ES6 JavaScript Classes the Easy Way | Stephen Mayeux | Skillshare
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7 Videos (55m)
    • What You'll Learn

    • The Old Way: Function Constructors

    • The New Way: ES6 Classes

    • Static Class Methods

    • Extends and Super Keywords

    • Getter Methods

    • Setter Methods


About This Class

In 2015, the JavaScript programming language got a major facelift with many improvements to the syntax and tons of new features. This new version is known as ES6, or ES2015, and each year since an updated version has been released.

ES6 Classes, as well as instance and static methods, are vitally important to know and understand because so many projects and companies are migrating to the newest version of JavaScript. Many Front End libraries, such as React, rely heavily on the new Class syntax. 

They might look very confusing, but ES6 Classes are very easy to pick up once you know the basics.





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Stephen Mayeux

ESL Teacher Turned Software Developer

My name is Stephen Mayeux, and I am an ESL Teacher Turned Full Stack Developer. I have spent the last decade teaching adults the world's quirkiest human language, and now I am teaching the Internet's quirkiest programming language: JavaScript!

I am a self-taught programmer who is currently working full time as a software engineer in Austin. My personal tutoring sessions and videos will save you hundreds of hours of studying alone and getting stuck.

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