Erica Russo, Intuitive Life & Business Mentor


Erica Russo, Intuitive Life & Business Mentor

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16 Lessons (2h 8m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Groundandprotect

    • 3. Clearenergy

    • 4. Chakras

    • 5. Tools and divination

    • 6. Crystals

    • 7. Essential oils

    • 8. The clairs

    • 9. Psychicexercise

    • 10. Psychicexercise2

    • 11. Psychicstuffandmeditation

    • 12. Intuitivetype

    • 13. MerlinDecember2019

    • 14. Auratraining

    • 15. Julypsychicread

    • 16. Healingchamberintro

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About This Class

It is true what they say, we all are psychic. In this class, you will learn the fundamentals of spiritual and psychic development as well as useful tools for your spiritual journey.



  • How to grounding and protect your energy.
  • How to ground and protect yourself
  • How to clear your energy and space.
  • What divination is and different forms of it
  • The 7 major chakras and how to clear them
  • The difference between Tarot vs. Oracle cards
  • The Archangels and how they help humanity and how to call upon them.
  • Different crystals for your spiritual development
  • The benefits of Essential Oils
  • How to open your third eye
  • How to conduct an accurate psychic reading
  • The power of meditation and mindfulness
  • A good psychic vs. bad psychic
  • How to do an accurate psychic reading
  • How to read an Aura
  • How to determine your unique Intuitive type


