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EMAIL MARKETING: Using an Online Newsletter Effectively

teacher avatar Riley Weller, FL Studio Trainer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (1h 23m)
    • 1. INTRO

    • 2. 1-1 - Why Choose Email for Marketing

    • 3. 2-1 - How to Capture Emails

    • 4. 2-2 - How to Embed a Form

    • 5. 2-3 - Advanced Targeting for Subscribers

    • 6. 2-4 - Setting Up Automation to Work for You

    • 7. 3-1 - Managing Your Email List

    • 8. 4-1 - What Information Should You Obtain

    • 9. OUTRO

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About This Class


If you're like me, you had no idea what you were doing with your email marketing.

And maybe.. you still don't?

I've been using an online newsletter since 2012.

In my beginnings I knew obtaining emails was important, but I never knew why it was important.

And once I was able to start building an email list, I was then stuck with knowing what to do with my subscribers!

In this course I want to break down how you can effectively use an online newsletter to set your business on auto-pilot.

Learn how to set up your forms, group subscribers for targeted marketing, and market to your subscribers what they want from you!

Once you understand this information, you can use your time much wiser.

You can then start creating content which relates to these subscribers and continue to build on your brand's growth and trust.

I'm sure you will be very happy with the content and tricks I share with you in this course.

The biggest thing when it comes to an email list is planning.

If you don't properly plan ahead, it will make your marketing approaches sloppy!

Are you ready to learn my secrets?

Enroll into the course, and let's get into it!

Riley !

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Riley Weller

FL Studio Trainer


GratuiTous (Riley Weller) is a Recognized FL Studio Trainer who's been teaching beatmaking for 10+ years!!

He has 28+ FL Studio courses, and FL Studio Books on Amazon!  (Author name: "Riley Weller").

He's worked with a GRAMMY nominated artist, and runs the podcast 'Music Production Made Simple'.

Students tell him that his approach to explaining beatmaking is extremely easy to understand.

Reach out to GratuiTous with questions.. he responds back daily!

  GratuiTous' Most Popular Courses on Skillshare:

