. Yeah, I'm not gonna show you the whole thing. Ah, it's pretty easy. But, you know, the only reason why wasn't really walking through on here was because I haven't made any sales. And I wasn't gonna act like, you know, I made all this money on here. Um, yeah, You can add apparel, phone cases, art prints, stickers, mugs. They have a lot of options, and it's very easy to upload. So you guys should check it out now. The last and definitely not least when it comes. A print on demand websites is merch by Amazon. So some of you may or may have not heard of this. So pretty much merch by Amazon works the same way. Um, you know his other proud A man websites. But the difference is that you have the marketplace of Amazon toe upload your work, so that means millions of people shopping on here and looking every day. And it's just so easy to make money on here. So in order to join, you have to request an invitation and sign it from your Amazon account. And some people have been saying it. It can take up to a year to get approved, you know, maybe even longer. And they don't necessarily keep you updated. Ah, you know, if they're going to pre approve you or not, and it takes, sometimes you have to be patient. But I was using merch by Amazon before, and unfortunately I was removed because at the time I had certain tags on there that were copyright, and they were still changing some of their guidelines. And so my workout removed. Um, when Pokemon go, the app and game came out I didn't download. I didn't play it because I was on merch by Amazon uploading a bunch of Pokemon inspired shirts. And in one of the months, I kid, you know, I was able to make about $900 you know, close to 1000 and one month. I had saved a screenshot just to show you. So, for example, I was selling 141 products and my royalties were at $723 and so that's within the last seven days. So at that point, I was making over $100 a day by doing works by Amazon. So please sign up and hopefully you get approved soon. I can start selling on here because there's a lot of money to be made. All right now, I've also created a Facebook group. It's called Earn Passive Income from Print Undermanned Sites Course group, and I'll post the link also. So that way, you know we can kind of build a community and talk about print on demand sides and, you know, earning revenue on passive income and, you know, learn from each other. And you know, I don't know it all, and so I'd like to see you know what you guys come up with. And if you need to help, you can reach out and, you know, keep growing the community. And just as a final resource, if he had to. Zubi a creative dot com. This is my website where you can check out my various shops here on the side. I I also offer services as a freelancer. Uh, you know, I can do logos if you come up with a story and you need a logo, uh, or brand your social media pages or your T shirt stores. Uh, even creating ads for your products are, you know, posting them on social media. Just reach out to me and, you know, I can get that stuff done. And, you know, if you find me through this course, I'll give you a discount to I'm hoping that we can learn and collaborate and help each other grow. I also have my blogging about pages and contact. You can just go on contact and just fill out this form. If you want to reach out to me, you can also you know ahead to Anthony M. Zoubi at gmail dot com if you want to email me for any services or any questions, or just to say hello, Um, I'll be added more to my blawg, and then you can also sign up for my newsletter. So let's keep it going. Guys, it's been a pleasure. Thank you for checking out my class.