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EXPLODE Your Facebook, Twitter and Social Media - Images And Quotes All FREE And Made For Beginners

teacher avatar Tom Richards, Helping Online Entreprenuers All The Way

Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Simple Free Software Anyone Can Use

    • 3. Example Of The Power Of The Software

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About This Class

This class shows you a tool you can use to EXPLODE your Facebook, Twitter and all Social Media accounts and any course you have created with content that strikes deep into your audience.

The BEST part is it is available for FREE and is so simple to use my 8 year old uses them!

Meet Your Teacher

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Tom Richards

Helping Online Entreprenuers All The Way


From starting as an entrepreneur when a teenager I've always been 'in business'. Almost went bust and made it back by going online into the digital world of marketing and trading earning 6 figures in a short amount of time...soon to be 7 figures. If you need any help message me to ask questions on my courses and I'll answer as quickly as possible. I'm here to help entrepreneurs make it too!

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1. Introduction: Hi, everyone. I would like to show you a tool that you can use your online business to produce beautiful backgrounds and slide, such as this one all for free. It's a fantastic way to market your business online on. You can use these things to create quotes and pictures for marketing on Twitter and Facebook and Pinterest and all the other social media marketing places. It's very simple, very straightforward and, best of all free. So pleased. What I'd like you to do next is click the enroll button down below or on the screen to watch the course. Thank you. 2. Simple Free Software Anyone Can Use: we can come to stencil on sewing up for a free account. So now let's get stencil. Ah, when you need a free account, so fill in your name and email address and then a password on get updates on awesome new features and deals Be a good thing. Come on, Come on. Okay. And so now we can start creating. So here, for example, we have, uh, some backgrounds, and there's quite a few to choose from. So if we wanted to change it, which click on here, look through some Olympics once of sport ones, um, all sorts of different ones who some of these unlocked. Okay, so the top ones are all free ones that we can use on this icons and graphics that we can use. For example, if we wanted to put a medal in here. So you here somewhere on we can enlarge it, shrink it. Whatever onda we can water market okay on, then what we can do is we can have put Texan. So if you want to put in a good quote for something sport mega sports, he's good for everyone. For example, something like that, uh, that you could use on a Twitter account or on your Facebook account. Then you can change the colors. Maybe put an outline color in so everyone can see it on. You can increase or shrink the text size. Whatever you want today. No, I have a unlimited accounts because I'm using it for my business all the time. But this is a fantastic thing to do as a free one to start you off. Let's see. Want to get rid of that? We can get rid of that. So if you wanted to choose a different one is a nice picture of a dog there ago. Sport is good for everyone. Obviously, this is got nothing to do with dogs now. But it changed that text you're is you're family. Treat that him well. Okay. Something that can shrink it for shadow in change. The things just a bit lot using word on windows or something similar can clone it. You want to add multiples in for whatever reason, indeed late those that just really. But you get the idea. It's a fantastic piece of kit on. And then what you would do is you'd save your image. Here we go. Now you can either download. Well, you could download it as a J peg or as a PNG to use sometime in the future or straight away . Oh, you can preview and share so you can connect it to Facebook. Twitter, Pinterest, instagram Andi. Okay, Yeah, my accounts already My premium account is already connected, sir. Then you can see what it looked like on the mobile phone when a cell phone. Okay, so this is an excellent piece of freak it to use in your arsenal. Especially if you're doing any kind of twitter marketing, Facebook, marketing, Pinterest, marketing, instagram marketing or anything in n anything you need to do online. 3. Example Of The Power Of The Software: so I just thought I'd show you my unlimited premium account just to see what other things you can do. See the difference in it? Um, you can see up here you can search for anything. I was doing a project to do with Abraham Lincoln, for example. So I just signed s soldiers search for Abraham Lincoln. Um, let's see, What else could we look for? Ah, money. That's always a good Well, it was useful on Internet marketing. Hey, we got loads of images we can use on not just us dollars. We got euros, pounds us dollars. Um, all sorts of currencies. Debelo. So there we go, the 500 year old notes. If you wanted to use that for something and you can put in your icons and graphics you can also search from the graphics as well 200,000 plus royalty free icons so euro can have its cake and eat it. A, uh, sorry, terrible job. Um, let's see about change the color of the icons we want to on. We can put quotes in if we like, So I just mean as to say, doing a quote are doing a projects on Lincoln. So here we go again. Take Lincoln's quote here. We want on Put it over the top so you can search for famous people's quotes. Let's put in an outline off black. A guy maybe increased the size of bet. Okay. You mean no. Show you the preview and share not sharing this too Facebook, for example. So you click on that at a post description. This is, uh, host on Lincoln from that boy put together. Now, it's just post to Facebook. When we go shared the Facebook. And just to show you that I'm not completely mad. Here is the post on Facebook on my Facebook page on my Facebook profile so I could add it to any of my pages if I wanted to. But I just thought I'd post up here for the demonstration of this for you guys. Okay, so there we go. This is the premium and premium edition. Obviously on then you can add watermarks, but you need to upload on first on. Then you could just save your image or download it and preview and share again, as I showed you before. So if you want to go and check out this piece of free software. Awesome software. I just have to go to the student project section down below, down below this video on it will be Project one. And there's the link to this piece of software for you to go to directly to so I don't get yourself an account and start using the icons using the backgrounds and icons straight away . Okay. Hope you enjoyed this video on. Looked afford to see Ewing you in the next one.