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1. INTRO: Hey, how's it going? My name is Riley Weller, and in this course, I'm gonna teach you how to effectively use a newsletter. So I just want to show you guys just a little bit of my credentials. Okay? So who I am? I'm actually a music producer. I've worked with the Grammy nominated artist, and I used to run a website called Beat struggles dot com. Okay, so if we open up mail chimp here, mail chimp is just another, you know, email provider that allows you to send emails to, like, your customers and stuff like that. So you'll see down here. Beach struggles. Okay, this is back in 2015. So I've recently shut down the website, and I started to do, like, my own personal thing as my artist and producer named Gratuitous. But you can see the open ray is 68.3% and that's massive. Okay, if we actually look after emails here, I just have the tab open, so you can see it's like, you know, the open rates, the open raids. So 72 um you know, even though we started at set about 1700 subscribers, you know, Obviously they start kind of trailing off as you go. You can see that thes open rates air. Incredible. 80%. 75% with these 300 subscribers. Yeah, 81%. You know, it's so what I did here was I just created a bunch of drip campaigns advertising my blawg articles to my subscribers. Because since I do music, production courses and tutorials and stuff like that, it was just teaching people you know how to create better beats. But I created this content all up front. And whenever someone signed up to my newsletter, they were constantly getting these emails, which means that they were constantly coming to my website. Okay, so it kind of allowed more traffic always on my site. So more people means more money with if I had ads on their stuff like that, which and then also more potential for sales to courses and and all that stuff. So as you can see all the way down to the bottom, like so, if we started at, you know, 16 50 first subscribers, you know, so you can see down here. Once we started getting team of 45 46 stuff like that. You know, it obviously trail off quite a lot. That quite significantly, but as you can see, like, these open rates, like 96% 92%. So, like, these are my riel, diehard subscribers, people who really want to learn music production. And maybe they really like the way how I teach. So that just gives me just, you know, so much information allowing me to really connect with these 25 subscribers. You know, these are potential customers. I know that they're very, very active opening up their emails. So how I work is, I always use paper and pencil. Okay. As you can see, I've kind of laid off this course a little bit, You know, it's a little messy, but, you know, I want to talk about first of all, you know, who am I? You know, why Don't even having authority to teach on topic of ah newsletter. Okay. I also want to talk to you about you know why? Why do you You know why choose email marketing to connect with yours? You know, fans, subscribers, customers, students, all that kind of stuff. Um, we talk about how to capture their email. What type of content that you want to bring from them, like what kind of information do want their first name to want their postal code or zip code? If you're in the states how to manage them, how toe maintain a list, you know, so that you're not paying for subscribers or duplicates of subscribers, and then also how do effectively market and communicate with your subscribers without kind of being a knowing. So in this course, I just want to break down. You know how I use a newsletter, how I've used it to really connect with my community, people who like my teaching style, my students, my you know, my YouTube subscribers, all that kind of stuff, these people who joined up to my email list, how I kind of nurture them. So if you guys were interested in this course, it's called how to effectively use a newsletter. I'm gonna break down all the basics. All the things that I wish I knew when I first started up and really get into understanding how a newsletter is so powerful for your business, whether it be an online business or a local business. OK, 2. 1-1 - Why Choose Email for Marketing: Okay, So in this video, I'm gonna break down for you. Why? I feel that, you know, email is one of the best ways for marketing eyes. Pretty much one of the only ways how I honestly really market my online businesses and stuff like that. I haven't really ventured out into, like, magazine marketing or any kind of like more physical marketing. Most of my marketing is usually online stuff. So why choose email for marketing? Okay, so it's very, very personable. Okay, so it's really, really easy to build really awesome relationships, but you have to be very, very careful on the types of emails that you're sending. Like if you're always just trying to sell your customer, you know, you're not going to really be able to build that relationship, but obviously depending on what type of brand you are if you're the type of brand for people, just love. You know, um, people will just love you like no matter what you're sending them. But for most of us, you're gonna have to build a real genuine relationship with your subscriber, and how you do that is he provide valuable information to them. So, for example, Let's say you do have a course that you're selling. Maybe you could send a few emails with a couple of tips, and then we've in your second or third email to them. You could say, Here's another tip and then you could say, Here's a coupon if you want to purchase the full course. Okay, So it's all about really providing valuable information to your subscriber maintaining and really awesome relationship. The only downside to it is a lot of times you're not really able to know how they feel about your emails or know what they really want to say. So you kind of, uh, can get the information through, like opens and clicks. These are all things that you're able to monitor. So, for example, if you sent an email to somebody and if you had two separate places for people to click on a link, your email provider typically will show you, Ah, the percentage of clicks differently for each link, so you can see it's like, Oh, well, maybe I won't send that second link next time. Maybe I'll just send the one link or you can send like a link and then a button or something like that. So what I'm trying to say here is this for me. I use my email newsletter for just really being personable and really building a community around my website around my courses and really around the industry. I'm trying Teoh build for myself. Okay, The next point is very, very cost effective. So, for example, mail chimp offers 2000 free subscribers. So when you sign up your love to have 2000 subscribers before you have to start paying. But even if you do pay, you know, many times it's like 20 bucks a month for certain amount of subscribers. Or you can also go the route of paying per email. So but when you are first, starting up mail chimp is phenomenal. Um, nowadays you're even able to send automated emails, which I'll show you later on. If you saw in my intro video Ah, you know, I had all the drip campaigns. So when some someone signed up to my email list, I was automatically sending them emails, which I set up beforehand, and that allows me toe put my online business on autopilot. If you just think ahead kind of plans of marketing, you know. So let's say you had a course. You could, you know, send a couple of emails regarding that course you don't get, maybe send them some tips and then finally send them a coupon with another tip or something again. Not to be pushy, but just kind of offer. Ah, your service offer your course. Um and like I'm saying, this just is so affordable and it just really awesome just to really build really awesome relationships, like even for me on my email list. Like there's been people that I've been on my list for so many years and I can see I could I can look all the way back to the very first email that they've opened, and that could have been like five years ago, and it's just like they're still with me. They're still opening up that email there, still interacting with my content, and it's just really, really cool. You're able to see that if you're marketing and let's say that lets you put an ad in a magazine. It's like you never really know if that ad brought your customer in. Unless you said, use this coupon, Teoh. You know so that you can kind of track that magazine ad. But for me, with this email marketing, it's like I was able to see that subscriber from five years ago until now, and they're still with me so that that's really, really cool stuff. Okay, case or for next point. So this is a really, really powerful thing, uh, with an email list. OK, so you can actually target people who have provided you information about them. So I am a music producer. So with music production like there's different aspects of making music. So like there's the be making stage, that's where you're actually creating the beat. There's like the recording stage. If you are recording like vocals or something like that, that kind of goes into the beat making stage. But then there's like the mixing, so that is once the beats actually done. You want to adjust all the volumes and stuff like that, And in the audio industry, that's actually two different jobs. Okay, so there's beat makers who get paid to be a beat maker. There's also a mixing engineer for someone who, you know, mixes your music. It makes it sound really good. So if I would like to target those two individual students or customers differently. So if the beat maker went to the beat makers page and was like, Yeah, I want to learn more tips about making beats than when they sign up to my newsletter I can , you know, put an input field there that assigns to them that this person wants to be updated on beat making tips so that if I ever want to send an email out to the beat making community of my list, I'm on Lee targeting those people. Okay, So it's not like I'm sending a mass email to people who only want to learn mixing, but you know, but really the emails about making beats. So when you target people when they provide you the information about themselves, that is where your marketing can get even more direct, a more focused and you can typically see a lot better results like you're going to see more opens, you're going to see more click rates. Um, and hopefully more sales. Okay. So again, I'm gonna show you how to kind of set it up with male chimp. Ah, a little later in our course but I just want you to be aware of You could be doing these things. And if you plan ahead and makes it a lot easier thes the things that I didn't know when I was first starting up, you know, I was just like, Oh, well, I know an email list is important. Eso I had on email, sign up, you know, just like in my side, widget on wood from WordPress or whatever. And, yes, it was bringing in a couple subscribers a day or whatever and my list is building, but it's like I have no idea what that person wants to know. So I'm not really gaining so much information about that person like I don't know what to email them, you know? So in other words, when I send email to them, my email could be you'll potentially spammy. And if you do have it, have an email sign up that is just so general, you know. So, for example, they just sign up and then, like they're just on your list, but they're not into a category. You can also set up an automated email to send to them and say, Hey, you know I really interested in what you want to learn, and then you can give them a list of options. So, for example, you could have beat making mixing. There's another one that arrangement. That's what you arrange a song or you can Ah, there's another stage called Mastering. So that's four options where I kid where that subscriber can click, and then they could be categorized for me automatically by them clicking. So if they don't click, that means that they're not in the category. They're just on my list, but I don't know what toe but to email them. But if they click, that means that they're interested in that category. It would automatically assign them into that category, and now my emails could be very, very targeted and very, very focused again. If I released a course on how to make your beats better, I would send that to the beat makers. I may send it to the whole list, you know afterwards and just say, Hey, you know, if you're interested, I just really released this Ah beat making course. But to the