Soul Inquiry with Merlin Guided Meditation + Journal Exercise

The Healing Chamber Guided Meditation + Journal Exercise

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Erica Russo

Intuitive Life & Business Mentor


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1. Intro: hello and welcome to how to be psychic. This course is going to allow you to understand how you receive psychic information as well as tools to help you enhance your intuition and psychic skills. So before we head in, let's talk about what we are going to go over in this online course, we're going to be talking about grounding and protection and the importance of it. When you're doing any type of spirituals work, we're going to talk about how you can cleanse your energy and space from any stagnant negative energy that might be lowering your vibration. We're going to cover the seven major Shock Ra's, and I will also be giving you, ah, bunch of ways where you can know when you're shockers. Air off balance are in harmony as well as ways to clear them. We're going to go over angels and spirit guides in the Arg Angels and how you can call upon them for your spiritual development as well as different tools and divination that you can incorporate into your spiritual practices. And then, lastly, we're going to cover the Claire's, which are also known as your psychic portals, and how we all receive psychic information. With that, I'm going to give a couple of exercises some fun exercises that you can do in the comfort of your own home. Teoh, See where your strong suits are If you're, you know, a clairvoyant, a clear cognisant. If you feel you know the the information come to you. So that's going to be a lot of fun. And I also have included a bunch of guided meditations to help you on your spiritual journey on to really get a good head start on the information that you will learn in this course. So before we dive in, I want to introduce myself before anything else. Hello. My name is Eric Caruso, and I am a psychic, medium and risky master as well as a spiritual mentor. I have been sensitive all my life, toe energy, And it wasn't really until my late twenties, where I stumbled across a book called The Sensitive One, where I really just kind of was blown away and that that's basically when I started developing, um, my spiritual gifts and meditating on strengthening my mediumship. And now I, you know, want to teach people like minded people how they can really strengthen their intuition and trust themselves and be connected to spirit. So I live with my husband and my two boys, Nathan and Kyle, and our basset hound Winnie. And in my spare time, I'm I'm a heavy meditator. I liked hike. I'm a big book nerd, and I am really looking forward to helping you on your spiritual journey. So the best way to contact me if you have any questions is through my email, which is E. Russo r u S S o p m r p at gmail dot com. Again, I look forward to helping you, you know, discover your spiritual gifts to strengthen your spiritual gifts. And in the next section, we are going to be talking about grounding and protection. I'll see you there. 2. Groundandprotect: Okay, so the first thing we are going to be touching on is the topic of grounding on protection. Now, this is kind of a topic where you're like, How does this have anything to do with enhancing my intuition and psychic skills? And what I have to tell you is that it has everything to do with enhancing your intuition on your psychic skills. So especially if you're actually enhancing your psychic skills and intuition. But we'll get a little bit further into this subject as we go on now. What exactly is grounding when I talk about grounding its connecting yourself to the energy of the earth? It's It's feeling grounded and mindful, and in the moment, you know, and when you don't when you're not grounded, you might be feeling dizzy or spaced out, or really just kind of can't stop your thoughts like you're just going through the motions of life. But you are so up in your head and your energy is so up in your head that you're really not mindful or being president till what's going on around you on earth. So it's really super important to know when you need to ground especially when you're doing this work, because when you are doing this work, you are so up in the clouds and you are so up in different energy fields that you can really kind of get lost in your own head. If that makes any sense now, when should you ground? This is a really good question, because, really, there's no wrong answer for this. You can ground first thing in the morning when you're feeling stressed or anxious. You know when you are feeling forgetful, when you need to focus on something and always always always ground before any type of psychic or mediumship work. Because when you're doing this work, you're in different realms. You're in different dimensions. You are picking up information from subtle energies that aren't connected to the earth. So it's really important to at least stay connected to, you know, Mother Earth. If you pick up what I'm putting down. So you know there are so many different ways that you can ground your energy, but one of the easiest ways and and I do this every single day is by er thing and er thing is really simple. It's completely free, and it can be done any time and anywhere. And what exactly is it? It's just walking barefoot on earth. So every time I go get my mail, I have no shoes on nothing. And I make sure that I walk in the grass just to be connected to Mother Earth. And the benefits are of, er thing are really, really, actually pretty fantastic. If they they help you release the electrical charge and free radicals we carry around with us all day at a promotes proper function of our organs. And it can drain stress and anxiety away and can regulate sleep and your sleep pattern. It reduces blood pressure and inflammation, and most importantly, it connects us to the earth's energy. So that's a really simple way that you can ground. There are so many other ways that you can ground and there will be a pdf available for you , um, in this section, so you kind of have a list of what you can do to connect yourself to Mother Earth. So now that we have talked about grounding, I want to talk about the topic of psychic protection. Now, you might be like, uh, OK, you're getting a little too far with this. But guys, listen, just hear me out with this. You know, when we go into our cars to go to some place, do we not lock our doors and put our seat belts on? And, you know, at the end of the day, when we're ready to go to bed, do we not lock our doors and make sure everything is, you know, concealed and maybe put our, you know, security alarm on these are all forms of protection. And if we do this just in our every day, just these basic, you know, protection kind of things. We should be protecting our energias. Well, especially when our whole universal system is made up of energy. Good, bad and indifferent. Now, you know when I say protect your energy again, there are many ways that you can protect your energy. There are crystals that are excellent at energy protection, like black tor Moline or show good night. But really, I don't even want to touch on that because you don't need crystals to protect your energy. You don't need much to protect your energy. All you need to do is these air two methods that are free and that are really simple. And what you can do is just visualize a full of pure white lake about six inches above your head. As you concentrate on this light, notice it getting brighter and brighter and bigger. And slowly bring this ball of this beautiful, clear white light down so that it covers your head, neck and shoulders as it moves down your body, wrapping itself around you and encasing yourself in this beautiful white protective light. Another way that you can do another form of protection is calling upon Arcangel Michael to protect you in this weight in his white and gold shining light. And you can imagine, um, you know the same thing his beautiful gold and white light shining down from the sky and touching the top of your head and, you know, gradually making its way down until you're in this encased bubble. These air two forms of visualization that are extremely powerful and that will help you protect your energy. So in the section as well, I have included a guided grounding and protection meditation for you to reference, you know, be sure to do it before any sort of psychic work. It really does help, you know, connect and kind of keep your energy in balance. So be sure to do that. And I will see you in the next section, which is clearing your energy. 3. Clearenergy: in this section, we are going to talk about different ways that you can clear your energy and space. Now, the most popular way to clear your energy and space is through smudging. And what's munching is is an ancient and symbolic ceremony. In many spiritual practices. The process is smudging, is said to eliminate negative energy and can really help you not only clear your own energy , but your space, which is really super important. And again, you can smudge anything. You can smudge yourself, your home, your car, your workspace. I wouldn't typically smudge places that are, you know, that that air public like if you work in an office building because the smell of, um, a lot of smudges air pretty I wouldn't say potent, but they are pretty strong's, but there are different sprays that you can get. I believe you can even get them on etc. Or at your local New Age store, where it's like a smudging spray, and that can also help. And there's also different smudging materials. The most popular is white sage or desert sage. You can find this on Amazon really super simple. There's Pollo santo, sweetgrass, Rosemary's cedar, frankincense to name a few as well as mug work. Um, there are a ton of different ways. There's some really great etc. Shops that offer, you know, organic beautiful homemade smudge kits. So be sure to check that out. Now it's how to perform a small drip ritual. It can be very personal, but usually, you know when I smudge. What I do is I make sure that there's at least one window open, if not all of them, because it really is important to allow that smoke to leave the premises, because that's the whole key to smudging is you're getting rid of the stagnant negative energy, so you need to allow it to leave the premises of your home. So, you know, prior to smudging, just be sure to open up windows your door. It's just get that energy out Now. What you want to do is you just wanna like that sage bundle or whatever it may be Palo Santo and allow it to burn for a couple of seconds before blowing up the flame. Um, you know, I always start at my front door, and I just outlined every entry and exit, uh, and focus on the corners off all the rooms because that's where the residual and energy tends to be pushed. Eso you want to focus on the corners of the room? Uh, while you're doing this, really, your intention is the most important part of this setting. Your intention that you are getting ready rid of all negative, stagnant energy that no longer serves you or your home or your family is really important because your intention is stronger than any sort of smudging ritual that you can dio. So while you're doing this, there are many, you know, smudging prayers or mantra is that you can say out loud or you can really visualize the stagnant energy leaving your house just to make your smudging rip ritual that much more powerful. Another way that can help you clear your energy is through sea. Salt sea salt is I Let me just tell you how much I must he Salt Sea salt is an excellent way to not only detoxify your body, but to clear it of any nasty and energy that you might have picked up and, you know, ah, weekly sea salt bath is just something that really is so beneficial especially when you're doing spiritually work. And I have included my own recipe of my sea salt bath kind of mixture going on, and that is one cup Sesil One cup accepts insult and half a cup of baking soda because you know Epps, Insel and baking soda have amazing benefits as well. So why not put them all together? You can always add some of your favorite essential oils or, you know, rose petals. Whatever the case may be, whatever feels good to you, you wanna add it. Teoh warm bathwater, and you want to soak in in it for like 30 minutes. So, you know, put on your tranquil music. Add some crystals that are water friendly to enhance the experience. Enjoy yourself, and the key is to not wash it off afterwards because you really want the sea salt toe. Work yourself, work itself into your pores to really clear all that energy out, and it's important to hydrate afterwards. Typically, if you use a lot of soul, I am noticed that you're actually really thirsty afterwards because, of course you're dehydrating yourself assault. So keep that in mind, and also it is important that when you're doing a cease All but absent salts are great and everything. But when you are wanting to clear your energy, you must use sea salt so you can use It has to come from the earth. So really, you know, there's Celtic salt. That's good. You can use heavily and ping soul, but you want to make sure that you're using Sesil and not just, like absence all. Okay, now, another thing. I wanted to add on for you guys just so you have it and you can use it when you feel it necessary is Thean emergency prayer, which it's basically a quick fix for protection. Um, I use this really this simple prayer when I walk into ah place where I just don't like the energy I feel really, you know, low vibrational. Maybe there's someone in the room that is going through a hard time, and I'm picking up on that. You know, a lot of the times when you walk into a place like a bar is filled with extremely low energy, So it's important. Teoh, you know, protect yourself and you know what you can do is if you forgot to protect yourself that day before going out, you know, envisioning yourself. You can say to yourself, Arcangel, Michael, please protect me now from all lower beings and all lower energies and thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done. And this is a cool, great, great, simple career that you could say in your mind that will help you protect from any sort of negative energy that you may be coming in contact with at that moment. So in the next section, we are going to go all in on Shaq Rose and learn about your seven major shock rose and what they stand for and how you can clear them. I'll see you in the next section. 