EMO TRAP FUNDAMENTALS: Make Beats Like XXXTENTACION - Music Production Masterclass | Kia Orion | Skillshare

EMO TRAP FUNDAMENTALS: Make Beats Like XXXTENTACION - Music Production Masterclass

Kia Orion, Artist & Music Producer

EMO TRAP FUNDAMENTALS: Make Beats Like XXXTENTACION - Music Production Masterclass

Kia Orion, Artist & Music Producer

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10 Lessons (59m)
    • 1. Course Intro

    • 2. Project Overview

    • 3. Keys

    • 4. Drums

    • 5. Percussion

    • 6. 808s

    • 7. Vocals

    • 8. Textures

    • 9. Mixing & Mastering

    • 10. Arrangement

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About This Class

In this course you'll learn: 

-How to easily warp, chop, and manipulate audio samples

-The key elements that go into a trap track

-How to mix and master a trap track with mostly stock plug-ins

-Mixing secrets that are unique to trap beats

-How to achieve the gritty 808 sound characteristic to trap music

-How to make trap beats without wasting money on expensive gear

-How to create trap beats with only stock plug-ins and free resources

-How to design drums to get that signature BOOMIN sound

-How to design drums to KNOCK in the car and on headphones

-Only the necessary information that you need to make emo trap beats, without the overwhelm and confusion of complicated techniques

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Kia Orion

Artist & Music Producer


Ay! I'm Kia. 

I'm an artist and educator who believes life wouldn't be the same without music.

Or tacos.

I realized that I was equally as passionate about teaching music as I was making it.

In 2016 I founded Beat School, an online platform and series of educational programs to help aspiring artists and producers learn how to make beats, accelerate their growth, and stay inspired. 

I'm originally from New York but these days you'll find me traveling around the world writing songs or playing beats on a rooftop somewhere.

I appreciate you stopping by, and if you'd like to get in touch you can DM me or shoot me an email at [email protected] 

