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ESL Beginners: Community Members

teacher avatar Scott Grierson, I teach ESL, math, and crochet

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Community Introduction

    • 2. Firefighter

    • 3. Mailman

    • 4. Bus Driver

    • 5. Police

    • 6. Nurse

    • 7. Teacher

    • 8. Doctor

    • 9. Project

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About This Class

ESL Beginners: Kids Learning English - Community Members

This class contains beginners ESL lessons on community members. The videos in this class provide parents and children plus teachers and students an exciting opportunity to engage in English for the first time. 

Who should take this ESL course?

In this course your student or child will learn the basics of ESL. It is a great way to get a jump start on any class they might be taking at school. It is intended for ESL beginners. If your child already has a foundation of English language skills, this course will be too basic for them. ESL Beginners: Kids Learning English is a great course for students who are just starting their journey into learning English. As this class is geared towards younger students, this class may be to childish for older students. 

Why take this ESL course?

  • If your student or child is a little nervous about learning English, this course provides a great opportunity to gain confidence.

  • Your student or child will learn the basics of ESL by participating in videos about community members.¬†

  • This ESL class is short enough to hold the attention of most students and easy enough to be achievable by beginners.¬†

What will your student or child learn in this ESL course?

  • Conversation patterns
  • Basic questions
  • Simple answers
  • Community members
  • Basic¬†descriptions

