ESL teaching : Classroom management | Nikolas John Cakebread | Skillshare
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3 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Classroom management PART ONE

    • 2. Classroom management PART TWO

    • 3. Classroom management PART THREE


About This Class

Understand the strategies used by ESL teachers in the classroom to maintain disciplined, controlled, and yet fun and rewarding classes!

Part one focuses on an overview of 'Classroom Management' and what factors teachers need to consider when setting up a new classroom, including, Respect, Consistency and Seating Arrangements. In the lecture, you will see examples of my own classes and I'll help you understand why 'Classroom management' is so important.

Part two focuses on positive reinforcement techniques and gives you a solid picture of the types of rules to use in your classroom. Moreover, this lecture is designed to help you think about your own classroom and the types of methods that you will employ in your own personal setting as a teacher by giving you a set of examples and suggestions as a starting point.

Part three will provide an overview of what we discussed in the first two lectures and more importantly will give teachers a detailed description of how we can maintain a high standard of classroom management. Here we will also look at the techniques for moderate and more serious cases of discipline that may be needed while teaching and will provide a detailed analysis of when we should use them.