4. Chakras: okay in this lefts, and we are going to talk about the shock Rose. Now, you might be like, what are shock Ra's and why do I need to know about them? And I am here to tell you that chakras have everything to do with your personal and spiritual growth. If one of your shockers air blocked, it really can hinder your spiritually connection. And in order to know what shock Rose Block, you need to know what shockers do, what and simple ways where you can just clear them yourself. Now, what exactly is a Shaqra? Thes shock Crows are the energy centers in our bodies in which energy flows through. There are 100 14 shocker points in the entire body with 72,000 Matty's where energy channels that vital energy prana orci move through. And there are seven major shock rose that those are the ones that were going to be learning about in this lesson, which are the root, this sake girl, the solar plexus, the heart, the throat, his third eye and the crowd. Now, when you're Shock Rose are healthy. They're good, they're imbalance. You're gonna feel good. You're gonna express gratitude you're gonna have really great positive thinking. You're gonna have a lot of energy. You're gonna feel grounded and connected to spirit. You're just gonna be in really good alignment with who you are and when your balance you know, when you're shockers are not in balance, your you're not going to be happy. You're gonna be anxious or stressed. You might deal with, like, bouts of anger. You're gonna have negativity around you and you're going to be very much in your head. You're not going to feel grounded, and you're just really not gonna have a lot of faith. So why do I need to know about this again? I spoke about this as soon as we started this lesson, but it is so important for you to know this because we have to think of psychic development or spiritually development or whatever kind of reading were getting as we are a channel to spirit, we are just kind of the messengers. So regardless of where we're getting our information from when we're doing a psych agreed, whether it be through the spirit car spirit guides are sitter spirit guides through channeled energy forces. It doesn't matter. We are a channel to that. And when our channel is kind of choppy and not working at its best, it's going to hinder the connection we have to spirit and it's going to really not give us clear, precise messages. So it really is super important to use our body and use our shock Ra's, um, to our advantage and not let it let them hinder us from getting any sort of psychic information. Plus, knowing our shock rose and knowing how to clear them and how to really have a good balance . Lifestyle is only going to help us in our everyday life. A swell. So let's go ahead and talk about the seven major shock rose and the first chakra is the root chakra and this is located at the base of the spine near your tailbone area and the color associate ID with this Shaqra is red. And when this chakra is healthy and stable, you're going to feel grounded and you're going to be financially secure. You're gonna have a really great relationship with money and, um, you know, material items and just have a great foundation. You're gonna have a positive family dynamic. Ah, and you're just going to feel very stable in your own skin and life. And when this is unhealthy, you might have a tendency to worry about finances. You might be freaking out about bills and you might have, ah, you know, an unhealthy relationship with food. And you might hold a lot of fear and just feel anxious and just not grounded. You might be very much in your head a lot of the times, and this shocker is really all about foundation because it is the foundation to the spine. So typically, this is going to be all about foundation and stab ability and feeling secure. Um, S O, this is a really important shock or toe to know. I mean, they're all important to know, but you get what I'm saying Now, the second chakra is thesis a krill chakra, and the location of this chakra is like your lower abdomen about two inches below the navel and then two inches in its right around your sexual organs. And the color associated with this beautiful chakra is orange. And a healthy sacral chakra is all about balance and pleasure and sensuality. And, you know, being in tune with your sexual nature and not feeling so, um constrained and an unhealthy sequel. Shaqra, You're gonna have a lot of trust issues. You might even have commitment issues. You might have addictions or a tendency toe overdue and overextend yourself. The third chakra is the solar plexus chakra. And this the location of this chakra starts in the center of the belly button and extends up to about your breastbone or where your two sets of ribs connect So really kind of a little bit of above your belly button, I should say, And the color associated with this chakra is yellow. And this chakra is really all about intuition and a healthy chakra is wise. And you really hold a lot of personal power, your excellent and decision making. You're able to really kind of see things for what they are and not be a victim of them. Uh, this is all about confidence and intuition and trusting your gut and an unhealthy sequel. Shaqra, you're gonna lack confidence. You're going to depend on others way too much. You're going to be quick to anger, and you might even have digestive issues. This also I wanted to point out Usually when you are a highly sensitive person, a lot of the times your solar plexus chakra might be a little off balance due to the fact that you are picking up so much energy that you might even have, like a little, Um Ah, I actually noticed I was talking to a friend, and this is like, kind of a side note, but not really. I was talking to another intuitive reader, and they were saying How ah, lot of people who are very sensitive or highly impact half empathic excuse me 10 to kind of hold extra weight near their solar plexus because it's almost like a protection. So they were saying to me how hard it is for them to lose their pouch, and this person's a male, So it's obviously like he didn't have a baby or anything. But he says that like he, um, did so many cleanses and he worked really hard on trying. Teoh, you know, get rid of his pouch, but it's really hard for him because it's almost like your body or your spiritual body creates like a cushion because you're getting so much energy thrown at you all the time. when you are an impact that it's like it's like a protection if that makes any sense. So you know, you might have an issue with your gut if if this is something that you have dealt with in your life Now, the Fourth Shaqra is the heart chakra, and the location of this obviously is the hearts Shocker Center is right over your heart and it radiates down to your breastbone and up to your throat. And the color associated with this beautiful, beautiful Shaqra is green and a healthy heart. Shaqra is you love yourself. You respect yourself. You respect others, your compassionate, your generous. You basically live through your heart on an unhealthy Shaqra is you have very low self esteem. Usually, you know you hold might have some loss of personal boundaries. You might have extremely unhealthy relationships and you might lack Ah, lot of self love and respect. The fifth Shaqra is the throat Shaqra. So the location of your throat chakra is Yes, You guessed it in the middle of your throw and it radiates down to the center of your heart and up to your eyes. The color associate ID with this chakra is light blue. Um, And how a healthy throat chakra You're able to speak your truth. You stand up for yourself, you stand up for others, you're very independent. You are able to voice your opinion in a very respectable way and you have a great, great, great sense of self worth. And you are great communicator and unhealthy throat chakra is going to suppress emotions. You are not going to speak up for yourself. You're going to harbour all of this energy that all this negative energy within you and you're going to feel ignored were undervalued. So as we get up, we are now at the six Shaqra and this is your third eye or your brow chakra. The location of this chakra is your third eye centre, and it's right between your eyebrows and it radiates down to your mouth and up to the top of your head. The color associated with this is indigo. Now indigo is kind of like a dark, bluish purplish color. Um, it Zaveri pretty color and it's healthy. Ah, healthy third eye chakra is going to be in tune with both the physical and the non physical . Your third eye is going to be open. You're going to be receiving psychic information and you're just going to get the big picture. You will most likely have extreme clairvoyance. You you just kind of get it. You're woke, so to speak. You kind of get that. This world is much bigger than what we think it is. And an unhealthy third eye chakra You're going toe lack spiritually understanding. You're going to question everything. You're going to be very much analytical and you're going tohave a lack of imagination. So the last chakra is the crown chakra, and the location of the crown chakra is at the top of your head and it radiates down to between your eyes and then extends infinitely upward and outward. And it connects you to the energy of the universe as well as all things and the color associated with this is a beautiful purple and a healthy crown chakra. You are connected to your higher self. You are connected to God in all things who are intuitive. You have a great connection to source energy. You are in control of your emotions and you have a great focus on what you want in life. An unhealthy crown chakra. You might suffer from depression. You might have a lack of drive. You might get dizzy. You might have mental fogginess, lack of empathy, empathy or you just might be extremely sensitive. So those are your seven crown chakras. I am going to include a shocker clearing meditation as well in this section. And in the next section we are going to talk all about angels and spirit guides and how we can incorporate them into your spiritual development. I'll see you in the next section. 5. Tools and divination: in the section, we're going to go over some different tools and divination that you can incorporate into your spiritually readings in practice. We're going to talk about what, exactly divination is. We're gonna go over some of the different tools that you can use for divination. We're going to talk briefly about the difference between two row cards, verse, Oracle cards. We're going to talk about crystals as well as essential oils. So before we dive in, cause people divination has a lot of power behind it, especially in the spiritual community. So I went ahead and I I did my own research because I was always curious what other people thought Divination waas. Now I got two different definitions, and I was very, um I don't want to see surprise, but very, um I guess taken aback by it, Um, because these seem like very old world kind of definitions. And now that it's, you know, the 21st century, I think that divination is kind of took a different term. Um, and it's becoming more mainstream and not is all as scary as maybe these definitions, you know, can make it seem so. The first definition of divination that I came across on the Internet was the art or gift of prop prophecy or the pretense of prophecy by supernatural means. E. I don't know if I should be laughing or not, but this is very like old world, you know, turn of the century kind of meaning for divination. Another divination definition that I came across was the art or practice that seeks to first see or four tell future events or discover hidden knowledge, usually by the interpretation of omens or by the aid of supernatural powers. Now, as you can obviously see that these meanings make divination sound a little freaky, a little scary and and might turn you off by them. But I do want to tell you the divination now, in 2019 as I, you know, create this course. It is so much different than what you know these definitions are putting out there divination my definition, and I feel like this is a nicer, nicer definition to go by when we're talking about divination is the practice of spiritually guidance, healing and prophesy to promote clarity and wisdom to the Seeker. Divination is not all about fortune telling in fact, it's the complete and total office. It it's actually ah, form where we can, you know, see a person's past, present and future as well. A c aspects of theirselves. Um, you know, spiritually, personally, things that need to be healed. And it really is a beautiful tool toe have, especially when you are doing psychic readings and offering, you know, some sort of spiritual guidance or guidance because it brings a lot of clarity to the readings, especially if you're not even wanting to do readings for people. And you just want to do it yourselves, you know, Ah, stack of Oracle cards or a stack of, um, you know, to row cards. If you pull one a day, it really can bring a lot of clarity and guidance into your life. So that really is kind of like the low down on what divination is. And let's talk about different divination tools that you can use and incorporate into your life. So, as I stated before, there are two row cards. There are Oracle cards. There is pendulum dowsing. There are tea leaf readings. There are ruins. Um, there's this thing called Scribd, which is, you know, the crystal ball. I'm sure that you've heard of it. There's automatic writing. There's Weegee boards. There are much more divination. Tools that aren't as mainstream is thes. But these air really kind of Ah, really great place to start. If you're interested in learning more about divination now we are going to in the next section. I'm going to talk briefly about the difference between two row and Oracle cards because there is a pretty big difference between them. And if you are interested in, you know, incorporating one or the other within your spiritual practice, it's good to know the difference, so I will see you in the next section. 