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Scott Grierson

I teach ESL, math, and crochet


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1. Community Introduction: Welcome TSL. Beginners, Kids Learning English My name is Teacher Scott, and this class is all about our community members. In this class. Your Children and students will learn about teachers, doctors, nurses, male men, Ah, firefighters, police officers and many other things. All right. It should be a lot of fun. This class is for new English students. So if your child or student has a big background in English, this class is gonna be too easy for them. And it's really geared toward a younger student. So this class isn't really recommended for adult students, either. But if you are a parent or a teacher who has a child who's just starting off on their eso journey, this class should be great for you. We're gonna learn a lot during our lessons, and then the end will have a Superfund project where your child or student can tell me about their favorite community member. It should be a lot of fun. I hope to see it inside the class, and I'll catch up with you later. Bye For now, 2. Firefighter: Hello. How old are you? Wow, That's cool. All right. Today we will learn about fire and a fire Man. Wow! Fire fighter! Very good. Can you say fire fighter? Great job. Oh no! The house has a fire house Fire! Good house! Fire! Great house! Fire! Oh no! You Yea! Firefighter house fire! Ah, good job! Let's find the firefighter. Come on! Oh, I know that. That's a firefighter! He's spraying water. Firefighter! Cool! What? Wou Oh, that's near near near. That's a fire truck! Yeah, we call the fire truck. Come help us! Ah! Oh! The fire truck comes from the fire station. Look how cool that is! Fire station! Wow! Time for practice! Yea, The house is on fire gun altogether. The house is on fire. Great job! Ah! Firefighter saves people good. A firefighter saves people. Yeah, Awesome job. One more. Put out the fire. Yeah, Put out the fire! Great job! You did fantastic! Very nice. I'll see you next time. Bye. For now 3. Mailman: Hello. How are you? That's great. I am happy. Uh, happy Today. We learn about mailman. Mailman? Yeah. Can you say mailman? Yeah. Or male? Woman? Yeah. Male woman. Good. You have letters? Good letters. Yeah. Male men deliver letters. Great job. Let's find Mawr. Mailman. Um, is that Oh, mailman, right? Yeah. Mailman. Cool. What's this? This is kind of scary. Oh, mail truck or mail? Car. Mail truck? Yeah. Mail truck. Awesome. Oh, that's a post office. Yeah. Post office. It's where we send the mail. What's this? Last one? Yeah. Male women mailbox. So it's a mailbox. Wow, That's so cool. That was awesome. Time to practice. All right. He the live verse Male Good. All together. He delivers mail. Great job here. The mailman is here. Ah, good. The mailman is here. Excellent. Great job. And the mailman works hard. Good. The mailman works hard. Great job, everyone. Super. That's all for today. See you next time. Bye bye. 4. Bus Driver: her low. Are you? Ah, boy or girl? Good. I am Ah, boy. Uh huh. Today we are learning about bus drivers. Woo Bus driver, Huh? Bus driver. Very, very good bus. Yeah, this is a bus. Excellent. Who? School bus. A school bus. Awesome bus driver? Yeah, Bus driver. Honk, Honk. Ah, Bus driver. Great job. Let's find the bus driver. Here we go. Oh, look! It's a school bus. The wheels on the bus go round and round I Oh, no! What's this one? It's his bus. Oh, Bus stop! He's waiting for the bus. Yeah, Bus stop. Cool. Don't see anything. Oh, this another bus. Oh, he's the driver. The driver on the bus says move on back. Ah, bus driver. Cool. That looks like another school bus. Is it a school bus? Yeah, it is. I go to school on the school bus. It's practice time. She drives a bus. Good. She drives a bus. Awesome. Who? I ride the bus. Me? I ride the bus. Yeah, great. Finally the school bus Good is here. Nice altogether. The school bus is here. Great job. You're so smart. Wonderful! That's it. Time is up. We have to say goodbye. See you next time 5. Police: Hello. Uh, what is your name? Hi. Nice to meet you Today. We are learning about police. Can you say whole lease? Good. Whole lease. Awesome holies, man. Good policeman. Yeah. Holies woman. Police were men. Excellent. Let's look for more police. Oh, that says police. Oh, I know. It's a police badge. Wow, That's very cool. Police badge. Nice. Oh, this looks like a car. Oh, I know. It's probably a police car. Yeah. Police car. Nice. Oh, that's a police officer. Yeah, Police officer. Ah. Okay. What's that? Police police station? Yeah, Police station. All right, let's practice. He drives a police car. Good. He drives a police car. Great job, Cole. The police call the police. Ah, great. Called the police. Very good job. The police help people. Excellent. Altogether. The police help people. Yeah. Great job. You did. Super, Super, super, super. See you next time. But by 6. Nurse: Hello. I like the color. Blue. Blue? What color? What color do you like? That's a great color. Thank you. Today we will learn about Ah, Nurse. Nurse. You say nurse? Yeah. Nurses help us. Good nurses help us. Yeah, very nice. They work at the hospital. Can you say hi? Spit toll. My good hospital. Yeah. When we're sick, we go to the hospital Hospital. Great job. Let's go find a nurse. Come on. Oh, this person is good at drawing. Oh, that's a nurse. Nurse. Wow. Cool. Um, that's another nurse. Oh, no. Ah! That's a shot. Oh, needle needle out. Woo! What is it? Oh, that's where your face. It's a mask. Mask? Yeah. Mask. Cool. Oh, that's where we go for sick. That's the hospital. Let's see. Hospital. Yeah, very. It's time to practice. The nurse helps the doctor. It's a hard one. Let's try again. The nurse helps the doctor Good. All together. The nurse helps the doctor. Yeah. Ah, great job. Well, what can I see? I can see the hospital. Yeah, hospital. Good. One more time. I can see the hospital. Great job. Whoa! I will get a shot. Our I will get a shot. Good. I will get a shot. Perfect job. You are wonderful. Very, very nice. It's time to say goodbye. See you next time. 7. Teacher: Hello. Good. I like monkeys. Whoa! What animal do you like? Wow, that's cool. I like them too. Let's get started. We're learning about teachers. Woo! Teacher! Teacher? Yeah, Teacher. Good. She is a teacher. Good. And where is a teacher at school School? Good. I go to school. Ah, great job. I go to school. Excellent. Let's find the teacher. Come on. What's that? Oh, he looks like a uh Yeah, that's a teacher. You say, teacher. Very cool. Mm. Oh, I bet that's a school. Yeah, look, school Very nice. I like school. Oh, What's this? Maybe it's Ah, classroom. Is that a classroom? Yes, it is. Classroom. How cool. Oh, this is the last one. Another school? No, those air books Books. Look at the books. Wow! Books! Hi. It's time to practice. The teacher is nice. Good. The teacher is nice. Wonderful. It is time. Four school thinking that didn't entity beginning. Ah, it is time for school. Great job. I like my teacher. Great. I like my teacher. Perfect. Wonderful job. I will see you next time. Bye 8. Doctor : Hello. I like mm. Rectangles. Mm. What shape do you like? That's cool. Me too. Very good. Today we are learning about doctors. Can you say Dr Good Doctor? Ah, very good. He is a doctor. Nice, huh? The doctor is in. The doctor is in very, very nice, Doctor. Good. Let's go find a doctor. Come on. Oh, those look like doctors. Yeah, they're wearing mass. They have their doctors. That's cool. Oh, what's this? Oh, this is what we take when we're sick. It's medicine. Medicine? Yeah. Cool. Oh, please. Car. Oh, no ambulance. He say ambulance. Ah, great job. What could that be? Ooh, that's scary. Mm. Oh, no. Well, there's a bed is a hospital. Well, maybe it's Ah. Doctors office. Oh, it is a hospital. Yeah. Time to practice. Wu. He is a doctor. Great. He is a doctor. Awesome. Woo, This is a good one. The Dr helps sick people. Okay, let's try. The doctor helps sick people. Good. Let's try it together. The doctor help sick people. Yeah. Great. Last one. Woo, go to the doctor's office. Yeah, office perfect. One more time. Go to the doctor's office. Wow. Great job. You are so smart. Very, very good. See you next time. 9. Project : Welcome to the class project. If you already finished the entire class. Congratulations. That's awesome. So, Mom, bad teachers, it's time for our project. I'd like you to help your students make a 30 to 62nd video explaining their favorite community member. Why did they pick this community member? Why do they like them? And then they could even ask me which community member is my favorite? I'll give you a hint. It's probably the teacher. Ah, Anyway, I don't really appreciate your help, and I can't wait to see the videos. Bye for now.