beat maker category, I would be a lot more specific in my words. More direct. So as you can see, it just opens up the doors to really market toe the people who want your information. So that's kind of the difference of what I'm trying to get across to you. If someone signs up to your list, there just a general subscriber, you have no idea what to email them. But as soon as they let you know what they want to learn, then you could be more direct. Then you can actually manage your time a lot better. So now you can be creating blawg posts about that or creating courses about that topic. And then you actually start building, um, a subscriber base who's interested in this topic so that you know, when you release that block post to release that course, there's way more percentage to get sales or to get interaction, to get comments, to get reviews, all that kind of stuff. Okay, so on to our next point. So again, a really, really powerful thing with email is you can email them whenever you like. So again, if you just finished a course today and you're like a well, it's all done. I want to make sure it's already in the morning. Um, you can send them an email or in the evening, you can send them an email. And that's the power off this email. Marketing is just like you're in control of it all. Okay? And ah, so that's pretty much our next point here. So you have full control of your list now certain. I guess platforms restrict you in this. So, for example, if you are creating courses Ah, and you upload them to 1/3 party vendor. Websites that sell your courses for you. Ah, lot of times they have, like, a messaging system. So you know, that student takes your course, you're able to interact with them through messaging. But that website doesn't allow you to capture their email. Okay, so that's the difference when that person would actually maybe they hop over to your website, they see that they could stand up to your newsletter. Now, if you get their email now, you're in full control of that content. You can contact them whenever you want. Um, and you're not restricted to just messages messaging them just on that website. You can Now, you know if let's say you moved websites Now you've you found another website where you like to sell your courses and it's, you know, you kind of like the workflow a lot better. You're making more sales there. You kind of want to transfer your list over to this new course website. If they're not on your email list, it's like you have no way to really tell them to come over to this new website. Because if you're because if there on that old website, you know, And if you're messaging them saying, Oh, hey, I'm uploading my courses to this new course website. The original course website is not gonna like that, right? They could potentially penalize you somehow, you know? So you're kind of ah stepping, you know, the grounds on kind of, um, you know what the purpose of that messaging system is? Four. So I just want you to be aware that when you have an email list, it is so powerful. Okay, it's is you're in control of that content. You can email them whenever you want. When they tell you information about them, it makes your marketing even mawr effective. Okay, um, and at the end of the day, these people really get to know you like depending on how you've written your emails. Ah, for myself in our next and our next slide, I'm gonna be talking more about you know, what kind of information do you want to capture from your subscribers? But when you capture like their first name, for example, you're able to be really, really personable in these emails because thes email providers allow you just to put kind of a little piece of code in, and it would just use that person's first name. So let's say the person's name was John, you know, I was like, Hey, and then have it the piece of code for the first name who would say, Hey, John, when he would receive the email and then I would explain the topic. And that's just something that I like to do. I like to be more personable in my emails, so I make sure to capture the first name. Okay, so this is kind of a little more of an introduction to email marketing. Why? I feel it's so effective in her next video, we're gonna be talking about how to capture e mails. Um, you know, when it comes to forms, pop ups, all that kind of stuff. Okay, so let's get into it 3. 2-1 - How to Capture Emails: Okay, So in this video, I want to talk to you about how to actually captures people's emails. Okay, so there's capturing someone's email, and then there's someone who wants to actually give you their emails that they could be updated with you. So those are actually two different things, okay? And I want to talk about that first before talking about how to capture some of email. Okay, so there has been laws out there nowadays. Ah, spam acts. And so every country has, like, their own approach. I believe to like this bam act. Um, you know, like in Canada or the U. S. A. And stuff like that. And there's actually quite high penalty fees for every email sent to someone who hasn't, like, confirmed to be on your list. And so what that means is that when someone signs up, like so right here, I have a pop up here. Okay, so I asked for their first name, their email, and then they would click this. Then what happens is they're actually sent another email, and that is to confirm that they want to be on the list. So that's called a double. Often. So first of all, they're opting in here. They put their first name, their email there sent another email. Now they have to confirm. And now they're on your list and it's a yes. You have to kind of jump through some hoops and stuff like that. But over the years, people have kind of ruined it for the people who are honest, right? The people who are just making it simple to stay updated with them. Right? But anyway, so that is how that works. Okay, so you're not allowed to pay for email lists, OK? You're not allowed just to find random emails to add to your list. People have to go through the double often process. Okay, so anyway, so how do you capture email? So there's lots of different ways you can kind of go about capturing an email. So if there's like a landing page like a squeeze page, So, for example, let's say you're on Facebook or something, and in the title, you would say, Get my e book for free, and then like they would click that link, it would take him to a landing page, and the only thing on that page is literally just a sign up form. Okay, so it would be like a picture of your e book. And it would be, um, a form where they'd enter whatever information you want from them. So anyways, here, as you can see, I have a pop up, and this is probably one of my most effective ways to capture emails. It's, you know, in the my beginnings, I never had one. I always had, like, a little widget here on the side. If we screwed onto the bottom of this page, you'll see, you know, I have, ah, sign up, form down here. It looks very, very similar to this one. I'll show you these one by one. But I used to have, like, a sign up form like that in my top, right? And, you know, that's always been, you know, not a bad place to put it. But over the years, it's like people kind of get blind to stuff like that sometimes to, um, you know, if they always look at it there, they might not sign up. But it is usually good toe. Have a Senate form there. Maybe I'll eventually put in there myself. But having a pop up is quite an effective way to capture emails. And there's lots of different services which allow you to do this. So this one is actually called Bloom is by elegant themes. So I purchased the elegant themes framework and what's included with that is like bloom. And what bloom is is just, Ah, an email, often software. So it gives you, like all these pop it pop ups. Ah, it also allows you to do stuff like this. So if we screw on here, you can see I have ah, enroll into my free audio gear course. So like, Oh, well, join now. So what? So watch when they click this, it doesn't take them to another page. It brings a pop up for them. So this is like the same pop up that you just saw. I'm offering them the same thing. I'm offering them. Ah, gift. Okay. So ah, they get a coupon to a course to take for free. Um, but as you can see, when you click a pop up appeared. So instead of taking him to a separate page, you know, now they have to wait for the loading. Uh, they might just leave the page, Never sign up. So when you do it like this, you know, it's kind of just a different approach. When they click the image a pop up appears they can put the first and their email, and then they get a coupon, uh, to take this course Now, I just want to talk just quickly about when you offer something for free. There's two different mindsets for that. Sometimes, uh, some people say that when you offer something for free to sign up to your list like you are attracting ah, cheap crowd. So, in other words, a crowd that, you know they don't really want to spend money. Ah, all they want is just information that you know, they only want stuff from you they never want to give. Um, but again, that there's two mind sets to that. At the same time, that person is signing up to your list. You have the potential to send them further emails, which, you know, maybe they want to actually purchase one of your real courses now, because, you know, this is a real course. I'm giving him a coupon to take it for free. Um, but you know if they sent up to the list is potential for me to send them further emails, Okay, And then we'll discover another one down here. So again, this is just your typical sign up form. Okay, so you want to be making sure that you have ways for people to sign up to your list? If you don't, then you're never going to capture email. So ah, pop up is a really, really good way. It's just kind of boom. It's again their face with bloom. It's kind of a cool little plug in. It allows you to ah, select a time. So, for example, if someone comes to your page, you could make it wait like 10 or 15 seconds, and then it will appear to your viewer of your website. That way, it's just not just like to the website boom! Pop up looks Spammy takes a little bit of time. You can also have a percentage of the page scrolled. So, for example, you could set it to like 50% of the page. So, for example, if they're up here scrolling, scrolling and also the head, about 50% boom pops up. You can also have At the end of the article, it appears, Ah, you can also set it so that if it appears once to them, it doesn't appear to them again for, like, 30 days. And that's just to do with that cookies and stuff like that. So when you have a tool like that, um, it just allows you to be, you know, a little bit more creative in your marketing. Ah, allows you to respect um, you know your your readers of your website, So it's just not always just in their face. Um, currently the industry leader for these often plug ins is often monster. Um, you know, it is a paid fee every month, but if you are making money through your online business, then you know it's just a expense. But you know, you're able to get like screen overlays and stuff with often monster. And so what that is is like, you know, someone comes to your page right here, and also boom, like a huge overlay of the whole screen, would be your option form. And typically those convert very, very well, too. But again, you just want me making sure that you're having a type of often form. As you can see, I have this bar down here. This is called Hello, Bar. Let's go there quickly. So it's just called. Hello, Bar. Um, I'm here saying that the free account right now, and I'm just using it just again. Go to that free course again. I could make this, uh, have, like, a pop up again. So, you know, just like you see here, if someone would click there, I could make it have a pop up like this. They could enter in their first name and email in the notes and then the coupon, and then they get the course. Or I could just make it just go directly to the course, you know? So at the end of the day, you do just want to be capturing that person's email in this video. I just kind of wanted breakdown. You know how I have set up? Um, my opt informs, um I do feel that I, you know, currently looking like I could improve on my option forms. Um, but I just want to share with you that by me, setting up my option forms this way. Um, it is bringing me in, You know, quite a few subscribers every day, which is cool. You know, um and I'm just able to continually build my online little audio business right