6. Crystals: it didn't. In this section, we are going to talk about different crystals that you can incorporate into your spiritual development that will help you access higher realms of consciousness as well as you know, spirit, communications and just really get you in touch with your intuition. So before we go any further, I do want to point out that everything that I'm talking to you about in this section as well as the next section these were just tools. You don't necessarily need to go out and buy all of these crystals. And by all the essential oils thes air. Just really great things that you can, you know, if you'd like, incorporate into your spiritual development because it will help you really open up your psychic centers. You know, harness your intuition, learned to trust her intuition and really just enhanced the whole experience. So let's go ahead and talk about crystals that you can bring into your life that will help you, um, you know, be more spiritually conscious. Now, the first crystal we're going to talk about is am a fist and that this is a very popular stone. It is actually the birthstone for February um, Mammoth ist is really known as the ultimate psychic protection stone. And what it does is it basically transmutes negative energy in tow, love. And it enhances your spiritually awareness in higher states of consciousness. It's also a very good stone for, you know, wanting to focus and, um, really harness your energy in tow. One project. So I have a nice big piece of AM a fist on my desk, and it really kind of helps me even just looking on. It helps me focus on the casket hand. It also is a really great stone that opens your opens you up to your intuition, and you're psychic gifts. It helps balance and regulate your emotions, especially on those bad days. It's also a really great stone for headaches and tension. Ah, lot of ancient crystal healers would put I am a fist all around the head when someone was suffering from migraines, believe it or not, which was a pretty interesting fact that I learned, and it also boost production of hormones and tunes into the endocrine system so you can see that this is a really, really powerful stone, and it's also very accessible. Um, you can go basically with all of these stones, you can go on etc. You can go to your little local new age door. I will also add a list of, um, crystal stores online that you can use that I have use that I I would say, you know, they're pretty good, so you can go ahead and do that. And the next stone I want to talk about is Saleh night. Now, as you can see in the photo, selling is a very, very light, clear kind of stone is a very high vibrational stone, and it also opens the crown and the higher crown chakra. It helps you access angelic consciousness and higher guidance. It's a very, very fine bright vibration, and it helps you really kind of clear your mind of any kind of chatter or any kind of to do list that you're holding onto. Sil A. Knight Wands are used to detach unwanted energy streams from the auras, um, which are called, which can really kind of drain your energy if you've been in contact with an energy vampire or, you know, if you have an affair record or something that can really drain your energy and sell a night. Ones are used to detach those chords from your orc field so that you are free of any sort of attachments. Now, this stone also transmits negative energy into positive energy. It's also just a very good clarify air. It clears any confusion or judgment in sight. And these This is a stone that I have everywhere. And as you can see in the photo, you can see that they're like a pretty decent size where you can put thes stones. Ah, lot of people will put the stones on top of window sills on top of doorways because and allows it, you know, you put it there and it will clear all negative energy that comes in and out of the house. So this is one of my favorite stones, and it does not happen. This is another good stone tohave because it does not ever have to be cleared. This stone will actually clear all other stones, so you'll never have Teoh clearer charge Saleh night because it is a natural, um, clear. It takes all positive negative energy and turns it into positive regardless, Another stone that's very super popular, probably the most popular. Out of all the stones is courts. There are several different types of courts between Rose quartz smoky courts. I'm just talking about regular clear courts here, and this regular clear courts is the most powerful healing and energy amplifier. It absorbs its stores. It releases. It, regulates energy, and it helps on blocks it. It raises energy to the highest possible level, and it also helps enhance your psychic abilities and in tunes to your spiritual purpose used in meditation courts. Fish filters out distractions and allows you to come back to the present moment. This is a really super powerful stone. A lot of our new technology has has courts in it. There's computers, their cell phones. There's watches that will have courts in it because of its amazing properties. This I love this stone. I love the Stone, and like I said, this is a really good stone toe. Have I always have a big chunk around me when I'm doing a reading? Because I feel like it clears. Um, any sort of the enter all of my junk, all of my energy, and allows me to really just focus on what I'm getting psychically the next stone is black Tor Mally, now black tourmaline. I think everybody should have black tourmaline in their collection because this is probably the most protective, energetically, energetically protected stone out of all the Crystal Kingdom. I call it the bodyguard because this stone is just you can use it for everything you can. It's really great to just have on hand at all times because it is such a powerful protector that it will clear away any sort of negative energy. It also is a great detoxing and cleansing and purifying stones. So when you, um when you are having one of those days where you can't seem to get out of your head when you know nothing seems to be going right when it's all woe is me, this is a really good stone tohave because it kind of shocks all that out of your system. This is also an excellent stone. When you are, you might be battling insomnia, or you might have trouble like myself going to sleep at night because you're just going over your two delis, you know, while you're you know, while you're trying to fall asleep because this really kind of shuts that down and allows you to just be still. The last stone I want to talk about is moonstone. Moonstone is a really beautiful stone. It is a highly highly intuitive stone, so it helps you connect to your soul. It helps you connect to your intuition, which allows you to receive spiritually guidance and, you know, connect you to the higher realms of consciousness. It also is a very good, emotionally balancing stone. This is a very good stone for females. It's Ah, it's a really good emotional balancing stone for females. It helps us connect to the divine feminine. It helps us really get in touch with our emotions and our mental and physical health. And it's also a great stone for insomnia because it helps you regulate your sleeps the cycles, and it's also very much as you can tell by the name. It helps you connect to the energy of the moon. So really, you know when you are, especially if you are interested in learning about the moon cycles and, you know, incorporating that into tiered spiritually. Practice moonstone is such a beautiful stone toe have on hand. Now I do want to point out that in this photo. This is a moonstone, but moonstone. There are a lot of different moon stones like there. I've seen Moon Stones come in like a very, um, kind of angelic kind of color that almost looks like Opal. I I've seen, you know, like sandstone color moon stones, moon stones, A very large. Um, there's a There's a large kind of collection of moonstone. So don't think if it doesn't look like white and black that it's not moonstone, because there's a ton of different colors associated with the moonstone crystal. 7. Essential oils: in this section, we are going to talk about some different essential oils for your spiritually development. Now again, as I stated before in the last section, all of this stuff is things that you can Corp and incorporate into your life that will only help you connect more spiritually to your soul and just it enhance your life in so many different ways. Not even including your spiritual development. Because all of these essential oils have major health benefits added into them as well. So the first essential oil that I want to talk about is frankincense. Now Frankincense is a really well known, super powerful, super spiritually essential oil. This was actually the essential oil that Mother Mary rubbed upon Jesus feet while he was on the cross, and it is all about improving one's spiritually connection. Frankincense not only has ah long list of healing properties healing, you know, physical properties, but was also burned to get rid of evil spirits and to purify body and soul. Another quick tip for you. This was actually the frankincense resin that you can actually see in the photo that was used in a lot of churches. They would burn that in a lot of churches, in order to rid any evil spirits and purify the sacred, the sacred space. And it's a valuable ingredient as well, in skin care products for aging and dry skin. But all in all, this is a very, very powerful, powerful, essential oil. You can put a little drop, that's all you need. Um, really any sort of essential oil you don't need Munch, especially if it's a very good essential oil like Da Terra or young living or plant therapy . All of this is super, super potent, and all you need is really one drop. And what I like to do with frankincense is I will take one drop and put it on my third eye before any sort of reading, which really allows me to kind of open up my third eye and get my clairvoyance going for the reading. So another essential oil is lavender. No lavender promotes peace, tranquility and harmony, not to mention that it's X excellent for insomnia and stress relief, and to reduce anxiety. This particular oil has so many healing trades, and lavender oil provides such an increased healing effect on our spirit as well as a lot of physical, um, a lot of physical things that it's reused in a lot of spiritually healing sessions. Now lavender is also an excellent helper in releasing any energy blockages, and also helps us clear any blockages through our seven major shock rose that we learned about before. Patchouli, now for truly, is a very, um, I want to say like it's very earthy. It's a very earthy scent, and it is a extremely sacred oil, and it's used in a lot of spirituals rituals. It's an excellent grounding oil, and it also helps with purifying and cleansing ones. Energy the last meant not least I want to talk about lemon essential oil. Now Lemon is just a huge promoter in just a little like overall spiritually health. It purifies the mind, body and spirit, and this is also an excellent Shaqra, um, balancer, so to speak as well. It's also very good for cleaning around the house. Um, you can make your own. You can make your own cleaning with vinegar and lemon oil. There's so many recipes out there. You can also do this. I use lemon essential oil for with baking soda, and then I will throw it on my carpet. Um, and let that sit, And it really just help spring like that. Nice, clean sent into my home. It also is an excellent cleaner for floors as well. If you have, you know, the hot water, Um, you know, in vinegar and you put a couple of drops of lemon essential oil and there it really helps get that, like vinegar sent out as well. So those are a couple of essential oils that I wanted to talk to you about just because I used these in my every day. And I see a really beautiful benefit toe, all of them again with this and the crystals. These are not necessary for your spiritual growth, but they sure do help the process. So, you know, use your own discretion, user intuition and enjoy, you know, getting to know your spiritual side and getting to know all of the things that you find helpful in your journey. 