Life is too short not to do what you lov... See full profile

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1. Course Intro: Come back to another course with your boy key Orion. I'm the man who is obsessed with making don't music in teaching you how to make your own. I'm the founder of beat school. In, in this course you're gonna learn how to make that kind of emo trap tape of b. So that's gonna be think of like juice world or XXX. In that kinda it's a modern trap at all, says like that kind of punk emo vibe to it. So if that's what you're into and you're interested, net is gonna be the course for you. You can all the course resources and the things that I'm using my able to templates, drum kits, sample packs, all of that at the producer vault.com. That's my website. I run that. If you're able to in you can still take this course, but it will be a little bit more difficult, admittedly. But I hope that you guys learned a thing or two, we're going to really jump into how to craft your sound, how to flip samples, how to make trap drums, how to mix and master these tracks. So I hope that that sounds fun if it is grabbing revenue choice, set aside some time and get ready to level up acidity on the inside. Piece. 2. Project Overview: it went to once. It was good. Altar boy Kilo coming to you live and direct. I'm the man who is obsessed with making dope music and teaching you how to make your own As usual, we're going to be making, um, a beat today that is inspired by artists. Ah, that are that I've been kind of listening to an issued in. And one is, um it's kind of like modern, kind of trapped like triple X sound that is really popular right now. It's almost kind of like a little bit of punks of a little bit of it's a bit of a mix between punk and trap. So what? This it's you gotta you gotta find some sort of like, dark sample or it's either going to be bells or keys or some sense. So I found this this group of keys that are liked and it's 87 bpm. But since we're going to speed everything up, we just doubled it to 1 74 and it's in the key of a minor. So if that sounds fun, set aside some time, get your beverage of choice and let's jump into making the kind of like, moody, trapped beat that Ah moody, modern trap E Let's do it 3. Keys: It's the first things. First, we're gonna jump in with these keys, see if we can do something fun with these. Um, right now, I'm just going to experiment with them and see what we can see me come up with you at the lows. Maybe some of the highs like to add no t t a little bit of o t t Justo Branson. The scratchy nous turned down some of the scratchy nous That could be cool effect later on a little retro color. The reason why I'm doing us any queuing at a lot of the highs, that kind of scratching. It's just kind of leave room for the vocals because since their keys, they're already going to be taking up a lot of that high end. I'm just gonna do some things to see what we can do just to make this own a little bit. That's kind of cool to Let's see, haven't if we duplicate that tore our that this all comes down to experimentation seven's If we reverse this whole joint. Mm mm. Let's see. Let's see what happens if we do it like this. Oh, I don't know what you think. I must think it be called, like ever. I would be kind of cool way. Could definitely add some of that later on. This will definitely had some of that will be cool. But for now, no. Kind of like that. Okay. - All right. Just make a little bit different. So we have some keys, but added some effects to him. Uh, just something kind of sad and melancholy, I think. What? I think this would be like our base. And maybe we'll add something because we've rolled up so much too high and maybe like some flu or something like that Later in the track lets Trump into some drums, I think be cool to kind of awesome drums going. 4. Drums: That's it for the drums I got, um I've downloaded a bunch of samples from the Oh, my God, Ronnie Kit on. And then also a couple other from this Kulik blessed trap joint. Um, let me see. I think I had some handsome hi ads in here. T high hat. Yeah, I got some cool. Some cool highs that we can kind of bring in, at least is a starting point. And we're gonna take this. Take the okay. A You gotta It's gonna be one of those This, like, modern gotta have modern drums. If it's gonna be a triple X joint, you feel me? A So what? The's what I'm gonna do is also under a lot of crazy stuff with eight awaits. So right now I'm gonna keep the kicks Relatively. Not super crazy. I also I won't do something cool. We're here at the kick, so, suit. I mean, what I might do is that might just get fancy. Something like eight awaits. Hey, hey, hey. - So it's still these high hats and make him our own cocoa. Cocoa. I like these. Like these a lot. Um, all right, so we're gonna stick with these high hats and I'm going to go download a few more so we can make like, an interesting sort of percussion rhythm section to go along with this beat because But this again you're making for article. I want to get super crazy. You want to keep it pretty simple, but you want to have enough going on that keeps it exciting. 5. Percussion: are we back? So what I'm gonna actually do is I'm gonna take this this high hat loop. Thank you, Ronnie. And we're gonna worry about getting too crazy that we're going to keep that high hat loop. And then we're gonna add our own flair to it with other things. I just found a found like a bunch of percussion and things just little full right now is gonna add a bunch of percussions ads like little flares and little things just to make this interesting. Um, And to kind of keep the listener a little different elements you can kind of bring into now so that it doesn't feel you might not even notice. But it might bring more energy to different parts of the tracks that we can play the structure a little bit more later. I don't love that other snare. Sorry re stream. Right now. I'm just experimenting. There's no sciences. It's just kind of figuring out what kind of sounds cool. What a laser. Maybe that's what we do. Maybe had a laser to it. There it is. Just weird stuff. You can tell. Nothing's really sticking out too much. You wanted all kind of blend to get Oh, again, If you're making a track like this and kind of like modern hip hop tracks, there's a lot of it was kind of feels cohesive. There's nothing One thing that really jumps out at you unless you want to make those one thing else I want to add to This is some open hi hats, and we'll get you out here so knows you need a laser. You feel me the role of the high end of these. They don't stick out quite so much. And you do pick late all your percussion out and one more thing we're gonna add is a shout just because Why not like a chance? - All right, so that's gonna be our drums and percussion for now. And we may come back to these, but I think we gotta add you gotta add some eight awaits. Release is gonna be some banging eight awaits. Let's jump into him 6. 