here. Ah, by these people who are interested in my content. Um, and then now, you know, the next step of that is to try and be bringing traffic into your website, which is kind of a separate topic. But how you would go about doing that is again you like. So if you created a course about the state beat making, you would want to be blogging about beat making a little bit and then you would be wanting to share that course in that blawg post where the information the block post is very, very helpful. But you kind of just throw the course is kind of like, Oh, by the way, I've also created a course and in depth course on this topic two. And then again, you just make sure you know your newsletter opt in form is somewhere visible as they're on your block. Um, and that way, just you're just constantly having potential toe. Have people who are interested in your topics, right? Another thing I'll mention with that. So with bloom, you are able Teoh create different opt in forms for different categories on WordPress. So, for example, if you did create a block post on beat making, you can have bloom so that pop up that you saw like, for example, like this pop up right? You can make this pop up on Lee appear on the beat making category posts. So again, if someone came to that blawg post because they're interested in beat making, you can make a pop up appear that is strictly just for beat making. And what that does is it allows your subscriber to be categorized as a beat maker. So as you can see, you know, there's just tons of flexibility. It's in all honesty. It's very, very overwhelming if two to take it all in at once. But it is all a matter of figuring out you know who is your subscriber base. You know who are your viewers who are your students and then when you write your content when you create your courses, when you send out your emails, you actually know who you're talking to, and it actually makes it worth your time when you don't know who you're talking to. That's when things get really, really tiring. And it's really, really hard to, um managed as well as analyze your statistics because you don't really know what's accurate and who's who. But when you do know that person wants to learn about beat making Ah, and you're standing beat making e mails to that person, you can really see what's more effective and what's not okay. In her next video, I want to go to mail Chimp. I want to show you how to set up a form just for you to get started, okay? 4. 2-2 - How to Embed a Form: Okay, so here is my current list. So when I used to run beat struggles, I think it was up to almost about 10 to 15,000 subscribers. And again every year I usually send out an email asking, Do you still want to be a part of my newsletter? And for the people who don't click or respond or whatever, I I simply just remove those people because your list becomes stale after a while. Or really, whenever my subscribers get close to like that 2000 mark, I will typically send out that email and say, Hey, are you interested in being on my list? Ill? If they're not, then I remove them. And one thing I'll mention with male chimp is they update their user interface quite often , like like honestly, like from when I first started, like has been updated probably four or five times. So this video could quickly become outdated in terms of the layout, but the information is still there. Okay, so how these email providers work is first full. You have to create a list and then people can send up to your list. Okay, so here on gratuitous, that's my music production. Um, list, think for this site here. I'm just going to click the arrow here, and we're gonna go sign up forms, OK? And then from here, first of all, show you the foreign builder. Okay, so I only use this one sometimes, and it just looks like this case. So it's like, Welcome to my newsletter, Alfred. Bunch of ways. Um, so I asked for their email. The first name? Um, I don't ask for their country or notes. Uh, I've only pulled in information from somewhere else, and it's brought that in. I have another way to capture emails. And when you bring in those e mails, if it's included, like in this case that the country and stuff like that it will bring that along with it. But I don't ask for that. She was like some email options so they can select if they want to be updated on the beginner's course of f l studios. The music production software are used. So as you can see, FL Studio beginner, right? There's piano for beat maker Siri's so actually created a course on how to play the piano and the whole idea behind this trip campaign is I'm standing out really quality information , but I'm always sending Oh, a coupon saying, Hey, if you want the full course, you can purchase the full course, you know, just like always kind of keep it in front of their eyes. There's some sound releases. Sometimes I release him free sounds and what that does is it allows me to bring in people who are interested in so what it's called. It's a V S T V S t is like a digital instrument where you can play your sounds. Ah, serum is just like it's a brand. It's a it's a product. Silence one is another V S t harbors another V S t. So what I'm trying to say is, if people are clicking Oh, I really want to be updated on serum presets. So because I was releasing free ones Now when I release a paid product, let's say, have 200 people here who are interested in serum. That's 200 potential customers to purchase my premium sounds. But then, if I release the free sounds, you know they're still update on that. So I'm able to really communicate with people who want to be updated on this type of information. A So you can see right here I have my music. So are they interested in all the music of the interested in just albums? So albums would be with with lyrics vocals be tapes are just be tapes. So, for example, I have be tapes that are on Spotify. It's called beat case by gratuitous, like volume one into all that kind of stuff. So, you know, just leaving the option for what do they want to be updated on? Uh, no. They like reviews or do, like, book releases. So, for example, I've written a couple books on Amazon about audio production. So you know, my next book release? I can send that to them. Um, this G d p r. Is this kind of a new thing going on? So, um, currently, right now, you know, even if you go to every single website, there's always a pop up. It's like we use cookies is like, you accept everyone, just like, you know, everyone's just kind of annoyed with the pop up right? This is this kind of the new stuff. It's like it's all about just letting the person know what information you're taking from them? Um, you know how you're using it, all that kind of stuff. But for myself, with my email list, it's like I'm very, very straightforward anyways. So even though supplies to me, it's like I've still been abiding by these ways anyways, it's like when I capture the person's email. No, I'm not sending it to 1/3 party so that they could market to them. I'm letting them know. It's like if they're going to be signing up to my email list, I'm going to be sending them music, production tips or new courses or new books. And, you know, as you can see here, take these of the options, which they can select of what they want to be updated on. So this is actually just a different form. It's kind of landing page, and this is the link. So if I copy that, so you'll see that this, like the landing page. I've actually set like a link like this. So as you can see this link right here, I set it up so that if I go to its gratitude is dot com slash newsletter No, that's my website it will redirect them to this link. Okay, so if we go to this, you'll see it takes him right here. So again, uh, that's kind of a cool trick to you. Always want to be using links that you control. When you share on, like YouTube or social media stuff like that, you don't want to be sharing a link like this. And the reason for that is if I did use this link, let's say on YouTube. But then, let's say, a left mail chimp. Let's say I went to a different email provider If I was only sharing, um, this link right this keep your l one. Then if I left mail Chimp, it's like, Well, you know, I'm not able to capture their email. But if I use my own link right, I can simply just change out where it's directing to. Let's say it went to a Weber. Now a Weber's another email service. Then there's still always going to wherever I've directed my newsletter form. OK, that's a really important cool trick that a lot of people don't really think about like they always use, like you are all short owners, just so we can track the clicks and the stats and stuff like that. But you want to be using your own link so that you're in full control of that. Always, no matter where it is, it's just a matter of where you want to direct it too. Okay, so this is just the landing page that this is what mail chimp allows you to use. Um, but I want to show you the embedded forms. Okay, So the embedded forms is that kind of when you're first starting up. Um, this is what you can use. So, like you saw earlier that, you know, like this is bloom kind of looks more professional. It's all done for you. It's just a matter of entering in. Ah, a P I key. Which male chimp gives you? And so what that does is it allows bloom to connect to mail chimp so that if someone enters their first name and email, it goes into your mail chimp list. But if you're just starting up in the embedded code here, so there's different ones here that you can select. I typically always selected the unstylish, and then you can select what you want. You know, So you can like, he sell these interest fields. So these are like the hidden fields, which I was talking about before. Um and so what you can do is you can actually put hidden on one of these. So, for example, if this was a pop up on a beat making page on my site So in other words, when someone signs out, I want them to go into the beat making category. You can put fl studio beginner. We can hide this and we can automatically check it off, and this is totally fine. But what that it's allowing is that you know that they want to be updated on beat, making articles or something like that, right? Or courses. So in your future emails, you know how to target them. And then what you do is you literally just take this code right here, so expanded a bit, and it looks more intense than what it is. But at the end of the day, it's just this form. So when someone would fill out their email on their first name must go to classic so they email first name and then, if they clicked any of these, they would be signed up to those categories. OK, so it's just a matter of taking this, copying it coming over to your website and is pasting it in, and that's it. So in the case of WordPress, you know you can pace that code into like a widget on the side, like a text widget or into, like your footer, you again put like a text widget into like your footer. So in her next video, I'm gonna show you how to create a form that if you want someone to sign up to a certain category, but you don't want to show that category. So in other words, let's say they're on the beat making page, and a pop up appears on there. Any old, they sign up and they click Joined. Now they're sent that other email for a confirmation. Often now they're on your list, but you you can actually hide a field in there, and it would make them have the category of beat making okay, so that now you would know that you want to send them beat, making emails all with, though even that subscriber knowing so if it's not a shady practices just allows you as a marker to know that that person has signed up to your list on the beat making page. And now you can market to them. Mawr beat making topics, courses, all that kind of stuff. So that would be your next video, okay? 5. 