8. The clairs: in this section, we're going to go over the eight different psychic centers in which we receive psychic information. These can also be called the Claire's as well, just just for your reference. Now, the first Claire or psychic center that I want to talk about is Claire Tangent C Now clear Tangent C is the ability to obtain psychic information through touch. So you may have experienced this if you were in close proximity of maybe an old object or someone who was going through something. And you just kind of got a download of knowledge or understanding about this particular object or person without having any sort of formal discussion or, you know, formal studying about this particular thing. This clear is also cold site com a tree, and this is the practice of retrieving psychic information through tangible objects. A really great thing to do to enhance your clear Tange, insee or sigh comma tree is go to your favorite antique shop or go toe in a state sale and just pick up something that you are feeling intuitively guided to and just hold it for a couple of seconds a couple of minutes and see what kind of information or kind of feelings that you get from these objects. It's it's a lot of fun. I do this all the time. And PS metal objects work best when practicing this because they hold energy extremely well . So the second clear I want to talk about is clairvoyance, and this is clear seeing. This is probably the most popular of all declares, and it's pretty easy to develop because really what it is, it's your mind's eye. It's your imagination. So you might have a strong sense of clairvoyance already, if you know you daydreamer ladder a lot, or if you have really vivid dreams and you will. Actually, there are a ton of development exercises in the next section for you that will help you not only develop your clairvoyance, but all of your Claire's. The third Claire is Claire. Cognizance and clear cognizance is all about clear. Knowing this is when you just suddenly know something to be true, and you have not felt that you didn't see it. You didn't hear it. You just know it. You don't know where you got the information, but you just know that something is true and it's a fact, and I call this a cosmic download because it just doesn't. It doesn't come through any of your senses like any of the other Claire's. You don't feel it. You don't hear it. You don't smell it, you don't taste it. It's just it's basically a piece of information that was placed in your mind That, you know, is true. Whether it be, you know, seeing some, you know, ah, specific personality, trade about a person or, ah, something that's going to happen in the future. It's just you just know it. You don't know how you know it, but you know it. The next Claire is Claire. Audience and clear audience is clear hearing. This is when you perceive subtle sounds or noises or words from the spiritual realms. Now this this Claire is definitely something that you question a lot. Um, I went, I was developing my clear audience. I would here like cars, or I would here, like Children laughing in the background, and it really it's not as crazy as what you think it is. It's not very loud. It's a It's a much more simple, calming like, whisper kind of tone that comes to you. But this is, um this is a very interesting Claire to develop because you never know what you're gonna hear. And sometimes what you hear, especially if you're doing some sort of psychic reading of some sort, may not really intertwine with the energy of the reading. But it's going to bring in Ah, whole different piece of information That kind of brings the reading all together. The next Claire is clear Empathy and clear empathy is clear emotion. It is the awareness of perception of emotional energy. So you may be clear empathic if you sense other people's emotions. This is also cold. You know, if you consider yourself a highly sensitive person or M path, you're clear. Empathy is most likely extremely heightened if you consider yourself to be an empathic person, and this is when you can feel someone's emotions, you feel the heartbreak. You feel the grief. You feel the anger just by necessarily being around them, orb being within their energetic range. The next clear I want talk about is clear. Cinci ins now clear. Centeon. Excuse me. Now this condemn f innately feel like clear empathy, but they're two different things. We have to remember that clear empathy is about the clear emotion. So remember, empathy e in the middle emotion. That's usually how I try to distinguish the difference and clear sentence is clear physical feeling. So you're going to have a gut feeling you're gonna feel it in your whole body that something doesn't feel right. You might feel heart palpitations or not in your stomach. This is really your your psychic center that affects your body and how you feel things, not how you perceive emotion. So this is definitely I've noticed, too, when you are a highly sensitive person that you're clear sentences usually pretty heightened as well. Um, just like your clear empathy. But it's you really want to try to determine the two different types of Claire's. So you know where exactly that information is coming from. The next Claire is clear salience. This is clear smelling. This is when you get psychic insights that come in the form of a cent. So, you know, I actually had a really I had a student ones, and she told me that, um, she smelt her grandmother's French perfume so distinctly and her grandmother passed years and years ago and she didn't smell it for, you know, years. And then all the sudden she just Scott caught a whiff of this very distinct extinguished, sent. And, ah, lot of the times spirit will you send in order to let you know that they're around and that there appease and that there with you and this happens a lot. You might get like, a tobacco smoke if somebody you know smokes tobacco, are you know, sometimes you'll you'll smell. I've smelt fire, um, in a reading. This is really, um this is such an interesting clear because the thing with Claire salience is that you don't necessarily smell it with your nose. You just you just it's I just I can't explain it because you don't smell it with your physical knows or your physical. Um, you know, the physical you you sense it, but thean emotions of it and just you just know that you smell it. If that makes any sense, sorry if I got you all confused there. So the last but not least, those The last Claire is quote called Claire Gustines, and an individual with clear Gustines is a form of clear tasting and you receive psychic information through the sense of taste without having any physical source of that taste in your mouth. So if you're sitting there having your morning coffee and cereal and all of a sudden you're tasting filet mignon, that is a clear, gusting and psychic hit. And, you know, I think that this is the funny thing is like with clear Gustines. I feel like we, um this happens more often than when we think, but we just kind of like shrug it off because that's what we dio. We just shrug off so much of our intuitive hits and, you know, spiritually downloads, because that's what we're programmed to dio. But those are your eight psychic centers, and in the next section, I am going to add a pdf with 20 different psychic exercises that will help you strengthen all of these psychics hunters. I will see you in the next lecture 9. Psychicexercise: in this section. We are going, Teoh, put ourselves to the test and do a couple of psychic exercises. Now, don't be afraid. This is all for fun. This is not a test, you know you're not gonna get graded on it. This is just really showing you, You know, this is gonna help you see where you're at with your psychic development and where your strongest clears are If you are feeling the information if you're hearing at seeing it, um, you know, if your clear cognizant it's really going to help you notice how you are receiving your psychic information. So with this first, Ah, with this first exercise, all I ask is that you go ahead and get some scrap paper, a pen and pencil and head on over. Come on back and we are going. Teoh, pick up energetically. What is in this envelope now? I know that sounds a little crazy. I know it sounds out there, but here's the thing. This whole universe is made up of energy. It's all energy. So whatever I hypothetically put in this envelope, you are able to pick up on where you are, wherever you are in this world and we're going to see this is gonna be fun. Just put it that way, guys. So go ahead and grab yourself some scrap paper and a pen, and I'm gonna put a timer on this. So in this envelope right here, there is a photo. It might be a photo of people. It might be a photo of a place It might be, ah, photo of an event. Who knows? But this is what we are going to do. We are going Teoh set the intention to receive psychic information about the photo in this envelope, and I'm going to put a timer on. And it's gonna be about a minute. I'm just gonna give you a minute. And in that minute, I just want you to write down everything. You get everything you get, whether it be a vision that you get If you hear something, if you feel something right, everything out. And then we are going to see what exactly is in the envelope. So go ahead, grab your pen, grab your paper and I am going to set the timer right now. And you have a minute. Have fun. - Okay , The minute is up. So let's go ahead and see what exactly is in this M blue. So there you have it. That was the photo that was in the envelope. Take a look at all your notes, See if anything made sense again. This is a really tough exercise because it's very hard when you're not able to actually see what you're reading. If that makes any sense so it doesn't matter what you got. Just know that that was essentially your subconscious mind giving you the information to try to get you to this answer. It looked at all your past history. It looked at all of your beliefs. It looked at all of the events that have occurred in your life that could get you to this actual photo. So maybe all of the stuff that you received doesn't really make any sense. But in one way, shape or form, it does. So go ahead and, you know, just take a look and really kind of see where you felt your strongest was. Where you getting a lot of visions, Where you just getting very clear cognizant downloads? Were you feeling things? That's a really big indicator of where your strongest Now we are going to go ahead and do another psychic exercise, so this is a different type of exercise, but it's still justice fun. And make sure you ground and protect again. There is a grounding on protection meditation, um, available to you in the section. I believe it's another section that we already went through so you can go ahead and do that , and then you want to ask your guides to come close to help you really get as much information as you possibly can. So when you are ready, just kind of focus in on these four pictures and just ask yourself, either out loud or in your head. What photo did I choose? What photo did Erica shoes and just go through each photo? Start with photo one and just make your way through and notice any feelings you get when you look at a particular photo notice. Any polls that you feel what one year specifically drawn to go head and just really focus in, and I'll give you a couple of seconds to do that. - Okay , so go ahead and kind of quiet your mind and let's see which photo I chose out of these four . Okay, So if you chose the lilies Congratulations. If you chose another one, don't worry about it. This is all practice. Don't you know? Don't beat yourself up about it. And just kind of notice if there was a different sensation when you looked at this photo as regards to another photo. And that's how you learn how spirit speaks to you and how you get your psychic information . Okay, so the next exercise that we're going to do is a tricky one. I'm gonna tell you right here the next. In the next slide, I have a photo that I have chosen, and I have chosen a seven letter word that I associated with this photo. So you want to make sure that you ground and protect, obviously, and you want to close your eyes and just take a couple of deep breaths and just get into that quiet where your monkey mind, you know, turns off and and you're able to just be and again ask your guides to come close and just write down on that piece of scrap paper that you already used any letters or sounds or feelings that you're getting and just stay on that pages long A Z, you know, as long what will give it a minute? You know, we'll give it a minute and just write down anything that you feel any letters that are coming in your head and we will take it from there. So let me go ahead. I am going to change the slide. Um, this is the picture I have chosen again. I have associate ID a seven letter word with this photo, and I'm going to give you a minute to go head on and work through this exercise, and yeah, it's the minute will start right now. Okay, the minute is up. Let's go ahead and see what the seven letter word is that I associated with this photo. I chose the seven letter word comfort with this photo. Now, again, this is a really hard exercise, so do not beat yourself up about this. See if you got any of the letters. If you were getting any sort of hits, intuitive hits, this is all for practice. So please don't beat yourself up. If none of this makes sense because ah, lot of it's not going to make sense. I hope that you guys enjoyed this. Let's go ahead. So the next thing that we're going to do this is going to be in the next section is a remote viewing exercise. So I will see you in the next lecture again. Come with a pen and paper and we well do this next exercise. 10. Psychicexercise2: Okay, In this psychic exercise, we are going to be trying some remote viewing. Now again, As I stated before, go ahead and get a piece of paper handy as well as a pen, because we're going to be scribbling all of the psychic. It's that we are, you know, getting downloaded into us. I am going. Teoh give you about a minute to just really kind of write down everything that you're getting any sort of feeling, any sort of vision, any sort of taste in your mouth. Whatever the case may be, write it down. There is no wrong answer. So let me go ahead. I'm going to put a timer on and we are going. Teoh, do this again. This is a place obviously in on earth. Uh, you know, just write down everything you get, and we will see at the end of the minute. Ah, where this place is. So let's go ahead. The timer starts now. Okay, The minute is up. Let's go ahead and see where this beautiful location actually is. So this beautiful scenic view is in Costa Rica, which is in South America. So go ahead and take a look at everything you jotted down, see of any make sense. See if you could see you know how you can connect the dots and congratulations. This has been the exercise portion of the the course, and I hope that you had fun. And I look forward to seeing you in the next section. 