EZ T-Shirt Designs ✦ Sell On Amazon For Free

Ernesto Massenzo, Take Action Today, Reap The Rewards Tomorrow...

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9 Videos (50m)
    • Introduction To Merch by Amazon

    • Bulletproof Arsenal - Tools You'll Need

    • Design Pics

    • Gimp Designs

    • PicMonkey Designs

    • Word Swag Designs With Your Phone

    • Amazon Ready

    • Amazon Branded

    • Conclusion - DIY T-Shirts On Amazon


About This Class

EZ T-Shirt Designs ✦ Sell On Amazon For Free:

Design your favorite t-shirt with your creative and artistic talents.  Kick start your t-shirt business or hobby by branding your style in the fast lane.

I recommend making your first t-shirt with a picture of your favorite animal, dog, cat or quote and sharing it here.  You get an awesome feeling of accomplishment when you're opening your box from Amazon that was just delivered to your home with the t-shirt you designed inside (very comfortable).

Join me and let's have some fun together with our creative minds.

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I would caution re your use of Word Swag for t-shirt designs unless checking the individual word fonts for whether are are permitted for commercial use. Having read up this subject, it looks as if Word Swag should not be used for commercial/business purposes i.e. retailing products with Word Swag designs. Thank you
Helpful and informative.
Fun class





Ernesto Massenzo

Take Action Today, Reap The Rewards Tomorrow...

Hello Fellow Internet Marketers and Friends,

I have been working as an Internet Marketing Consultant, eCom Specialist (Shopify), and Social Media Expert for the last 4 years full time. I understand what it takes to work from home and have a dependable income online in order to achieve more freedom and enjoy more time with family and friends to live life to the fullest.

It gives me more pleasure teaching family, friends and students than it does making the money itself (but the ...

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