2-3 - Advanced Targeting for Subscribers: Okay, so this video will be a little bit more advanced, but this is a really cool pro tip. Okay, So what you want to do is when you come to the embedded forms here, you know, select the one that you want. Let's just go classic. I don't want to include the title. Um, we're gonna say, show all fields, because in this case, let's say we want fo studio beginner. That's the one that we're gonna work off of. Okay, so, you know, we're going to say, Well, we don't want You want to show the required thing, So sure required would be the email address. I don't have them to require to put the first day. And however you could, you know, again, if you want them to put the first name they could. But at the same time, someone could always put a fake name. Or they could also put an inappropriate name so that whenever you're sending them emails, you say, Hey, inappropriate name and then you the content would continue. That's kind of funny. But anyway, so what you want to do is here is the form. Okay, we're gonna copy this. I have Ah, an editor called sublime text Ondas. You could see it is put testing this tech. So if you go back to Chrome, you can see that I have testing this text. Okay, so I'm gonna set up for windows like this. Okay, So, again, if I go hello and I save it, come here and refresh. You'll see it here. So what I want to do is just paste in this code, and I'm going to save it. So what we're going to do here is we're gonna come down to, uh, email options. So how I work with this stuff is all go control and F, and that allows me to find it within all this code. Okay, It's kind of a nice little reference points, So I'm going to go email options, Okay? So you can see it's right here. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna look for all the other ones, so I'm gonna go sound releases. So as you can see from right here. So this div and it goes all the way to book. So I'm going to remove all the way to books. So we're gonna calm down here. We see my music. We see my music here. We're going to keep going to see reviews. You see reviews right there. We're going to keep going to see books, and then we see books right there. So what I'm gonna do is, as you can see, this def is followed by this closing DeVry here. So this is for books. So I'm gonna hold on shift and click. And as you can see, it highlighted all the way from the end of books all the way to the beginning of sounds released or sound releases. Okay, so I'm gonna delete that it was going to lead the Crash course series and the beat makers piano for B makers. So we're gonna be left with a full studio beginner. Siri's. Okay, so if I refresh here out of zoom in here So we're left with the email address the first name and then email options, and then we have all this, and I do believe in male trip. There is an option to disable this if you don't want it. Um, but again, it's like kind of like the new laws and stuff like that when it comes to the EU and all that kind of stuff you guys can read into GDP are rules case. So, anyways, what we're going to do is that I'm just going to remove the email options title right here . OK? We can also remove this def because we don't need the diff, okay? And then we also don't need this list, so I'm going to remove the list in the u l. And so now we don't have to have this label in. So how this form works is that here is the action of the form. Okay, so this is a male chimp link, and it goes to my I d. Okay, so this is like of this list I d. Your list would be obviously be different. So when someone hit subscribe, it would send to this action, okay? And it sends a bunch of information it sends, you know, the email address, and, as you can see appear we're gonna find the email so you can see it's an input. You can see, uh, the actual name. Okay, So this is the important thing off this input is the name you can see on this input. It's the F names. The first name. Okay, so when this information is submitted into male chimps database, whatever's in this input. So first name, this is gonna be their first name. Okay, So the characters that the people put same here the email thes of the characters that are going to be put into male chimps database from the email so again to follow that same information you can see name so you could see a group right here. Now, what you can do is you can put checked. OK, you can do this. You can also go hidden. But I'm not going to go hidden yet with you. Okay? I'm just gonna save it, okay? And we're gonna refresh this. And what you're gonna see is we're gonna have email. We're gonna see first name. I've removed email options. I've also removed this dot because so I hold on control shift and see to bring up this little menu or you gonna f 12? Okay, uh, this is a really, really powerful tool if you don't know how to use it. This is like your console. So you click this and you can kind of see where things are on your page and so right now. If I click this, you can see that I'm an l I. So I'm going to zoom in on this so we can see a little better. I'll bring this over, We'll bring this up. So right now I'm on the allies. You can see it's highlighting it. Right? So, for example, if I go to the Ally here and click on it, hold on control and see and then go to the U L. And then press control and feed it. Paste it. You can see that now I have to l I So this is like how you would make a list. So, for example, it's like we if we click this one and, uh, put, like be be making serious. OK, so you could see it would change it there. But like, you know, in this case, you see how these two group names are the same. So it doesn't matter if we put be making Siri's here. It's like these are still the same check box. Okay, so I'm gonna delete that so hopefully isn't confused you, But I'm just trying to show you some html. So you're aware so we don't need this label. Okay, you can see that it has this group here. So if we double click here, I'm just gonna click over here. And if I just write checked with some of the lower case, HTML is typically always lower case. So honest, Go checked. You're going to see that this will be checked. Okay, so it's like, Ok, well, so now it automatically checked for that subscriber. So when they sign up, it's automatically checked, but now they're able to see it. They can uncheck it, but this is where you go checked and hidden. Okay, So I'm just going to click over here, so I'm double clicking here. We're gonna click at the end. Sorry is kind of kind of tricky. So I'm double looking here at the end of the quotation works. I'm just gonna go hidden, okay? And this should hide it. And in this case, it's not another way to do it is hidden equals hidden. And this might not work either. OK, so then what you have to do is some CSS and you're gonna go display none. Okay? And it hides it. But what happens is now that it's checked when the person actually enters in their email on their first name, and they come down here and hit, Subscribe. And we can just remove all this stuff. Just so it's just on our way. Um, and as you can see, you know, we have if the ally and stuff like that right now. So if I were to right, click and go at it is HTML. So this is like, how I would have it set up personally, so we don't have the dot there and stuff. So all you need is just that little input there. Okay, Amber is gonna click away, and so this is what it would be. So when the person enters their email address and their first name, we have this input which is hidden. Okay, it's checked, and it's the group. This one case, if we come back here, um, you can see the group number two. Okay, you can see that is for the efforts to do beginner, which were which we already know, right? So that is how I approach it. So in this case, right here, hidden wasn't working, so I'm just going to go, um, so you go style and this is for in line CSS. So, you know, this might be a little bit over your head if you are just starting up. But styles how you do in line CSS on a certain element. And then if I go style display. And if we go, none again. If I would say this and if we go refresh and just for the time being, I'm just going to leave this. Okay, so there we go. So we have their email. If they want to enter their email, their first name for the first name, and then if we look into our code so again f 12 to open this up, you can click this where the shortcut is Control shift and see, as you can see in the hot key right there. That's what I use that control shift in seat. And now you can select different elements. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna select, you know, an element that's close to that button that we can't see. I guess it's an input. So I'm gonna click here. And as you can see, here's the input that we don't see. But if we go, if we just go block you can see. Here's the check mark, but since it's at none, we can't see it. But it's still checked. If the user were to enter their email and first name of his subscribe, it would put them to the FL Studio beginner Siri's. And now I would be able to email those people on Lee, the people who have signed up to the efforts to do beginner Siri's. They would receive those emails. Okay, so that's kind of a pro marketing tip hopeful that wasn't too confusing. We thought, like this code and stuff. Um, in all honesty, it's more confusing than what it looks over your years. If you continue with the websites and online marketing and stuff like that, this is this really standard stuff and you really start to get to know, like, What is it? What are they asking? How does it work and how can you manipulate it to make it, um, you know, work in a very, very respectable matter. Nothing to do with that is shady at all. And the reason why I hide it is that they can't uncheck it, okay, because if they can uncheck it now, they're going to be on my list, but I have no idea what to market them now. But if it's checked and it's a hidden, they don't have the control over that. Unless, you know, they come into here and, like the console, they see that you have this input. And then they say, You know, you know, they turn off the nun and the like. Owen would uncheck this just because you know they can. The average user has no idea what's going on here. If they want to be updated on, um, you beat making tips from you, they're going to sign up, and now you'll be able to target them as a beat maker. Who wants to learn mawr beat making tips, okay? 6. 2-4 - Setting Up Automation to Work for You: Okay, so now that you have set up your form to enable it, you know, for the group, because now we have the input field. It was hidden. And when that person joins your list, they now have a tag. Uh, you know, so you could market them about that specific topic. You know, let's say you were in the makeup industry and you wanted them to sign up about lipstick in that hidden field. If you made them join the group lipstick now you could be sending them emails about lipstick. Okay, it's just ah, specific marketing now for this email marketing platforms that you know, companies like mail Chimp a. Weber. You know, there's tons of them out there now. They all approach it a little bit differently. However, it's all the same thing when it comes to your form, you put the group, you know, even if you want to hide it, or if you want to give them the option to choose. That's up to you. But now that you have that subscriber and you have categorized them into that group, you can now be sending them certain emails, or you could be setting them up automation, emails or drip campaigns. There's different words for that process. So what that means is you set up these emails ahead of time so that when the person signs up in that group, let's say for lipstick Now you can set up automated emails that send baby once a week or ah , maybe once they open up the first email, you're going to send the second email three days later. Or you can even have it that there's a Lincoln there. And when they open up the email and on Lee, if they click the link, then you'll send the next email. If they don't click the link, they won't, you know, get the next email. There's lots of different marketing approaches you can do with automation and email marketing. Like really, the sky is the limit. Um, and it really is about testing, testing, testing. So how you approach it in male chimp here anyway, So I'm just gonna go create. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna click up here and I want to go automation. OK, so as you can see, I don't see automation here, so it appears automation. Okay, so we found 24 results based on ordination campaign. So as you can see that there's lots of different approaches you can do like So, for example, you consent just a general automation. So, for example, you know, welcome news, new subscribers. So, for example, if someone has signed up to your list and they don't really know anything about your brand , or maybe they know a little bit about you. So, for example, they come to your website. Let's say you had a pop up, appear to them, and you say If you join the email list, you'll get a 10% coupon. You know, most people will jump on the opportunity because if they want that lipstick, let's say you know why not get it for 10% less? Okay, so they sent up to your email list. Now you could be sending them. Ah, welcome email automatically, and maybe you could send them a couple. So in the first email, there is the actual coupon, and then you give him a little run down under company. Ah, and then you say, You know, here's some other ways if you want to be involved, or you can also say if you click this link, you can update your profile because when someone signs up to your email lists, typically these email marketing platforms have a link where the subscriber can click the link and they can update their profiles so that they could change like their first thing in their last name. Their email. They can also change like the groups that they are in. So if they want to be maybe updated on like, blush now and like, uh, eyeliner or you know this the different categories. If you use like Shopify or woo commerce with WordPress, I know that there's like a abandoned cart and stuff like that. So male chimps sinks with WordPress and blue commerce or Shopify. And if someone adds something to their cart, um, you know it can send them an email saying, Hey, you've left something in your cart. That's another kind of form of automation. Another one I used to use Ah, wild back when I was blogging very frequently. Ah, was I used the share blawg updates. So what it does is it pulls in your R s s feed and you can style it kind of how you want and every single time you release an update. So, for example, let's say you released three blog's that week, right? So you could be sending an email every week automatically. And if you style it the way how you want it will always just end your subscriber. A weekly update of your newest blog's, um and you know you'll never have to set that up again. So you know that's the benefit of automation. It just saves you time. So people are signing up to your list there, getting the email. But you spent the time you know a while back to set it up, and now they're getting weekly emails about your newest blog's. So the one I'm going to choose down is down here, and it's an education, Siri's And, um well, let's write it like lipstick, you know, just in case, you know, since around the topic of were acting as if your website like, you know, the products that you sell is like makeup. So this is a boat. Lipstick were trying to market more more lipstick to sell Casey just like the lists. Let's just select one of my lists I have here, and so this is how it works so far. Okay, but right now it's like we don't know who were sending this to like, right now. I'm pretty sure it's sending to everybody on this list, which is what I don't want. So if I click edit here, you'll see that I have the option to change the trigger. The trigger is, if something happens then then this will happen kind of thing. So, for example, a subscriber joins your list, then start sending these emails like, Well, no, I don't want that. I want it when a subscriber joins my group of lipstick. Okay, so if we go change trigger, you could see you have all these different options. So workflow activity. So previous email was sent. So is san it. This can't be the trigger. So let's call this management. Okay, so here is joins a list group. Okay, so this is what you would want. So you would click this. And so now you could see the settings right here so you can see all my different groups I have available if someone joined my efforts to you. Beginner group. Okay. So, for example, a show you something, so as you could see this is Ah, landing page. I created a while back. So what I showed you in the previous video. When you took the code, you grabbed the group, right? So in this case, I wanted the efforts to your beginner. Siri's. I would have grabbed that input field. I would have made it hidden and checked that way. So when someone comes here, they put their first name and their email and they subscribe. They are often in to being, ah, part of the efforts to do beginner. Siri's. Now we're gonna update this trigger. So as you can see, So when someone joins the efforts, do you beginner group they get at one day after? Okay, if I if I go at it, you could make it immediately. So, for example, wait. The media so assumes they sign up, they're going to get this first email, and then what happens is these other knowledge the drip campaigns. So you know you can set it toe one day after this previous email you considered to like an hour after, you know? So let's go like ours. So you could set it up so that after they get this first email in one hour, they get the next email. Andi, you can also set it up again. If someone clicks a link, then they can get, you know, the next email and stuff like that. One thing I want to pass on to you with automation is you want to keep it really, really simple. The more complex you make your automation, the harder it is to manage that. Something that I've found over the years. Um, And you also want to go back maybe once a month, once every couple months just to check the automation. Look at every single email that you've created and just, you know, is there any information that you may want to add in there? Is there a new course that you've created? You could always just add that Lincoln there because, see, since this is automation, these air emails which are constantly going to your subscribers. So for my effort studio beginner, Siri's quite a few people sign up for that, even still to date. But what I'm saying is when I created the automation list, I didn't create, you know what, the course wasn't done yet. I didn't even think of it didn't create it. But a couple months later, now I've created this course. So why? Why not just put a little pitch towards the course in this free Siri's that people are always signing up for? And then I can capture maybe some sales through that. So I just want to show you this page because this ties in with what I was showing you before with the input field that you know, making it hidden and checked when someone signs up here. There now a part of the efforts to you beginner Siri's and right here. So whenever someone signs up for the efforts to do beginner Siri's, they will immediately get the welcome to my list email. And then whatever emails that you create within this Siri's, they will get. And the thing is, this could be an ongoing automation list. So, for example, let's say I will use my music production here, for example. Let's say I wanted to kind of start building some momentum. Some hype towards my email list. Okay, so on YouTube, I would put a promo video and I would say, Hey, guys, I am creating ah Siri's here the best way for you to stay updated with it is to sign up with your email. And when I release a new, uh, part of the Siri's, you guys will get it right to your email inbox. So in other words, when you release the content, all you have to do is just create another email here. You can just write a little description on the topic that you're talking about. Put a link to the video or whatever, and then now it's done. So now it's like case. So let's say you had 1000 people on your list taking this automation. So if they're done all these emails, you know, you know, they're just kind of sitting on your list, not really doing much until you send them the next email. But if someone today signed up, you know, and they're just getting this first email, it's like, Well, they're starting to take the automation that these 1000 other people have already finished . So that's kind of the cool thing with a Nauta mation drip campaign like this is that it's like there's people that are at different stages of the automation, so I think that's enough to get you started with automation and kind of understanding how it works and some of the benefits and how powerful it can really be. One other thing I'll show you here. So each email you're able to schedule when it actually sends, for example, if you want to be on Monday at 9 a.m. Onley, you know, so you don't want to be sent on any other day. But Monday you can do that. You also have a segment here. So, for example, you can create all these different emails. But then you can also create another email, okay? And you could maybe segment it to be like, I only want to send this one to the people that clicked on a link. Otherwise, you know, just keep sending all of the the other emails. Uh, there's also a post sent action, and this is where you can get really, really creative. So, for example, if someone opened up this email, you can maybe automatically make them join another group. Okay, So, for example, if we go to post and action here, So after that email is sent to them, you get to choose what happens after sent Now, for example, they may never receive that email because you may have it set up that case. So the welcome email comes and then it's like maybe you haven't set up that don't send the other email until they open the first email. And that's sometimes a good way to manage your automation list, because if 1000 people have received the email but haven't opened it, but let's say only, like 300 people have opened it. That means that there's 700 people on your list that haven't opened that initial email t kick start the automation. So you with your list that allows you to manage it. When it comes to removing subscribers, you can kind of just do a quick search and be like, I want to find all the subscribers who didn't open this first email. That way I could just get rid of them. There's, you know, they're just stagnant on my list. And if you're paying, you're paying for those subscribers that are doing nothing for you. I'll be talking about updating your list and managing it in a in a separate video. But this is just a really, really creative way Teoh to do really creative marketing. So let's just say on that second email, you've set it up that if someone clicks one of the links or it could be even a certain link in their E, I think you can set up to any link. But you can also set up to a specific link. And if they clicked that specific link, then you could do one of these post actions so you can update, you know, like their first name, for example. But you can also make them join or leave a group. There's so much variety on potential for your marketing endeavors when it comes to email. That's why I like it so much. You're also able to see all your stats to see how many opens and stuff like that. If you looked like my intro video, I showed you my beach struggles one from a while back. A 60% open rate is absolutely amazing. I think of my gratuitous when I was getting like, maybe like 12% to 20% which is like, you know, probably pretty average, but 60% was absolutely amazing, and I also believe that your domain ranking and your remains health has a lot to do with that. So, for example, if most of the emails people are receiving from you, if they're always light clicking spam and stuff like that and they're always thinking that you know your emails or spammy that's gonna influence how successful your emails are to people's in boxes and not going into their spam folder. Okay, so that's that's another topic. It is something for you to maybe just kind of do a little bit of research on. You know, you guys could just research a domain health when sending email. Male chimp has a lot of good articles just to kind of break down. You know the knowledge for that stuff and how to kind of restore your domain. So it's not like blacklisted. But in her next video here, I want to talk to you about how to manage a list like So when it comes to let's say you had this list for three years now, it's kind of like key. You're starting to realize you're paying way too much, and you're not seeing the results from the amount of sales or the amount of clicks and opens the stuff like that. And now it's time to maybe kind of prune your list a little bit 7. 