11. Psychicstuffandmeditation: in this section. I just wanted to quickly go over the difference between a good psychic and a bad psychic. Because unfortunately, there are still con artists out there that don't have the best intentions. And usually they all have the same kind of warning signs, so to speak, especially when you are, you know, just diving in and wanting to get a psychic read from somebody. So a good psychic is someone who just has really great energy. They're positive. They're healing their friendly, their humble and the approach readings with compassion and kindness. They don't force you into, you know, any sort of reading. They just their humble about it. They don't push you into a reading saying that you're going Teoh. You know that there's a curse on you and that you have to pay me a certain amount like no good psychics don't do that. And you know, you leave this session in a better place than when you came. You don't go. You don't walk out of the reading Or, you know the time that you spend with your reader, you know, feeling worried or sad or, you know, concerned about anything. And you know their rates are reasonable and they have a good reputation. Word of mouth is like the number one thing, especially when it comes to psychic reading. So if someone refers you to someone, definitely, you know, use that as a good place to start and someone who invests in their development and their business because, you know, at the end of the day, whatever sort of reading that they're doing, whether it be, you know, intuitive readings, mediumship readings. This does require a level of development and a level of expertise. It's not, you know, Yes, Maybe you were gifted, you know? You know, maybe you were like this from a young age. Maybe you were always able to connect with spirit. But you know, when we are developing and you know, whether it be personal or spiritual, there's always a level of education that should come with this kind of stuff. So, you know, someone who you know, invests in their their own development is someone who takes it seriously and knows. You know, the importance of of just healing and investing in yourself. So some tell tale signs of a bad psychic is someone who's just cold and unwelcoming and kind of rude, and you know, someone who claims that they know it all because that's not the case. You know, someone who claims that they know everything and that they can foresee the future. You can't that that's just you can't do that. I'm sorry. Like there's so many things that come, especially when you were talking about future events that there so many aspects that you have to consider whether it be, you know, the vibration of the person. Or, you know, if it's about a relationship, the vibrations between both the people and someone who drops bombs like there are psychics out there. And I've had my own experience with, you know, psychics reading for me, where they dropped bombs that don't need to be needed. Like you did not have to drop that bomb on me like I did not need to know about that. Like, you know, talking about people around me is relationships. And you know, things that aren't any of my business like people that do that. Like, where is your conscious? I'm sorry. You know, Where's your conscious? Have some self, you know, have some respect and have some humility and someone who approaches you on social media is you is like a big, big No, no, I had someone. No, I can't even like, make this up. I had someone reach out to me via Instagram saying that she'll give me a 15 minute reading and I I just wanted to see what what it was all about. And then after the 15 minute reading and this was while I was already a psychic medium, doing readings myself and going to development circles and and and all of that after the 3 15 minutes was done, she told me I had a curse and that it was all my shockwaves. Ripple hocked. And, you know, she said that she can fix that for $200. So, you know, just be very cautious of people who approached you on social media and anyone who claims that there's a fin, you know, your family has a cursor and evil I against you Usually that just that's just a huge No, no. I mean, that's just don't trust your own intuition. This is like the biggest thing is like when When you are going to, you know, looking for us, you know a psychic or a medium or a spiritually whatever and intuitive, Use your own intuition. Use your own intuition. Who Who's energy feels good to you? Who do you think can give you the most you know, for your time and your energy? Because, you know, at the end of the day, every single one of us has intuition and every single one of us constraint than it. And listen to it if we want Teoh, and that's really what it comes down to. So another thing that I really want to talk about is just the power of meditation and mindfulness, especially when you are developing your spiritually gifts and you're spiritually connection . This meditation, a daily meditation practice, is the most important thing in your toolbox. Okay, you can have all the crystals in the world. You can, you know, do all the psychic development exercises you can. You know, Havel, the essential oils. You can have all the divination, but at the end of the day, it's about training your monkey mind too quiet in order to allow spirit to come through you , and how we do that is through the art of mindfulness and meditation. and not only does it help with your spiritual toolbox, it reduces stress and anxiety, and it helps process emotions. It also allows your intuition and psychic abilities to blossom on their own. And it helps you detach from all those beliefs and stories and ideas that we tell ourselves that we're not enough, that we're not psychic, that we're not intuitive because we all are. And the American Meditation Society says that the most beneficial practice is two times a day for 20 minutes. Each time. I say 15 minutes a day is just fine, because I know that we live in really hectic, really crazy times where we don't even have five minutes to ourselves. But if you can take 15 minutes out of your busy schedule to just sit and focus on your breathing, I can tell you that it's going to work wonders for you on your development 12. Intuitivetype: hate guys in welcome to the training. I am really? I don't know where I'm looking. How you see that? I'm so this be looking right there. Um, first off before I even start, I am filming this and Mercury retrograde and I have been having a lot of technical difficulties during this retrograde times. So I apologize if you know the video isn't coming in great, or I get all blotched up or whatever, but bear with me, Okay, So in this training, we are going to figure out your intuitive type. You know, when we start strengthening our psychic muscles and our intuition, we I feel like a lot of us want to know, and my clairvoyant and my Claire cognizant and my this and my that, you know, will figure out all of that along the road. But sometimes it's really important for us to understand what kind of intuitive we are because there are different types of intuitive is there's Chamonix intuitive. There's, um healing. Intuitive is. And when we actually learn what kind of intuitive we are, it's It helps us understand how we perceive information how we get in firm IHS psychic er intuitive. information and how we help the world. So in this training, it's it is a test. So you are going to want to get into the download area. Sorry, my phone. You're gonna want a head on over to the download area and get all that information and you're gonna want to do the test. And after that you're going to figure out what kind of intuitive you are, and this might lead you towards a different path. You know, this will give you a lot of information is going to help you with your readings, and it's going to help you with your growth because you're going to know where your strengths lie. So have fun with this training. I really enjoyed it. I gained a lot of insight from it. And I hope you guys do, too. And that's basically it. So enjoy it. Have fun. Um, you know, if you're anything like me, you're a student of life. So any sort of information that you can give about me as a person, as a soul, as I learn and expand the better. So enjoy this training and I will see you soon 13. MerlinDecember2019: Hello and welcome to December 2019 training for the modern mystic society. This training is going to help you connect to the Ascended Master Merlin. Now, if you are aware of who Merlin is or not, that's totally and completely fine. I'm going to give you a little bit of history on who Merlin is, why he's an ascended master and why we are going to be channeling some information or some guidance from him this month. So Merlin is most widely known in a lead in the, you know, as a legendary British magician magician. Excuse me, guys who lived in the court of King Arthur. You may be familiar with him from books like The Mists of Avalon or remember that Disney cartoon, The Sword in the Sown. Merlin is said to have helped arrange Arthur's birth, and he protected him in childhood and later on as his chief adviser, Merlin has been set as the guiding force behind the our theory in legends as well as taking care of him, Um, both, you know, in physical and mystical ways. Some accounts tell Merlin, you know, creating created the magical sword called Excalibur that proved that Arthur was the rightful king. So there are a lot of folklore, a lot of history, a lot of stories about Merlin. So it's really kind of awesome that he has ended up to be in a sentence master. He is very mystical. I had my first experience with Merlin back in 2018 and when I first channeled him, it was the energy was like any other I have ever ever experienced. I was already, um, pretty pretty good at connecting with my own guides. And when I connected to Merlyn, it was a completely different experience. So I'm really excited for you guys to have the opportunity to connect with Merlin, to see what he has to say to you, to give you a message to put you on the right path. He is just incredible. It was such a great experience. So I really I'm just really super excited for this training because it's going Teoh bring insight and it's going to help you just understand that there's so much more out there, you know, it's Oh, I'm just so excited guys. So in this training, what you're going to get is, I do have a PdF with some more information about Merlin, who he is as well as some journal questions. Um, which are going to be in the download section as well as a guided meditation. So obviously, you're gonna want to do the guided meditation first. Have everything handy. Have a pen and the questions handy. Have your journal handy and just completely allow yourself to be open and willing to gain insight and knowledge from Merlin. And you are going to have a really wonderful experience with this training. So, guys, it is I just can't wait to hear what you guys have to say about this. I hope that you guys enjoy it. I know I did. Cause I did this to is so I will see you in circle and have a great month. 14. Auratraining: Okay, guys, welcome to January 20 twenties training in the modern mystic society. And this is all about the aura. I am really excited about this training because when I first started digging into learning more about the aura, I was so surprised at how many layers there are and how much information that isn't really readily available to us. And I'm really excited to be sharing this with you because it really gives you a much better understanding. Plus, it also helps with your psychic development, because reading auras is technically, it's a psychic skill because your naked eye can't see the aura you almost have to train yourself to. Well, you have to train yourself to see the aura. So this is going to give you a bunch of tools to help you do that. Now, what exactly is the aura? So the aura, this word aura comes from the Greek word or meaning breeze or air, which I found to be very interesting on the aura is considered to be a system in our body. Okay, this is our energy. This is an energetic system within the human body, and the aura connects us to greater universal energy, which we are all a part of which you guys probably already knew that. Now the human aura is the interface between the body, your body on the universal energy and is connected by energy points on and throughout our bodies, which are considered our shock. CRA's now you do know are seven major shock rose. But we have many more shockers than that. Just so you guys know So all of this energy is flowing through our body at all times. Okay, so now that we know a little bit of the history of the or let's look at the layers of the aura now, as you can see, when I first started reading auras and doing and and, you know, learning about you know are yours and our energies, I didn't know that we had so many layers to the or is. So when I found this out, this was absolutely fascinating to me. And I'm sure that you guys are Justus, fascinated as I was. So as you can see that there are three different planes. Okay, there's the physical plane, the astral plane on the spiritual plane, and we're going to dive into each body and talk about what they represent. So the physical or a plane is the layer closest to us. And this is the layer that decreases through our waking hours and increases while we sleep or rest. And for this layer to be imbalance, we need physical comfort and pleasure and health. And if we, um if our auras are in general bad health, we will have this layer smudged all over. All right, so that is our first layer, and that's closest to our body. Now the next layer is the astral Orel plane. And this is also called the emotional layer. And this layer of our aura stores all of our emotional history and experiences with friends and family or anybody that we come in contact with. So, for example, if you need to heal negative emotions, you you will be holding that information in your astral or a plane. Okay, so the next one after that is the lower mental or a plane, and this relates to reason and thought and how we construct our own individual reality. This is where most of our time is spent because we live our lives through our heads and this is where we spend most of our waking hours within the lower mental or a plane. Okay, next is thehyperfix mental or a plane. And this this is kind of like the lower mental or plane, but it does connect us to deeper spiritually connections and meanings. So it it is connected to the mental or a plane, in a sense, but it adds more depth and value in wisdom. And this is where we store our higher self for our soles beliefs and and higher vibrational , um, ideas and concepts. The next plane after that is our spiritual or a plane. And this plane solely has to do with our spirituality and what connects us to the divine and to everything around us. This is our immediate surroundings and the wider universe. And how we, ah, says the soul is connected to everything that is. Then after the spiritually or a plane, there is the intuition ALS or a plane which is also known as the celestial plane. And this is where our dreams are stored. Our interest shin our overall spiritually awareness. This is where our psychic senses come into play. This is where, um, you know, our connection to our guides and God and Jesus is and then last but not least, there is the absolute or a plane, and this plane is basically what balances and harmonizes all the