Earn More Premium Enrollments On Skillshare with The New Teacher Stats! | Joe Parys | Skillshare

Earn More Premium Enrollments On Skillshare with The New Teacher Stats!

Joe Parys, Online Instructor | www.joeparys.com

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4 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. 0 Introduction To Skillshare's New Stats and Email Discussions!

    • 2. 1 Skillshare New Stats for Instructors!

    • 3. 2 Skillshare New Email and Discussion System

    • 4. 3 Join the Next Course By Watching This Video! Thank You For Your Support!


Project Description

Class Project: Create Your Skillshare Course! 

You project for this class is simple. Now that you have completed our course its time for you to create your first or next Skillshare class and start marketing it using the new teach stats and email blasts! 

1) Your first milestone is 25 students in one class. Once you complete this milestone your course will be visible on Skillshare and begin trending in its selected category! 

2) Milestone #2: Reach 100 students in one class!

3) Milestone #3: Reach 500 students! 

4) Make sure to keep us updated with you courses success and the launch of your new classes! 

5) Here are the types of things to share in your project: 

  • A link to your Skillshare class for everyone to use and see your course! 
  • Screenshot(s) of your course becoming published on Skillshare! 
  • Screenshot(s) of your marketing efforts and where you are marketing! 
  • Anything else that shows the community how you're marketing your class!

Here are my stats and my very first email blast using the new systems! 


Thank you so much for participating! And don't forget to post your projects! 


Joe Parys 

Student Projects