3-1 - Managing Your Email List: Okay, So in this video, we're gonna be talking about managing your list. Okay, so I just created a new list here. That way, you're not able to see any of the information from my subscribers, you know, just for privacy reasons. So here's a using a newsletter course. That's when I just created. So, you see, I have I have zero contacts, but most of these email marketing programs, like I was already saying, you know, they're all gonna be really, really similar in how they set up. No subscribers. You could manage them and stuff like that. So, for the most part, how this stuff works, it is like it's all just kind of database stuff. So, for example, if you have 1000 contacts, you can run a query and you could say, I want you to grab all the contacts that are rated only one star. So five stars is best. That means that they're opening up your emails like all the time. In other words, there being no, they're engaging with your emails. And then a one star is somebody who's maybe joined and never opened up email from you. So it's like, Well, why Do you even want that person on your list anymore? So how you do it is up here and manage contacts, you can, You know, if you want to create groups, you can do that. You just go create groups. Uh, and then you can select, you know, doing a radio or drop down on stuff like that. You can name a group here, so let's just say makeup, for example. Uh, you would go, like, lipstick, blush. Whatever. And you just like saying Okay, you also have the option just to send them an email. I guess it's right through here. This is, I think, maybe like a newer thing in male chimp. I used you to send it from create, and I would just select a segment. I believe you can also make thes hidden. That must be on the sign up form. So, for example, if I go sign up for him here, we're gonna foreign builder. So as you can see, this, like a super basic forms, is just like the default that it gives you. You know, you could just add in your own image up here, but if we click here Michael makeup, we could make them hidden. So I just take this link right here. This is what it is right here. Okay. And as you can see, we can see these groups here. But it's like, Well, let's say we don't want that to be on our list here. Uh, it'll just be a matter of going hidden. Um, you know, I think you may want to go save and then use Come here and you could just refresh it again . And now those air gone. But that doesn't mean that the actual group So if you come here doesn't mean that the group is gone. And if ever you fresh this, I believe it will show hidden here as well. So in other words, what that's telling us is that it's hidden to our audience. However, when we create forms like this, you know, with our own manual code weaken, add in that input field, make it hidden and checked. And if someone were to sign up, we can still put them in the group. But it's not visible on our list When someone goes to you know, so subscribe. Whatever. But I managed contacts. If you click this and go segments. Okay, so a segment is breaking down your list into the information that you want. I think that's probably a good way to explain it. So, for example, we can create a segment of all their subscribers that are just a one star. Or in my opinion, I would probably say two stars unless, you know, it's like, Yes, that two star is maybe a potential toe Open up your emails. But it's like I would rather have people who are three stars and above, Um, you know that arm or engaging with my emails, And it's really making the most use of the money. Maybe that I am spending on my list. That would be my approach personally. But so in segments, you just create a segment. Okay, Um, so right now I have no contact, so let me let me just import myself, Okay? Okay. So I just added in a few of my own personal emails. That way, you guys could see a better example of how this kind of works. Okay, so all I did was this one manage contacts, view, contacts. And this is the page right here. You can see all the information about your subscriber. Um, you know, in this case, I want to be updated on lipstick. You're able to see all the information you can write notes on people. I usually really don't do stuff like that too much. So you can click here and go like segments and stuff like that. Personally, I would probably do a new segment. And now this is where you can select your subscribers. Uh, that are You know, in this case, that's a two stars and less. Or you can also put it to you know, it's like, I want you to select all the subscribers who haven't opened the last 10 emails because they haven't opened last 10 emails. It's like that's probably a pretty good indicator to you to be like, OK, this person is just He's making me waste my money or he's just wasted space on this list so you can come here and these are all these different options you have for information on that subscriber so we can come here and let's go campaign activity. Okay, so we could say did not open. Okay, so we want to grab all this subscribers who did not open all the last five campaigns All the lost campaigns of the last seven days last month, you know, or, um, you know, the contact rating, so we could say is less than okay, so we'll say, is less than three stars. Now, this is something confusing to me. I think it is less than three stars. So what that means is two stars and under. Okay, um and you can always preview the segment. So if I click preview the segments as you could see, there's both of them, So I'm gonna make myself a V i p here. Okay, That way I could differentiate between the two subscribers here. So when it comes to the segment so I'm gonna edit the segment, I'm going to say a V i p So is a member off. Okay, so in this case, I think it'll show high at Riley. Well, there dot com. OK, So, as you see, I'm a v i p If we go at it and I say is not a member off so previous segment, it will be the gratuitous. So right now this segment is saying is grab all the subscribers who are not of the I p. I'm just gonna say this segment and you can save it so we could say not the i ps. Okay, So, typically for myself, how I approach it is usually about once a year or once my list becomes starting to get full , I will then apply this technique to kind of clean up my lists. Now there's a difference between stale subscribers and non active subscribers. So a stale subscriber is someone that maybe you haven't sent an email to in like, a year. You want to be careful sending a mass email to people who you haven't sent an email to in like in like a minimum of one year or whatever. These people are gonna look at your email there like, Who is this? A lot of Michael Spam. They might unsubscribe, and that is just sending, like the negative stuff about your domain. It could be potentially making it get blacklisted. So what that means is it makes the emails harder to get into people's in boxes instead of going to inboxes going to spam. So when you send emails, you have to be respectful of people. Otherwise, you know people will review you, though let your domain be known as It's not good. It's spammy, and it makes it harder for you to send emails when you really want to get them out there to the people who have doing up to your list. And I'm talking like if someone has sent up to your list and they want to receive your emails, sometimes it just starts going to their spam until that person might add you like their contact list when it comes to their email and stuff like that. So that's why it's really, really important to properly manage your list when it comes to standing high quality content, letting them know that there is an unsubscribe link. Um, you know, stuff like that. Otherwise, like I'm saying, your emails might not be received when you want them to. Now, a non active subscriber is someone who, like I'm saying, Let's say you said the last 10 emails and they just haven't opened up your last 10 emails. It's like, well, again, there's deadweight. Why do you want them on your list? You don't. So that's where you can create the segment. And then again, you know, once your list starts to get full or typically about once a year. Um, you know, since you've created that segment, I now have not v i. P is now. So if I click that, it's gonna bring everyone who's not of the I P in this case gratuitous that be struggles dot com is not a V i p. And if I, uh, believe the segment to see the Hyatt Riley Well, there is a V I p. K right there. So again, that's just typically how I do it now. I will tell you one more thing about this. So the best way I believe to manage a list is to keep your same list forever. Okay, you don't want to be changing lists now when you have multiple lists. Sometimes what happens from these email marketing providers? It is okay, So let's say you create one list because you want them to be about makeup, and then you create another list because you want them to be about blush. But let's say that same subscriber has joined both lists. You are paying for to subscribers, even though it's the same email. But they sent up to two lists, so that's the reason why you wanna have only one list and then you want to break it down into groups. That way, you're only paying for one subscriber. And if that person does want to be updated on, like, lipstick and blush, then you can still email them separately about those specific topics. In addition, when it comes to your website and like you're embedding forms within blawg posts or stuff like that, if you keep the same email list, you'll never have to go and update it. So, for example, if you changed list because you're like a close to my 2000 now I want to create another list because it started to get full and I want to transfer it over. I wouldn't recommend that keep your same list because now you're gonna have to go back through all your old log posts, and you're gonna have to change all the forms to the new list, right, because now you have a new link that has to be a part of that form because, like I was showing you in the embed, that is where it sends the information, which is going to like that first lists. And another thing so I'll pass this on to you too. It's a little more of an advanced tip. But if you do decide to change lists over the years, the easiest way to do it is to go into PHP. My admin. So in other words, like your database on your website and you could just do a search for this I d. So, for example, imagine you pasted this form everywhere in your website. So let's say you had, like, 300 block posts and you've manually pasted that into 300 block posts. You do not want to go into each block post, open them up manually and have to, you know, change of the embed code. The easiest way to do it is most websites nowadays, like running on something called like see panel. You just going to PHP my admin. It's just a database management tool, and you can just run a search query, okay. And you could just simply searching like the i d. Right here. Or even if you want to search in. Ah, this whole, um, link right here. What you would do is you would just do a search and replace so you would paste in the link that you were currently using. He would say, I want you to find all of this link and I want you to replace it with this link and then what you want to make sure is test, you know, maybe going a couple block posts and just test to make sure it's working. And it's going to that new list. But again, in my personal opinion, I recommend just one list. Break it down to groups, and it's gonna be a lot easier for you, so hopeful that hope that gives you some insight into managing your list. Keeping it updated. Um, you know, once your list is updated, it's just really, really nice to see that the emails that you're sending the percentage rate, you know, increases quite a bit. And, you know, it's like it's kind of time to start moving forward. And it's kind of a fresh approach, you know, towards your email marketing 8. 