other layers off our aura . And it houses are experiences not only as a person as a human in this life, but our soul's journey and our souls experiences. So this is where all of the lessons that we have learned throughout all of our past lives are stored. And this is the blueprint to our own spiritually journey. And this is what connects everything together. So those air the planes of the aura. Now let's talk about the colors of the aura because let's be completely room. We talk about auras. We The first thing we think about is like, Oh, the colors around us, right? So the dominant colors in the or a determined a mood or a personality. So as moods, habits and personalities change, so does the aura. So please note that, you know, our aura is changing constantly. I mean, our our aura is changing minute by minute, but really, there's usually some dominant colors that are present within the or a because those are our personality traits. And as far as this is concerned, I have a pdf available in the download section that you guys can go and take a look at with some of the major colors and what they actually mean if they're present in the aura. So go ahead and do that because this is going to give you a much better understanding because we're actually going to be doing a quick exercise where you guys are going to read my or us, so definitely go head. Maybe pause this and go check that out and print out that pdf. Okay, so I did want to talk about aura readings because this is becoming much more popular, much more readily available. This is actually a picture right here of my aura. This is actually from 2 to 2018. I got it, um, done at a fair for $5. It was well worth it. And as you can see, this was you know, aura readings are career Lian camp Karoo lian cameras. I'm not sure if I'm pronouncing that correctly, but we have the technology now that we can take pictures off our or a which is pretty incredible. And this aura readings like this one can be found at psychic fairs and New Age stores. So it's definitely worth looking into because I'm always curious to see what you know. My energy is saying about me. So as you can see, this was in 2018. Um, I have a lot of yellow liable. I have some oranges you can see and it looks like I have some red over here. And then you can see a little better green right over here near my heart. So that was pretty cool. Toe learn. Um, quick story. I actually went with my sister. I went with my sister and she got her or reading, too. And when I tell you, our aura readings were so dramatically tip pricked, it was pretty pretty funny because, as you can see, when you're in MPA first off, you will probably notice if you get your order reading. Read your energy is much larger then. Ah, person who wasn't a highly sensitive. So when my sister got her or reading red, she's not really a sensitive as I am. Her aura probably ended like by right here. If you can see my arrow and mine was like protruding out outwards, so that's pretty cool. If you ever have the chance to do that with someone who isn't a sensitive, I would do that just to see the difference in the with of the actual or a. So if this was a lot of fun, it was very interesting, Um, again. So let's just kind of take a look at my order right now. As you can see, it's predominantly like I don't I mean, I don't know. Is it red or orange or yellow? There's a lot of yellow. So yellow means that you're very intelligent. You're very bright. You're very happy. Um, which I I would like to say that I am. And as you can see, the cool thing with this was when I was looking at it. There's some green over here if you can see, um, and more green over here, a swell near my heart and my throat and everything like this. And this was really when I started, um, you know, realizing that I was kind of a natural healer, So it was pretty cool toe. Learn about that. And, um, you know, I do believe Red is very passionate, very action oriented, which I do feel like I am. But again, like I said, this this picture is two years old. So I don't know what my or is looking like these days, but, you know, things change. I just wanted to show you guys this because I thought it was pretty cool. So one thing that is really super important when you are learning about auras or just in general when you're on your spiritual path is asking yourself, does your aura needs strengthening? Because, remember, your aura is your energy. This is what you are putting out into the world. So if your aura is is low vibrational, you're picking up stuff you're holding on to things that aren't yours or, you know, not healing aspects of your life and self your or is not gonna be that strong. And there is going to be, um so let me go back to this. So I have a quiz that is also a download in the download section that you can go ahead and download Ah, print out if you want. You don't really need to print it out. You can just basically ask yourself the questions within the quiz and you can see, um, how you rank as faras your or is concerned Andi. Yeah, so that's number one Now Number two is I also have ah list of things that's going to help you strengthen your aura because some of this stuff is really super basic. I'm sure you guys are doing it already, but sometimes we need to remember the things that we need to do in order to stay high, vibrational and healthy and have a nice, clean, healthy, vibrant or a so that's also available in the pdf section for you as well. So the next thing that we're going to do is we're going to do a quick little sample reading of a picture of me, um, on how to see the auras. Now you want to go head? There's a lot of downloads in this training, so just just let you know there are a lot of downloads in this training, but you want to go ahead and download the pdf titled How to See Auras? Because this is going to give you a step by step basis on how to really tune in and focus your energy and focus your vision on the aura. So go ahead and do that. Ah, and pause this or come back to it. And then we will go ahead and I will put a picture of myself up so you guys can do some or readings. Okay, Now that I'm looking at this picture of myself, I am like, What was I thinking? Whoa. OK, so this is a picture of me. Um, So go ahead. I hope you have the, um, directions available in front of you or you already took a look at them. Um, when you're doing aura readings, it's pretty. It's a lot easier if you do it with the blank background. So as you can see, I just did this with my wall. Um, it's much easier to focus in on the energy that way. So what you want to do is you want to go through those steps, tune in and see what you picked up from my aura in this picture. What colors are you seeing? What you know is their predominant colors. Is there little pieces of color here and there? It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter what your colors are because this is just going to this is helping you tune into that frequency. Okay, Don't worry about what you get. And if someone else says that they see something else. Don't worry about that. Your training, your mind in your training, your eyes to be able to see energy. So just go ahead and do that. I'm going to keep this up for a couple of seconds to help you. Um, just relax and tune in, tow the energy around me, so go ahead and start. Okay? So whether you wrote stuff down or whatever the case may be, go ahead and take a look. You know what the colors mean or whatever. You know, just just educate yourself. You guys, there is no right or wrong answer. Especially when you're starting out with or readings. This was just practice. This is just something that you can dio any time. Really? Um, you know, there are a ton of Facebook groups out there that will help, you know that I'm sure there would be a ton of people that would be willing toe let you read their aura in a photo. I mean, there's just so many um, things out there that will help you grow This, uh, it's grow your psychic awareness, so go ahead and do that. But I hope you guys enjoyed this training. This was this is a really fun thing to do. And I'm definitely probably going to be doing a circle with this training, um, where we're going to read each other's or is. So I'm excited about that. Thanks again. I hope you guys have a wonderful January. 15. Julypsychicread: Hey, everybody and welcome Teoh how to conduct a psychic accurate that get reading. I am really super stupor excited about this training because I want to allow you guys to know the difference between being and path thick, getting an intuitive hit and actually conducting a psychic reading because they're free, totally different things. And when we learn the difference between them, it's so much easier to understand the guidance on the intuitive hits and all the things that we're feeling a sensitive souls. So I want this is points being I'm not sure what training this is gonna be. July's training and we are going Teoh, learn what an actual psychic reading is and how every single person on this planet can conduct a psychic reading. It's really super simple. So before we dive in, I want to give you guys a little bit of a back story about me and how I, you know, came to be, you know, making this video for you guys got the glare of my glasses is horrible. Um, so hello. My name is Erica Russo. Me just sexist. A little Perfect. So hello. My name is Erica Russo. I am the founder of Civil in their dot com. And I'm also a coachman. Intuitive media. So what that means is let me give you my little personal backstory. About 2.5 years ago, my husband suffered severely from anxiety. Um, it was to the point where it was like crippling. It was really affecting our family life on being a sensitive person, an impact. I was picking up what he was dealing with, and we were not really into using medicine to kind of put a Band Aid on this. We really wanted to get to the root of the problem so it wouldn't affect us at all anymore . So something came to me and I asked, I told him like, Hey, why don't you look into meditation? Meditation? So he started meditating, and within I would say eight days, I saw a dramatic improvement within him. He went from hardly being able to Dr Teoh, Um, just being the best version of himself. I was really, truly like, astounded by the difference between a med it daily meditation practice did to him. He meditated for two times a day for 20 minutes a day for eight days and I saw the most dramatic improvement within him. So seeing this, I said, Well, if this conduce you this for him, what can it do for me? So then that's when I decided to create a daily meditation practice for myself, doing the same thing that he did two times a day, 20 minutes a day. And I was just astounded I after doing meditation for so long, I can honestly tell you that it is something that will benefit every single person on this earth. But through my meditation journey, all the glare. So maybe mindset like this? Yeah, it's a little better. So through my meditation journey, I realized the connection I had with spirit. The deeper I went into meditation and and, you know, into those different brain waves, The more weird shit started happening. The more intuitive hits I got, the more messages from spirit I was getting and for a while, and when I say a while, I mean, like a while. I allow fear to kind of dictate this. I allowed fear and doubt, too, and just kind of take the reins. And it wasn't until I decided that I needed to kind of see what this Waas? Why? I was getting these hits when I was in a meditation. You know how these spirits were coming to me. It wasn't until I decided to go and do a mediumship workshop. And through that mediumship workshop, I realized that I was a medium because I was getting a lot of evidence and bringing, you know, I was gaining a lot of evidence and bringing it back. And that was when I decided that I needed to work on this because, you know, the universe isn't going to give you a gift like that. The universe isn't going to give you that connection to spirit unless you're supposed to use it. Right? So after that, I found another teacher, and I worked with her weekly for quite a while, and I strengthened my mediumship as well as learned how to psychically read people accurately. And it was such an amazing experience that I want to share all of this. What you guys? So where are we? Perfect. So before we even start, we need to talk about energy, right? We need to understand what is energy, who is energy and and how it plays a role in this training. So everything in this universe is made up of energy. From the blade of grass on your on your on your boat land to the tree in your yard to you to your mother, to your mother in law, To your friend, to your dog. Okay, Everything consists of energy. The difference between you and the blade of grass is the frequency in which you vibrate. Okay, We're not really gonna get into vibration because it's not really needed, But just understand that, right? And everybody in this everything that you know has energy and is alive has an Oric field. Now, I know you've probably heard of the aura and what this is. It's basically an energetic field around your body, and people who can read your aura can pick up things like psychically and, you know, your aura consist of different colors and all of that stuff. But again, we're not really going to dive into that because it's not that's that's a lesson for a different day. So with that, we're going Teoh, just leave out there it right? So everything is energy and everything hasn't or everything alive. Housing work. Those are two. Thanks. So now we're going to talk about the difference between intuition and psychic. OK, this one gets make mixed up a lot. And I want to just, like, let you know what the two different things are. Right? So everybody has intuition, and everybody has declares the psychic senses. All right, so our psychic senses are basically our five senses, but that's how we receive information. So it's our clairvoyance, which is our third eye. We have clear cock listens with just clear knowing we have, um God, we have player stallions. We have Claire send Ian's, and they all do different things. So the difference between getting an intuitive hit and a psychic it is that intuition always comes from within. Okay, so remember