Ear Training Course - For Beginners - #4

Ilse Lozoya, Music teacher and Online Educator

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11 Videos (27m)
    • Introduction

    • Exercise #1

    • Exercise #2

    • Exercise #3

    • Exercise #4

    • Exercise #5

    • Exercise #6

    • Exercise #7

    • Exercise #8

    • Exercise #9

    • Exercise #10


About This Class

This class is dedicated to learn how to recognize the notes in our musical system, training your ear to understand our musical language. This class is the number 4 in the Ear Training Course, in this class you will practice the notes C D E F G. Through practical exercises you will enhance your musical listening and you are going to learn to recognize the notes on the staff.

This class has downloadable resources that are going to help you to organize your practicing even offline. Being self paced and very progressive, this class helps you to practice a lot, and combining it with the content of the other classes from this course you will really have tons of exercises to practice.

Enroll in this class today, if you are just a beginner student or maybe somebody that has been playing a musical instrument for years, you will find this class very useful.



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This was REALLY great. I only missed a few notes in three of the exercises and NAILED the final one. TYSVM, Ilse. This was explained and presented very well. I recognized the melody of a famous gospel song in exercise 9.
David Henry

Veteran Guitarist-Who wants to LEARN GUITAR?





Ilse Lozoya

Music teacher and Online Educator

Ilse Lozoya has been a piano teacher for the last 17 years, her experience teaching young kids includes the Yamaha Program and now she is a Certified Suzuki Piano Teacher

For the last 7 years she has been a higher education teacher in local music universities. Her academic degrees include:

Music Bachelor´s Degree by Universidad de Guadalajara (UDG)

Master´s Degree in Education by Universidad Tecnológica de México (UNITEC)

University Teaching 101 by Johns Hopkins University through Coursera

Liderazgo en gestión educativa estratégica a tráves del uso de la tecnología by Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM)

Foundations of Teaching for Learning Specialization Program by Commonwealth Education Trust

Virtual Teacher Program Specialization by UCI Extension Continuing Education

Currently besides her daily academic activities, she is developing virtual piano courses in order to reach people who don´t have the opportunity to take regular piano lessons, she has a blog and she is preparing an E-book