4-1 - What Information Should You Obtain: Okay, So in this video, I want to talk to you. About what information should you be grabbing from your subscribers? Okay, so every single industry is going to be different. But for the most part, really, you just need a first name and an email. Okay, If you are working as a local business, that's a little bit different, Okay? You might want to be grabbing someone's phone number. You might want to be grabbing their postal code. You know, if you want to be sending out flyers within the male like the post mail, So when they go to their mailbox, you know that they'll see a flyer of you. Let's say you've had 100 subscribers join, and you could see that they're all like, I'm in Canada. So a postal codes like the same thing is like a zip code. But you know, so it's like if they're all like with that one area, it's like a wall. Why am I going to send it over here like, you know, it's a waste of money. Let's just send it to these people. Let's target them. So when you're working locally, your marketing approaches might be a little bit different. Okay, So you might be wanting to pull in more things again, like post ical slash zip code, the phone number. Um, maybe you want their last name? I don't know. It's up to you. I usually find that I liked the first name, so I can, you know, when I send my email, it can really, truly be personal. So, for example, I just searched in, um, you know, merged tags, mail chimp. And as you're actually designing the email, there is a drop down for you to click. And what that does is ah, emerged tag allows you to pull in information from your list. So, for example, if I come to using a newsletter course, So in this list again, like I was saying, this is just like a database. Okay, so the first name we have Bob, we also have Riley. So when we use merged tags, it pulls the information about that subscriber, and it will automatically update that information when it sends to that subscriber. So, for example, if we sent an email to all our subscribers right now, we have to subscribers, and if we use the merge, take F name. That means first name. So watch this F name. So now your email could be personalized. So if we go back to our list here, So if we use the merge tag F name that means that when I send the email to gratitude is it be struggles dot com I could say hi f name, Which would be Hi, Bob. And then when Riley he receives it was a high Riley. And I just find that that's a really, really personal approach to contacting your subscriber. You know, they may know, like, tons and tons of stuff about you, but really, you don't know anything about that subscriber except the information that they've given you . So if you at least approach it with their first name, you know, it allows you to kind of get like, that personalized approach. I typically don't really ask for the last name. Um, I don't know. I just kind of feel it's just like I don't really need the information from the person. I kind of feel that that might be a little bit too much information, and it might maybe make people not want to join your list because, you know, this world is all about. We're careful what information we want to give people like. You know, Do I trust you with my information? Are you going to sell it? Teoh, Um, advertisers Or who knows what someone's gonna do with your information? So I usually find a first name and an email is enough information where it's not being too nosey, but it still allows me to get personalized with the person. If someone has signed up in your store like, let's say you're at your local store and someone's like writing with paper and pen and they , you know they're dropping it in a box or something. Um, you also on that thing there? You also I think, want to have, like, a check box to say It's like, you know, I'm allowed to add you to my list. You know, email marketing. Is this one of those things that just over the years, because it's so spammy? There's been all these laws put in now where it's just like you've got to make sure people are opting in and giving consent and stuff like that. But while that customer was at your local store, you know, and they're filling it out. You know, if you had the option for groups, then you know you can add them to that group so that if there's a particular sale going on about that certain topic or, you know, for example, with groups, it could be male and female or it could be a judge, right? So, for example, uh, let's say you are hair salon and you are, you know, offering a promo for men's hair cuts, Right? So let's say they have to be 19 and older. Let's just say so. If you've gathered that information from them, that first of all, they have to be male and then for the age, you could just simply ask them like, Are you over 19 like you don't have to get specific because if they're over 19 you know that they're an adult on, and then now they can receive that email again. That's just an idea for you to think about. You know how ever you want. Oh, make it so it's simple, but you're able to target your market effectively. Okay, Um, and then again, when it comes to online, you know, so for me, because I have like these different email, Siri's or when it comes to music production, like So there's Different V ST's again. That's just to create sounds. Um, it's kind of just like if you're gonna buy a Honda car or a Ford truck, whatever. There's different brands, right? So you know, when it comes to sounds, though, it's like some people like some brands more than other brands. So I can also create these groups. It's like, Well, do you like this vendor? Do you like this? Vendors like this vendor because when I as a sound designer, would maybe go and create sounds for that V S t right, it's like I can actually target the right audience. It's not like I'm standing in a mass email to all these people, and maybe they're like, you know, someone who liked Honda. But I'm sending them Ford emails. You get what I'm saying. So you know it's all about respect for your subscriber, but also being able to really target them. So really, take the time out to plan with information that you really want to capture from your customer and subscriber, because it will really help organized her list. It will help you to send more targeted emails, more effective emails, Um, and also not allow it to be so cluttered. Because if you plan ahead and like, you know, you don't just have all these random groups about this and that and this and that, you know, it's it makes your list super easy to use. It's not confusing. And then again, you just always wanna have that one list that you can always constantly manage an update, OK? 9. OUTRO: All right, so that's our course on using a newsletter, effectively. So, really, the biggest thing is just to make sure that you have areas for your subscribers to actually sign up. So when you're on your website, you know, in your sidebar, do you have an email sign up form? Do you have a pop up? A pop up? In my opinion, over my years has been one of my best ways to capture e mails. You know, all these years, you know, you go to websites and you're kind of like All this is spammy. But I've captured tons of emails from pop ups. Um, you know, so however you want to approach it, but just make sure that you have areas for people to sign up. Another thing, too. That's important is also being able to track where they're signing up from. Okay, So, for example, is that sign up form in the sidebar? Is that more popular than your pop up, or is your pop up more popular than everything else? And it just allows you to know you know what is performing. Okay, um, and then you also have to think it's like a so um, if people aren't signing up, what are some ways to help encourage like so you can offer a product again? There is that thing. When, um you know, if you offer something free, sometimes you're bringing in, um, you know, people that are keep, you know, So in other words, the only one free content from you like they're never gonna want to whip out their wallet and, you know, pay for your product. But at the same time, at least you're getting people on your list. And there's still that potential because who knows that, you know, you might have that one product that they really want, and maybe they are willing to pay for it. So I'll tell you right now, even marketing is sometimes boring. Um, you know, to set it up and figure it out. You know, it's just a bunch of numbers and, you know, stuff like that. But the thing is, once your list starts to growth like that 500 people, 1000 people, 2000 people, it's just like when you send an email it so you can see these numbers of like it's a bet. I just had 700 people open up this email and, like 90 of them have click this link it it's like Then you go look at some sales like, let's say I released an email about a course I just released and you can see it's like within one email. It's like, You know, I've made, like, $40 just for example, but you can look at, like all the other days where I didn't send the email. It's like I'm a You know, I maybe only made like three or $4 right there, but when I sent out that email, it's like you can see that little spike and you're just like, Okay, I see that this email list is like, This is my bread and butter like these are people who really want to stay up to date with me. And these are people who will want to stay up to date with you when they're sending up to your email list. OK, so even a marketing is probably my favorite way to market just because I just see results and it's so cool. It's like these are people who want to stay up to date with you, you know they're giving you their information. They're allowing you to invade their privacy, jump into their email inbox. Okay, You know what other former marketing allows that, you know, like, for example, they could be on their phone texting somebody and all sending they get an email and who's it from? Is from you. It's, You know, whatever the subject line you put, if you're offering a new course he released. You're offering them maybe a coupon towards that course. Or maybe you've created a course that it is a paid product. But since they're on your list, it's like here is a free coupon. Just because you're on my list. Here you go. And you know, it's like, you know, that's just the benefit of having a list. It's like you can create a little community. So, you know, in this course I talked to you about, you know, what are the benefits of email marketing? You know, it's so powerful you're able to get right into their, you know, their inbox. I showed you how to ah, capture emails with sign up forms and pop ups. I also showed you more advanced stuff, like actually being able to group that subscriber by, you know, with your code taking an input field and hiding it. Make sure making sure that it's checked that way when they sign up, it applies them to that group. So if you want to create an automation, you know, drip campaign list that those emails air going on Lee to that group, Um, again, every email software. They're all very, very similar and how they work. I've just used mail chimp over my years, mainly because of the free 2000 subscribers like that is a huge bonus because, you know, if you have under 2000 subscribers, mill champ, I think they kind of know it's like, you know, your business is starting up. So I think that's really cool for Male Jim to really help, you know, people who are starting out. Then we talked about how to manage a list like So what happens when a list kind of become stale or like, there's like non active subscribers, you know? How can you create a segment kind of filtered them out and then, you know, even if you just want to remove them and kind of move on, it's like let's just work with the people who are engaged with my content. Why do I have this dead weight? And then finally we kind of talked about what information do you want to grab from people? And at that point, it's like, really, the sky is the limit. You also got to just think about you know, you don't want to be too invasive, but you still want to have enough information to allow you to run your business effectively and allow you to market to these people with the content that they want from you. Right? So hopefully that helps again. My name is Riley. Well, there I go by the artist and producer named Gratuitous. You guys can check up by music. At gratitude is beats dot com. I've been using newsletters, I think for, you know, since like, 2012. I just remember my very, very beginnings. You know, I had no idea what I was doing, but the biggest thing I can pass on to you is just have respect for your subscriber. So don't treat them is just a customer. Treat them as like, you know, think of it always that your e mailing like a friend. It's like when you're emailing them. It's like, you know, you're not spamming them. You're just letting them be aware of what you want to release, like So if I'm gonna be releasing, Of course, I'm not just gonna be like, Here's the link. It's like, you know, I might just say Hey, check this out. You know, I put a lot of work into it, get a little bit of a description about it, you know, not too long, because again when they click that link to go to the product page, that's where they can read the full description. But you just wanna have your email just kind of short and sweet. But to the point where it's personal a game. If you capture that first name you can call, you can actually email them by their first name. So, you know, hopefully you guys like my course. If you guys did, I would really, really appreciate it if you'd leave a review. If you guys would like to see future courses from me, you guys can always send me a message, and I can create a future course. You know I'm blogging or anything else with online business and stuff like that. I've been doing this for many years now. Eso Thank you so much for taking the course and hopefully I'll see you in future courses of mine.