that. So if you're walking into a room and you just do not feel good about a person in this room , you are You are just not vibing with them. You don't like their energy. And your gut is telling you like I you gotta get away. You got to get away. Got a good way. That's your intuition that's coming from within. Okay. If you walk into a room and you get a download and you're going, Teoh. The more you do this, the more you're gonna understand the difference and how it feels. Because intuition is all about feeling right when we get an intuitive hit it coming from our higher self. And they use feeling to manipulate our bodies and our, you know, all the information that we're getting. So keep that in mind. Intuition is feeling anything else. Like, if you see something, if you walk into a room and you see that person and you see in your mind's eyes something that they did, that wasn't very good, that's psychic. Okay, those are two different things that we have to remember. But the easiest way to decipher a psychic retune, intuitive read is intuition is all about feeling OK. Intuition is coming from within you. It's coming from your higher self. Your you know, your connection to the universe where psychic is. You're picking up streams of energy around you and it's coming through. You all right now. There's also a difference between being an impasse and picking up energy. That way, I'm being psychic, all right. So, being an M path, I'm sure that there's a lot of impasse. Um, reading or watching Nestled on. It just means you're a very highly sensitive individual. You are a sponge for energy. You pick up other people's energy and, you know, you might have been deemed sensitive when you were younger or, you know, an introvert or something along those lines. So you know that, like I said, I'm not getting too much into em path. But that's when you are highly sensitive. You know, some of the signs of being empathic is you can't do large crowds. Um, you you think that you're an introvert or you might be an introvert, but you need time alone to kind of refuel your batteries. You read people really well. You might get weird spouts of anxiety or depression or anger, and you don't know where they're coming from. That's because you are highly sensitive and you're energetic sponge, and you need to learn how to ground you protect yourself. So that's what an impact this. And when we're talking about this, you know, like I said, psychic is different than picking up things as an M path, right? We have Teoh understand that when we're picking up things as an M path like if we're, you know, going into a room. And we're feeling that someone you know is upset because they might have gotten into a fight with the husband or something Along those lines, you're feeling that you're feeling their heart, Break your yelling, You know, the overwhelming, the sadness and you might even get choked up. That's being empathic when you are picking up information psychically, that means you are picking up something in their Orrick field. My lips keep on going back on it off. So when you are doing a psych agreed, right, if you're when you're picking something up psychically, you are intentionally picking of stream of energy up from their work fields. Okay, so that's the difference between being EMP, African being psychic. The way that you can see this is like if you're not intentionally trying to get information from somebody and you're still getting it, that's you being a sensitive sponge. That's you being a highly sensitive person. But if you are intentionally trying to see why is this person sad? Why am I feeling this way when I'm around this person and you're kind of connecting to their energy, that's a psych degree. So those are the two differences. Okay, so now let's get to the good stuff. Let me take a cup of coffee sipping coffee, Whatever is. So I'm gonna show you my beautiful diagram like that. Right? So as you conceive, that's that's the psychic. That's the client. And everybody has an orc field. You could see it. You know, the little bubble around the stick figures, and when you are, I'm like, pointing to the wrong one. So to conduct a psychic reading, the psychic sets the intention to pick up a piece of information from the client. Okay, so how you do this is like this. You close your eyes, you set a quick intention. You say it in your mind's eye. I wish to connect. Um, you know, for the greatest good, because you always want to do everything for the greatest gut. That is something that, like, you know, if you are doing an intuitive reading, if you are doing an M path like reading or whatever, whenever you are about to do some sort of reading, you always want to set the intention for the greatest good of of center. All right, So when you're doing a psychic read, you are picking up a stream of energy from your clients Orrick Field. All right, You are picking up a piece of information that's hanging around the Orc field, and you're using that as a gateway in All right. So a perfect example of this is Ah, let me see. I had a reading in November of last year and the man Waas pretty aloof, like he was not a believer. He was like, you know, shaking his hat at it. And I was like, Oh, boy, this is gonna be fun. So as soon as I connected and as soon as I set the intention, the first word I heard was aloof, and I was like, How am I going to tell this stranger that that's the first word? Mayhew. He's going to be really pissed. So I tried to go ahead and get another word, but I kept on getting aloof, aloof, aloof, and I just said, I just have to go with it. So I went into a loop. So I said, Is it true that you can sometimes be a little bit of it? And then he said Yes. and I said, Okay, Perfect. And then I blended in with that energy to see why he was why he was a skeptic. Why, he was, you know, not warmhearted. And within 4 to 5 minutes, I started feeling spirit Come through, right. And that was his mother coming through, who was aloof, who was very cold to him who was not very warm and loving. And that's why he was aloof. So it will really what it was like a beautiful experience for not only me, but for him because, yeah, it allowed him to see the power of spirit and allowed him to see that like this Israel. So, you know, this is how you do a psychic re. You know, if you don't wanna do it this way, that's totally fine. Go ahead and just, you know, do it the way you've been doing it. But I want you to know how to do an accurate psychic read so you can use it to your advantage. Another thing that we also have to talk about is you. You know, we can't read anybody that doesn't give us permission toe. Now I know that it's fun, and I know that. You know, you want to get to know that you're dating or you know, you want to know more about somebody, but it really is not. No bueno, Teoh, you know, conduct a psychic reading on someone who did not give you permission to. So please keep that in mind. We're always doing this for the greatest good of people. Okay, We're using our gifts to help people not to, like, figure out if your boyfriend is cheating on you. Okay, So, like I said to conduct a psychic reading is what you're doing is you're closing your eyes. You're taking a couple of deep breaths and then you're setting an intention for the greatest good of the center. And you ask spirits Teoh, connect you to this person's field. You might see something clairvoyant. Lee, you might hear a word you might you know, feel it in your heart. This is different for everybody. How you get your psychic information for me? I'm pretty clairvoyant. I'll see in my mind's eye or off here. Very, you know, pretty distinctly so whatever that piece of information is, that's how you start your you're reading. So if someone if The first thing you see in your mind's eye is a broken heart. That's what you start with. You say, I see. I see you. You have a broken heart. Is that true? And you give 2 to 3 pieces of information and you allow the person to say yes, no, or maybe. OK, so that's how you conduct a psychic reading. And when you pick up this stream of energy, whatever your gateway is, this gateway is basically a string it, like the yellow brick road to the person's whole life story. You can go all the way back to birth. You can go all the way back to childhood. You can go and find out what traumas that they have been through, what her pricks they have bring through. It's a really beautiful way to conduct a psychic reading because it's so frickin healing. Okay, so we, um that's that's it. It's really super simple. Like I said, everybody can do this. It is not just for, um, you know, the people that have ancestors that are psychics and, you know, seven generations. Everybody is energy. Everybody has the ability to read energy. Simple. Is that so? Let's recap We talked about my journey. We talked about the difference between getting an intuitive hit on a site. Get cut. We talked about the difference between getting information and pathetically and psychically . Is that even a word? It's not even a work so on. Then we talked about how to do an accurate psychic reading. So again, when you are doing a reading when you were doing a psychic reading, I should say you set the intention for the greatest that of the center. You quiet your mind and you get into that place of quiet so spirit can speak whenever you get. The first thing that you get is what you go. So again you can get your information totally different than mine. You might see it. You might hear it. You might. You might taste it. It's crazy. It's really it's so frickin nuts. So when you get that piece of information, you hold on to it and just allow that stream of energy to come through you through your psychic centers and every 2 to 3 hits every 2 to 3 pieces of information, you have to go back to your sitter and say, Do you know this to be true. Is this accurate about you? And they're gonna say yes, No. Or maybe if you get a no, that usually indicates that there's some sort of subconscious block around that piece of information. There's something there that they're blocked off from. It might be something that needs to be healed. It might be something that's just too sore that they don't want to deal with. But I always say that what you do when you get a note or maybe is you blend with that you become it. You allow yourself to be a channel through it. And with that, you know when you get a no or when you see that brick wall when you feel like there's an energetic blockage, don't run away from it. Okay, we're healers. We need to help people. We need to take the chance. And regardless, if you know it's going to bring stuff up, you always want Teoh do the best you can to help the person in front of you. So when you get that, no, it's important to blend with that. Whatever it may be, you become it and you see why there's a block you see why they're broke and you see why it needs to be healed. And that is a true thinking. Reading. Okay, so in your workbook, what you're getting with this amazing training is you are getting 50 psychic exercises that are going to strengthen your psychic centers and your intuition, So please have fun with it. Please. They They're really super simple exercises. I'm really I love these exercises. These air exercises that I do every not all 50. Like there's something I do every day. But, you know, have this printed output it places. Look at it, circle the ones you want to do and use it to your advantage. If you are wanting Teoh, expand your psychic development or your intuition or whatever these air. Excellent. Excellent exercises for that. Okay, so you guys, it's been a pleasure. I hope the guys enjoy this training. Enjoy all the exercises. Use them, print them out. Do them have fun with it, too. Don't get all pissed off it yourself. If you get something wrong, it's not about getting it right. It's about strengthening that muscle and allowing the universe to know that you're ready to get information. All right. So, guys, I will see you next month. Have a great month. I'll see you soon. Bye, guys. 16. Healingchamberintro: Hey, guys, and welcome to the healing space training. So I just want to start off by saying human life is hard. Guys, we did not sign up for this to be easy. You know, we go through a lot. We learn a lot of lessons. We deal with a lot of heartbreak and trauma, and we're here to learn from it. But sometimes we have to remember that just because we're learning doesn't mean that it still doesn't hurt. And with this training, I wanted to give you guys this training simply because I want you guys to remember that there is a place within us all that we we can go at any given time. For whatever reason, Teoh obtain healing and to connect with our guides and Teoh just be in a state of peace and a place of protection and love. And in this month's training, we're going to be doing a guided meditation where we're going to go to this amazing healing chamber that, like I said, is within us all. We all have the capability to come whenever we feel like we need healing, whatever the case may be. If it's emotional, mental or physical healing. And with this training, you are going Teoh. Be able to connect with one of your guides as well as grab some information, grab some insight and maybe some clarity on something that's going on in your life right now. You know, I am the 1st 1 to say that being a Muggle is hard guys. It's really hard. And we have to remember that we have always had this power within us to heal ourselves and having this training and doing this training myself. I can't tell you how much clarity you can gain and just how much happiness just knowing that we have this place within us that we can access at any given time. So I hope you guys like this training. There is a pdf available as well for you. So what you want to do is you want to go through the guided meditation available with this , and then you want to go head. Look through the pdf available because there's more information about all of this, as well as some Greek mythology and out so cool. So go ahead and check that out. And then there's also some journal prompts for you so you can remember all of this stuff that you grab from your experience. Have a great time, enjoy the healing, enjoy the process, and I'll see you next month.