808s: All right, let's make some eight awaits. Let's get a little bit of weight banging in here. But I like to, for my key is through this base, because helps me, it's hard for me to hear that awaits. - Okay , so obviously that's not a rhythm at all. But helps me figure out, at least with the notes are so I've been coming here, I'm gonna fold them. Makes it easier to work with them and cool. So now we have these notes. I'm gonna bring him up here, turn this base off. Bring this eight. Await. Um, I just got some kool Aid awaits removed from that Ronnie kit. Let's try a few of these. See? And let's go like this. The place among the kicks for now and pitch everything up right now. I'm not getting any crazy rhythms going. I'm just kind of putting them on the kicks for now. And then we can come back and and toward the moment later and we could have, like, some sort of really like, like, some sort of triple it in there. - Cool . Right? Certainly do is gonna come back and see if we can add maybe a um some sort of vocal to this or some sort of other element that could come in during the hook to make it feel a little bit more like a full, complete beat. 7. Vocals: Arsene Ella's jump into this and see if we could maybe add some of these vocal chops that sound a little bit more interesting. Also, one thing to do before I do that isn't gonna move all of our percussion off the slightest bit and above all of it, off the grid just the slightest bit. Make it a little bit late. Maybe not the rim shots of the lasers. Let's just try the percussions percussion elements because I, like, just have things. It just goes a little bit of a bob if you slide it off the grid just a bit my percussion a little late, my sneers a little early. All right, So we're gonna do is we're gonna come in here like this. This is it is a bunch of effects on it, which is kind of cool. Let's go like this. Let's go vocals. And then we're gonna take our keys. The chain from our keys. True, True. True at our vocals is and a bunch of reverb in stuff to it. So here's the thing. Right. So this these keys or e minor, but their patch down to semi challenge. So all of our vocals that are any minor or else gonna pitch down two semi tones. So normally, if we're gonna pitch things up an octave, you're going to go up by 12 steps. But because we're at negative two semi tones, I think it might be tense around. I'm gonna experiment. That's a little quick music there. If you don't get it, don't sweat it. Take my music theory class now available. - I think negative two works for that one. I don't love that, but we'll come back to definitely a little out of tune. A kind of like that little bit of a vocal trap. - You know what I did there? Just stretch this out so it fit the bar a little bit more sound a little of time. That's automatically hold shift. And the thing is warped. You can stretch. You're thing out. Pause. - E . I know this is worse on the vote first on the vocals, but I just want to come in and make one quick change here. Actually, we'll do in the next video. Hold that thought 8. Textures: all right. I found this cool kind of like textured flute that I'm going to just play on top and we're gonna make up more bacon atmosphere. That's all it is. Okay, so we're gonna mix this down. Also had a mixed one of these kind of modern trap beats that will arrange a little bit get you out of here. 9. Mixing & Mastering: this one. We're mixing it. Have you seen anyone mixing two tours before? You can't know how I like to zero everything out. If you I'm not going to spend attendant time on this track mixing If you want a really in depth mixing tutorial, you can check out my mixing and mastering course. I've got a few of them where I go super in depth. So I'm not gonna like diving every single detail, but pretty much like, disturbed the kick and get it to come in around maybe around, like, 7.5 8 somewhere in there. Right now, it's a little weight. We're gonna throw a compressor on it. Well, side chain went aside. Change of the kick. If you want all the stuff it's in Mableton template, you can get at the producer volt dot com. Watch it years. It's about to get super to stored up in destroying Uh uh, - no such thing of Russian kit. I mean to the hi hats. When you pay in things like that, you don't have to make them as loud because they stand out enough to make things a little bit more interesting to, you know, as soon as you got the keys and we lost a lot of our drums. We're coming around, like 4.3. Never going to add a limiter to it. You can use the built in limiter. I'd like to personally use that felt approval to and watch your years. We're gonna see if anything sticks out a little bit emotion to it. We're gonna add an auto pan for flute. - Sounds like that's cutting out. Oops. Ah, there it is. Ah, that's how you got a little quick mix on it. Let's arrange it and get you out of here. 10. Arrangement: okay. I want to make it clear in these in these tracks. The arrangements air Super simple. Just make sure that you have a transition of some sort. Um, but a lot of times, with the advent of modern tracks, it can. It doesn't. It's not rocket science. I just like So what I'm doing right now isn't copying this house we have. It is a backup in case I mess anything up right now when I go like this and it joined tracks, um, so you normally start like everything about, like, Jack Carlo. What's popping? That's that's attract this popping right now. Um, it's the same melody that the entire track, it's just nothing switches up. Is the drums bringing different trumps in and out? Okay, What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna automate this tape stop effect. - Do they wind down? Oh, it's the spin down. That's what we want to spin down. - I'm looking for right now is just a riser, like a breath or a quick, um, reverse symbol. Um, and then we're going to get an impact, Something simple to suit that people know it's a transition. Let's go. This this is a simple one. And then for these I like to just have these. We'll go impact and add a bunch of reverb to it. I like these little bit more subtle through this first part. We're gonna we're gonna have We're not gonna have bring it. Gonna have everything Superfund just yet. We're gonna wait. We're gonna build it. Let the be billed as the Wayne would say, Get the bell out of here. Okay? - Just make a little bit more punchy on the drums on the kick. - So I'm doing terrorism. Is building a diverse actually, Because I want this. I want this. I don't want the ate away to come in yet. We're gonna add one more extra thing in here. So we're gonna come in here, - actually . Here's how we're going to arrange this beat. This is what we're gonna do. We're only gonna have is gonna be some drink. It's gonna be a drake type joint where we have e No, no, no. Actually, I kind of like a dropping right into the kick. I'm gonna be honest. Todo gonna bring in the flutes here with data. Wait, Durant, duplicate this out. Gonna bring in these transitions a little bit more when it comes in here is gonna be a little hook action. Be like that. Cool. And then I probably have one outro where I'd actually have the kick in the eight. Away together on maybe a little bit. Um, like that. Add a filter or something to the keys, but I won't hold you right now because I know you got important things to do. Thank you so much for tuning in as always. Appreciate you checking in with your boy. See on the next one Peace.